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Introduction by drkate

In the long battle to determine the eligibility of Barack Obama under Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution, there are many unsung heroes whose work has articulated, in great detail, the basis for constitutional eligibility, the proven the forgeries of documents, and the fraudulent methods Obama has used to avoid proving himself.

One of these heroes is jbjd, who has spent months researching and articulating various legal strategies to get at the issue of eligibility.  While several high profile cases and authors have used jbjd’s work, few have actually applied the information correctly; some cases have been dismissed as a result, and some authors have missed entirely that key recommendations are  state-specific, type of client- specific and not applicable on a nation-wide basis.

After many months of arduous research, and several key related articles,  jbjd has zeroed in on a viable strategy for citizens of specific states to implement.   I am pleased to present this must read article, in the hopes that a reader out there will pick this up and run with it!


© 2009 jbjd

Just because none of us knows whether Barack Obama is a Natural Born Citizen does not mean, he is not a Natural Born Citizen; but if a state Attorney General supports charges of election fraud against the Democratic Party for swearing he is a Natural Born Citizen without ascertaining whether this is true, this does mean, he should be facing Articles of Impeachment.

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Tyranny in America, Part I

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(Author’s Note.  This is the first of two essays discussing the strategies, tactics, and patterns of the assault on the U.S. Constitution.  This first article examines the attack on our foundational principles: individual liberty and limited government for the people.  The second article looks at the patterns common to the assault on Articles I-V of the Constitution by the Executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.)

What can we see?


The discussion on this blog related to the U.S. Constitution has been undertaken to discuss its enduring application to the problems and opportunities of today.  It is also intended to shine  an intense and relentless spotlight in that place and on those objectives now illegally occupied by Obama and enabled by the  socialist/fascist democrats and RINOs.

Stepping back from the details of the Constitution, the pattern is illuminated: the systematic attack on the Constitution, and how it is enacted through raw power, the stroke of a pen, or slam of a gavel, all the while traumatizing the citizenry.  Pure tyranny.

It is literally the Cloward-Piven tactic directed at the Constitution and government, and accelerated during this time by other captured elements, and it is one element of the strategy to destroy the basis of the Constitution.

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