A Present for Congress

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Continuing the discussion of the Continental Congress’ debate on Article II eligibility, the Delegates initially decided to investigate the issue and develop instructions for the States and the Congress to ensure that a constitutionally ineligible Presidential candidate is never allowed on a State ballot again.  Given the national security threats posed to the United States in the 21st century the Delegates understand that it is especially important to ensure that the President is loyal only to America.

In the last post on the subject, I presented the result of the CC2009’s deliberations as a set of findings and instructions.  There was still a need to address the Delegates’ extreme frustration that Mr. Obama has yet to prove himself constitutionally eligible for POTUS.  The Article II Subcommittee thus developed a cogent statement to Congress expressing this sentiment and requesting the immediate commencement of an investigation.

In part this statement is designed to alert the Congress through this report that millions of American citizens are aware of and frustrated by this lack of proof, and Congress’ as well as the Judiciary’s obfuscation.  While we do not expect the Congress to act, they have been put on notice.


by and of

The Continental Congress of 2009


Raising a question of the Article II eligibility of our purported President, Barack Hussein Obama a/k/a Barry Soetoro

LET IT BE KNOWN BY THESE PRESENTS that the delegates of the Continental Congress 2009, on this 18th day of November, 2009, have reviewed the available evidence and finds:

WHEREAS no Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President;

WHEREAS, in our Constitutional Republic, government is an indispensable necessity and, that whenever and however it is instituted, the People must place trust in and rely upon their representatives in order to vest it with requisite powers;

WHEREAS the Congress of the United States of America has the duty and obligation to protect the People from usurpation and foreign influence of and over our government, and to ensure that deceptive practices in the determination of eligibility and election of our federal public servants in positions of influence and power are fully and thoroughly investigated;

WHEREAS the framers of our Constitution, and those sworn to uphold it, have historically recognized that the loyalty of the President of the United States, vested with supreme executive power and command of our armed forces, be true and faithful, unfettered by foreign ties, attachments and allegiance;

WHEREAS to allow otherwise, affords opportunity to tamper with domestic factions, practice arts of seduction, mislead public opinion, and influence or awe the institutions of government;

WHEREAS the traditions of such a Constitutional requirement lay in the common belief that the leader of the executive branch of our Federal government have the breath of life bestowed in the womb of a mother, by a father, both citizens of the United States of Amercia owing no allegiance to any foreign sovereignty, and born on sovereign American soil;

WHEREAS the definition of a natural born citizen is derived from the Constitutionally accepted and referenced body of law known as the Law of Nations as quoted in the treatise, The Law of Nations, as those born in the country of parents who are citizens;

WHEREAS, a person born of a foreign minister, consul, citizen, or subject of a foreign state would not be solely subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, such person may possess a divided allegiance.  It is logical that the founders intended to hold the offices of President and Vice President to a higher standard of citizenship to insure no divided allegiance.  If the founders intended for native born citizens to be eligible for these offices, they would not have distinguished this requirement from that of a Senator.  Thus, a natural born citizen is necessarily a higher form of citizen than a native born citizen which may have a divided allegiance;  and

WHEREAS, the People who framed this nation through the constitution would not entrust their well being and security to any other type of individual holding such high office, neither shall we, the People, today; and

WHEREAS, it is unreasonable to conclude that every person born within the geographical territory of the United States is a natural born citizen, irrespective of circumstances, and that the child of a foreigner, happening to be born to him while passing through the country, is eligible to the presidency, while the child of our citizens, born abroad, is not; and

WHEREAS, the current purported President of the United States, Barack Obama, reputedly born in the state of Hawaii to a Kenyan father who by his own admission was a British subject from the British Colony of Kenya, only temporarily residing in the United States as a student; and,

WHEREAS the citizenship status of Barack Obama upon his birth would have been governed, not only by the laws of the United States, but the British Nationality Act of 1948, which by its language made Barack Obama a subject of said British colony, thus with dual citizenship at the least; and,

WHEREAS a concentrated effort has been made by others, entrusted by the People to protect and serve the Constitution, to intentionally subvert the legitimate and patriotic concern that the current President of the United States is ineligible and disabled under the requirements of the Constitution, which created the office which he presently holds and is the only position in federal government in which he may not sit;

WHEREAS, the Judiciary has willfully infringed upon the unalienable rights of sovereign citizens to have Constitutional questions resolved by denying standing via technicality of law;

WHEREAS, Barack Obama has been less than forthcoming to those who have continually and consistently requested certain documentation to ensure his eligibility for the Office of the President under Article II, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Obama has, on the contrary, signed Executive Order 13489 claiming executive privilege blocking the release of personal documents by the National Archives and Records Administration immediately following his inauguration, and further, has expended large sums of public money to pay for attorneys necessary to frustrate those who simply wish to ensure that our current purported President is eligible for the Office he holds under the Constitution of the United States.

WHEREAS, President Obama, with respect, has engaged in conduct unbecoming of the President of the United States, in which reasonable doubt can be raised as to his fidelity to the United States; and

WHEREAS, the delegates of the Continental Congress 2009 believe the People, regardless of their support of the President, are interested, desirous, and in need of resolution regarding the eligibility of Mr. Obama under the Constitution of the United States;


The delegates of the states participating in the Continental Congress 2009, call upon the Congress of the United States of America, the U.S. Attorney General, Federal Judges and any others with appropriate power, authority and jurisdiction, to uphold your oath and to investigate to the fullest extent of the law, power and authority vested in you, the truth concerning the natural born citizenship status of Barack Obama;

  1. Should it be discovered, in truth and substance, that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen, and therefore ineligible to hold the office of president of the United States of America according to Article II, section 1 clause 5 of the Constitution, we hold you to your duty and responsibility to remove him according to Constitutional provisions for such actions;
  2. The delegates of the Continental Congress 2009 request your immediate action to order a Grand Jury investigation of the matter of Barack Obama’s eligibility and the prosecution of any who may have committed fraud and/or are complicit in fraud
  3. The delegates of the Continental Congress believe that taking such steps  will prove more than just your fealty to us your constituents, but also provide confidence that our freedoms, which are your freedoms, are safe under those who stay true to their oaths of office.

14 Responses to “A Present for Congress”

  1. 1 azgo November 25, 2009 at 3:18 am

    Thank you, drkate, for attending and then reporting on your relentless hard work and accomplishments at CC2009! Committee work, to me, is people from all different walks of life and too many chefs in the kitchen! ‘Hope ya had that ther’ other toolbox with ya’!

    “Given the national security threats posed to the United States in the 21st century the Delegates understand that it is especially important to ensure that the President is loyal only to America.”

    Pronunciation: \ˈloi(-ə)l\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle French, from Old French leial, leel, from Latin legalis legal
    Date: 1531

    1 : unswerving in allegiance: as, a : faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government b : faithful to a private person to whom fidelity is due c : faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product
    2 : showing loyalty
    3 obsolete : lawful, legitimate
    synonyms see faithful

    What more could this great nation ask of our national government than to have a legitimate president, in whom must possess inherent loyalty, faithfulness and integrity as a true sensation, a warmness of excitement, for and with the nation, as this so simply describes the essence of a natural born Citizen.

  2. 2 Katie November 25, 2009 at 8:59 am

    I fully admit that my brain freezes when it comes to legalese, but the issue of NBC couldn’t be any simpler. Dr. Kate makes it as clear as can be.

    I thought you might want to look at this newest post to add to your ever-growing list of resources.

    Constitution is superior to any act of Congress

    November 25, 2009 by John Charlton

    by John Charlton

    (Nov. 25, 2009) — It is often asked whether the usurpation of the presidency by Barack Hussein Obama will ever have a remedy in the courts. But the fact is that there already is a remedy in the courts: the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States in Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 1 Cranch 137 137 (1803).

    That case was the first to expressly indicate that no action of Congress was valid if it contravened the Constitution. Since the U.S. Constitution requires that a President be a natural born citizen; and since the Supreme Court has in 4 cases used the term “natural born citizen” only in reference to one born in the U.S.A. of parents who were citizens at the time of his birth, it follows inexorably that Obama’s election as president by the Joint Session of Congress, on January 8, 2009, is null and void. Against this legal conclusion there is no argument.

    Here is the crucial text of the Supreme Court’s decision in Marbury v. Madison.


  3. 3 California Don November 25, 2009 at 9:20 am

    Dr. Kate, the problem arises when “no” court will grant standing to any citizen in order to hear the evidence against obama and to release his records. We are denied standing in every court. How do we get around that?

    • 4 old1 November 25, 2009 at 12:27 pm

      If enough citizens take it to the streets and town halls we will get our day in court! Wake up America there is a Communist coup trying to take over our government! Stand Up and be heard!

  4. 5 old1 November 25, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    Our future is in our hands. Our elected officials and the MSM are afraid to get involved.

  5. 6 jtx November 25, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    A fine resolution but it presupposes that Congress can individually and collectively read … and there’s a good amount of evidence to the contrary (witness the present health care syllabi in their hands which have mostly gone unread).

    I believe that the last two items (#3 & #4) are duplicastes (but heck, they’re good enough to read them twice).

  6. 7 jtx November 25, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    … & I believe that I should start using a spell-checker!!

  7. 8 Susan November 25, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  8. 9 IL.Blue November 25, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    Hi one and all ! 🙂

    Wanted to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to Dr. Kate and everyone else here.

    Hope its a blessed , happy , memory making occasion for each and everyone here. And please stay safe as you and yours drive .

    P.S. I posted this Dr. Kate.

    Is it possible to include Gateway Pundit on your blogroll which has been enormously helpful to spread the word and encourage others to read all these great blog sites.

    Hope you are getting some well deserved rest Dr. Kate, we all need you healthy to keep sharing your knowledge and challenging us .

    You are so appreciated and respected for all you efforts and hard work.

    Thank you !!! 🙂

  9. 10 Rosemary Woodhouse November 25, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    With all due respect (and I mean that sincerely), while I acknowledge the importance of following the rule of law, I can’t help but note that citizenship is not indicative of loyalty to one’s country. Just look at Congress.

    Happy Thanksgiving. This is an American holiday, and we continue to have a lot to be thankful for. Let us not forget to Whom it is we are thankful.

    May God continue to bless America!

  10. 12 kay November 25, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Happy ThanksGiving Dr.Kate and all on her…Super Post Dr. Kate!

  11. 13 tiger7 November 26, 2009 at 8:20 am

    My theory that the present state of our government is the long-term result of efforts set in motion many years ago by the USSR seems more plausible with time—unfortunately. The wonderful efforts embodied by the folks working in the CC2009 may well be the salvation of the mess we’re now facing.
    You all are to be congratulated and God Speed!!!

    • 14 drkate November 26, 2009 at 9:16 am

      Tiger, thanks for that. You know, nearly all of the delegates have that knowledge…that somehow the wheels were put in motion a long time ago. Yet with that knowledge, none of us felt comfortable openly discussing that on camera….who would shut us down if a body such as this actually put that information out there?

      So I agree. I just hope we are not too late.

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