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Constitutional Radio is pleased to present “Witness to Election Fraud” on Tuesday evening, October 27, at 9 PM EST, with special guest “jbjd.”  The blog talk radio address is here, and you can always dial in to talk or just listen at (347) 826-9588.

Don’t miss this exciting evening! “jbjd” will be with us for the whole hour and a half, explaining how witnessing the fraud perpetrated throughout the 2008 election inspired her to devise creative yet simple solutions that all citizen activists can adopt, now.  Please take a look at jbjd’s latest article, bound to peak your interest in joining this show!

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  1. 1 Madison October 27, 2009 at 7:14 am

    Following is the complete transcript of Governor Palin’s October 27, 2009 Facebook posting on the east coast elections, and in which she has endorsed gubernatorial candidates, Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell for NJ and VA respectively:

    As I stand here in a high school gymnasium watching freshmen girls’ basketball games, I’m struck by the sight of America’s future right in front of me – these tenacious young women full of energy and intensity – I want them to realize every opportunity this great, free nation can provide (Palin, 2009, ¶1). There are big political races on the East Coast that are coming down to the wire – the results of which will impact policies and political actions that touch all of us in every state. Like other independent Americans, you know I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Republican political committees, so when I tell you that the Republican Governors Association has my complete support and confidence in its campaign efforts back East, know that I really mean it. The RGA is helping lead the conservative comeback, BEGINNING THIS YEAR, and its involvement in the East Coast races is significant. I hope you’ll support these efforts, which are vital to the cause for America’s freedom and prosperity: <; (Palin, 2009, ¶2). Let’s consider the governor’s race in New Jersey. The state has the highest tax burden in the country and the incumbent democrat governor has only added to the economic burden. He eliminated property tax rebates for middle class homeowners while the sales tax increased. Altogether, taxes on the people in the region have increased by billions of dollars. It’s no surprise that New Jersey has the highest unemployment rate in the region! Thankfully, there is an alternative. Residents there will be better off under an administration that understands the benefits that result when workers are allowed to keep more of what they earn. Watch New Jersey’s economy come alive under new leadership that will put government back on the side of the people! Chris Christie promises this new leadership (Palin, 2009, ¶3).

    Fortunately, New Jersey’s democrat governor is being held accountable with the RGA spending $7 million in the New York and Philadelphia media markets telling the truth about a liberal administrative record while highlighting New Jersey’s tax-hiking ways, and reminding voters there is an alternative! The NY and Philly markets are the most expensive in the nation though, so the RGA is requesting help to stay on the air. Visit <; (Palin, 2009, ¶4).
    Then in Virginia – there is a clear difference between Republican Bob McDonnell and his liberal opponent. Republican Bob McDonnell is fighting for cheaper American energy and lower taxes, while his opponent wants to raise taxes, and, amazingly, even bragged about having more earmarks than any other state legislator. Bob McDonnell promises to fight for Virginia’s hard working families, and he opposes some heavy-handed union leadership efforts that could ultimately hurt employers and employees. The RGA has aired $6 million of TV ads exposing the liberal candidate’s record. I encourage you to help fight for our neighbors in the East by visiting: <; (Palin, 2009, ¶5).
    Americans who believe in smaller government and free enterprise have a chance to show Washington that people all across the U.S. don’t want an ever-increasing national debt, more dependency on foreign energy sources and more wasteful government spending. If, like me, this is what you want to show Washington, then I hope you’ll support Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell, and the RGA, as great efforts are put forth in these East Coast races (Palin, 2009, ¶6).

    The young student athletes I’m watching right now are counting on us to do the right thing – to fight for what is right for America today, and into their future. Electing candidates with common sense and respect for freedom is one way we can fight for what is right (Palin, 2009, ¶7).

    – Sarah Palin

    Governor Palin is executing the principles she spoke about when she stated she would support Reagan Conservative candidates regardless of party affiliation.

  2. 2 Shez ZK October 27, 2009 at 10:20 am

    Thanks drkate, I’m delighted you will have the excellent jbjd on as your guest. It has been strongly on my mind all week (and longer) why jbjd is never on any shows and that someone should ask her. She surely needs and deserves a wider audience on her important work. I’ve been thinking about reviving my own show soon and jbjd was on my list to contact.

    Will your show description for tonight be updated to reflect that she is your guest and cite her blog link, for your show archives?

    See you there…

    • 3 drkate October 27, 2009 at 10:28 am

      Hi Shez, thanks for dropping by. Thanks also for the reminder to fix the show description, which has been done with jbjd’s links.

      I have greatly admired jbjd’s work for a long time. I am delighted she will join us tonight!

  3. 4 susan h October 27, 2009 at 10:33 am

    jbjd: After reading your latest article mentioned above, I wanted to share this with you.

    Believe it or not, there are still out there otherwise intelligent people who cobntinue to accept Obama’s lies, stories, made up information about his birth in Hawaii, etc. I have a brother in Oregon, a labor lawyer, who refuses to believe any of the information I have put right in his face re: Obama’s Kenyan birth, his made-up birth records, his ineligibility under our constitution to be president, his seeming hatred of America and contempt for Americans, etc. What does he believe? He tells me that there was an article in the paper in Hawaii when Obama was 3 days old announcing his birth, and since Obama did not know he would be president, then it has to be true.

    What can I say? I am astounded! My thanks to you and Dr. Kate for all your good work.

    • 5 jbjd October 28, 2009 at 4:54 am

      You are welcome.

      Please, if at all possible, get your brother to read my latest post about Bob Bauer: BOB BAUER, RUMORED-TO-BE NEXT WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL, TO FEDERAL COURT: F*** YOU!. I take no stand in this article on whether BO is a NBC; but surely, any attorney – I was a labor major in college, and interned at the Teamsters, in DC, while in law school – could recognize, bs when he sees it.

      It will only take 1 (one) BO supporter to realize there is no ‘there’ there, to change everything. And none of us knows who that pivotal person will be.

  4. 6 Shez ZK October 27, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Good job drkate, that was fast. Another thing about jbjd’s work of the Fowlers in South Carolina. It triggered my memory of their direct involvement in the MI/FL mess when they went up to New Hampshire and colluded with the Republicans behind the scenes on primary dates to insure SC’s position. Yet SC was never punished by the DNC for anything. It’s about time karma caught up with those two, they deserve to be brought to justice at long last. The Fowlers can burn in hell for the harm they have caused to date. Right along with Donna Brazilla, Pelosi, Howard Dean, and the rest of their little cabal that destroyed the Democratic Party, and everything I mistakenly assumed the party stood for. It’s all been a sick joke on us.

    I’ll never waste my time again voting for Democrats in our Michigan primary after what the DNC pulled in 2008. Unfortunately in our supposedly *open* primary we are only asked if we want a Dem or Repub ballot, so I have no idea what in the world I can do in future primaries as both parties disgust me. I hope and pray like hell that Independents will force the issue to be included and validated in our primaries in the future. In all 50 states. There is so much work to do to start to right some of these wrongs and machinations.

    • 7 jbjd October 28, 2009 at 5:12 am

      You don’t know how much I wish I could expose both of the Fowlers for their misconduct in connection with primary scheduling and deprivation of votes. But I can sure get Carol for election fraud, for not writing down BO was eligible when she listed him as a candidate whose name SC election officials should add to the Presidential Primary ballot.

  1. 1 REVOLUTION RADIO–Witness to Election Fraud Part I « drkatesview Trackback on October 27, 2009 at 11:28 pm
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