Kenyan National Assembly, November 5, 2008

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Thanks to some very sharp readers here (h/t Catherine, Michelle) with archives of information, I am able to suggest a nice addendum to the letter to Speaker Pelosi.  While I am sure many of you have seen this, it is time to show the world, and disillusioned Americans, what Speaker Pelosi, the United States Congress, Obama supporters, and the MSM have completely ignored about Obama.  Like rubbing salt in the wound?  You betcha, I am not going away.

Meanwhile, back in Kenya…

kenya-flagOn November 5, 2008, the Kenyan Parliament was trying to conduct business but could not help celebrating the ascension of a Kenyan to the U.S. Presidency as shown by the  transcript of PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES November 5, 2008 # 3276. Here is a partial excerpt, with all emphasis added:


Ms. Odhiambo: On a point of order,
Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir. It is not on this issue.
I stand on a point of order under Standing
Order No.20 to seek leave for adjournment of
the House to discuss the American presidential
election results.
Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the
President-elect, Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil
of this country. Every other country in this
continent is celebrating the Obama win. It is
only proper and fitting that the country which
he originates from should show the same
excitement, pomp and colour.
I, therefore, seek
leave of the House that we adjourn to discuss
the issue.
Mr. Deputy Speaker: Order! Order!
Ms. Odhiambo, Standing Order No.20 says:-
“Any hon. Member may at any
time rise in his place and seek
leave to move the adjournment
of the House for purposes of
discussing a definite matter of
urgent national importance.”
This means national “Kenyan” importance.
The election of Senator Barrack Obama—
An hon. Member: It is President Obama!
Mr. Deputy Speaker: President-elect has
not been sworn-in yet. The election of
President-elect Obama is of utmost national
importance to the United States of America. Ms.
Odhiambo, you are a lawyer. You had better be
very careful where you transgress between
watching your own sovereignty and what can be
interpreted in some quarters as some form of
treason. We appreciate and respect him. We are
happy and we were looking forward to his
election. It is not a matter of urgent definite
national importance to Kenya.
In any case, whereas
the ruling from the Chair would not have been any
different, you are supposed to approach the Chair
at least two hours in advance and give a notice of
that information.
Nonetheless, let us hold our horses. Let the
excitement not make us look like American
citizens. We are citizens of the sovereign Republic
of Kenya.
Hon. Members, I think we had better take
note of that and internalise it. We should know
where our utmost loyalty is.
The Assistant Minister for Higher
Education, Science and Technology (Mr.
Kamama): On a point of order, Mr. Deputy
Speaker, Sir. I just want to seek guidance from the
Chair on this matter. Considering the fact that even
His Excellency the President declared that
tomorrow will be a national holiday to celebrate
Obama’s success, do you not think this is an urgent
matter? So many man hours will be lost tomorrow
because of this “Obama mania”. I seek guidance on
this matter.
Mr. Deputy Speaker: Hon. Members, tell
me what is so urgent that you really want to
discuss? Do you want to discuss the speech of
Obama? What do you want to discuss on this
Floor? If it is the celebrations, His Excellency the
President has made tomorrow a public holiday.
The House is not open to any debate on the ruling
of the Chair. Those are the rules under the
Standing Orders of the Republic of Kenya. I do
not know how it is in the American Congress
but for the Republic of [Mr. Deputy Speaker]
Kenya, the Chair has given a ruling on this and
the matter is closed.
Mr. Affey: On a point of order, Mr.
Deputy Speaker, Sir. While I appreciate your
ruling, I also wish to seek the indulgence of the
Chair. Given the mood in the country, this
morning, quite a number of us failed to ask our
Questions because of the excitement in the
country. For the first time, we have a leader of
a great country in this world whose blood is
For that matter, would I be in order to
request you to allow me to ask my Question
since I did not ask it in the morning.
Ms. Odhiambo: On a point of order,
Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir.
Mr. Deputy Speaker: Order, Ms.
Odhiambo! The Chair of the Kenya National
Assembly is on its feet. So, order.
Mr. Affey, you approach the Chair and
seek if you want a reinstatement of your
Question in the formal manner, practice and
traditions of this House. The Chair has got
some communication to make. As far as the
interest and happiness regarding the elections
that have just been concluded in the United
States of America are concerned, this will put
that to rest.
Hon. Members, as you may be aware,
the people of the United States of America
have just had a historic election where the son
of this soil, Barrack Hussein Obama, has been
elected the 44th President of the United States
of America and the first African-American
President in the history of that country
, please
join me in registering and sending this House’s
congratulations to the President-elect Obama
for overcoming great odds to emerge
Indeed, this is a testimony of the
democratic practice in the United States of
America that we, in Kenya, can also emulate. I also
wish to congratulate his opponent, Senator John
McCain, for conducting a dignified campaign and
statesmanship in his conceding speech. It is our
hope that with this change, the USA and the world
will be placed on a different trajectory and this will
strengthen international co-operation and forge
closer partnership between the USA and other
nations in the continent, particularly Kenya.
I also wish to bring to your attention that
the President of the Republic of Kenya, His
Excellency President Mwai Kibaki, has declared
tomorrow Thursday 6th November, 2008, a public
holiday in honour of the election of Senator
Barrack Hussein Obama. Please, join me in
thanking his Excellency President Kibaki for this
early gesture and correctly reading the mood of not
only the country but the whole world. On my
behalf and that of this House, I would like to
congratulate and give best wishes to Senator
Barrack Hussein Obama.
The Vice-President and Minister for
Home Affairs (Mr. Musyoka): Mr. Deputy
Speaker, Sir, while thanking you for that
Communication from the Chair, I want to join the
rest of the world and, indeed, all of us – and it is
understandable that the rest of African Continent
and the whole world is celebrating a dawn of a new
era— As we congratulate the American people and
more, specifically, Senator Barrack Obama who is
now President-elect, it is important to reflect on
the journey that he has travelled so far. When
countries get their foreign policy right, a lot of
hope can ensue. What I have in mind is the famous
Kennedy airlifts of the 1960s when many Kenyans
were, due the friendship with the then Government
and the late Tom Joseph Mboya, given the
opportunity to travel to the United States of
America as a result of [The Vice-President and
Minister for Home Affairs]
which we now have an African American of
Kenyan origin being President-elect. This is
momentous. At 4.00 o’clock this morning, Senator
John McCain graciously conceded defeat. I was
among the first Kenyans – as I know many
Kenyans did not sleep but were following the
outcome of those elections – to congratulate the
President-elect. While doing so, I also observed
that the world will now be a safer place under
the Presidency of Senator Barrack Obama. The
world will not continue to observe American
. Some of us held the view that the
war in Iraq was a mistake because the United
Nations Security Council did not give its
approval. The rest of us in Africa stood in
solidarity and said that it was important to have
a UN Security Council whose responsibility is
to ensure world peace and security. Be that as it
Mr. Ethuro: On a point of order, Mr.
Deputy Speaker, Sir.
The Vice-President and Minister for
Home Affairs (Mr. Musyoka): Mr. Deputy
Speaker, Sir, I am just responding to your
Communication from the Chair. I am sure that
my good friend, Mr. Ethuro, can bear—
Mr. Deputy Speaker: Proceed!
The Vice-President and Minister for
Home Affairs (Mr. Musyoka): Thank you, Mr.
Deputy Speaker, Sir. I am just about to
conclude. The point I am making is very
important. There are many of us who hold the
view that there is now a real possibility of a
more peaceful world where multi-lateralism, as
opposed to unilateralism, will guide the conduct
of international relations under President
Barrack Obama.
We congratulate Senator John
McCain for being graceful and I think we are
rightfully in a party mood. We are not the only
country in the world. There are parties in Paris,
London and even in a place called Obama in
Japan. I think we have a right to celebrate. As
we do, as you said from the Chair, this is a
sovereign country. We know we can learn a lot.
To be able to support that blood relation, I
think we owe it to ourselves to make sure that
we have a peaceful country as Kenyans; a
country that will uphold the true principles of
the rule of law, democracy and tolerance
between ourselves…

Leo Donofrio has an excellent write up and more excerpts of this transcript. And note the spelling of Barack as “Barrack”.  Ya think they know more than we do? 😉

And then, on November 21, 2008, some “radio shock jocks” from Detroit got the shock of their lives:

Together with the news articles from the African press organizations, these two known sets of information should enrage the public and perhaps set off the purging investigation we need.  Please do not hesitate to include this transcript, conveniently posted here, in your letter to Speaker Pelosi!

9 Responses to “Kenyan National Assembly, November 5, 2008”

  1. 1 mcnorman October 20, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    When will the world admit that this man is a liar?

  2. 2 Rosemary Woodhouse October 20, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    drKate, I provided a valid means of contact since I usually remain anonymous. 🙂 Please note the info if you’re ever so inclined, and as always, thanks for all that you do!

  3. 3 Quantum Leap October 20, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    OT-from logistics monster…what is going on?
    What’s going on with Hillary. Is she held hostage to that job she has?
    “Obama has tapped Power to be senior director for multilateral affairs at the National Security Council, a job that will require close contact and potential travel with Clinton, who is now secretary of state. NSC staffers often accompany the secretary of state on foreign trips.” Didn’t pumas predict this when powers got booted form obama’s campaign.
    We are an astute bunch. Is he going to keep tabs on Hillary? Powers is the one who wants to invade Isreal. Hillary is supposed to be suportive of Isreal if not publicly, then secretly?

  4. 4 Quantum Leap October 20, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    drat typos

  5. 5 d2i October 21, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Fabulous! Simply fabulous!

  6. 6 terminu October 21, 2009 at 11:08 am

    They say both “son of the soil of Kenya” (Jus Soli)
    and “son of the blood of Kenya” (Jus Sanguinis)

    Yep, there ya go. He’s a natural born citizen of Kenya!

  7. 7 susan h October 21, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and squawks like a duck, well by golly, it’s a duck!

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