Einstein and Revolution

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(Note: We have such a quantum problem on our hands with the restoration of our Constitutional Republic, that I thought a little physics could be applicable… 🙄 )

Albert Einstein was in Japan when he developed his mass-energy equivalence equation, or the now famous:

E = mc²

where E = Energy; m= mass; and c² is the speed of light squared. The theory behind this equation is Einstein’s realization that matter  and energy are really forms of the same thing.  Matter can be turned into energy, and energy turned into matter.¹

The common thread is apparently light. The speed of light is 300 million meters per second (186,282 miles per second).

Furthermore,  light is actually energy–transmitted through a spectrum, some of which is visible and some which is not.  Light moves as both particles and waves, but it is all energy.

Light is released from every chemical reaction; the amount of light released in an explosion is a measure of the energy of that explosion. Multiply the speed of light by 30 grams of hydrogen atoms in water and you create the equivalent energy of burning 10 million gallons of gasoline.  Energy converted to mass; mass converted to energy.

The common application of Einstein’s equation is energy…the source of an inexhaustible source of energy–to date through experimentation with and use of radionuclides.

Applications to Revolution?

We patriots are looking for the energy needed, and consciousness, to overcome the tyranny that now has taken hold of America.  With the increased awareness, and the energy of increased numbers of people, I  believe we can use the Einstein approach to take our country back.

Looking at the factor ‘speed of light’, it is also apparent that ‘light’ in many other circles is also ‘consciousness’.  For example, “I saw the light”; there is ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel.  Over 16 million hits appear for the combined words ‘light’ and ‘consciousness’. The study of the science of the mind (noetic sciences) leads to new inquiries in the measurement of consciousness–usually by some energy signal or light signature.

So, if we are looking at the energy required (E), to move the mountain of tyranny, we need numbers of people (mass), with increased consciousness of liberty (c²).  Because of this relationship, every person who participates can achieve exponential results–by raising the consciousness of many. The more people we have with increased liberty awareness, the more energy we will generate.

Startrails, Grand Teton NP, Q.T. Luong

Think about the single individuals in history that have raised the consciousness of millions of people.  We just celebrated one of those individuals at  Christmas.

As one of my favorite writers says after one of her detailed articles:

“Does your brain hurt yet?”

24 Responses to “Einstein and Revolution”

  1. 1 tiger7 December 26, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Carrying the concept of physics a little farther, one of the basic laws of physics is “an object in motion tends to remain in motion, and an object at rest tends to remain at rest”. This monstrous socialist operation in Washington is certainly “in motion”, therefore , we must stop the motion before we can turn things around. We must support the numerous legal suits under way to eliminate to various criminals in office—particularly those being filed by the several State Attorneys General.
    I feel the actions taken by the states will stand better chances of sucess than any other. However, all should be pursued vigorously. The bad guys , in their arrogance, are compiling a long list of illegal,treasonable acts. We must stop the “motion” even if it means a period of governmental standstill—not all bad!!

  2. 2 douglasvgibbs December 26, 2009 at 10:10 am

    Now that was a learning experience. Great Post, and powerful connection.

  3. 3 Quantum Leap December 26, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    Matter can be turned into energy, and energy turned into matter

    Excellent drkate. 2 additional items. We operate from a low frequency of energy or a high one. In order to succeed with manifestation we need to raise our energy frequency. I will post ways to do that later, but nothing and I mean nothing can stop this once WE are in motion to stop the cesspool of corruption in the 3 branches of government or to manifest anything else for that matter. Energy is sound and light. We need to raise our light or energy conciousness and that means to control depression..no getting tired, doubtful or depressed. Stay up..again I’ll post some aides to altering ones’ energy and staying up and focused. Thoughts are things. Thoughts create emotion or beliefs which in turn create the outcome. Sound and light raise our intuition and intuition has answers to baffling questions.

    Please send good energy to Sherry Jackson Below. I can’t help but think she is being jailed as an example since she worked for the IRS.

    reposted from downstairs:
    2009 Dec 24 from Dusty Foster
    We have received word that Sherry Peel Jackson has been moved. She is the ex-IRS agent in Aaron Russo’s video Freedom to Fascism, which people can watch free online. Sherry received a 4-year sentence, although she broke no law.

    I would like to ask everyone to send her an encouraging note so that she knows she is not alone or forgotten. Let her know that we are aware that she has been moved, we are still watching her situation closely and we’re praying for her quick release. Anyone who has never been in her situation cannot imagine how much good is accomplished by countless cards and letters. It does much more than just lift her spirits, which in itself is huge. It also lets the system know that she is well-known and that we are watching closely to see she that is treated properly.

    Here is her new address. Be sure to address the envelop just like this:
    Sherry Peel Jackson
    Booking # 2009-003275
    ID # 0227712
    P.O. Box 188
    219 East Anderson Ave.
    Bushnell, FL 33513

    • 7 drkate December 27, 2009 at 10:35 pm

      Quantum….aha, now I think I understand your screen name!!!!! Thank you for this, and for your support in this post. I have actually been wondering about the power of thought and intention and its application to our situation now. It seems that the enormity of what we face requires this kind of focused, directed energy. To me, this is what 2012 brings, not ‘death and destruction’, although I know the earth will have her changes.

      Let’s collaborate!

      Thanks again.

    • 9 drkate December 27, 2009 at 10:42 pm

      Excellent, another must see. If we can apply this power to shape our universe, we can apply it to reshape our country.

  4. 12 Quantum Leap December 26, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    And some ‘sound’ to raise your vibration. Listen to all of the 528 Hz Frequency videos on You Tube as well as Chakra Clearing videos to change the energy from being bogged down in the past 2 strenuous years and to affect a positive outcome of what we desire in the next year politically as well as otherwise. “528 Hz sound videos” is also known as Hydromancy. Your pets will love ths too.
    Thanks for allowing me to post these drkate. Listening to ‘singing bowl’ videos is good too for raising Quantum Frequencies. We all need to replenish for the coming year. Others may prefer Native American Healing sounds on You Tube. Whatever works.

  5. 13 Ed Darrell December 29, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Are you sure Einstein was in Japan?

    Thanks for including the photo from Grand Tetons National Park, indicating that you at least recognize the value of such socialist enterprises, the value of conservation, and the value of capitalist-created socialism (the Robber Baron family Rockefeller preserved the Tetons until the federal government would take them as a gift).

    So much for foolish consitencies.

    • 14 drkate December 29, 2009 at 3:30 pm

      hello? yes, Einstein was in Japan. The essay was about light energy….no matter where it occurs. Just because a photo is put in here doesn’t mean ‘support for the value of capitalist created socialism (an oxymoron)’. Foolish what? If you could spell, it might help you.

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