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Bachman on Health Care: “The Crown Jewel of Socialism”

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[Update:  very powerful video at the end of this post!]

Representative Michelle Bachman was interviewed by Sean Hannity on October 30th and had this to say:

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Obama’s Photo-op at Dover

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(h/t RadioPatriot)

The Photo-op

First of all, my respect and gratitude to the fallen serviceman pictured here.

Using the troops again, Obama? 😡

The Mudville Gazette has the story, and a screenshot. The New York Times originally posted this article reporting on the President’s midnight trip to Dover AFB with a crowd of photographers:

The images and the sentiment of the president’s five-hour trip to Delaware were intended by the White House to convey to the nation that Mr. Obama was not making his Afghanistan decision lightly or in haste….the event was a photo-op exploitation…’

Only one of the fifteen families allowed Obama to be photographed with their fallen family member.

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Obama Votes “Present” on Afghanistan

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Barack Obama has had  General McCrystal’s report and request for more troops on his desk since August, 2009.  It is approaching November.

afghanistan-troops_1451147cMeanwhile,  eight U.S. soldiers were  killed on 10/27/09,  driving the U.S. death toll to a record level for the third time in four months.   Fifty-five U.S. soldiers were killed in October; fifty-one in August.

Obama declared Afghanistan a ‘war of necessity‘, the ‘right war’, and ordered 20,000 more troops to the battlefront.  That decision was supposedly the outcome of his own review of strategy.

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Two Judges

Cross-posted with permission from The Birthers

Go Tell it to the Marines

iwo-jima-picture1All men are created equal, is not simply misunderstood words in our Declaration of Independence, used to push new and bigger social programs that have nothing to do with equality. It is a truth that we as Americans hold dear, but the greater truth of these words is in their application. All people are created equal, but the greater truth is what they do between birth and death that not only defines a person but in the end determines their value to posterity. It is true for average people as it is such in the case of federal justices.

When one looks at two judges David Carter and Jerome Simandle in the Obama eligibility trials it is easy to see vast differences in them once you look past the black robes, even though they are equal in stature in the blind eyes of the law.   In 1967 David Carter had just graduated UCLA, and instead of continuing his education or applying for a commission in any of the armed services, a young David chose to be one of the few and the proud and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. As a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart and a veteran of the battle of Khe Sahn, he left the Marines not as a private but with the coveted Mameluke sword, who’s origins go back to Lieutenant O’Bannon and the shores of Tripoli.

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[see important update at end regarding video of Obama admitting he is not an NBC]

Prelude to a Punch


This post is the prelude to my final letter which goes to the House and Senate leadership.  I plan to distribute this letter, with copies of Speaker Pelosi’s letter, as widely as possible, and to submit them to a major newspaper as a paid advertisement.

In the last couple of weeks, I have deliberately posted articles from Africa that embrace Obama as a native of Kenya as early as 2004, photographs of “Obama, Sr.”, most of which were apparently photoshopped, and various other ‘tidbits’ of information that once again expose Obama as a fraud with a socialist agenda.

One intent was to catch the obots off-guard with information they thought they had defeated, while they were busy (and stupidly) gloating about the eligibility case dismissals.  Mission accomplished.

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Department of Justice–Keystone Cops

©2009 drkate

The “Justice Department”, who should be defending the American People and the Constitution from usurper Obama, may have made a critical error in judgment when they filed ‘notice of Judge Simandle’s ruling in Kerchner v. Obama‘ into the California case of Barnett v. Obama.

Here is the press release from Charles F. Kerchner,  lead plaintiff in the Kerchner v.  Obama case:

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REVOLUTION RADIO–Witness to Election Fraud, Take II!

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Wednesday October 28, 9pm EST

birdYikes!  After spending a considerable amount of time advertising and writing about the Constitutional Radio Episode entitled, “Witness to Election Fraud”, Murphy’s Law happened.   Ever had a snafu?  😳

My sincere apologies to my readers to have listened in and not heard this excellent show.  But we all reach crossings of many kind, and as with this blog’s formation after TexasDarlin left, I will now venture out and host my own show,  Revolution Radio.

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Appeal Filed in Kerchner v. Obama


Kerchner et al vs. Obama & Congress et al Lawsuit Decision Appealed to Federal 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, PA

JAMESBURG, NJ – (Oct. 27, 2009) – Attorney Mario Apuzzo of Jamesburg, NJ, today filed an appeal with the Federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, PA, on behalf of plaintiffs Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., Lehigh County, PA; Lowell T. Patterson, Burlington County, NJ; Darrell J. LeNormand, Middlesex County, NJ; and Donald H. Nelsen, Jr., Middlesex County, NJ; challenging the recent decision of Judge Jerome  Simandle, Federal District Court, Camden, NJ, dismissing the lawsuit charging that Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, has hidden all his early life records including his original long-form birth certificate, early school records, college records, travel and passport records, and has not conclusively proven to any controlling legal authority that he is Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 constitutionally eligible to serve as the President and Commander-in-Chief of our military.

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Constitutional Radio: Witness to Election Fraud

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Constitutional Radio is pleased to present “Witness to Election Fraud” on Tuesday evening, October 27, at 9 PM EST, with special guest “jbjd.”  The blog talk radio address is here, and you can always dial in to talk or just listen at (347) 826-9588.

Don’t miss this exciting evening! “jbjd” will be with us for the whole hour and a half, explaining how witnessing the fraud perpetrated throughout the 2008 election inspired her to devise creative yet simple solutions that all citizen activists can adopt, now.  Please take a look at jbjd’s latest article, bound to peak your interest in joining this show!

Some Fun (and useful) Numbers

©2009 drkate

In a Rasmussen Poll reported on the Kick Them All Out Project,

  • 57% of all voters would like to replace the entire Congress and start over.
  • 70% of unaffiliated voters would replace the entire Congress
  • 69% of GOP voters believe the party is out of touch with constituents
  • 74%  of all voters trust their own economic judgment more than Congress’

…and on a ‘brighter side’,  the Poll reports that:

  • Only 37% say that most in Congress are have extra-marital affairs


Read the whole story, its got some interesting historical information too!

U.N. Launches Investigation of Human Rights Violations in the United States

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(h/t Glorygal)

In yet another example of the deliberate disintegration of American sovereignty, the Executive has opened the door for  a United Nations (UN)  “Special Rapporteur” to probe–for the first time ever– human rights violations by the United States regarding affordable public housing in urban areas.

The perception that drives the investigation is  first, that housing is a human right, and second, that there isn’t enough affordable public housing in urban areas in the United States. I disagree with the first premise in that it is not in our constitution, but agree with the second.  However, I doubt that a UN person who has never lived here will understand the complexity of this issue in the United States.

special rappoteurThe Special Rapporteur  Raquel Rolnick has been appointed by,  and is under a special mandate from the UN Human Rights Council , the successor to the UN Commission on Human Rights.   As part of her ‘fact finding’ mission, she will visit New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Washington, the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota, and Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

UN Special Rapporteurs can only visit countries that have agreed to invite them.

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“Photos of My Father(?)”

©2009 drkate

Five rare photos of Barack Obama, Sr. appear…

So I wonder if junior has even seen these photos?  Many have commented that there is no resemblance in these photographs…so let’s put them out there and see if anyone else notices they don’t look alike!

Obama Sr., undated photo

Obama Sr., undated photo

I long ago lost interest in analyzing ‘Dreams of My Father‘ as it seemed to me to be contrived, full of unfinished thoughts and events,  and too different than the Barack Obama I had grown to suspect, rather than respect.  And even in Dreams, he never really describes who his father is, rather  he ‘makes him up’.  His strategy was to dazzle people with some story that pushes only emotional and guilt buttons, so  they would ignore the fact that his father was a British citizen, and therefore, so was he.  But you know, things have a way of catching up.

In 2008, a blogger uncovered a long-lost article by Barack Obama, Sr., called “Problems Facing our Socialism”, which was published in the East Africa Journal. From Politico:

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Obama, the thrill is SO gone

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‘Nuff  said.

Psst…we know its a diversion…

©2009 drkate

distraction_aug_05I agree with the Monster: there are several simmering and deliberate distractions going on  intended to focus our attention away from:

  • *Health insurance reform (cough, gag…making me sick already…)
  • *The Global Climate Change Treaty (aka,  RUST, the ‘remove US sovereignty treaty’), which will effect the sovereignty of the United States in many ways,
  • Obama’s sinking poll numbers
  • Obama and Congress’ anti-American agenda and efforts to undermine the Constitution,
  • *The American people’s growing awareness of and concern about the  Congress, the Executive and all of the above
  • *Internal chaos within the White House regarding Afghanistan.

In my view, the real issue is the Global Climate Change Treaty, health insurance, and the last item, our awareness of the whole scam of Congress and Obama.  The internal chaos within the White House, and between the White House and the military deserves its own post as it signals something but I’m not quite sure what yet.

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The Gathering Storm

©2009 drkate


This is a picture of the conditions during the dust bowl of the 1930’s…a familiar time of the people fearing the government.  During the last few months of Texasdarlin’s blog, this photo (or one similar) was on her header.  To me it was a warning as well, a coming storm, to which she passionately worked on exposing.  Not just the birth certificate and citizenship, but ACORN, Odinga, the DNC, so many contributions.

If you look closer at the photograph and I bet you can outline some faces that are bringing the same kind of chaos to America today.

I am pleased to present, with permission of the author, the original private letter written to friends and colleagues in early June of this year warning of the gathering storm America is facing.  The letter made such an impact that it was soon circulated nation-wide with various additions not in the original letter.

Live Free or Die Fighting

Friends & Fellow Americans,

When the storm finally hits (and it will), those of you who supported the Obama administration will be affected as well.  It won’t just be us gun owners or Fair Taxers, or Pro-Lifers that get hit.  You’ll be right there next to us.

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“Nobody Questions our Authority…”

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[See update at end!]


Senator Patrick Leahy (D, Vt) can’t find a Constitutional source for Congress’ authority to mandate that every American buy insurance, but he doesn’t really care…because, ‘no one questions our authority’. Wow, I guess those back woods of Vermont are isolated, in fact, the last time I was there, it was so cold that I saw a Congress-critter (Leahy?) walking down the street and he had his hands in his own pockets!  Nah, not Leahy. 🙄

This video captures Leahy’s response to being asked inconvenient questions about health care and Congress’ authority.

Here is part of the transcript of the interview:

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Another Caption Contest?

©2009 drkate

Well, why not?   I know many people have been talking about the latest diversion, Marxist move, judicial failure, the latest Obama apology, communist exposed, money disappeared…but what do you think these guys/gals  are talking about?


Or are they talking about the same thing? 😯

Open thread.

So, the Constitution is up for a vote?

©2009 drkate

why+worryIn a disappointing, but not unexpected ruling, the federal Judge dismissed the Kerchner v. Obama case, based on lack of Article III standing (jurisdiction), prudence, and the ‘political question’.  The decision will be appealed.

In an exclusive for The Post and Email, plaintiff Charles Kerchner made initial remarks, a portion of which are reprinted here:

Moments ago, Commander Charles F. Kerchner, U.S. Naval Reserve (Ret.) issued the following statement — exclusive to The Post & Email — in response to Judge Jerome B. Simandle’s dismissal of his case:

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Two Tributes

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For our men and women of the Armed Forces…

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Kenyan National Assembly, November 5, 2008

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Thanks to some very sharp readers here (h/t Catherine, Michelle) with archives of information, I am able to suggest a nice addendum to the letter to Speaker Pelosi.  While I am sure many of you have seen this, it is time to show the world, and disillusioned Americans, what Speaker Pelosi, the United States Congress, Obama supporters, and the MSM have completely ignored about Obama.  Like rubbing salt in the wound?  You betcha, I am not going away.

Meanwhile, back in Kenya…

kenya-flagOn November 5, 2008, the Kenyan Parliament was trying to conduct business but could not help celebrating the ascension of a Kenyan to the U.S. Presidency as shown by the  transcript of PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES November 5, 2008 # 3276. Here is a partial excerpt, with all emphasis added:

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Madame Speaker, I Want an Answer

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3dflags_usa0001-0002aNow that The Birthers busted wide-open the newspaper articles from the African press confirming Obama’s Kenyan citizenship, notice the deafening silence from the MSM, the delay and stall tactics of the courts, and Congress running off with the American pie.  (flag h/t

It is absolutely up to us Patriots to keep this going, to keep the pressure on.  Every day that Obama makes decisions is an attack on our Constitution, security, identity, and economy; the longer he stays in, the more the damage and the more we will have to undo.

Keep in mind that while the removal of Obama would certainly be disruptive, there are avenues for the peaceful removal of  Obama and maintenance of order in the country.

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Obama, Brzezinski, and Pakistan

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Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Back pursuing Obama’s  ‘missing link‘ in the visit to Pakistan in 1981, it was necessary to revisit Zbigniew Brzezinski’s activities, roles and positions at the time. “ZB” is a soviet specialist and ‘widely consulted’ on the political affairs inside communist countries.
Brzezinski has the ‘necessary ingredients’ of the ‘thread’ that links to Obama’s hidden history: a professor at Columbia University (1960-1989); ties to the CIA; Carter’s national security advisor, currently key advisor to Obama, and a master at the game of  ‘geopolitics‘ and how those  forces can be manipulated for strategic gain.  ZB’s hatred for the Soviet Union, and now Russia, is legendary.
Anwar Sadat 1918-1981

Anwar Sadat 1918-1981

During Brzezinski’s  visit to Pakistan in the spring of 1981, Obama also happened to be visiting Pakistan on spring break,  just after having entered Columbia University, and supposedly visiting his mother (working for the Ford Foundation) in Lahore, and later  ‘hunting partridge’ in the country side. Right. 🙄
ZB’s activities had been focused on breaking apart the Soviet Union and using CIA and U.S. military assets to create chaos and instability.  In Afghanistan, the goal was to provoke the Soviet Union into invading, and to provide weapons, training and other support to  the Muslim Mujahadeen and to demoralize the Soviet army in an unwinnable fight.  Remember also that at this time, the Muslim Brotherhood, which had been established in Egypt, had already established itself in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Pledge

©2009 drkate

One of you fine readers out there provided the following wonderful video, which I captured, and now bring to the forefront this day to greet you all.  A more extensive post will be up later today.  In the meantime, please enjoy!  Oh, and that person who shared it with us all, thank you!  🙂

Booting Obama

©2009 drkate

I was rummaging around in my closet today, pulling out my winter clothes, and found several pairs of boots I had not worn in a long time.  Never too far from the human disaster known as Obama, I wondered if throwing boots at Obama would be a worse insult than throwing plain old dress shoes? And I thought that whatever, the boots would have a better chance of hitting the target than my loafers.

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Defeating the Enemy Within

©2009 drkate

contemplationEvery now and then a new ‘threshold’ is reached in our collective understanding and awareness of what is happening in our beloved Country in this time period. Such a crossing launches a new ‘synapse’ (the ‘eureka moment’), which in turn generates new lines of investigation, strategy, tactics, and action.

Those of us who are awake have had our sensibilities shocked many times over in the last year and a half, forcing many unpleasant eureka moments: the DNC Rules & Bylaws committee, violating all the rules and by-laws; the ‘coming out’ of the ‘left democrats’ as racist, socialist, thuggish, and sexist;  Obama’s radical background; the grossly biased and over-rated media; the brazen disregard of the law…shall I go on?

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©2009 drkate

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Following up on Obama’s missing link–the trip to Pakistan in 1981–I was led to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization founded in 1928, now considered  to have world-wide presence. It is also considered the origin of radical Islamic jihad around the world, and has been associated with Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and numerous other known terrorist organizations. One  defining feature of the Muslim Brotherhood and its related organizations is to impose sharia law on the entire world.

There is an intriguing and disturbing time line of  the CIA’s involvement in support of the Muslim Brotherhood here.

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The Speaker’s Conflict of Interest: Energy Legislation

©2009 drkate

Door to Speaker's Office

Door to Speaker's Office

When we last visited on the subject of Nancy Pelosi,  we discussed four reasons why she should resign as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives:

  • Extraordinary and unnecessary bias and partisanship
  • Authoritarian and partisan tactics to silence the truth and promote misinformation
  • The disdain with which she refers to American citizens, her constituents as ‘Speaker’
  • Pelosi’s communist allies, history, and background.

Pelosi, as Chair of the Democratic National Convention, certified to the Nation that Barack Hussein Obama met all of the qualifications of Constitution for the Presidency.  In certain states, Pelosi’s certification of Constitutional eligibility without fully knowing whether Obama was eligible may constitute election fraud.  That this possibility even exists casts a cloud over her capability to lead.

As Speaker, Pelosi has the ability to influence the direction of all legislation, which invites scrutiny as to how she personally benefits, the  noble servant that she is.  Here is Tom Brokaw, confronting Speaker Pelosi on her ties to the natural gas industry where she stands to benefit by steering legislation through the House:

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Tyranny in America: The Judiciary

©2009 drkate

(Author’s Note.  This is a long post, and there is much information to chew on here as well as through the links provided. Consequently I am going to leave this article up for a couple of days.  Thanks for your patience!)


This post continues the Tyranny in America series, and focuses squarely on Article III of the U.S. Constitution, the Judiciary.  Previous essays on tyranny focused on Articles I and II.  “Judicial tyranny” is most associated with the term ‘judicial activism’, which has its origin in the power of  ‘judicial review’.  Would you be surprised to learn that the Founders’ intent was to have an independent judiciary that served to protect the Constitution?

A look at the Judiciary is not of abstract importance now, as threshold Constitutional issues over which the Courts would seem to have jurisdiction are being dismissed using such crass and common tools as ‘ lack of jurisdictional venue’, ‘lack of standing‘, the ‘political question‘,  delays in decision-making, and minute technical language errors of the filings, such as ‘not stating a claim upon which a remedy can be obtained’.

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America: Republic or Democracy?

©2009 drkate

Restore the Constitutional Republic!

It is truly amazing how many still think that the United States’ form of government is a democracy and not a republic.   It is critically important that we know the difference.   Please share this excellent video with your friends and family.

Open thread.


©2009 drkate

The_Thinker-webMuch of the writing on who Obama is and what his agenda entails has defined  Obama’s actions within various revolutionary frameworks:  Marxism, socialism, fascism, black liberation theology, and radical Islam.

To a large extent, Obama embodies elements of each of these ideologies: his economic policies are decidedly socialist; his focus on himself as the savior and his draconian threats  is fascist; and his apologies for America are central to black liberation theology and to radical Islam.

In my view, what all of these revolutionary ideologies have in common is that they are at their core anti-American, and following close behind, anti-American capitalism.

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I am driving home from business through the first major snow storm in the Rockies. Drat, and I just found my summer clothes lol. Somehow, in thinking about our country, this song is in my mind today.

“…We all know sometimes life’s hates and troubles
Can make you wish you were born in another time and space
But you can bet your life times that and twice its double
That God knew exactly where he wanted you to be placed
So make sure when you say you’re in it but not of it
You’re not helping to make this earth a place sometimes called hell
Change your words into truths and then change that truth into love
And maybe our children’s grandchildren
And their great-great grandchildren will tell…”  ~Stevie Wonder

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Honoring the Real Heroes

©2009 drkate

From the Naples News, the ‘2009 Affirmative Action Nobel Peace Prize’

I assert that this award is an affirmative action award which favors his candidacy over more qualified applicants by virtue of his race and socialist politics. I hope that the other candidates for this year’s award are righteously offended by this egregious decision and would be prepared to publicly express their chagrin. I would also hope that right-thinking U.S. citizens will also decry this cheapening of a once noble and important international award.

There were more than 200 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, all of them more qualified than Obama.  The Nobel Committee, in my view, has rewarded Obama for being anti-American and a socialist.

Now let’s cleanse the palate and remember who the true heroes are that fought for our Nation.

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Cheapening the Nobel Peace Prize

©2009 drkate

And the Nobel Peace Prize Goes to: Obama the Charlatan!!!!


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Two Videos: How to Brainwash a Nation

©2009 drkate

As we think about strategies to restore our Constitutional Republic, it is worth taking a look at (the shortened version of) what the KGB wished for America.

Now,  lets take a look at when and how the ‘sleepers’ and the ‘Messiah‘ appear in America:

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Invitation to a Free People: Continental Congress 2009

©2009 drkate

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance–Jefferson


Exasperated by King George’s refusal to listen to the Colonies’ petition for redress of grievances regarding  excessive taxation, brutality, and occupation, our Founders called for the people of each of the colonies to select representatives  to join a Continental Congress. The delegates  met in Philadelphia to weigh the heavy issue of independence or accommodation with the British.

For over 15 years, the King had refused to hear any of the grievances to which the colonists were legally entitled under English laws.  We know the rest of the story: the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and then through Constitutional Convention, the Constitution of the United States of America.

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