Obama’s Tacit Admission

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Silence is golden.  It can also be an admission of guilt:

Tacit: 1 : expressed or carried on without words or speech <the blush was a tacit answer — Bram Stoker>
2 : implied or indicated (as by an act or by silence) but not actually expressed <tacit consent> <tacit admission of guilt>

Obama and Congress filed their opposition brief   in the Kerchner v. Obama & Congress lawsuit in the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia,PA.  The roughly 20-page opposition brief was filed in response to Kerchner’s  115-page appeal.  From Commander Kerchner:

What a lame and empty defense. Basically they’re saying Obama and Congress can totally ignore the U.S. Constitution and there is nothing We the People can legally do about it. No one has standing to right the wrong when Obama & Congress illegally violate Article II of the Constitution and seat illegally an ineligible person as President and Commander in Chief of our vast military power. We the People created the federal government and We the People are going to fix this totally broken and runaway federal government. These Progressive/Socialist/Marxists have gone a bridge too far in the disgraceful and unconstitutional 2008 election. This will not stand. We the People will not permit it.

The Lazy, Disrespectful, “Hail Mary” Response

all hat, no cattle

On its face, the Department of Justice’s opposition brief looks like lazy lawyering–basically relying on “everyone else dismissed the case, you should too”, aka, ‘everyone else ignored the information Constitution and so should you”.  DOJ focused primarily on the issue of standing, arguing the same old lazy line that the plaintiffs did not prove a particularized injury and that the Court had no jurisdiction anyway. It is truly astounding: the Constitution protects individual liberty–individuals are harmed by an illegal President: their liberty, security and safety.  DOJ says ‘so what, everyone is effected’, as if the Constitution does not matter.  Lame indeed.

It is also a slap in the face to Commander Kerchner, attorney Appuzzo, and all Americans for the DOJ to treat so cavalierly the Constitution for the United States of America.  They didn’t respond to one charge, and by that silence admitted their knowledge of Obama’s ineligibility and demonstrated their disrespect for the Constitution.

And that Constitution directed that the Judiciary have and exercise original jurisdiction over all matters related to the Constitution.  The Judiciary, by ignoring this directive regarding Article II  is committing treason to the Constitution.  The Constitution is not up for a vote, and the Article II eligibility questions are not a political question.

Finally, this strikes me as a Hail Mary pass for a couple of reasons.  First, they are unable to refute any of the facts spelled out in the Kerchner appeal: they are silent…and hoping no one will notice the 115 pages of detailed legal arguments documenting Obama’s ineligibility.   Second, it will buy more time, perhaps to eek out another year for Obama, provide an opportunity to bribe or threaten the Court, or provide for the replacement of more Supreme Court Justices.

So much for the “Department of Justice”.

Alternative Plans in the Works?

I have noticed that the attorneys always change on the DOJ briefs in defense of Obama.  Could it be that some attorneys in DOJ actually know the law and request assignment somewhere else, or query their superiors about the merits of Kerchner’s case?

Is anyone inside the Obama administration right now counseling him to resign for some made-up reason?   Are any of the Cabinet members considering the 25th Amendment?  Are there any in the House or Senate who will be brave enough to initiate an investigation leading to disabling Obama under the 25th Amendment?  Obama is a most dangerous man, especially since Americans have rejected him en masse.

Right now, the Judiciary, Obama, Congress, and the Justice Department are literally on trial.  If they fail through cowardice, lack of integrity, or for the promise of something, we will know that it is absolutely time to remove them all from office.  And we will develop an alternative plan.

What a lame and empty defense. Basically they’re saying Obama and Congress can totally ignore the U.S. Constitution and there is nothing We the People can legally do about it. No one has standing to right the wrong when Obama & Congress illegally violate Article II of the Constitution and seat illegally an ineligible person as President and Commander in Chief of our vast military power. We the People created the federal government and We the People are going to fix this totally broken and runaway federal government. These Progressive/Socialist/Marxists have gone a bridge too far in the disgraceful and unconstitutional 2008 election. This will not stand. We the People will not permit it.

46 Responses to “Obama’s Tacit Admission”

  1. 1 terminu March 9, 2010 at 4:10 am

    Again, these lower-henchmen have got to have wobbly knees–for many, “so far” their careers are clean. Each has their own “Rahm” assaulting them in their respective gym showers/workplaces. They must learn and be encouraged to follow their gut, which would be to whack-a-rahm and send his petite screaming banshee Napoleanic excuse for manhood skidding across the wet tile floor, not just sit there and take the abuse and treasonous directions from obviously criminal Obamites. All of America would have erupted in uproarious applause to know Rahm got to taste tile. To all those who are in support positions for this tyranny; STAND UP TO EVIL!

  2. 2 no-nonsence-nancy March 9, 2010 at 7:42 am

    I think it is time now to get them all out. How can we take any more? We have to get him out and reverse every law and executive order that has been passed.

    Next Tues, March 16th has been picked for another march in DC to fight heath “care” and anything else, I guess we want to fight. There was talk of going to the White House and everyone take your birth certificate and demand his. But I think this time we are going to the capitol and talk to our legislators about the HC bill. I am going. I hope we can get a really big crowd. They are asking everyone to drop everything and go.

    Good article, Dr. Kate. God bless all of the attorneys who keep at this and never give up. We the People will prevail!

  3. 3 jtx March 9, 2010 at 8:23 am

    Dr. Kate:

    Excellent article … and well-said!!

    After all, the DOJ is part of the Executive Branch as is the CIC (Chief IslamoCommunist) himself. Even so, it seems odd that they (DOJ staffers) believe it is their Job One – in spite of the Oath to the Opposite they’ve taken – to attack the United States Constitution and thereby our Constitutional Republic.

    The writer of this article expressed it well in pointing out the flaws in the original Federal Court decision (now being appealed):

    A Federal Judge takes 4 strikes!!!

  4. 4 tiger 7 March 9, 2010 at 9:07 am

    You really hit the proverbial nail when you said BHO is very dangerous—more so now than before, if possible. He is panicked and quite desparate and will try anything to fulfill his commitment to his managers and his ego. He has little to loose now. There are growing numbers of factions that are turning on him. He should be very afraid.
    The card house is about to fall. I just hope it falls before too much more damage is done—like SCOTUS justice appointments.

  5. 6 Katie March 9, 2010 at 11:03 am

    Far, far, far bigger than Watergate. More corruption from DOJ?

    “Was US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald a participant in or victim of a conspiracy to mislead the American people?
    Why did Patrick Fitzgerald wait to arrest Rod Blagojevich? The investigation had been going on for at least four years. Most of those connected to Blagojevich corruption had been indicted or convicted.
    Why did Patrick Fitzgerald wait to arrest Rod Blagojevich until after the 2008 election?
    Who devised the diversion of the alleged attempt to sell Obama’s old IL Senate seat?”

    Watch the compelling video here:


  6. 7 Rick March 9, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Good article. It brings up something I have said and posted many times, and some argue against my suggestion. And that is that when we throw them out–all of them, and vote in true conservatives who demand term limits and the repealing of the 16th and 17th amendments, that they would charge and prosecute former senators and members of congress who have violated the provisions of the Constitution. Many of them are traitors who are planning total destruction of the United States. We must make sure it never happens again!

    • 8 drkate March 9, 2010 at 12:45 pm

      Agreed. We must not let these people slip out of sight without prosecution. This will be serious, as almost every judge in the country will have to be removed too. Taking an oath to uphold the constitution and then destroying our nation and individual Americans. 😡

  7. 9 drkate March 9, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    OT–MUST READ tracking to take over HC…House vote on Senate bill is the final vote, reconciliation a distraction..


  8. 10 Quantum Leap March 9, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    The Dems are imploding again. You know how much I dislike Nancy Pelousy.
    This is long but worth it. 😆

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not accustomed to the word she’s been hearing far more frequently in recent days: “no.”

    Over the past two weeks, Pelosi has faced a series of subtle but significant challenges to her authority — revolts from Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Blue Dog Coalition and politically vulnerable first- and second-term members.

    The dynamic stems from an “every man for himself” attitude developing in the Democratic Caucus rather than a loss of respect for Pelosi, according to a senior Democratic aide. But it’s making Pelosi’s life — and efforts to maintain Democratic unity — harder.

    And it’s noteworthy, in part, because Pelosi’s signature strength has been a firmer hand than past Democratic leaders — an aptitude for wielding raw power in a consensus-minded caucus.

    But her inability — or unwillingness — to dictate when Rep. Charles Rangel would resign his Ways and Means Committee chairmanship and who would replace him is one sign that she is commanding the caucus with less authority.

    Although he would give up his gavel the next day, Rangel defiantly pronounced he was still chairman after leaving a come-to-Jesus meeting last Tuesday night in Pelosi’s ceremonial office next to the House floor. Her first choice to succeed him, Pete Stark of California, was rejected by the Ways and Means Committee members, as was her plan to split power on the committee between Stark and Rep. Sander Levin of Michigan. Pelosi’s backers said that what she really wanted was to avoid a fight for the gavel — and that she succeeded by refusing to apply a heavy hand.

    But a veteran Democratic lawmaker told POLITICO the denouement was “an indication that things aren’t all hunky-dory.”

    That episode came immediately on the heels of Pelosi’s 180-degree turn on Rangel. After the ethics committee admonished him for breaking House gift rules, Pelosi issued a public message that she would stand by Rangel until the committee completed its look at other allegations against him.

    “We’ll just see what happens next and what comes out of the ethics committee,” she said then.

    But politically vulnerable Democrats sent a message right back: They would dump him if she didn’t.

    Before leaders could gather last Tuesday to plan their week, politically imperiled Democratic lawmakers from around the country were making clear that they would vote with Republicans to strip Rangel of his chairmanship if Pelosi didn’t avert a floor vote by getting him to step down.

    Even on legislative matters, Pelosi has been subject to low-grade insurrections. She was unable to send a $15 billion Senate-passed jobs bill directly to the president because members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the conservative Blue Dog Coalition and the Transportation Committee objected to some items that were in the bill and some that were absent.

    CBC members said the measure shouldn’t even be called a “jobs bill” because, in their view, it would do little to create jobs.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0310/34100.html

  9. 11 Quantum Leap March 9, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    And yes we have to stop socialized medicine in it’s tracks. I’ve been posting this everywhere and will repost it here. This is better than I could day it. You know why oblowhard is screaming at audiences to pass this right? So he can be odicktatorhead. Pass this on please. You realize if this goes through, Insurers will have to close up shop and lay off more people. But odickhead doesn’t care rather it’s his goal of making white people weak, penniless and suffering. He is mentally ill. I wish no-nonense nancy would write a brief of her findings on his mental illness. Hitler was mentally ill too.

    Ronald Reagan in 1961 gave a speech about socialized medicine and how to defeat it. I think it is as relevant today as ever. Ronald Reagan is 50 years later spot on.

    As if we’re not already overextended enough financially, the issue of National Health Care is now on the table once more vote. Here’s some perspective you might find interesting.
    Now back in 1927 an American socialist, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, said the American people would never vote for socialism. But he said under the name of liberalism the American people will adopt every fragment of the socialist program.
    One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.
    Now, the American people, if you put it to them about socialized medicine and gave them a chance to choose, would unhesitatingly vote against it. We had an example of this. Under the Truman administration it was proposed that we have a compulsory health insurance program for all people in the United States, and, of course, the American people unhesitatingly rejected this.
    Let’s take a look at social security itself. Again, very few of us disagree with the original premise that there should be some form of savings that would keep destitution from following unemployment by reason of death, disability or old age. And to this end, social security was adopted, but it was never intended to supplant private savings, private insurance, pension programs of unions and industries.
    Now in our country under our free enterprise system we have seen medicine reach the greatest heights that it has in any country in the world. Today, the relationship between patient and doctor in this country is something to be envied any place. The privacy, the care that is given to a person, the right to chose a doctor, the right to go from one doctor to the other.
    But let’s also look from the other side, at the freedom the doctor loses. A doctor would be reluctant to say this. Well, like you, I am only a patient, so I can say it in his behalf. The doctor begins to lose freedoms; it’s like telling a lie, and one leads to another. First you decide that the doctor can have so many patients. They are equally divided among the various doctors by the government. But then the doctors aren’t equally divided geographically, so a doctor decides he wants to practice in one town and the government has to say to him you can’t live in that town, they already have enough doctors. You have to go someplace else. And from here it is only a short step to dictating where he will go.
    This is a freedom that I wonder whether any of us have the right to take from any human being. All of us can see what happens once you establish the precedent that the government can determine a man’s working place and his working methods, determine his employment. From here it is a short step to all the rest of socialism, to determining his pay and pretty soon your children won’t decide when they’re in school where they will go or what they will do for a living. They will wait for the government to tell them where they will go to work and what they will do
    What can we do about this? Well, you and I can do a great deal. We can write to our congressmen and our senators. We can say right now that we want no further encroachment on these individual liberties and freedoms. And at the moment, the key issue is, we do not want socialized medicine.
    Former Representative Halleck of Indiana has said, “When the American people want something from Congress, regardless of its political complexion, if they make their wants known, Congress does what the people want.”
    So write, and if your representative writes back to you and tells you that he or she too is for free enterprise, that we have these great services and so forth, that must be performed by government, don’t let them get away with it. Show that you have not been convinced. Write a letter right back and tell them that you believe in government economy and fiscal responsibility; that you know governments don’t tax to get the money the need; governments will always find a need for the money they get and that you demand the continuation of our free enterprise system. You and I can do this. The only way we can do it is by writing to our congressmen even we believe that he is on our side to begin with. Write to strengthen his hand. Give him the ability to stand before his colleagues in Congress and say “I have heard from my constituents and this is what they want.”
    Write those letters now; call your friends and them to write them. If you don’t, this program I promise you will pass just as surely as the sun will come up tomorrow and behind it will come other federal programs that will invade every area of freedom as we have known it in this country. Until, one day, as Normal Thomas said we will awake to find that we have socialism. And if you don’t do this and if I don’t do it, one of these days we are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, what it once was like in America when men were free.

  10. 12 Quantum Leap March 9, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    One more thing to gag on drkate:
    New York Times reported on Feb. 12 that “resident Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.”
    They are trying to stop people from FISHING!! 😡

    No more being allowed to grow gardens. They are trying to starve us in the event of a police state or whenever and whatever they have planned. This is serious. People better wake the freak up. In Kenya now they are doing mass mudering of Christians still and burying them in mass graves. This freak needs to get the f*ck out of our whitehouse and NOW! Christians better wake the freak up and now! No socialized medicine healthscare. No no no.

  11. 15 jtx March 9, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    Dr. Kate:

    Luv your “All Hat, No Cattle” graphic. That’s right on the money and getting more and more true as we move along.

    … and people are beginning to notice that very fact.

    If you read the legal analysis I linked to in my earlier post then you might go to if you go to the Mario Apuzzo website and actually read the Initial Appeals Brief of Jan 19, 2010, you’re in for a real eye-opener (as are the DOJ attorneys “defending” Obama using our tax money).

    That’s doubly ironic since these attorneys – and their bosses – took an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign AND domestic but they are now in the position of actually attacking that very document rather than defending it and are trying to get an obviously ineligible man to remain in an office he has never shown himself to be eligible to hold.

    The wonderful Apuzzo Brief is a primer on both Constitutional law, the meaning of it, the Founders’ intent vis-a-vis Article II of the Constitution and a forceful put-down of the lies and misinformation put forth by the Obama Flying Monkeys such as “smrstrauss” and others.

    I’d urge everyone to read the Initial Appeals Brief from Attorney Apuzzo’s website along with the many essays by both Mario Apuzzo AND his Lead Plaintiff, Charles F. Kerchner. While there, it would really help to donate even a small amount to the publicity/education fund presently used only for full-page newspaper ads in the Washington Times National Weekly Edition.

    The Brief gives a very good overview of the original action AND it puts the lie to the many false arguments by the Obot Flying Monkeys about why BHO is either (their words) eligible to hold the office he now occupies OR that it (their words) doesn’t matter that he is not eligible.

    Your understanding of the relation of the U. S. Constitution to We The People will be forever enlightened.

    Actually, Obama’s whole life seems to be nothing but a work of fiction. The man has never shown himself to be Constitutionally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    If you’d like to see something from a different point of view, watch the two short videos below which, even though they start slowly and have a bit of fun, contain a wealth of factual data – more than we’ve seen from Obama.

    In fact in the second video a famous senator is quoted speaking about someone that sounds for all the world like “Our Boy” and really strikes a chord.

    Only thing is the senator was the Roman named Cicero speaking in 42 BC – but the message is still very directed and pertinent for all of us:

    Three Little Words

    Merry Christmas OmeriKa!!

  12. 16 LisaGinNZ March 9, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    Good post, Dr. Kate

  13. 18 heather March 9, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    DR K,

    I come here to read and learn so please keep up the good fight–I found this last night. Is it true? I did check it out and there is this act of 1871 and it has never been amended. I cannot find any place where it has been amended.

    The United States Isn’t a Country
    It’s a Corporation!
    by Lisa Guliani


    • 19 drkate March 9, 2010 at 10:07 pm

      Yes, this is the result of the 14th Amendment!!! Which was ‘ratified’ at the point of a gun. Also in 1861, EO # 1 was passed which also has never been repealed…and that put the US under military rule.

    • 20 tdr March 10, 2010 at 6:14 am

      Watch this:

      • 21 terminu March 10, 2010 at 10:24 am

        If Pelosi/Obama were alive in 1871 they’d have pulled such a stunt!
        So, we’ll just have to put Corporation Amerika out of business and start from scratch?

  14. 22 Dora March 10, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Now they are going to try to force us all to carry ID Cards!


    This is not America anymore. 😦

  15. 23 heather March 10, 2010 at 10:02 am


    Ok I am totally confused now–are we a corporation or a democratic republic–with our constitution in tact?

    After seeing Dr Kates response to my original question, above, I was feeling somewhat better–now after this video, I am right back to that low………

    Is this perhaps the reason Michelle Obama was running around during his campaign saying that he would never not be allowed to be president and nothing will stop him. After all she and he have done everything possible to make the populus believe what a great constitutional attorney he was and knew everything able the constitution…..mmmm….what does he know that we don’t?

    • 24 terminu March 10, 2010 at 10:32 am

      If I am to understand the video correctly, Corporation Amerika has its own Constitution, which is the same wording as what America’s Constitution was, so in effect Corporation Amerika has no legitimate president, and as employees/serfs of Corporation Amerika, we never had any real rights at all–all along, and so what DOJ and Congress are saying is “screw you little serf-slaves you never had any say anyway”.

      But it’s not been unknown to toss the corporate office and start from scratch. If this is how they operate, and indeed Bush said “it’s just a piece of paper” and Obama said it’s majorly flawed, then Corporation Amerika’s papers can be used for toilet paper by US too eh?

      DOJ told Apuzzo that we had ZERO rights as citizens about whatever the government does, including enforcing Corporation Amerika’s bylaws for its own leader. If Apuzzo et al think they’re going to work through the corporate system to effect change on behalf of its slaves (and technically that’s what we are), I think we’ll all see endless dismissals.

      Slaves (us) unite!

      • 25 drkate March 10, 2010 at 10:56 am

        This is the issue of our day, and the Continental Congress was unable in the time allotted to deal with the 14th amendment. Yes this is one of the secrets the government does not want you to know about. It effects the 2nd Amendment cases as well–its all about the corporation known as America which began with the 14th amendment. See how it effects the NBC cases too?

        The CC2009–Third Continental Congress–will be taking this up this year, and making recommendations, and I will make it a point to start writing about it here too.

        Thank you all for bringing this up and to surface it as needing attention.

        • 26 terminu March 10, 2010 at 11:13 am

          Why NOW is Congress kicking us in the asz so hard and furiously, they’re absolutely gluttonous in their power feasting and cannot stick it to us any more forcefully than they are.

          They don’t give one sh*t what we think, just call one of them (a Dem Congress/Senate office) up if you don’t believe me, they’re in-your-face rude and contemptuous. All of this “representation” it’s all facade, a farce, at the 1:1 PR level, they’re who they really are, filled with disdain for us serfs, but on the TV they pretend to care. They have to pretend just enough that they represent us, to keep the serfs contained. All we’d have to do is start walking towards DC and we’d swallow them up and they know it, so ALL of this is nothing but a devious charade.

          I’ve always wondered what happened to a junior congressperson, in that time right after they are elected…when they come to DC, the seem to fold immediately, they are “schooled” in the reality of this juxtaposition of power of the hundreds of millions of serfs against the trickery of the few. And they’d better keep their yaps shut or they too will be swallowed up by the serfs.

          Apuzzo is a genius, he has to know the futility of a serf telling Corporation Amerika world bank funders to re-adjust their corporate president…makes you wonder if that isn’t just more controlled opposition, too.

        • 27 terminu March 10, 2010 at 12:10 pm

          Maybe this Obamacare and $24 Trillion theft is going to be the impetus needed to take this nastiness over and drill out the rot and start fresh with our original Constitution. Piss off enough people and they will just get up and move.

          They’re ALL posers there in DC.

    • 28 tdr March 10, 2010 at 1:29 pm

      The expert on this topic is Joyce Rosenwald. Her blog is here:


      She started out as a law student and quit once she knew what was going on, i.e. law school is only teaching you how to navigate the system. We are operating under statutory law not constitutional law. She has been researching ever since.

      Another active person is Rod Class who has taken the goverment to court in the Superior Court in DC. This is apparently the only court where you can take the USA to court since all other courts are part of the corporation.


  16. 29 heather March 10, 2010 at 12:20 pm


    I don’t think we have a true constitution any more…..and if we do than there are 2 of them–1 for us and 1 for them. They of course are ruling by theirs!

    All of this money he has printed and gave away–didn’t go to America–it went overseas to pay the rothchilds/banksters.

    I knew when he was campaigning he was evil–ya only have to look at his eyes to see the evil. And this deal with Chicago Politics and the (so called)machine is bull crap—nothing but the old mafia way.

    This was his plan all the while being groomed before he even went off to any college (not that I believe he has any education)
    to over throw our government and now thinking back to Michelle’s line of “there isn’t anyone that will stop Barack from being president”, they knew.

    So if we are a corporation why can’t we fire them? After all, we can still play by their rules–they want a corporation–well then employees along with the top dogs get fired!

  17. 32 heather March 10, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Freerepublic has a cronalogical order of the entire structure as to what took place.

    I suggest just a quick read.


  18. 33 alforhill50 March 10, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    drkate, anyone else who has opinion, I have been reading Chief Justice Roberts remarks in my state of AL about OB’s smear of their ruling on campaign finances at the SOTUS. Why would Roberts be willing to call him out now when he had every opportunity to rule him ineligible to hold office at any time and stood and swore him in to office anyway. What is up with this? Some kind of game? I don’t understand Dick Cheney’s attempt to stand up to him now when he could have stopped him, or any of the others at this point. It is a little late now to be calling him on his plundering of our nation. They all knew and have known he is a usurper. Instead of mincing words with him why not do something to get his $$s out of the WH pronto.

    • 34 drkate March 10, 2010 at 10:39 pm

      Well, I think they all have the goods on each other, including eligibility of obama, mccain, and who knows what else…so yes it is a game, at our expense. It is revolting! And revolt-producing! 😡

  19. 35 ladysforest March 10, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Drkate, I have a question to ask you, but need to do so privately, is there anyway to do that through this blog?

  20. 36 Quantum Leap March 10, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Someone has to stop this fascist health take over. I believe the corrupt chicago thugs are intimidating even the supreme court to enact laws that stink and then yell at them so it looks like it wasn’t what BHO wanted but it’s his idea all along. f**kers.

    The sense around here for the last week or so has been that “only the House vote matters” in deciding the fate of Obamacare. But what if the Democrats can pass the bill with no House vote at all?

    Astoundingly, House Democrats appear to be preparing to do just that:
    House Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter is prepping to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill, the chairwoman said Tuesday.

  21. 37 Papoose March 10, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Just a few questions from an inquiring mind.

    Who will Barry Soetero bow and scrape to when he visits Indonesia in a week from now?

    Or will the subjects of this vast land come to him in on bended knees paying homage bearing their gifts?

    Will Air Force one carry his throne or will it be shipped?

    Will the masses be treated to Bruce Springsteen concert with free hot dogs and warm beer?

    What’s the point of the visit? I’ve forgotten.

    • 38 Quantum Leap March 10, 2010 at 8:06 pm

      Nope. They are so freakin mad at their fallen hero that they are demonstrating in the streets and burning pictures of him. They are throwing rocks at his statue. They think they have been betrayed and thought their hero could turn USA into a Muzlim state overnight. 😯 :green:

  22. 39 Katie March 10, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    EMERGENCY ALERT – Historic Bailout Trial 3/11/10

    Do Americans

    Have Standing Anymore?

    This Thursday, March 11, 2010 In U.S. Court of Appeals…
    One American Argues Historical Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury For Unconstitutional Billion-Dollar AIG Bailouts

    WHO: Robert “Bob” Schulz, Chairman

    We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We the People Congress: Dedicated to citizen vigilance and holding elected officials accountable to their Oath of Office, the Constitution. http://www.givemeliberty.org

    WHAT: Oral arguments against the Federal Reserve (Bernanke) and U.S. Treasury (Paulson/Geithner) challenging the UNCONSTITUTIONAL use of public monies for the multi-billion dollar bailouts of privately-owned AIG and other Wall Street institutions.

    WHEN: 2 PM – Thursday, March 11, 2010 – Schulz is FIRST UP
    WHERE: Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan- 500 Pearl Street Ceremonial Courtroom – 9th Floor; Presiding Judges Eaton, Wesley and Sack

    HOW: Schulz will argue, pro se, the Constitutional argument that public funds can never be used for decidedly private purposes – regardless of any perceived necessity or general public benefit in doing so. He will also argue against the unconstitutional application of the “judicial standing doctrine,” used liberally to prevent federal lawsuits by ordinary Americans seeking to remedy injuries affecting all Citizens equally which arise from Government’s violations of the Constitution. A critical and growing issue as more Americans awaken to the inevitable question: “What are the next steps for a free People to take to hold their servant government accountable?”

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