Obama Votes “Present” on Afghanistan

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Barack Obama has had  General McCrystal’s report and request for more troops on his desk since August, 2009.  It is approaching November.

afghanistan-troops_1451147cMeanwhile,  eight U.S. soldiers were  killed on 10/27/09,  driving the U.S. death toll to a record level for the third time in four months.   Fifty-five U.S. soldiers were killed in October; fifty-one in August.

Obama declared Afghanistan a ‘war of necessity‘, the ‘right war’, and ordered 20,000 more troops to the battlefront.  That decision was supposedly the outcome of his own review of strategy.

Since then Mr Obama’s chosen commander, Stanley McChrystal, has said that the Taliban is winning and is rumoured to have asked for as many as 80,000 extra troops, with 40,000 as a compromise. Suddenly the White House is rethinking “necessity”. The strategy adopted just six months ago – an adequately resourced counter-insurgency – is again under review.

Why would Obama ‘compromise’ on the soldiers needed to fight a ‘war of necessity’?  Does a ‘compromise’ indicate a lack of strategic or substantive thinking,  a deliberate plan to demoralize the military and Americans (like Vietnam),  or its it the audacity cowardice of voting ‘present’ ?

The Strategy Revealed?

Looking back at Obama’s actions since January, and with knowledge of his background seeped in socialism and anti-Americanism, I cannot conclude that Obama has positive objectives for our military, or America, in Afghanistan.  In fact, I believe he is using Afghanistan against America and as a vehicle to force chaos and instability.  It is the Alinsky way, after all, just on the foreign policy level.

The act of withholding funds, troops, material, logistical support,  and food from our troops is a pretty big one-fingered non-salute.  The refusal to make strategic decisions forces repositioning on the field, giving the impression of, and in some cases necessitating, surrender withdrawal.

obama and zbig

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Those delays, especially in decision-making, cost lives. And when more lives begin to be lost, Americans start questioning our involvement there.  It becomes demoralizing for our soldiers, their families, Americans, and America, and the opportunity for intelligent assessment is lost.   In the meantime, chaos grows…but the Bush blame game excuse is wearing thin.  Don’t forget who Obama seems to be working for.

You know what is even more scary? I believe Obama knows this and digs it–the power to send men off to die, to humiliate, to degrade us.  Take a look at this frightening picture, and read the article.  Remember how Obama looked when he killed the fly on national television?  He looks just like that when addressing our soldiers. And who can forget the ‘blood camoflauge‘ cocktail dress worn by Michelle Obama to the funeral for a Medal of Honor recipient?  What are they telegraphing?

This is a new definition of transparency:  Obama actually wants America to lose.  He’s telegraphing it.  And what better way to show he doesn’t care than to vote ‘present’?

The newest excuse for delay, advanced last week by Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff, is that deciding anything would be improper until the US has a legitimate partner in Kabul. This is puzzling. If the US commitment to Afghanistan was conditional on the outcome of a fair election, why did the US and its allies not ensure the vote was clean? The scale of fraud was staggering. The US saw it happening and did nothing.

In any event, Mr Emanuel’s view on the need for delay was instantly contradicted by Robert Gates, defense secretary. The administration’s new strategy cannot wait for a fully legitimate government, he said. Whatever the outcome of the run-off election on November 7, it is not going to persuade Afghans to trust their government. If it goes well, he said, it is just one small step in the right direction. The US has to choose a strategy “in the context of that evolutionary process”.

Week by week, the administration’s muddle makes everything harder. What a godsend for the Taliban. In his speech in London this month, General McChrystal said, “Uncertainty disheartens our allies, emboldens our foe.” After months of wrestling with this problem, uncertainty is all the White House has got.

Sadly for America  and our soldiers out in the field,  ‘uncertainty’ is Obama’s strategy.  He’s spinning it as ‘deliberative thought’. But just ask yourself who benefits from this delay?  Certainly not America.

Starting penalty for voting ‘present’ ?  No discounts.


30 Responses to “Obama Votes “Present” on Afghanistan”

  1. 1 Mary October 30, 2009 at 1:04 am

    I repeat my comment at Uppity Woman blog:

    I believe it’s a mistake to think obama has not made a decision about committing more troops to Aghanistan. He’s making it as we watch. He’s playing for time so his bretheren in the Taliban can gain as much ground as possiblebefore he is embarrassed on the world stage into having to act.

    Ask yourself who gains from 0’s inaction. The answer is, all Islamofascists and their chic-and-trendy politically correct supporters. All who wish to destroy our country will find encouragement in b. hussein’s passive enabling of them..

  2. 2 susan h October 30, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Can anyone explain why Obama went to Dover, DE to meet the coffins as they arrived in the U.S.? I do not understand this. I do not think Bush ever did that. What is Obama trying to do? Obama does not mean what he says, and does not say what he means. So this “show of support” for dead soldiers and their families is unclear. If one had any feeling, they would cry for the families who lost loved ones, and young lives taken short. I wonder if seeing this up close and personal will make Obama want to send more troops to help those there, or pull out altogether. The status quo will just produce more of the same.

    • 3 finneganswig October 30, 2009 at 8:16 pm

      Photo op, to quell the heat he’s taking for sitting on his hands (for purely political reasons) during the deadliest period for the U.S. in Afghanistan. Why’d he have to alert the press? Why not just go? Nah, everything pretend-prez does is calculated and self-serving. Not sure if it’s been verified but I heard this morning that of the 18 families of returning slain soldiers only one accepted the invitation to meet with Obama.

  3. 6 Alessandro Machi October 30, 2009 at 8:56 am

    The CBS coverage showed Barack Obama leaving around 12 midnight to go do this.
    Between him doing that and Hillary Clinton saying what she means directly to the people she is meeting with in Pakistan, I don’t think now is the time to question every move made by the Barack Obama adminstratin as being disingenuous.

    It becomes disingenuous to see every move as being disingenuous.

    • 7 drkate October 30, 2009 at 9:29 am

      The point is, Obama does nothing without a reason. When he shows up at our troops’ funerals, he is mocking us, mark my words.

      Maybe the pressure of 105 troops killed in the two months he has been playing golf finally got to him.

  4. 11 drkate October 30, 2009 at 9:27 am

    Bush was not perfect, and he laid the path for Obama.

    But blame Obama I will, and without hesitation. Obama is not a real CIC and he is endangering our country.

    Obama can’t play this game anymore. AT least Bush acted, Obama does nothing.

    Did you read the article? Did you read the attachments? I don’t think you did. You missed the point.

    • 12 d2i October 30, 2009 at 9:41 am

      dk – I think the Organizing for America cadre has trained and unleashed a new kind of troll. Fascinating! Beware.

      • 13 drkate October 30, 2009 at 9:49 am

        yes, d2i, I have noticed. Mostly I have not had these trolls show up, except when we are getting close. Fortunately I put their ips in spam so I can catch these remarks.

        I feel personally that we did our battle with the obots last year. There is no time for their stupidity, nor to get po’d and argue with them…so I’d rather delete their comments then get into an argument.

        One of the benefits of owning this blog! 🙂

  5. 14 d2i October 30, 2009 at 9:53 am

    o/t – h/t to RBO – dk and others, this may help explain some of the new posters we’re seeing here and at other sites t/o the blogosphere. Soros is at it again. I wonder if Echo Justice pays their bloggers minimum wage you know kinda like ACORN paid their voter registration staff e.g., Nevada. hhhhmmmm.

    Echo Justice, a coalition of national and local organizations launched a multi-media counter to the right-wing’s echo chamber. StopTheWitchHunt.org is a newly formed multimedia watch dog portal that will use social media and mobile communications to take a grassroots stand and “call out” the mischaracterizations and hate speech that has been going on for too long. […]

    The website is designed to give voice to the millions of Americans who believe it is time for talk-show hosts and elected officials to stop stoking the racial anxieties of the fringes of America.

    Beck and his fellow band of hooligans have been telling scary stories about President Obama whom Limbaugh has disrespectfully referred to as “the little black man child.” Beck recently accused the biracial President of having “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” And he has attacked a number of key Administration officials accusing them of being socialist and anti-American. Limbaugh, who has a history of making racially charged remarks about Obama, has called the mixed-race president “a halfrican American.” Days before the President’s inauguration in January, Limbaugh said, “I hope he fails” – the verbal equivalent of putting a razor blade in a candy apple.

    StoptheWitchHunt.org is just the beginning of a multi-media campaign to support a new resistance to these Halloween Goons.

    So who is the “who” behind this latest Obamaganda? The George Soros-funded Center for Media Justice.

    So who is Echo Justice? It’s a campaign by FoxNewsBoycott.com.

    So who are the coalition members? Good question. Center for Media Justice does not say. StoptheWitchHunt.org does not say. Echo Justice does not say.

    So much for transparency.

    • 15 Jan October 30, 2009 at 7:04 pm

      GOOD GRIEF!!!!

      WHAT were they saying about MISCHARACTERIZATION???!!!

      Beck accused men whose OWN WORDS prove them to be not just socialist but communist???? “I hope he fails.” is the verbal equivalent of putting a razor blade in a candy apple?? WHY Rush said that is irrelevant???!!

      This is pure poison! And there are people who are going to swallow that hook, line, and sinker. Do the people who listen to these stopthewitchhunt yahoos think their poison is selective? Do they not know they are being poisoned too? They don’t get that they are being LIED TO and manipulated?

      “Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies.” Let me think Beck and Rush are bad so I don’t have to do my homework and think for myself about the issues. Let me just dismiss them as bigoted racists so I don’t have to look too deep. Lie to me and tell me Obama and his minions are not destroying our country and that it will all be well when they are done even though Marxists that have taken over every other nation have killed, imprisoned, tortured, and impoverished millions of its citizens, starting with THE ONES WHO HELPED THEM GET THERE. Maybe I’ll just lie to myself and think that won’t happen to me.

      How could they possibly think that anyone who uses tactics like these could have their best interests in mind? They don’t get that who these people are lying TO is as important as who they are lying ABOUT?

      They don’t see how fast Obama throws his own under the bus? They don’t see how his every word is false? They don’t see how he works them and plays them? They didn’t see how he made an example of Joe the plumber during the campaign? They don’t get the associations he has with every conceivable villainous type on the planet? They don’t get that out of every kind of person available in the world Obama CHOOSES to associate with foreign and domestic terrorists, hate filled “preachers”, communists, and sociopathic radicals of every stripe?

      Talk about a razor blade in a candy apple! The sweet candy apple of Marxism ALWAYS has a razor blade inside!

  6. 16 ramjet767 October 30, 2009 at 10:25 am

    He did the same voting “Present” stuff in the Illinois Senate over a hundred times on tough issues. He wants to have it both ways. He’s a Beta Male who cannot make tough decisions in a timely manner. He forever has his wet finger in the air and testing the winds and thinking about what should he do. He is not presidential timber. Not even close. Meanwhile people are dying in Afghanistan while he plays golf and flies Air Force One around for date nights. The man has no gonads. Michelle wears the real pants in the White House. And she’s a hard core Maoist and wants to see America defeated and humiliated, just like her husband and the whole gang in the White House. Stalling on the decisions in Afghanistan are all part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy of the far left and Progressive Caucus in Congress to bring America down and install a Fascist National Socialist government.


    • 17 drkate October 30, 2009 at 10:26 am

      I totally agree with your analysis. And his doing this to our fine military breaks my heart. I am getting REALLY po’d!

  7. 18 alforhill50 October 30, 2009 at 10:45 am

    drkate. You can put your hand over someone’s mouth only so many times, before they really get PO’d enough to fight back. I think the American people are really getting sick of this shit. I know I am. Trolling people’s websites trying to stir up trouble. I think everytime they do this, it is like we are running over their toes and it is getting a little higher up and higher up unitl we run over something vital. That is what they are afraid of.
    Be strong. Hold fast. I will really be glad when his Nixon moment is finally discovered. I don’t see how they can hide so much corruption without it oozing out somewhere. Like frying pies. The more you mash to keep your filling in, it finds a new place to ooze out. Hurry up and ooze.

    • 19 alforhill50 October 30, 2009 at 10:48 am

      P.S. I wonder how long it’s been since anyone has seen our “friend” Alessandro’s eyes. Had his head up THERE so long you know.

  8. 20 Quantum Leap October 30, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    He’s all about appearances in what he “intends to do.”
    Watch the magic trick. Trick or treat. Chuckles anyone?

    2009 Oct 18 from Nance, planetnews8@gmail.com

    BOSTON – President Barack Obama won the 2010 Boston Marathon on Friday in a stunning decision designed to encourage him to quit smoking and keep running to stay in shape. The Boston Athletic Association announced their decision to name Obama the winner even though the race will not be run until 18 April 2010 because the president has the desire to win and has good intentions.

    In announcing Obama the winner the president of the BAA said, “We must rise above the out dated measurements of what a person actually has accomplished and focus instead on their intentions and what they say they will do. Intentions and talk are what drive the world.” Congressman Barney Frank and Chinese Vice President XI Jinping seated nearby reiterated these words.

    The BAA also noted that no president has won the marathon before. This would set a good example for all future presidents of the United States and for other countries such as Iran and North Korea that intentions really matter.

    Many observers were shocked by the unexpected decision before the race has even been run. However, when told of his win the President said he had really been thinking a lot about keeping in shape, talked with staff about cutting back on his smoking, and even read an article about the Boston Marathon.

    Obama added that wining the Boston Marathon was better than any other award he has received including his Nobel Prize, Tony for best performance by leading actor, Emmy for outstanding lead actor in drama series, Golden Globe for best performance of an actor in a comedy, NASCAR Champion, World Series Most Valuable Player, Best TwitterPage, and Teleprompters of America Best Reader.

  9. 26 kay October 30, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Check this out!
    It’s plain and simple, perfect for everyone to view..

  10. 28 Talk2ThePaw October 30, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    February 2009 the ban on photos of our returning war heroes coffins was lifted. Just a month after Obutt usurped the office of the President of the United States. I do believe this is all part of his plan to demoralize our troops and the public. His move to go to Dover in the middle of the night with full press entourage speaks to me of his need to be in the public eye and to press his agenda. There had apparently not been enough coverage of the carnage his planned indecision has created. I fully agree that his mind was made up long ago as to troop deployment.

    I also remember that he cancelled a visit to WRAMC when he was told that the press would not be allowed to follow him for a photo op.

    My mind goes back to his visit, along with the McCains, to ground zero during the election. Mobutt didn’t even attempt to make the homage. I still see his total disrespect for the entire ceremony in my minds eyes. This mass of cells posing as a human being and his spouse have no regard for anything American. They have shown more respect for foreign dignitaries from Islamic countries than for any dignitary from our true allies.

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