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Its time for the Speaker of the House to resign, as she neither speaks for nor represents the People’s House.

After months of calling Americans racists, Nazis, astroturfers, and radical right wing extremists, and accusing Tea Party patriots of inciting violence, how can Nancy Pelosi even dare to call herself the  ‘Speaker of the House’?  Of whose house?  This must be The Audacity of Botox, puffed up beyond all belief.

Her promises, like her inflated self, are empty, full of hot, stale, air–look at what she promised in 2006.  “the most open and most ethical Congress in history. ”  Heh.

This woman from the smallest district in the nation, representing a tiny slice of America, is as far away from America as she can be.  In fact, she is another one of the ‘stealth’  ‘democratic socialists’ in the Congress, with known ties to and reverence of communist organizers in the United States.

This post is intended to lend weight to the effort to first, remove Nancy Pelosi as the speaker of the house, and second, to ensure her election defeat in 2010.  Thankfully, the Patriotic Resistance has developed a resource page for ‘politicians to watch in 2010’ and one of them delves into Nancy Pelosi.

In my view, the work on Pelosi relates entirely to the Constitution and the protection of our Republic: we now have avowed communists in the White House, the Senate and House, and in the shadow czar government that Obama has assembled and that Congress is enabling.

Spotlight on the Speaker

(a) Extraordinary & Unnecessary  Bias and Partisanship

One of the key architects of Obama’s ‘victory’ in 2008 was Nancy Pelosi.  She, like many other so-called “democrats” as super delegates, chastised people to vote for ‘the people’s choice’ and then changed her mind and chastised people the other way when Clinton won the popular vote.

As Chair of the Democratic National Convention, she manipulated the vote on the convention floor in favor of Obama.  Most crucially, Nancy Pelosi signed the documents allowing Obama to be on the state ballots as the Democratic Presidential nominee, the subject of the must read post by jbjd, The End Game.  On January 8th, 2009, she presided over the joint session of Congress to certify the electoral vote despite the petitions of hundreds, if not thousands, of citizens to certify Obama’s eligibility before concluding the vote.

Nancy Pelosi has exercised no leadership during tenure.  She has misrepresented legislation, imposed silly partisan rules that allow her to prevent legislation from even being presented on the floor or in committee by any opponent, and openly calls her constituents racists, bigots, and frauds.

This is conduct unbecoming of a “Speaker of the House”… acting like a Chicago thug transplanted to San Francisco.

(b)  “You Lie!”

When Joe Wilson rightly called out ‘you lie!’ to Obama, Nancy Pelosi looked in disbelief, and of course, ‘made him’ apologize…for telling the truth of course.  She is a petty tyrant as a Speaker, for sure.  But when a fellow democrat  Alan Grayson accused the republican health care plan of ‘wanting seniors to die quickly’–precisely the democrats plan–she refused to have him apologize. She refused to have him apologize for telling a lie, but demanded that Wilson apologize for telling the truth.  Hmmm.

And I don’t believe for a minute it had anything to do with a Presidential address (Wilson) vs.  a statement on the House floor (Grayson).  “No Protocol Pelosi” has not a leg to stand on.

(c)  The Speaker of the House is Calling us Idiots, and Worse

So Pelosi represents a tiny district in California, composed of a small, tiny, segment of the population, and she calls the rest of America thugs?

’nuff said.

(d) The Speaker and Communism

In the Pelosi Dossier, Nancy Pelosi’s respect for and ties to several communist figures, including Harry Bridges, a union organizer in San Francisco, are exposed.  Cliff Kincaid exposes Pelosi’s ties to the known communist family of the Hallinan’s, of San Francisco, and to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a member of the Socialist Democratic Party.

Regarding the Hallinan connection:

A 1961 subcommittee report says that Vincent Hallinan traveled to the Soviet Union with his wife to vouch for the legitimacy of the communist show trial of Francis Gary Powers, the American U-2 pilot shot down over the Soviet Union. Powers’ mission had been to document the Soviet missile build-up. It adds, “[Vincent] Hallinan’s glowing accounts of the Soviet Union and favorable comments concerning the fairness accorded Powers at his trial were sold in great quantity by the Communist Book Stores both in San Francisco and in Los Angeles.”

A 1953 edition of the report states that Vincent Hallinan was a participant in a meeting of the Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case, a “Communist front organization.” The Rosenbergs were communists executed for committing atomic espionage against the United States on behalf of the Soviet Union.

A wealthy woman, Vivian Hallinan had contributed financially to one of Pelosi’s campaigns. Her only other political contributions on the federal level, as recorded by the Federal Election Commission, went to Senator Barbara Boxer and Reps. Barbara Lee and Ronald V. Dellums.

Regarding Sheila Jackson Lee, the connection is through the Campaign for America’s future,

Lee, who calls Pelosi “a magnificent woman” and “one of California’s greatest representatives,” began her career in the California state legislature as a secret member of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a spin-off from the Communist Party. As a member of the staff of Rep. Ron Dellums, Lee was shown to have been collaborating with communist officials on the island of Grenada, according to documents captured after the liberation of that island nation. These revelations have not hurt Lee’s standing with Pelosi and other “progressives.” Indeed, Lee also served as the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Kincaid also points out a major flaw in the US political system:

Like the president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not have to go through a background investigation in order to get a security clearance. This loophole in the law enables the president and members of Congress to automatically qualify for security clearances, even if they have controversial backgrounds and associations, by virtue of the fact that they get elected to high office in Washington, D.C.


So who is this woman who is third in line to the Presidency? Another communist? Another person for whom no scrutiny is allowed?

There is a fifth area of concern regarding Nancy Pelosi that will receive its own post at a later time.  If you are interested in what this could be about, please go here.

The Strategy

This is just the ‘first shot over the bow’ of the good ship Pinocchio Pelosi.  Through continued scrutiny as well as other creative ideas, my vision is to:

  • Create the conditions where it will be necessary for Pelosi to resign or for democrats to remove her from the Speaker position, or in the alternative, to make the Speakership extremely uncomfortable for her
  • Create the conditions where she is a drag on other democrats in California and other states
  • Create the conditions where she loses her bid for re-election

Yep.  Setting the sights high.  And eyes wide open.  😯

21 Responses to “Pinocchio Pelosi”

  1. 1 PalinDemocrat October 5, 2009 at 4:11 am

    Dr. Kate, I have been following all of your posts, and you are doing excellent work here. I would like to add you to my blogroll if you have no objections.

  2. 3 jbjd October 5, 2009 at 5:47 am

    Great timing for this focus on the Speaker, drkate. Some people objected when I addressed her as The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. But as I have taught my now teenage son – he will be voting next year for the first time – respect the office, if not the office holder. Look forward to what comes next.

  3. 4 kenoshamarge October 5, 2009 at 7:25 am

    If this is your shot across the bow drkate, I can’t wait for the real firing to begin. Keep up the good work!

  4. 5 Susan October 5, 2009 at 9:46 am

    Great article drkate keep up the wonderful work you are doing,
    and thank you so much.

  5. 6 shhhithitsthefan October 5, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    I remember the day Creature of the House Nancy Pelocchio took office. We all cheered because she was a woman holding the third highest office in the land. And that BS speech she gave about representing the whole House and the grandkids and all of that other nonsense. Since then she has shown us very clearly what she intended to do with the power she wields. Her refusal to stand up against obvious misogyny, her declaration that there would be no roll call, her op-ed piece calling us un-American and her wink and nod at a fellow Democrat saying the most outrageous things about Republicans.

    Yes, she deserves impeachment. But that won’t happen. And unless someone with LOTS of money runs against her the best we can hope for is that she is relegated to become just another Representative after 2010. Or die from Botox poisoning.

    Great article!

  6. 7 foxyladi14 October 5, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    has anyone heard how it went for Orly today.??

  7. 8 Kay October 5, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    This is the last I’ve seen..
    This just In

    11:50 am Pst Gary reported the court is in recess and finished for the day. Intially Justice Carter was leaning to dismiss the case and accept Defendant’s MTD, however Orly Taitz and Gary Creeps made a very impassioned arguement and the gallery burst into applause, the Marshalls did not stop the outburst, and it was felt Justice Carter was swayed by the outburst to not throw out the MTD but rather reconsider his decision.

    He advised both parties no matter his ruling, both would be able to appeal to a higher court.

    Issues that plagued Orly’s case in Justice Carter’s mind, were STANDING and JURISDICTION-regarding Quo Warranto

    Quo Warranto must be filed in the Distrct of Columbia as a Writ against the government for Congress to address

    type in Quo Warranto in the search section of our blog- I have an article about it from previous writings

  8. 9 Kay October 5, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    The Post & Email just spoke with a secretary of Mr. Charles Lincoln about the hearing, and publishes this summary:

    It was a long hearing from about 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM Pacific time, with only a 20 minute recess. More than 100 persons attended. There was an overflow room with video hookup to accomodate everyone.

    Judge David O. Carter issued no ruling on the Motion to Dismiss, nor to grant discovery. He cited his need to sort out the complex legal issues, consider all the arguments carefully.

    During the hearing the specific agenda disscussed was as follow (this is not in chronological order):

    Judge Carter denied Attorney Gary Kreep’s Motion for Severance, which would have created a parallel case, for his clients.

    Judge Carter questioned the Defense’s counsel, regarding the method of impeachment and how that would address this controversy.

    Attorney Gary Kreep argued that the case does not involve impeachment; since Obama has entered office unlawfully.

    Judge Carter questioned on what basis his court could issue a quo warrento proceeding, when the D.C. court had jurisdiction over this kind of proceeding. Dr. Orly Taitz responded by citing precedents in the 9th Circuit, that allowed quo warrento proceedings to be held in California, rather than in Washington, D.C., in account of the great distance to the other side of the continent.

    When questioned about the injury suffered by other candidates on the ballot in California, Attorney Kreep explained the injury they suffered and the Judge responded thoughtfully to his arguments.

    Regarding military plaintiffs, Judge Carter mentioned that there was a ruling in the 9th circuit which denied standing to oath takers on the basis that this was not a particularized injury.

    In all, Judge Carter was very concerned about standing claims and wanted to know what the actual injuries were, and how standing was being justified.

    The Defense argued that the Court had no authority to hear the case, and that claims were political in nature and therefore not for the Judiciary to adjudicate.

    Judge Carter pointed out that the case was unique and that there were no precedents to guide him thoroughly.

    The Post & Email will interview Mr. Charles Lincoln live, and post this in a separate report in about 3 hours.

  9. 10 Kay October 5, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Okay…This is GREAT!

  10. 12 Quantum Leap October 5, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    That video almost made me cry thinking about what she did and continues to do. She fooled us all in the beginning of her gig just like the quivering tower of Ojello did to obots.
    Finally someone is keeping the focus on her. I have said from the beginning, get rid of her and we will get rid of half the battle. She hires the code pinkers to stage rallies and to fool us again and she hires them to stage a faux protest outside her San Fran house so we don’t catch on to what’s really happening with her covert actions against Americans. Don’t believe me? Then go to you tube and google code pink demonstrates outside of nancy pelosi’s home.
    I did mention that the leader of code pink Ms Evans is a wealthy woman by night and an anarchist by day who is chauffer driven to her meetings with the cronies connected to the whitehouse. Code pinkers are the REAL astroturf. Nancy hired them to storm Hillary rally in WA state as well as McCain rallies. Nancy hires them to pose at protests as Republicans and to carry hitler signs, yell out distasteful things and make the opposition look bad.
    May God’s wrath be swift towards her and her communist ways…finally someone is talking about her being a communist and she is…everything she accuses the opposition of being, she is guilty of herself. She is the worst speaker ever! She gives me a headache and I’m not prone to headaches except when I see her or Ojello in the news. Poopelosi, half the Dems do not want you and do not need you…go away. What’s her maiden name? Roth or some other jewish name??? (she bamboozles the American/Jews and Isreal) She comes from a corrupt political family in Maryland. She is neither a westerner nor Italian/American. she’s straight out of the beltway. SHE IS NOT ITALIAN/AMERICAN.. don’t forget it. The country hit the downward spiral once she took her seat as speaker and has increased in momentum ever since. Hillary would be president if not for poopelosi and would be far better than what we have until we could get someone like Sarah…even the MASS obots admit that!
    Waiting for God’s wrath to scourge her…….just waiting.

  11. 13 Kay October 5, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Leo Donifrio on tonight at 6:00 pm PST..9:00 pm EST
    Leo Donofrio explains the pursuit he shares with Terri K, of the Obama Birth Certificate (if that is what it is) based upon the State of Hawaii’s implicit admission that it has been amended..

  12. 14 Kay October 5, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    DrKate as always you were eloquent tonight on radio!
    You have to be the most un BIASED person and for that I so LUV ya!

  13. 15 Susan October 6, 2009 at 10:06 am

    drkate, this is so cute wanted to share with you, my
    sister sent this to me, as I have a Pug.
    Love your blog and the radio show was wonderful.

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