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A Conspiracy of Silence

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Bridge to Independence (S. Cupp)

I find myself at another crossing: a stream of knowledge and information so valuable and deep that, regardless of where it leads, I must take the leap and advance to the other side. I have been brought to this point by asking, like so many, why is there silence from all who should be concerned about Obama’s lack of eligibility for the Presidency?

The legal cases against Obama contain the most precise detail of his ineligibility and failure to prove so; exhaustive research has proven his radical dossier (video scrubbed), CIA connections and Islamic ties, and many behaviors exist to show his nefarious intent for the United States. Extensive documentation exists of the caucus and election fraud that accompanied Obama’s placement in the White House, as well as illegal campaign funds.

What is it that Obama has on the republicans and democrats, and what do the republicans have on the democrats and Obama that causes their silence?

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“Make Mine Freedom”

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(h/t RC)

This aired in 1948.

Somebody knew something back then and was trying to alert us, I believe.

The Justice Department Defends Terrorism

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Senator Chuck Grassley is making known his displeasure with the number of lawyers in the Justice Department who have represented and advised known terror suspects accused of attacking the United States.  In an article called “Nameless Abettors” ,  American Spectator reports:

But DOJ sources say there may be as many as 16 political appointees — including Holder — who represented detainees, worked on or signed onto amicus briefs on detainees’ behalf, or provided legal counsel to organizations that actively sought to reverse Bush Administration anti-terrorist and detainee policies. These groups included the leftist organizations Human Rights Watch and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

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