Obama, Brzezinski, and Pakistan

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Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Back pursuing Obama’s  ‘missing link‘ in the visit to Pakistan in 1981, it was necessary to revisit Zbigniew Brzezinski’s activities, roles and positions at the time. “ZB” is a soviet specialist and ‘widely consulted’ on the political affairs inside communist countries.
Brzezinski has the ‘necessary ingredients’ of the ‘thread’ that links to Obama’s hidden history: a professor at Columbia University (1960-1989); ties to the CIA; Carter’s national security advisor, currently key advisor to Obama, and a master at the game of  ‘geopolitics‘ and how those  forces can be manipulated for strategic gain.  ZB’s hatred for the Soviet Union, and now Russia, is legendary.
Anwar Sadat 1918-1981

Anwar Sadat 1918-1981

During Brzezinski’s  visit to Pakistan in the spring of 1981, Obama also happened to be visiting Pakistan on spring break,  just after having entered Columbia University, and supposedly visiting his mother (working for the Ford Foundation) in Lahore, and later  ‘hunting partridge’ in the country side. Right. 🙄
ZB’s activities had been focused on breaking apart the Soviet Union and using CIA and U.S. military assets to create chaos and instability.  In Afghanistan, the goal was to provoke the Soviet Union into invading, and to provide weapons, training and other support to  the Muslim Mujahadeen and to demoralize the Soviet army in an unwinnable fight.  Remember also that at this time, the Muslim Brotherhood, which had been established in Egypt, had already established itself in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

ZB, of course, was not just setting up attacks against the Soviet Union via arming radical Muslims.  As is well known, ZB became the first director of the Trilateral Commission which emerged during this critical period in the 1970s. He drafted it’s charter and became it’s strongest proponent.  ZB called for the ‘deliberate  management of the American future, a community of nations, and a world government’.  The funding for this enterprise came from the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and Rockefeller.

The U.S. Role in Arming Bin Ladin
The goal of ZB’s efforts was to create a ‘arc of chaos’ in Muslim countries as a hedge against Soviet influence.  To do this, the CIA had to arm insurgents at the expense of stability in these countries. As we also know, the goals also included strategic access to oil reserves and the design of systems to serve Europe, and not the Soviet Union or China.  Access to this area was critical to the strategic construction of oil pipelines through the region to serve western interests.
In an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris, 15-21 January 1998, ZB confirms that the United States goal under Jimmy Carter and with the CIA was to increase the probability that the Soviets would invade Afghanistan:

Question: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs [“From the Shadows”], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention. In this period you were the national security adviser to President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair. Is that correct?

Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.

Q: Despite this risk, you were an advocate of this covert action. But perhaps you yourself desired this Soviet entry into war and looked to provoke it?

B: It isn’t quite that. We didn’t push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.

Q: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn’t believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don’t regret anything today?

B: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter. We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.

Egypt becomes important in this scenario as that is where the Muslim Brotherhood originated.  The Muslim Brotherhood had already established connections with bin Ladin in Pakistan before the 1981 ZB visit to Osama. The radical off-shoots of this group have been responsible for jihadist attacks on all western interests.  The ‘secular’ orientation of governments, such as Egypt, is to this day a major flash point of attack.
Of course the United States was not only involved in Afghanistan but also other Muslim countries.  Apparently, if these countries express any kind of nationalist tendency, the CIA gets involved as a  ‘destabilizing’ force.  This is also a strategy used to arm Hamas as a hedge against Palestinian nationalism. Manipulating the Muslim angst against secular governments and fomenting violence is a hallmark characteristic of this effort.  The result seems to always involve violence and death, and result in continued oil company access to the devastated country.

In 1954, Egyptian President Gamal Abddul Nasser’s nationalist policies in Egypt come to be viewed as completely unacceptable by Britain and the US. MI6 and the CIA jointly hatch plans for his assassination. According to Miles Copeland, a CIA operative based in Egypt, the opposition to Nasser is driven by the commercial community—the oil companies and the banks. At the same time, the Muslim Brotherhood’s resentment of Nasser’s secular government also comes to a head. In one incident, Islamist militants attack pro-Nasser students at Cairo University. Following an attempt on his own life by the Brotherhood, Nasser responds immediately by outlawing the group, which he denounces as a tool of Britain. The following years see a long and complex struggle pitting Nasser against the Muslim Brotherhood, the US, and Britain. The CIA funnels support to the Muslim Brotherhood because of “the Brotherhood’s commendable capability to overthrow Nasser.” [Baer, 2003, pp. 99; Dreyfuss, 2005, pp. 101-108] The Islamist regime in Saudi Arabia becomes an ally of the United States in the conflict with Nasser. They offer financial backing and sanctuary to Muslim Brotherhood militants during Nasser’s crackdown. Nasser dies of natural causes in 1970. [Dreyfuss, 2005, pp. 90-91, 126-131, 150]

After Egyptian President Gamal Abddul Nasser dies in October 1970, he is succeeded as president of Egypt by his former Vice President, Anwar Sadat. Sadat is also a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and he promptly reinstates the group as a legal organization and welcomes them back into Egypt. Sadat also has a very close relationship with the head of Saudi intelligence, Kamal Adham. Through Adham, Sadat also develops close working relationships not only with the Saudis, but with the CIA and Henry Kissinger. Sadat uses the power of the religious right, and the Muslim Brothers in particular to contain the Nasserites and their resistance to the radical changes he introduces. During Sadat’s tenure in the 1970’s Egypt becomes a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism, and figures like Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman and Ayman al-Zawahiri gain great power in Egypt during this period. Ironically Sadat himself is assassinated in 1981 by Islamic Jihad, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, in 1981, because of his accomodation with Israel. [Dreyfuss, 2005, pp. 147-162, 165]
Ayman al-Zawahiri is imprisoned for the assassination of Sadat, is released, and later joins Osama bin Laden as his right hand deputy.
In 1988, the Al Taqwa Bank was founded in Switzerland by Said Ramadan, and becomes one of the major funders for radical Islamic groups, including al-Qaeda.
Journalist Robert Dreyfuss will later comment: “It’s no exaggeration to say that Ramadan is the ideological grandfather of Osama bin Laden. But Ramadan, the Muslim Brotherhood, and their Islamist allies might never have been able to plant the seeds that sprouted into al-Qaeda had they not been treated as US allies during the Cold War and had they not received both overt and covert support from Washington.” [Mother Jones, 1/1/2006]
January 2009
Within 72 hours after the Inauguration, ZB the Obama administration authorized drone attacks in Pakistan, which ended up killing 17 people. Later, he denied that it ever happened, even though the attacks were seen worldwide on TV.
Since January, these drone attacks have continued and have been focused in Pakistan, and recently Pakistan has stepped up its attack on the militants occupying the western mountainous region of the country bordering Afghanistan.
There are some strong concerns  about this strategy:  if the jihad are driven from Pakistan and end up in Afghanistan, what will happen then?  If our troops are not well supplied and have a firm strategy in mind, who is going to get killed?  Is  it another Vietnam designed to demoralize Americans and our soldiers, just like this was engineered thirty years ago to demoralize the soviet army and break up the Soviet Union?
Or is the strategy to allow the arming of Islamic countries with nuclear weapons so as to instigate nuclear instability in the ‘arc of chaos’?  And is the target Russia again?What does a Nobel Peace Prize winner with ZB as an advisor do?
Is this the reason Obama was snubbed by Russian officials?
Obama’s “Peace” Overtures
Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what has Obama done? In an article on “Obama and the Middle East“, author Efraim Inbar rejects any hope for Obama’s engagement strategy or the restarting of any peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians:

Obama’s Washington does not get anywhere even with its friends. The leaders in all Arab countries know that the American “engagement” of Iran is hopeless in stopping the nuclearization of Iran. During his August trip to Washington,Mubarak of Egypt tried to inject sense into the young American president. Moreover, Mubarak rejected Obama’s offer for a nuclear umbrella. So did otherpro-American Arab states. American promises to defend them are simply not credible if the US is reluctant to use military force to stop the Iranian nuclear threat.

New Points of Inquiry

Obama’s decisions in Afghanistan are going to be very revealing as to who is getting destabilized and why.  Understand now how the Nobel Peace Prize comes into play.  Obama has betrayed everyone and is still serving  European masters. In my opinion Obama is the ‘communist’,  ‘Muslim’ face of the NWO,  his role is to betray both Muslims and communists alike, with everyone else in between as useful pawns and then collateral damage.

But new lines of inquiry have opened:

  • What are ZB’s Obama’s intentions are regarding Islamic jihad and the relationship to his plan to disarm the US and to reneg on commitments to our allies?
  • Is this the same old capitalism versus communism battle, with the coat of Islamic jihad v Christianity used to manipulate violence and geopolitics world-wide?
  • Are Obama’s actions designed to destabilize Islamic countries by causing them all to blow each other, and Russia up, leaving the rest to European, globalist elites? With Muslims, Americans, and American soldiers as the pawns?

Webster Tarpley seems to have an idea where this is headed:

14 Responses to “Obama, Brzezinski, and Pakistan”

  1. 1 No-nonsense-nancy October 19, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Dr. Kate, thank you for this article and the research that went into it and all of your essays. I wouldn’t even know where to begin in doing the research that you and others do. Thank God we all have you guys to educate us the way you do.

    Boy, was I disillusioned about Jimmy Carter and his presidency when he was in office! I was young, just starting my family and my career. I paid attention to politics to an extent and watched the news and all but I really had no idea what was really going on. I have met so many people lately who say they voted for him also and thought he was a good president. How wrong we were.

  2. 3 Quantum Leap October 19, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    I remember carter. The college kids got him elected and chose him for his SMILE even though he was a peanut farmer with no experience. Sound familiar? I remember standing in employment lines that wound around the block and no hope for jobs with no end in site. I remember when manufacturing jobs that could support a family on one paycheck in the area I lived in then went the way of the dinosaur after having been established since the late 1800’s. Those wonderful brick buildings (linen mills) now house flea markets and the like. Those well paying jobs went to China. I remember the gas rationing and the odd, even number system that was in place for the rationing along with new controls in place and demanding GM manufacture smaller cars. After they complied there suddenly was no shortage of gas. I remember the end of the Viet Nam war where the guys came home and were given zero assistance and ended up mentally ill and homeless.
    It’s like an old broken record that keeps on going. Yes, sounds like the same old Brezinski stance. Can’t wait until he leaves this earth by natural causes. How old is he and his worn out ideas? All of his plans eventually backfire. And if history is right a conservative will be elected in 2012 for the next 12 years. Hell, Brezinski prolly bought the ‘prize’ for obama and cahtah. I do think it was bought and paid for.

  3. 4 Lonni October 19, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    This is one fine article and I thank you for sharing.

    My perspective on this issue comes from a Christian viewpoint and, as I understand it, the next “big thing” is the destruction of Damascus, Syria(Psalms 83)(possibly related to the Hamas/Palestinian issue) and the attack on Israel by Russia and Persia (Iran)plus others, in a nuclear halocaust.(Ezekial 38/39). The end result of the Gog/Magog War(Russia/Iran vs Israel)is a resounding victory by Israel where the armies are destroyed by natural means(ie, Gods intervention)and the Israeli response. Only 1/6th of the invading armies will be left to tell the tale.

    While I understand that most people don’t see the actions in the Middle East from the Biblical point of view, it wouldn’t hurt to have a look-see. The world is getting smaller and more dangerous every day so our only true hope is in God Almighty, through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. 5 KJ October 19, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Dr. Kate,

    I believe that I heard that Mr. Obama went to Indonesia to see his mother, who was living there, and then on to Pakistan to visit his Occidental College roommate in August of 1981, before he went to Columbia.

    The time line presented here is a little different. Is there any evidence to back up which one is correct?


    • 6 drkate October 19, 2009 at 8:49 pm

      I found the timelines confusing at best. According to one of the links in the story, O stayed in Lahore at the Hilton hotel when he was there, and his mother was in Pakistan at the time.

      I will work on this

  5. 7 Quantum Leap October 19, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    obama Signs Executive Order Issuing Blanket Denial of Vice President’s Future Remarks

    • 8 drkate October 20, 2009 at 12:37 am

      lol especially on the Executive Order…talk about preemptive US policy,and ‘plausible deniability’…!

  6. 9 drkate October 20, 2009 at 11:08 am

    Here is a very cogent analysis of Obama’s inability to actually have any say in Afghanistan, as he is a puppet:


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