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Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism

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This article was originally intended to take a look at the “Sons of Liberty“, those who helped our Rise to Rebellion in 1775. Historically, the ‘Sons of Liberty’ had their origin in ‘Committees of Correspondence’, which helped organize resistance to the policies of the British Empire in America through information sharing, correspondence, and activities.  Many of these early Sons of Liberty were publishers of local newspapers, and used them to educate the public.

However, when I began to research the Committees of Correspondence, I ran across the “Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism“:

We are people of all races and national backgrounds who are committed to the struggle for democracy and socialism. Our name is taken from the history of the U.S. revolutionary war against British colonialism. In the 1770s, Committees of Correspondence were formed in all 13 colonies and became the catalyst for united action against British oppression. We, too, seek united action among all who feel the brunt of oppression in the U.S. And we believe that our Committees of Correspondence will, as before, be a catalyst for change.

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Glenn Beck Full Week: 8/24-8/28

Hat tip to my friend ‘the goddess of all links’ jeanniejo and to Free Republic for posting all of these links in one place.  This was a terrific week with Glenn Beck!  Enjoy!

Monday 08/24 A 08/24 B 08/24 C 08/24 D 08/24 E

Tuesday 08/25 A 08/25 B 08/25 C 08/25 D 08/25E

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The Elephant in the Living Room

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What elephant?

What elephant?

No, I’m not talking about the GOP.

It’s the Obama health care plan: is it even constitutional?

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September 12, 2009: Million Patriot March on D.C.

©2009 drkate


Some months ago, Texasdarlin published my piece Rally for the Republic, which was actually a dream I had as the voices rose and the tea parties began to advance.  As it turns out, many patriots had that dream, and it’s coming true on September 12, 2009, in Washington, D.C…..and all over the country!

Spurred in part by Glenn Beck’s vision of America the day after September 11, 2001, the march in Washington on September 12  is a day we remember that we are all Americans, not democrats, republicans, independents; not ‘of color’, not young, old, or middle aged, but Americans.  And that is what happened to me, as to many, this year: we dropped our labels and became Americans.

There are many resources posted on the right hand side blogroll here, including the main 912 site, which shows all the cooperating organizations; the Tea Party Express, which now will have MSM attending rallies across the country; and links to follow.  A schedule of events is available and you can be sure there will be many youtube videos documenting the entire event.  Please also check out The Dame Truth and Logistics Monster for excellent related stories.

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Threshold Constitutional Issues: Enumerated Powers

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This essay takes a straight look at the enumerated powers of Congress as expressed in Article I, Section 8, Clauses 1-18, of the U.S. Constitution.  These are the powers specifically delegated to Congress by the people, with the remaining powers vested in the States and the people by the 10th Amendment.

Clause 18 has been used by Congresses  to expand federal power, and is the center of abuse of Congressional power right now.  Because Congress is doing Obama’s bidding, and vice-verse, this is an avenue for the abuse of Executive power as well.

The doctrine of ‘implied powers’ resulting from Clause 18 has been debated throughout history. It is of particular importance right now as both houses of Congress are dominated by socialist democrats and many cowardly republicans, the country is weakened by economic stress, and our military and national guard are deployed all over the world.

Someone let the horse out of the barn and our mission is to reign it in.  We must be smart in doing so.

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Diversions Notice No. 10,514

©2009 drkate

Sometimes the number of diversions that Obama’s team are setting up is overwhelming, as it is of course intended to be.  The ‘major plan’  (at this moment) is to appropriate of 1/6 of the American economy under the guise of health care health insurance reform health care for all, in the context of Obama’s sinking poll numbers and high disapproval rate of the democrats in Congress.  Here’s just one  pattern I see emerging:

  1. Accuse people of  treason, political terrorism, or some other scurrilous term
  2. Attack the CIA
  3. Blame Bush & republicans
  4. Hit Sarah Palin and in general, women

So here’s the 10,514th notice of diversions… 😆

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The Land and Water Czars

©2009 drkate



I am compelled to discuss  further the troubling ‘czar’ development as we now have on the horizon the next step in controlling the very land, water, and air we breathe  (h/t The Dame Truth).  Instead of the czars of land and water coming in the form of individuals, this time they come in the form of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  It is cleverly disguised as “The Clean Water Restoration Act”, and would give jurisdiction of all waters of the United States, and activities that effect those waters (ahem, what doesn’t?) to the Corps and the EPA.

The management of all land, fish, wildlife and timber resources in the  United States, particularly in the west,  is the responsibility of the Department of the Interior, itself containing the U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Mines, Fish & Wildlife Service, Park Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Two other major federal cabinet agencies are involved in water and land management,  including Commerce and Agriculture.  Oh, and (psst..Corps/EPA…) by the way, water in the desert is a big thing and one better know about snow, ground water, recharge, and water quality.

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The “Charming Liar”

copyright 2009 drkate

“….I can’t believe we were “cheneyed” by a guy named Barack Obama”

Well, well, well.  Progressives are turning on Obama.  It is, in my view, about time.  But pardon my incredulity as the koolaid drinking, rose colored glasses-wearing, cotton in your ears type people finally begin to wake up.

When will they realize the damage they’ve done, brought on by their refusal to listen and see?  I am one person whose life has been changed forever with this damage…..I see the struggle for our Country’s survival as the biggest challenge many of us will ever  face.

h/t Naked Emperor News and Sentinel Radio

Open thread!

Sunday Weddings: Jill and Kevin’s Big Day

I am still on travel with little time to create those ‘short’ articles you love to read, so I offer this sweet video that now has over 20 million views.

If you are browsing here, please feel free to look at and comment on the recent posts, the ‘about’ section,  Constitutional Radio, and archives of previous articles for a flavor of the constitutional focus of this blog, despite occasional completely off topic videos.

Have a wonderful day!

History of Radicalism: The Series

h/t jeanniejo, Anita Moncrief, and Sean Hannity

Here for your viewing pleasure (and to pass along to friends) and analysis is Sean Hannity’s series “Obama and Friends: History of Radicalism.  I am grateful to jeanniejo, the goddess of all links, and to her friend Anita Moncrief http://www.anitamoncrief… for her kind efforts in compiling each of these videos on her website and through twitter.

This film series, as I recall, was supposed to be broadcast in October 2008 and at least I thought the exposure of Obama’s radical friends would be the “october surprise”.  As it turns out, our Country was attacked economically in late September–a convenient and deadly distraction from fully exposing Obama.

While many of you have seen this series, the questions I have upon reviewing them again have to do with their accuracy and effectiveness.  If the American public had had a chance to review these videos last October, would it have made any difference?  Did the context of the economic crisis affecting the country make these videos irrelevant?  Would these videos have been perceived as ‘republican dirty tricks’?  Finally, what are the next steps with this information?

1 of 6 – Obama & Friends: History of Radicalism

Everyone needs one of these.

Good day!   I am traveling and hope to have a more substantive post up soon.  In the meantime enjoy!

If you have some time, here’s an open thread…..continued or new discussion.

Threshold Constitutional Issues: Article II Appointments

©2009 drkate

This is the second article in what this blog has tagged as “Threshold Constitutional Issues”, where a question is posed as to whether an action of Congress, the Executive, or the Courts meets the ‘threshold’ test of compliance with and direction from the Constitution. Yes, legal scholars, Congress, and others more skilled than I should be investigating these issues, reporting, and acting to bring the government’s actions into compliance with the Constitution. But, they’re not, so it is up to us regular citizens to do so.

The first essay in this series highlighted the threshold issue of the Executive’s eligibility per Article II, Section 1.  Because this basic threshold has not been met by the current Executive, it is likely that the other constitutional thresholds are being violated.   Relentlessly, then, every action of this administration and congress must be held up to the light of the Constitution.

This article  discusses the constitutionality of Obama’s  appointment of 44 czars, and takes its root in Article II, Section 2  of the U.S. Constitution.  Seven(7) additional positions are being proposed, including a Voter Lists czar.  Most of the czar positions require no senate confirmation, are unelected, and are accountable only to the President.

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Hey, Congress, are you listening to this?

Mark Levin is one of my favorite authors and radio talk show hosts.  His book Liberty and Tyranny is truly a must read.  As an old ex-dem, I finally found out that I actually am a conservative!  Here Mark lets off just a little steam…

And how was your day?

Amendments III and IV: Securing Home and Community

©2009 drkate

“Can the liberties of a nation be sure when we remove their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people, that these liberties are a gift from God?” Thomas Jefferson

Enshrined in the Constitution is our collective understanding that our liberties are inalienable and given to the people by God (the Creator), not  by government.  That is a knowledge, a “conviction in the minds of the people”, that lives in a free people.  This has lived in America and the American people since its founding.

One of the most fundamental liberties is the right to be secure in ones home, community and oneself.  These are inalienable rights and are articulated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This article is generated by what I consider to be two serious threats to our individual and collective liberty:

  • Obama’s ‘mandatory civilian service’ corps, and if they would be directed to perform services for the government in homes or communities
  • The proposed mandatory vaccination for swine flu

Both of these initiatives will be at our doorsteps in September.

This discussion will focus on Amendments III and IV of the U.S. Constitution as vehicles through which to ensure that each of these initiatives do not violate our personal homes, communities, or our individual bodies.  That is, our rights and liberties as enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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The Continental Congress 2009

©2009 drkate

Historically two Continental Congresses were called to formulate the documents and principles that would be the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of the Confederation. A Constitutional Convention was the gathering that produced the Constitution of the United States of America.

The two Continental Congresses were held during the revolution against the British to declare independence, prosecute the war, and begin formulating a government, and governance.  The Constitutional Convention produced the document we rely on today.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution morally obligate each and every American citizen to uphold its principles.  When we see a pattern of tyranny engulfing the Executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of government, it is our obligation as Americans to right the system.

Here, posted with permission (h/t tenacity), are the remarks by Robert Shultz at the Freedom 21 Conference on the scheduled Continental Congress 2009, November 9-22 in St. Charles, Illinois.  Check out the website Give Me Liberty, on the blogroll, for information on how to get involved.

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Threshold Constitutional Issues: Article II, Section I

©2009 drkate

This article begins a series of discussions on what I would call ‘threshold constitutional issues’.  If you look at the definitions of the word threshold, I would adopt this one as the meaning of these series of posts:

a level, point, or value above which something is true or will take place and below which it is not or will not

In the spirit in which this blog was created, a threshold issue for our nation is whether our Constitution is being followed.  Through research, writing and dialogue, including Constitutional Radio, we completely understand that the Constitution has not been followed for a long time, and has been quite frankly, always under attack.  But that will not justify abandoning it. In fact, we have a moral obligation and constitutionally-mandated duty to maintain and restore our Constitutional republic.  So here we are.

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The TD Community’s Discussion of the 25th Amendment

©2009 drkate/drkate4justice

I have been able now to archive all of my posts from TexasDarlin, along with the very excellent comments from the TD community’s discussion of them.  As TD’s readers know, and new readers of this blog will find, the comments are often more important than the article itself, add insight to the articles, and provide extremely useful links and discussion.  It will take some time to transfer these articles to my new blog, but will do so as soon as I can.  Thank you for  your patience.

Posted below are the TD Community’s response to the article “The President’s Disability under the 25th Amendment”, re-posted from TD’s blog this morning at 3 a.m. (sorry, left over from HRC days, lol).

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A Tribute to Texasdarlin

(Author’s Note. This blog will focus exclusively on the U.S. Constitution and the use of our founding documents to restore our Constitutional Republic.  My interest in the constitution, and my writings on the subject, were inspired and supported by Texasdarlin.  Please be patient as this is a new blog…and any assistance in setting this up is welcome!)

Welcome to drkatesview, through which I hope to continue the terrific work of the now temporarily on-break Texasdarlin Blog.  In fact, I would like to dedicate this first post to TexasDarlin and to all the readers of her blog.

I do not expect to fill the void of TDblog, no one really can, but I will attempt to keep up the discussion with the same respect and integrity she did in all her reporting.

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