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“Diamonds on the soles of her shoes”

©2009 drkate

I was talking with a friend today about our long journey to restoring our Constitutional Republic, and the many roads, trails,  and trials which lay ahead of us.

But we remembered, too, that the love held in our hearts for Country, and the principles we hold dear to, are like ‘diamonds’…on the soles of our shoes.  They don’t wear out…the road is long, but they don’t wear out.

Diamonds are produced by fire and pressure over time.  Keep the fire burning, and keep the pressure up!  For your viewing pleasure:

“ACORNS toasting on an open fire…”

©2009 drkate

acornI know it’s a little early to be thinking about roasted toasted chestnuts acorns on an open fire, with ‘jack frost nipping at the air’ and all, but that song came to mind with the most recent revelations of more investigations and indictments of ACORN. This is especially important in the context of  recent posts on the application of RICO, the racketeering act, to ACORN’s activities.

The key will be to connect the dots–the pattern of corruption the organization demonstrates across state lines.  Hiring primary thugs to be bussed across state lines for intimidation purposes, or fraudulent voter registration is part of this interstate criminal enterprise.

It is ripe for a federal investigation, and we will see if AG Eric Holder “Holdback” stifles any investigation brought forth.  And we will also find out where Patrick Fitzgerald may come out on this, as the ACORN issue appears to have makings of bringing down Al Capone Barack Obama and underlings.

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