Liberal Fascism, Intellectuals, and Scientists

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A 1934 cartoon relevant again today and re-posted as a reminder:

By the time this cartoon was drawn in 1934, liberal fascism had had its debut in America with the policies of Woodrow Wilson, elected in 1912 and the first Ph.D. to hold the office of the Presidency.  Wilson had specialized in political science, developing a viewpoint that societies could and should be molded by an ‘all knowing’, highly educated elite. The molding of societies could be achieved by applying ‘scientific’ principles of management to the institutions of government.

Wilson was also the first President to openly speak disparagingly of the Constitution, calling it an ‘out-dated’ document that needed to evolve with the times, much as a ‘biological organism’–equated with society–  evolved.  Wilson saw many of the provisions in the Constitution as too limiting for the kind of power he felt the government should have and which he himself personally craved.

An Overview:  It DID Happen Here!

The  questions raised in my own mind as I reviewed Wilson led to an examination of the role of science in shaping the progressive movement–the precursor to, or should I say real identity of , the democrats, and their origin in communism.

Surprisingly for this scientist of 30+ years, the ‘undoing’ 0f the Constitution can actually be traced to scientist Charles Darwin, who built on the work of his father in publishing The Origin of the Species in 1859.  Science attempted to replace the Creator by having an ‘explanation’ for everything, and to become ‘all knowing’ and ‘ever present’.

Evidence for this view of science and the constitution was found in McNaughton’s painting, “One Nation Under God”.  Sure enough, the only person equating himself with God in the painting is a scientist, shown clutching “The Origin of the Species” and standing on the same level as Christ.

At the same time as Darwin was developing the theory of evolution,  the intellectual Karl Marx was developing his theory of communism and the evolution of societies to that destination…societies would evolve out of capitalism to communism, and the movement would be molded by the conflict between elements of society (proletariat and bourgeoisie) and led by a ‘vanguard’. All the leading American intellectuals of the time  had studied or originated in Germany and were greatly influenced by the ideas of Darwin, Nietze, and Marx.

Liberal Fascism

Having grown up in the midst of this discussion, the intellectual environment directly contributed to Wilson’s viewpoint that the Constitution itself was a ‘living organism”, that would ‘evolve’ and survive only if it adjusted itself for the times. The ‘survival of the fittest’ was translated into a strong, central federal government.  While Article V of the Constitution provides for a lawful and orderly way to adjust the Constitution, Wilson thought that the interpretation and adjustment of the Constitution should be made by a very few, highly educated government elite operating on a model of scientific efficiency. That is, the intellectuals.

In taking this viewpoint, a fundamental transformation occurred.  The government became more powerful than the people, an ‘entity’ unto itself.

Mechanisms for Transformation

Indeed, the mechanisms were put into place to achieve this fundamental change in the balance of power between the States and the federal government, and to solidify a base from which government power could expand.  These two mechanisms were the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and falsely-declared ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913.  Both were unconstitutional but for different reasons.  A third mechanism, war, made it possible to use these mechanisms to exert social control (evolution) using the efficient, ‘scientific’ discipline of war.  For at the beginning of the 20th century, across the intellectual landscape, militarism was ‘progressive’.

In addition to the new powers of the government drawn from a ready supply of printed cash, and the mechanism to ‘pay it back’ via unconstitutional taxes on the people, Wilson was instrumental in using these funds and the concept of militarism as a model for organizing and mobilizing society.

Jonah Goldberg writes that the idea that war was a source of morals had been pioneered in Germany, and progressives adopted that creed when America entered the first world war in 1917. Citing the ‘social possibilities of war’, John Dewey ridiculed anyone who didn’t recognize:

..the immense impetus to reorganization afforded by this war…

Goldberg writes:

We should not forget how the demands of war fed the arguments for socialism.  Dewey was giddy that the war might force Americans ‘to give up much of our economic feedom…We shall have to lay by our good-natured individualism and march in step.”  If the war went well, it would cosntrain ‘the individualistic tradition” and convince Americans of ‘the supremacy of public need 0ver private possessions.”  Another liberal put it more succinctly: “Laissez-faire is dead. Long live social control”

Propaganda Ministries

Emboldened by this intellectual environment, his training in political science, and his great belief in centralized power, Wilson became the ‘great organizer of men’ and

…moved overnight to empower these would-be social engineers, organizing a vast array of war time boards, commissions and committees…

This viewpoint allowed him to by-pass Congress when he had to, to make excessive appointments exceeding his Article II appointment authority, and to ‘evolve’ the Constitution as he and his cabinet of intellectuals saw fit.

Artists and Hollywood were enlisted, with the total being what Goldberg calls “the first “Orwellian propaganda in Western history.”  The nationalization of the people for the war effort went hand-in-hand with socializing industry.  Many progressives, liberals, and leftists lent their talent to the propaganda effort, centralized in the Committee on Public Information (CPI). This committee used fear as a vital tool to assist with mobilization of the people through “thoughts of self preservation“.

Many of Wilson’s appointees felt contempt for the people, describing the population as “mentally children, or barbarians”.  All held the belief that ‘individual liberty, while nice, needed to be subordinated to, above all, order‘ (emphasis added).  Wilson appointee Arthur Bullard (p. 111) stated that “any citizen who did not put the needs of the State ahead of his own was dead weight.”


So the un-Godly (literally) alliance between the scientists, beginning with Darwin, the intellectuals analyzing societies (Marx),  the progressives-leftists-liberals, and the political scientists combined decisively to inflict a serious blow to the Constitution’s founding principles.  Individual liberty was ridiculed and the public good elevated above individual rights and liberties, including free speech. The strength and role of Divine Providence, and the role of the Creator in our lives and in the founding documents, was simply dismissed.

We are seeing these same arguments and approaches today, although there is much to discuss between Wilson and Obama: FDR; the 1960’s, and the major assaults on the Constitution by the left in every decade since then. This time it feels like the culmination of decades of work by the left, but also their last ditch effort.  And I believe it to be extremely dangerous.

While it is not pleasant to face this again, we have their road map, slogans, and use of propaganda fully identified.  And we know the disastrous results of this behavior and power mongering, masquerading as ‘liberal causes’, to call it out.  Right. Now.

[Update:  Logistics Monster has a summary video of 100 years of the progressive movement, well worth the read and view.]

Rise, America, Rise.

26 Responses to “Liberal Fascism, Intellectuals, and Scientists”

  1. 1 drkate January 6, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    Once again, another ‘light’ and short post… 😳

    I’ll be leaving this up for a couple of days as there is a lot of information here, as well as in the previous ‘short’ post on blackmailing Obama. Thank you!

  2. 2 Katie January 6, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    Scroll down a bit until you get to the photos and images. If this doesn’t open people’s eyes, nothing will.

  3. 3 Quantum Leap January 6, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Yep Do Do DODD is toast. Turn up the heat.

    Becks transcript.

    January 6, 2010 – 13:03 ET

    Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government
    by Glenn Beck

    GLENN: Let’s start with Chris Dodd, shall we? Chris Dodd has decided that he’s not going to run for reelection. Gee, who would have, who would have seen that one coming, huh? Chris Dodd, a guy who I mean, I live in Chris Dodd’s state. Chris Dodd is I would say universally disliked in Connecticut. You live in Connecticut, too, Pat, wouldn’t you say?

    PAT: Yes, yep. I see Dump Dodd bumper stickers wherever I go.

    GLENN: Everywhere, everywhere.

    PAT: All over the place.

    STU: I think Pat any need to unionize because if you think about it, with Chris Dodd going away, our jobs become much more easier because there’s a lot less material and I think that we deserve more money to do our jobs because if Chris Dodd isn’t providing constant material every single day. I mean, it’s raising our workload.

    GLENN: A, Barney Frank. Barney Frank will always be there.

    STU: Well, yes.

    GLENN: And B, do you know who’s going to run in his place?

    STU: I do not.

    GLENN: Richard Blumenthal.

    STU: I bet we’ll have a lot of new material.

    GLENN: Does anybody remember the interview I did with Richard Blumenthal where I said George Washington would find you a disgrace. It didn’t end well. It didn’t end well.

    PAT: That was the one he wanted to that’s right. He was going to confiscate their money or

    GLENN: Yeah, remember?

    PAT: They were going to tax 100%, all of that stuff.

    GLENN: He wanted to go in and confiscate the money that they were getting in bonuses and there was a contract and everything else and I said, look, I find it obscene what they’re doing as well, but you can’t do that. And I asked him where in the law, sir, do you he’s the attorney general of Connecticut: Where in the law, sir, do you find that power to be able to do that? “Well, I just, it’s wrong that we no, no, that’s not the question. Where in the law do you find the power? The attorney general of Connecticut could not answer the question because he had no power to do that. The guy is a he jumps on the bandwagon of anything that will get him press. Now, this goes back, with Chris Dodd there are so many things to talk about here, but I want to start at this level. Do you remember the poll that showed the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats? The Republicans wanted someone, this is a new poll that’s out. The new majority of Republicans wanted someone that reflected their values. The Democrats wanted someone who could win. You remember this poll? Where it didn’t you don’t have to reflect my values. I don’t really care what you believe. Just win. That was the Democratic voter in this poll. The Republicans and you’re seeing it played out right now. Once again the local Republican Party has censured Lindsey Graham for cap and trade. They’re going after Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham can win. Lindsey Graham is a strong candidate for the Republicans if you don’t care what they stand for, if you don’t care that the guy’s a progressive. But the Republicans, at least this handful of Republicans, are going after Lindsey Graham and they’re eating their own. Meanwhile the guy that helped design the banking problems, the guy who helped design the stimulus package and the guy who took a lead role in the healthcare package is being Fed to the dogs by Rahm Emanuel. Stepdown. Now, I’m sure he’s just going to say, it’s time for me to go. Uh huh.

    PAT: Yeah.

    GLENN: What kind

    PAT: Just ran for president and that kind of makes it tough to wash.

    GLENN: Well, I think he’s got to let’s not throw him under the bus that he would just do anything for anybody. I mean, he’s the he’s only the guy who moved his family to Iowa.

    PAT: Yeah.

    GLENN: To be able to run for president and win, win the Iowa caucus. I mean, it’s not that he doesn’t have a spine or any kind of shame.

    STU: Well, he might have, he might not have shame but the strategy was so successful. I mean, look at the results. I mean, he got over zero votes. Well, he got over less than, between zero and two votes and they were important votes.

    GLENN: So the question is did Chris Dodd, a guy who just ran for president of the United States, say you know, I’ve been thinking about it.

    PAT: I’m tired of all this power.

    GLENN: I’ve got to get out.

    PAT: I’m tired of sweetheart deals from Countrywide.

    GLENN: I’m so tired.

    PAT: Tired.

    GLENN: Of being able to get away with things that the regular folk just can’t get away with.

    PAT: It’s too cold. I want to be prosecuted for my crimes now.

    GLENN: When I break the law, I want to be

    PAT: I want to be prosecuted.

    GLENN: I want to have no safety net of power and control.

    PAT: Like everybody else. It’s only fair.

    GLENN: It’s only fair.

    PAT: He’s looking for fairness.

    GLENN: You know what? He’s following Mark Lloyd. Some people need to look and say who’s going to step down so others can have a turn.

    PAT: That’s a perfect example.

    GLENN: Economic justice. Power justice. That’s all he’s doing. Or… is it a possibility that Chris Dodd got a phone call from somebody like Rahm Emanuel and Rahm said, you know, you’re going to lose like crazy, but you’ve been a loyal soldier; good for you. Who’s just fallen on their sword? You did! And we’re going to take care of you, Chris. We’re going to make sure that nothing happens to you. And you know what? Do you know I’ve got a friend, George Soros? He knows everybody in business. You are going to be so valuable in the financial industry because you oversaw the banking committee.

    PAT: Chairman of the Senate banking committee.

    GLENN: You are so who’s valuable outside? You are. How did you who wants to be who wants to be the biggest financial lobbyist out there? Who wants to run a financial institution? You do!

    PAT: But I’m a U.S. senator and I didn’t but it’s wrong.

    GLENN: How much do you want to make a bet a deal has a golden parachute has been given to Chris Dodd by the Republican by the Democratic Party because they’re going to bring Richard Blumenthal in, and Richard Blumenthal can win. And that’s really all it’s about is win. You see, they think, the Democrats think you’re so stupid that you don’t realize it’s the party. You don’t realize that it’s not just the individuals. Oh, really? Ted Kennedy’s gone. Oh, oh. Well, gee, that’s kind of sad. I hate to see a man who lived a long and evil life pass and now what is did I say that out loud? Now what’s going to happen? Oh, we’re going to replace him. Oh, and gee, I hope things don’t change. They’re not gonna change! Because it’s not just Ted Kennedy. It’s the progressive movement!

    See, the progressives do not believe in the power of the individual. They believe in the power of the collective. It doesn’t matter if Chris Dodd leaves or not. I mean, it barely matters if a Republican gets in. But there’s a better chance that the but not much, but there’s a better chance that a Republican will actually do something if, if the Republican Party finds a soul and a spine. Look in your file cabinet, guys. It’s probably under S. I know you haven’t seen a soul for a long time because you sold them for a very low price long ago and I don’t think any of you were born with spines, but check under S. You might want to look them up first in the encyclopedia or the dictionary, see what they look like, see what it’s all about. Read a little bit about them. See if you can find one. If the Republicans can find a soul and a spine, then maybe it makes a difference. But personally so far all I’ve seen is the difference between Barack Obama and John McCain. That ain’t a lot of difference. They’re both for cap and trade. They were both for bailouts. They were both for healthcare. They’re both for big solar panels. The difference was war. That was the difference. Which one was going to keep us safe. And that seems to be turning into an important issue. But if you don’t have a country to keep safe, what difference does it make? If they fundamentally transformed our country, what difference does it make? You stand firm and you know the game they’re playing. And I’ll tell you I’m going to give you a preview of the game I fear they’re going to play and how they’re going to play it. Desperate people do desperate things. The Democratic Party is desperate and it doesn’t matter. Only the win matters. Not how you play the game. So how are they going to play the game? I’ll give it to you here in just a second.

  4. 4 no-nonsence-nancy January 6, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Thanks, Katie, for that link. I had seen much of it before but having it all in one site is really good. I am amazed that BO blatantly had Che’s poster in his campaign office. I don’t even want to think of what must be in the White House!

    Thanks again, Dr. Kate, for this great post. I don’t know if its my age or what, but I sure don’t remember studying about this aspect of Woodrow Wilson in school. I suppose they didn’t want to put it in our text books. We have been so left in the dark about the communistic activities in our country that it is no wonder we just can’t wake some people up.

  5. 5 Leza January 6, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    Wilson and Federal Reserve System. drkate I belive it was you that posted way back on tds blog a pdf file about the truth of the federal reserve system. I tryed to find it in my pdf files but it must be down loaded in one of my other computers. Do you have it handy? It’s a great read and a good time to share it again.

    As I was looking for the pdf file I happened to re read-

    – – – – – – –

    And under sec. 3. it states-
    Sec. 3. Closure of Detention Facilities at Guantánamo. The detention facilities at Guantánamo for individuals covered by this order shall be closed as soon as practicable, and no later than one year from the date of this order. If any individuals covered by this order remain in detention at Guantánamo at the time of closure of those detention facilities, they shall be returned to their home country, released, transferred to a third country, or transferred to another United States detention facility in a manner consistent with law and the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.

    Now the reason Im asking is because one year is almost up!! (January xx, 2009) Is he up to something or did I miss an extension to this order?

  6. 7 Quantum Leap January 6, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    The coldest winter on record in AK in 25 years and they made and ice sculpture of algore with care exhaust coming out of his mouth.

  7. 8 Mary January 6, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    dr kate,

    That 1934 cartoon gave me the chills. A day or two after obama was elected, Time ragazine ran a cover of him as FDR. They meant it as a compliment. Not. Bloody. Likely.

  8. 9 ladysforest January 7, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Drkate, I need your assistance please. Forgive me for being off topic!

    Do you, or any of your readers, recall any mention that the Nordyke twins birth announcements had been found? It was felt that they (their announcements) should have appeared in the same news edition as obama’s as they were born hours after obama. I recall seeing several accounts that “investigators” had looked for them, but never found them. I cannot find those accounts on the internet now.

    The reason that I ask is that I know it’s been a controversy and they have now been found. It’s not widely know, and we have not put them up in public yet- will likely do that today -but we are looking for any input any readers may have. Does anyone reading this recall any info about the past investigation into the “missing Nordyke twins birth announcements?”
    I’ve looked for days, reference seems to have been scrubbed.
    Sorry to hijack!

    Thank you.

    • 10 drkate January 7, 2010 at 12:18 pm


      Check out the Obamafile (on the blog roll), that’s where this information is. I recall it being written about on Citizen Wells, Texasdarlin, Orly Taitz, and Leo Donofrio (?) Try also the post and email?

      Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you’d like to put a post up here on it!

      • 11 ladysforest January 7, 2010 at 1:27 pm

        Thanks Drkate,
        I checked everywhere. The only mention is brief-that the twins announcements are missing (from the same paper that obamas appeared in). No mention anywhere anymore of the investigations that failed to find the announcements. Those are gone-scrubbed I assume.

        Just wanted to know if others recall seeing those investigations mentioned. Doesn’t it seem very peculiar that everyone connected pointed out that the announcements for the twins were missing, but no one, in over a year, found the things in the very next news edition?

        There is a bit more, but for now I’m just asking around for folks that remember reading about the investigations.

        • 12 Katie January 7, 2010 at 3:43 pm

          I’m not sure if it’s of any help, but I just noticed today on the bottom of TexasDarlin’s blog she has this:

          Jan. 2010 Update: For the time being, I have “unpublished” the archive of blog posts

    • 13 drkate January 7, 2010 at 1:32 pm

      Sorry the info didn’t help, Ladys. But let me say that I read about the announcements, and that the ‘numbering’ of them was odd because they should have appeared before (or after) Obama’s. Maybe Berg? maybe over at NQ…certainly someone over there might remember??? I saw a picture of the Nordyke mom showing the birth announcement in Hawaii…or someone related who was showing it.

      Don’t suppose HI DOH would be helpful? lololol

    • 14 Renee January 7, 2010 at 1:44 pm

      Lady, Just a bit of addl info for you.
      Susan Elizabeth Nordyke. Kapiolani Medical Center. 151-61-10637. Aug. 5, 1961 2: 12 pm. Gretchen Carter Nordyke. Kapiolani Medical Center

      • 15 drkate January 7, 2010 at 1:49 pm

        🙂 I knew you would find LadysForest! Thank you!

        • 16 Renee January 7, 2010 at 2:16 pm

          You are welcome anytime Kate ! By the way, something interesting I remember too. The Nordyke name is from Holland.
          The Dutch had a way of seperating them by referring to them as the Nordykes and the Soudykes. Like North group and south group. They just dropped the th. They seem to descend from Peter the Great. There is also a man by the name of Micajah Thomas Nordyke (He did estate quality paintings) that I found interesting also.

  9. 17 ladysforest January 7, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Thank you Renee.

    Were you referring to the newspaper announcements, or the long form birth certs.?

    I’ve seen the pictures of the birth certs., know about the numbering being out of sequence.

    To my knowledge the actual newspaper birth announcements have never been on the net yet – anywhere. I’ve spent many hours in the past week or so looking via every search engine and term to find nothing. My eyes hurt.

    The announcement is up on my blog now-this seems to be the first time they are public, they are near the bottom on the left.

  10. 18 ladysforest January 7, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Sorry-seems the image was “disappeared” somehow from my blog. It is now back up, hopefully to stay.

  11. 20 Quantum Leap January 8, 2010 at 12:41 am

    Interesting stuff here.

    Eleanor Nordyke was issued a certificate of live birth for each of her twin daughters on Aug. 5, 1961. Susan and Gretchen Nordyke we given consecutive numbers 151 61 10637 and 151 61 10638.

    Obama who was born on August 4th has provided a COLB which shows a certificate number: 151 1961 10641

    My guess that someone PASTED obamas faux birth announcement over the Nordyke twins birth announcement. Makes sense to me. It’s amazing what people can do in this technological age. Docs can be created to look real and unless verified, no on can be sure if they are for real.
    One could reasonable assume that the birth announcement for the Nordyke twins was removed and replaced with a bogus AKA Obama announcement.
    Lines above and below the obviously pasted insert of BO Birth Announcement.
    Also the BO pasted insert tilts downward to right.
    OBVIOUSLY AMATUER CUT & PASTE FORGERY done before the he had the money for Professional Forgeries.

    Without a valid birth certificate, nincumpoopobama cannot prove he fulfills the “natural born citizen” requirement of the Constitution, throwing into doubt his eligibility to run for President.

    Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery.

    So cool that you found it Lady. It’s cross posted on too.

    So the scam continues.

    • 21 drkate January 8, 2010 at 11:23 am

      QL, sorry your comment went into moderation. It was the number of links provided in your comment. I have set it up that 4 or more links go into moderation…but sometimes it goes there with three links. Apologies 😳

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