Announcing the PATRIOT PAPERS

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I am returning from giving my first live workshop in my state for liberty activists on the Articles of Freedom, and find the hunger for liberty palpable.  The Articles were clutched in people’s hands like a road map already dog-eared from use, confirming and articulating what everyone knew. The Articles are not partisan, they are principled.

“What is next?”  I replied in the only way I knew, “its up to you”.

This is a time where the affirmation of principles is going to be as important as a glass of water. Affirmation of who you are, who we are as a people, and as a nation. We must be able to carry these principles while we strategically move to protect our Nation through 2010 and beyond, as we are under assault from every direction.

In the spirit of facilitating the understanding of our founding principles and their rejuvenation, I am pleased to announce a joint venture blog project between drkatesview and Constitutional Government called “The Patriot Papers.” By publishing the articles on both our blogs, we invite your thorough examination and discussion.

Much like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, we would like to create a pamphlet that speaks plainly about these principles, and especially to the youth right now who are extremely vulnerable to manipulation.

Here, for your enjoyment, is the Prologue to Patriot Paper No. 1, written by K.J. Kaufman:


Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom.  But tumult soon subsides.  Time makes more converts than reason. –Thomas Paine “Common Sense” 1776

Through the course of human interaction, there comes a point when our basic beliefs and principled philosophies must be reiterated and restated to ensure their sincerity and necessity.  Such a time is upon us now, and it is our duty to ascertain the certainty and legitimacy of our convictions.  To do any less is to dispense without authority that which was provided through Providence and the battles among men.  To do any less subjugates our future to the mistakes of the past.  To do any less leaves the present in perpetual longing for the greater heights that were and can once again be achieved.

The Patriot Papers are a collection of arguments of the principle philosophies of our founding namely the present day arguments for the ideals of governance and human rights as asserted and protected by our Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution respectively.  Through the discourse of original philosophical positions, it is our hope that America may once again renew agreements of individual rights through a limited government.  Do such ideals stand the test of time and litmus of modern day society?  We assert that they do, and by understanding the philosophical thought of our founding, Americans will once again come to see the special and exceptional basis for which the “5000 year leap in human history” occurred.  Through a joint venture between Dr. Kate’s View and the Constitutional Government blogs, we will be presenting these thoughts, guarantees and arguments disseminated through what we have entitled the Patriot Papers.

*Copyright © 2010 Dr. Kate’s View and Constitutional Government. All Rights Reserved.
Permission must be obtained from the authors to reproduce any part of this paper

9 Responses to “Announcing the PATRIOT PAPERS”

  1. 1 No-nonsense-nancy January 15, 2010 at 7:05 am

    This is great, Dr. Kate, do yu know of any such workshops going on in my state, PA?

    • 2 drkate January 15, 2010 at 11:04 pm

      I think each state is doing its own series of workshops, so I am hoping the delegates there are doing so. I’ll do some checking around and get back to you

  2. 3 tiger7 January 15, 2010 at 9:02 am

    This is a wonderful and insightful undertaking. It is one thing to attack the current troublemakers and charlatans who are dismantling our country by design or ineptness, but it is very important to reinstate the concepts upon which the nation was founded.
    We can, and should, voice our displeasure with the current status, but we must also have a viable alternative. This is a good step—God Speed11

  3. 4 Susan January 15, 2010 at 10:21 am

    drkate as usual you are bringing thing to us that we want to know about. Thank you and the Constitutional Government blogs are doing.

  4. 5 Katie January 15, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Here’s a site for sore eyes – President Badnarik is back online. 🙂

  5. 6 Quantum Leap January 15, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Senate members secret hideaways under the building.

  6. 7 Quantum Leap January 15, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    I just had to repost this from oilfor immigration. Urgent.

  7. 8 Quantum Leap January 15, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    oops start here. It resets itself to part 2 and 3.

  8. 9 Ga Peach January 20, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    DrKate: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you do daily, and for your ever constant patriotism for our great Nation !! We all love and admire you and you are in my prayers every night!!!! I hope you don not mind my posting this here! It is just another huge way to show our brave men and women that we support them for their heroism.

    MAKE IT VIRAL !!! Show your love!

    Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 6:02 PM
    Subject: RED SHIRT

    Red Shirt Fridays
    If the red shirt thing is new to you, read below how it went for one man:

    Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but, at first, I did not put two and two together.

    After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who’d been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. “No,” he responded. “Heading out?,” I asked. “No. I’m escorting a soldier home,” he said. “Going to pick him up?” I continued my questions. “No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq , I’m taking him home to his family,” the Marine replied.

    The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn’t know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier’s family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, “Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do.”
    Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and made the following announcement over the intercom.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to note that we have been honored to have Sergeant Steeley of the United States Marine Corps join us on this flight. He is escorting a fallen comrade back home to his family. I ask that you please remain in your seats when we open the forward door to allow Sergeant Steeley to deplane and receive his fellow soldier. We will then turn off the seat belt sign.”

    Without a sound, all went as requested. I noticed the sergeant saluting the casket as it was brought off the plane, and his action made me realize that I am proud to be an American.

    So here’s a public Thank You to the men and women of our Military for what you do so we can live the way we do.

    Red Shirt Fridays:
    Very soon, every Friday, you will see a great many people wearing Red Shirts or other items of clothing. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called the “silent majority.” We are no longer silent, and are voicing our love for God, country and home in record breaking numbers. We are not organized, boisterous or overbearing.

    Many Americans, like you, me and all our friends, simply want to recognize that the vast majority of Americans support our troops. Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect starts this Friday — and continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home, sending a deafening message that … Every red-blooded American who supports our men and women a far, will wear something red.

    By word of mouth, press, TV — let’s make the United States on every Friday a sea of Red – much like the Alabama bleachers at a homecoming football game. If every one of us who loves this country will share this with acquaintances, coworkers, friends, and family, it will not be long before the USA is covered in RED and it will let our troops know the once “silent” majority is on their side more than ever, certainly more than the media reports.

    The first thing a soldier says when asked, “What can we do to make things better for you?” is, “We need your support and your prayers.” Let’s get the word out and lead with class and dignity, by example, and wear something Red every Friday!!!


    Thanks again, DrKate, for your voice and your site that gives so much knowledge to those of us who didn’t pay close enough attention to what was happening right before our eyes in DC.

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