Obama’s Photo-op at Dover

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The Photo-op

First of all, my respect and gratitude to the fallen serviceman pictured here.

Using the troops again, Obama? 😡

The Mudville Gazette has the story, and a screenshot. The New York Times originally posted this article reporting on the President’s midnight trip to Dover AFB with a crowd of photographers:

The images and the sentiment of the president’s five-hour trip to Delaware were intended by the White House to convey to the nation that Mr. Obama was not making his Afghanistan decision lightly or in haste….the event was a photo-op exploitation…’

Only one of the fifteen families allowed Obama to be photographed with their fallen family member.

But then the NYT changed to story to this:

The trip was a symbolic one for Mr. Obama, given the gravity of his coming announcement of a new strategy for Afghanistan. The image of the commander in chief standing on a darkened tarmac, offering a salute to one of the soldiers, highlighted the poignancy of a decision he is facing.

According to the Gazette, the NYT ‘disappeared chunks of its original story, including the piece about it being a photo-op.  I’m with Hot Air, who changed the story and why?

All about Image, Nothing of Substance

While he plays golf, sits on a decision about Afghanistan for “fore” months, and supposedly ‘evolves’ his viewpoint, essentially not making a decision, he uses a photograph and his media lap dogs to convey the image that he is serious.  And…?

Liz Cheney wonders why photographers at such a somber event?

Not everyone is fooled by the photos, especially  NowPublic.

He’s the make-believe CIC.

5 Responses to “Obama’s Photo-op at Dover”

  1. 1 Mary October 30, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    It’s a mistake to think obama has not made a decision about committing more troops to Aghanistan. He’s making it as we watch. He’s playing for time so his bretheren in the Taliban can secure as much ground and entrenched position as possible before he is embarrassed on the world stage into having to act. And then you know he will be setting up our boys to die.

    Ask yourself who gains from 0’s inaction. The answer is, all Islamofascists and their chic-and-trendy politically correct supporters. All who wish to destroy our country will find encouragement in b. hussein’s passive enabling of them. b. hussein himself, who hammers another nail into the coffin he’s completing for America.

    • 2 drkate October 30, 2009 at 11:40 pm

      Yep. The islamofascists….fomenting chaos and killing people…like his mentors. The guy can’t even salute properly.

  2. 3 Michelle October 30, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    Dear Dr. Kate-I saw this on the news. It was so phony it was disgusting and embarrassing. It was reported that it was going to be somber and personal,so invite the whole press corps? Cheap and vulgar, and I don’t think anybody fell for it.

  3. 4 One Nerve Left October 31, 2009 at 2:41 am

    When I saw the photo one thing that jumped out at me is that Obama was in focus and the casket and the pallbearers were out of focus. Larger images show this detail.

    To my amateur photographers eye that tells me that this was all about Obama, NOT the fallen soldiers. Obama’s image was crisp and the focal center of the photo, all the rest was a blurred backdrop.

  4. 5 Bob Miller October 31, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    Obama had some remedial training in the area of saluting and timing of his salute.

    I am PROUD that many of the family members ‘SAW THROUGH’ the photo op.

    My opinion of OBAMA can and will never improve… because I know in my heart that he is a fraud, and a liar. He has taken advantage of the lack of case law to become a the POTUS. At no time has he EVER met the requirements of being a Natural Born Citizen.. HE KNOWS THAT.. but he knows there is NO CASE LAW that prevented him from being elected POTUS.

    Congress had to HIDE AN AMENDMENT to a bill in July 2009 to make sure that he was BORN IN HI… AND WAS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

    This photo op from a DESPOT OF A COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF that is a TRAITOR to all that our brave fallen soldiers have sacrificed since Valley Force..

    Is enought to make a grown man cry.

    This comes from a POTUS that is worst than a draft dodger..

    He DID NOT EVEN FILL out his selective Service paperwork in a timely manner as required by law..(Remember he was a allah loving Muslim..at that time.) Yu see he falsified the paperwork by BACKDATING the paperwork AFTER he decided to run for State Senate… AND YES IT WAS COMPLETED ON THE WRONG FORMS IN CHICAGO.

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