Tyranny in America, Part I

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(Author’s Note.  This is the first of two essays discussing the strategies, tactics, and patterns of the assault on the U.S. Constitution.  This first article examines the attack on our foundational principles: individual liberty and limited government for the people.  The second article looks at the patterns common to the assault on Articles I-V of the Constitution by the Executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.)

What can we see?


The discussion on this blog related to the U.S. Constitution has been undertaken to discuss its enduring application to the problems and opportunities of today.  It is also intended to shine  an intense and relentless spotlight in that place and on those objectives now illegally occupied by Obama and enabled by the  socialist/fascist democrats and RINOs.

Stepping back from the details of the Constitution, the pattern is illuminated: the systematic attack on the Constitution, and how it is enacted through raw power, the stroke of a pen, or slam of a gavel, all the while traumatizing the citizenry.  Pure tyranny.

It is literally the Cloward-Piven tactic directed at the Constitution and government, and accelerated during this time by other captured elements, and it is one element of the strategy to destroy the basis of the Constitution.

This plan is insidious and works over decades, as this mindset of destruction seems to have infected the media, politicians at all levels, the judiciary, Hollywood, the universities, knowingly and unknowingly.  We can name names, and more appear every day.  They are blatantly trying to infect the children with this propaganda, as a tool against their parents at home.

As we collectively thought a while ago, the ‘timing’ for the aggressive movement of these anti-American elements is now, when all the ‘pieces’ are in place:  (a) an American public uneducated, demoralized, exhausted with the Bush years, and economically stressed, (b) control over the monetary system to the extent of manufacturing crises at home and across the globe, (c) our military spread out (away from home) all over the world and in the command of ‘infected’ civilian and military leaders, and (d) control over both parties in Congress and all branches of government.

In this comparative article by America’s Right, the author is clear:

It’s time for America to come to grips with reality, to understand the bill of goods being sold to them by the Progressives and the mainstream press. It’s time for America to see that we have a president who errs on the side of totalitarianism, and a Congress more than willing to help him get there.


The Strategy and Tactics Illuminated

There is no sense in mincing words.  In my view, there is an assault on the U.S. Constitution underway by the Executive and legislative branches of government using policy, economic, social, cultural, and military tools to accomplish the mission.  The element of time is critical…these things must be executed all at once and in rapid fashion to achieve the objective of overwhelming the population and depleting the resources of the Country.  It is the surprise attack.

  • An Analogy

To build a house, you need a strong foundation.  To take that house down without any one noticing, you attack its foundation.  The cracks in the foundation must be in place before the outright dismantling of the superstructure, doors, windows, and internal walls can begin, with force as necessary.

If we can respectfully view, for the purpose of this article, the Constitution as America’s house, its foundation is composed of God-given  individual liberties, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property;  limited government with enumerated powers; and an Executive answerable to the Constitution.  These are the founding and guiding principles of our nation and government.

We the people occupy this house, and we established the infrastructure–the doors and windows checks and balances, means of amendment, and rules establishing the free movement of the people inside this house.

  • Philosophical Attack on the Constitution

The philosophical attack on the Constitution is directed at its foundation of individual rights and the function of government.  The source of individual rights is the Creator; they are given by God and not by government.  They are unalienable.  The function of government is to serve:

The Declaration of Independence established the function of government. The American consensus was that government is to serve the people, it is their creation, and it has as its purpose the protection of the rights of the people. George Washington once compared government to fire which he said is a “dangerous servant and a fearful master.” The Revolution was the result of this consensus and as a result the monarchy was unceremoniously booted out of the country.

To attack the Constitution’s foundation, then, there must be an assault on the individual, and individual liberty, and on the form and role of government.  Obama’s 2002 Chicago Public Radio interview (now scrubbed) illustrates precisely the kind of insidious attack on the constitution that focuses on the role of government:

“…the Constitution is a doctrine of negative liberties: it describes what the government cannot do but it doesn’t describe what the government should do…”

But of course the assault on our foundation has been ongoing for quite a while, with Obama being the latest ‘face’ of this insidious attack. And his face is wearing very thin, and transparent only in the sense that he is exposing the anti-American forces every day.

To further attack our founding principles, the doctrine of  ‘ individual liberty’ had to be attacked.  The communists have attacked ‘individual liberty’ as linked to capitalism, and blamed truly excessive capitalism on the doctrine of pursuing ‘individual rights’ guaranteed in the Constitution. Of course there have been excesses in capitalism, but those excesses have been used as a basis to assert that the whole Constitution, and American system of government, is null and void, its principles fundamentally incorrect.  Notice the specific avoidance of the ‘unalienable’, god-given components of the Constitution’s protection of ‘life, liberty, and property’.

The Islamofascists have linked the doctrine of  individual freedoms to decadent, excessive, selfish behavior that is unacceptable and viewed as blasphemous to them.  According to this film series, this viewpoint of ‘individual’ behavior has been used to construct a whole doctrine of jihad against ‘the west’, America and its form of government, economy, founding, and culture.

Yassin Kadi, featured in this film series, asserted that “the liberal doctrine of individualism” was the core the problem with western society.

The cracks have thus been opened in the foundation Constitution–attacking the very basis of our rights, the protection of individual liberties, the principle of limited American government, and the economic system, ‘capitalism’, that reflects, on one level, the exercise of the right to  “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

To widen the cracks is to constantly stress them.  The individual and the nation must be humiliated, demoralized, degraded, and divided.  The individual’s notion that his unalienable rights are granted by God must be replaced with the government granting all rights to individuals. National identity and national boundaries must fall under this plan.

  • How the Philosophical Attack was Manipulated

Instead of defending our Constitution from these kinds of attacks on individual liberty and a government that exists FOR the people, various nefariously clever, willfully stupid, or just plain stupid people saw an opportunity to profit from a divide that could be manipulated into endless war.


On individual liberties, the bankers saw to it that everyone had to depend on them, not their own savings, to progress in society; and a willing Executive and Congress allowed this infrastructure to be built, the people taxed, and fiat money to replace gold and silver backed currency. Independence was replaced by dependence, and instead of the government protecting  your ability to earn and keep your savings, taxed you for the ‘service’ of being a government.

The drugs pouring into this country, often enhanced by the same controlling families of the U.S. economy,  wiped out generations of critical minds and critical memories.  More insidiously, trade in drugs and weapons became the currency of foreign relations.

Policy makers, instead of protecting and articulating the rationale of individual liberties, created a new ‘nationalism’, that America exists to promote the principles of freedom throughout the world. It created a ‘American uniqueness’, and invented new enemies to ‘convert to’ overthrow for ‘freedom and democracy’ ( i.e., natural resources, drugs, weapons trade).

In a subtle way, this replaced the notion of individual freedoms and their rooting in one’s Creator, with  individual  loyalty to the state (nation, government, ‘freedom and democracy for all).  This is also a mechanism to gradually shift the power to determine one’s future  away from the individual to the government.

On our form of government and its foundations, politicians have exceeded their enumerated powers in pursuit of permanent wealth, power, and position.  Obama criticizes the constitution all the time for ‘leaving people out’, never mind the amendments, laws, and societal changes that have at least tried to rectify these issues.


The surrender of national sovereignty by bowing and capitulating to dictators, disarmament, reneging on decades-long commitments, inviting illegal immigration, and sending our dollars, jobs, and industries overseas tells you volumes about the Executive and Congresses’  planned disintegration of our Country.  It is a disease of power, money, and narcissism; we are its prey.

And Obama, the hand-picked face for the Bildgerberg group, already knows that the goal of his handlers is to eliminate individual and national sovereignty.  And radical jihad is a tool to create fear and once again manipulate the outcomes favorable to the few.  Obama is their chameleon tool, conveniently a foreigner so if the plan goes south, they can always blame him and the American people.


Returning to the analogy of the house as our Constitution, built for the people of America, a few sledgehammers have been at work knocking at the foundation of ‘individual liberties’ and  ‘limited government for, by, and of the people’.  They have been at work from both the inside and outside portions of the house, and are motivated by greed.  They have succeeded in developing and widening a few cracks.

The politicians, never wanting to waste a crisis (i.e., the development of cracks in the foundation), figure out a way to stuff new people into the house, create more divider walls, rules for people living in the house, and achieve the development of a maze in which the people are distracted and have no escape.   Babylon?

In the meantime, the outside of the house is painted new colors, the security fences are removed, the cracks made a little wider, and a loudspeaker planted on the grounds.  The whole neighborhood is invited to endless dinner in the house, to feed freely on the American dream of liberty.

With so many people in the house, the foundation collapses and the house falls.  Who is to blame?  Why, the American people of course.

10 Responses to “Tyranny in America, Part I”

  1. 1 drkate September 27, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Notice: there are reports of a Navy vessel whose sailors were given the flu vaccine…entire ship has come down with ‘swine’ flu.

    Forced vaccinations. Does that sound like tyranny to you?

  2. 2 foxyladi14 September 27, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    forced.and they are talking mandatory health care.
    some say it is unconstitutional.

  3. 5 Troy September 27, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    Hi Dr. Kate…This is from our mutual friend, Terry Dodd…Doc, I don’t know if you saw it, but an infomercial was ran on CBS featuring Gary Kreep,in which he grossly defined “natural born citizen” in a way that clears Obama…It was awful to hear him misinform the viewers…I hope that Terry can set him straight tonight, but since Leo couldn’t I doubt that Terry will be able to either…If you haven’t seen the infomercial and would like a link to it then let me know and I will find it for you.

    From Terry:

    Tenacity Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 5:48 pm
    I’m off to a WTPC Colorado coordinator meeting and will have to catch up later.

    Chalice has invited you to the event ‘The Chalice Show with Major Stephan Cook and with Gary Kreep Tonight: 8-11pm EDT’ on Patriot’s Heart Network Media!

    I hope you guys and gals will join me in calling in tonight. Maybe we can enlighten Mr. Kreep about the meaning of Natural Born Citizen.


    Call-in Number: (347) 215-6929

    • 6 curi0us0nefromthe60s September 27, 2009 at 2:33 pm

      In the final chapter of my book Natural Born Citizen, I made the following argument:

      “My argument as to why John McCain and Barack Obama are not natural born citizens is a rather simple one:

      1.The sovereignty of our nation is protected by our U.S. Constitution.

      2.In order to protect that sovereignty, our founders provided a provision in the U.S. Constitution to ensure that the highest office of our land could not be influenced by foreigners.

      3.John McCain was potentially a dual citizen at birth: both a U.S. citizen and a Panamanian citizen.

      4.Barack Obama was a dual citizen at birth: both a British citizen and a U.S. citizen.

      5.Since both candidates had claims to their citizenship by foreign nations, we cannot guarantee the absence of foreign influence.

      6.Since we cannot guarantee the absence of foreign influence by birth rights, then we must conclude that these men are quite possibly not natural born citizens.

      When I make the above argument, I am quite cognizant of the fact that many will disagree with my argument, but I am also aware that like myself there is no one whom can with any authority define the term natural born citizen. This matter must be legislated either through Amendment or preferably through the courts arising to the level of the United States Supreme Court for a final disposition on the matter. To do any less is to jeopardize the very protections, liberty and freedoms all Americans enjoy as a result of the United States Constitution. To do any less is an affront to our founders with profound disrespect for all that they fought for and accomplished on our behalf.”

      For those whom are interested in looking at all of the arguments made in the book against Obama’s and McCain’s natural born citizenship status, you can find the book here:


      The book is now complete. Feel free to use any arguments found therein to refute Mr. Kreep.

    • 7 drkate September 27, 2009 at 2:51 pm

      Wow, and thanks. Nice to know we have ‘tenacity’ in common, in more ways than one.

  4. 8 Troy September 27, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    Hello again Doc…Here is a very good article that was written by British woman…She writes with a clarity and understanding that reminds me of you. 🙂

    It’s a bit long so just a link here.
    Thinking global brings a world of problems

    The idea of global governance is meaningless without mechanisms to enforce it, says Janet Daley.

    By Janet Daley
    Published: 5:35PM BST 26 Sep 2009


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