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The Articles of Freedom

©2009 drkate

The Articles of Freedom, produced by the Continental Congress 2009, are now available for public review, printing, and signature.  Please go here for the pdf version which contains the entire 15 Articles of Freedom; and here for the main website, signature form, and ongoing posting of each of the articles for detailed review.

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A Model Constitutional Candidate

©2009 drkate

Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret) is an example of a Constitutional candidate that I am looking for in 2010.  A republican running for  U.S. House seat,  West doesn’t hesitate to call the struggle we are in what it is: the fight for the soul and survival of America.  And, this man says “Charge!” as he sees how 2010 is a pivotal year for our Nation.  Take a look.

Atlas has been covering Lt. Col West for quite some time, and has an excellent story up on West’s latest call to action.  I can’t wait until Allen West gets a copy of the Articles of Freedom!

Awakening in the Midst of Despair

©2009 drkate

Often the most troubled times can bring out the most brilliant minds, works, strategies, and breakthroughs.  Despair is defeated by having the hope, faith and courage to move on despite it.

Alfred Erik Leslie Satie was born in Normandy in 1866 and died in Paris in 1925.  An eccentric but brilliant pianist, he produced some of his finest work during most difficult personal and worldly times.  As you listen to this piece, and enjoy your day, remember the times you have pulled through when you thought you couldn’t.  There is a sadness as to what you have to leave behind, yes? But knowledge that you must.

Ground yourself, because our most brilliant times lie ahead, and, we will rise to the challenge of anything presented to us.  No, not everyone; but enough.

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