Fishing for the New World Order

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On the heels of Interior Department’s notice that the federal government would take 15.5 million acres of land in several western states into federal ownership, along comes the Commerce Department’s plan to take over the nation’s coastal fishing and marine resources.  WTF?

From the Beaufort Observer Online Edition:

…Obama has appointed a group called the [Interagency] Ocean Policy Task Force. The original idea was to plan Federal policy related to ocean fishing. But on December 14, 2009 the Task Force issued its Interim Report entitled: Interim Framework for Effective Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning.

Under the guise of fisheries management, however, the real purpose of the CMSP activities is to enable the government to regulate all resources uses:

The ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes are home to and support myriad important human uses. CMSP provides an effective process to better manage a range of social, economic, and cultural uses…

Here are just a few of the resource uses that will be effected by this scientific planning paradigm:

  • Aquaculture (fish, shellfish, and seaweed farming)
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Development
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Recreational Fishing
  • Other Recreation (e.g., boating, beach access, swimming, nature and whale watching, and diving)
  • Security, Emergency Response, and Military Readiness Activities
  • Tourism
  • Traditional Hunting, Fishing, and Gathering

Notice how the resource uses that will be affected are those that provide  economic livelihood,  commerce, recreation, and food for subsistence living.  How cruel to go after people’s food, recreation, and livelihood just to achieve total control. And all this under the guise of  ‘environmental protection’, or ‘fisheries management’.

The idea is to create a new federal bureaucracy  by  Executive Order that would implement a policy of comprehensive “spatial planning” of the nation’s territorial waters off shore…however, the geographic scope of the effort would reach to inland waters:

The geographic scope would include inland bays and estuaries in both coastal and Great Lakes settings. Inclusion of inland bays and estuaries is essential because of the significant ecological, social, and economic linkages between these areas with offshore areas. Additional inland areas may be included in the planning area as the regional planning bodies, described in Section IX below, deem appropriate. Regardless, consideration of inland activities would be necessary to account for the significant interaction between upstream activities and ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes uses and ecosystem health…

This is the link to inland waters and land uses that effect those waters.

The scope and targets of the CSMP alert me to the presence of the New World Order.  One way the NWO  shows itself  is by harnessing a nation’s agencies to seize large swaths of land for the ‘public’ good of ‘ecosystem protection’ which eventually breaks down private property and national boundaries.

In the figure below, several major west coast estuary programs are highlighted, and seem small, in the top map.  The next two maps show how the estuary programs–and resulting land management restrictions–begin to interlock with each other, resulting in large swaths of land under federal management.  The ‘coastal program’ is now an ‘inland program’.

Taking the watershed

Sovereignty and the New World Order

It is important to understand what is happening here.  Some of our best and brightest scientists are being used–and of course others are deliberate–to ‘scientifically’ justify the removal of resource uses from large swaths of private, state and public lands.  Through the creation of federal-state-local-tribal-private “planning partnerships”, local resources and expertise are unwittingly contributing to increased federal control, and to large scale plans for the control of land by the national or world government.These low level employees are then cannon fodder for the angry public when the scheme becomes known.

The United Nations Agenda21 program has already mapped it out for the United States.  The red shading is the land that must be taken to protect biodiversity. Check it out:

Reserve & Corridor System to protect biodiversity

Thus another front for the attack on our Constitution, and sovereignty, is through the control over resource use and natural resources through such ‘benign’ and ‘feel good’ ‘work for the environment.

The Articles of Freedom declared independence from any type of new world order or UN program, further identifying these programs as threats to the Constitution and our national sovereignty.  Some very practical steps can be taken by local communities now, like refusing to fund or participation in any such efforts that purport to control private property or resources.  Many more activities are suggested.

How did we get here?  😡

The price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance!

18 Responses to “Fishing for the New World Order”

  1. 1 Rick March 11, 2010 at 9:09 am

    There is trouble ahead, as more and more citizens are beginning to realize that the federal government is either purposefully aligning itself with UN goals of eventually designating all ‘pristine’ areas and national parks, e.g., grand canyon, etc., to be ‘world parks.’

    Thirty-four states now have amendments to be voted on in November, or resolutions proclaiming their sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment. People and states are beginning to move against the government’s greedy hands toward state’s rights and state properties.

  2. 2 Fernley Girl March 11, 2010 at 9:48 am

    That may be the least of our worries.

    It becomes obvious why the Fed simply can not allow rates to go up. It has nothing to do with excess liquidity, which of course is a major concern as America goes from one excess-liquidity bubble to another. The problem is that the surging budget, which will need ridiculous amounts of debt for funding, will truly explode if rates were to go up merely to 5%. What happens if rates hit 7.5%… or 10%? At that point it is game over. And that sad ending will occur once the Fed and the administration realize that all ongoing efforts to kick start a consumption driven economy will fail. In the meantime, the economy will slowly grind to a halt as the servicing of public debt takes over a greater and greater portion of all tax receipts, until all taxpayer money is used merely to cover the interest expense. At that point buying CDS on the US denominated in euros, dollars, gold, .556, watermelons, or what have you, will be completely pointless as the bankruptcy of the US will be entirely priced in.

  3. 3 heather March 11, 2010 at 10:40 am

    National Parks-

    When I read about this about a month ago-it occurred to me that what I had experienced on a flight with 17 muslims and some man from our state dept could have something to do with this land grab. This happened last May. Two of them were sitting with me, so I struck up a conversation since it was a 3 hr flight. One was from Quter and the other was a manager of the Kabul Gardens in Afganastan. They all spoke perfect English and carried the park booklets with them on the flight. They told me that the 17 muslims were on a 17 day trip with our state dept touring our NATIONAL PARKS across the US! I wondered at that time what this was about-but things were happening in my part of the plane and I was worried more about that than the tours.

    The guy from Qutar was about 6’5 and 250lkbs and the rest of them were smaller–so he and 1 other got up and stood in the emergency door area for the last hr and a half touching the door wheel,trying to open it, looking through the tiny window, whispering, just touching everything in their view. No one told them to sit down-and I could not take my eyes off of them and felt terrorized beyond belief.

    I wonder if now these parks are up for sale to these foreign companies? Just seemed odd that our state dept would give these foreigners a 17 day free vacation paid for by us!

    Oh and btw—when the one from Quter approached his seat next to me when we were loading, he said Allah, allah, before he sat down–that’s when I decided to stay alert and not take my eyes off of them and carry on that lengthy conversation.

    It was 1 wk later that that plane went down off the coast of Brazil–was this perhaps a practice flight too?

  4. 5 Fernley Girl March 11, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Judicial Watch didn’t really expect for the co-conspirators to investigate the criminals, did they?

  5. 6 terminu March 11, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Germany suggested Greece should sell off its islands!
    They cannot militarily invade, so they’ll just destroy economies and get us to sell, of course Obama is invested in destroying these United States so he’s assisting.

    Corporation Amerika, functions autonomously to what the serfs want. We don’t own anything, we are allowed to occupy as long as we pay the corporation rent.

  6. 7 susan h March 11, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Sean Hannity has a segment ongoing which showcases the way some of our stimulus money was/is being distributed. He has 100 WASTE projects that they have tracked down that our government has seen fit to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to various independent, liberal, left wing individuals and agendas and causes, literally squandering our hard earned money. This was supposed to be done to stimulate the economy, but the 100 or so items he has shown do not stimulate anything, but just put money into strange people’s pockets. And we the taxpayer can not do anything about it.

  7. 8 Quantum Leap March 11, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    You want to know what’s going on with Greece? Look at Iceland and you’ll see. We are next. They were sold a bunch of phony deriviatives for years now and they owe no one, but the fight is about the EU saying they owe. Watch them and learn what we can do.
    An hour long interview with Birgitta Jónsdóttir at Red Ice Radio about the current situation in Iceland, IcesLave, the soft revolution in Iceland and how grassroots groups can band together in order to put pressure within establishments

  8. 9 Quantum Leap March 11, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Grab a snack and listen to this. Then you’ll know what the freak is going on. NWO and the banksters are doomed now that we know.

  9. 10 Quantum Leap March 11, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    Part 2

  10. 11 Quantum Leap March 11, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Part 3

  11. 12 Quantum Leap March 11, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Part 4 is on you tube or her site.

  12. 13 drkate March 11, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    OT: Harry Reid’s wife, daughter, seriously injured in car accident…is this Obama’s henchmen?

  13. 16 tiger 7 March 12, 2010 at 11:13 am

    I feel that the time is very short until BHO’s party members turn on him—he has put them in a very uncomfortable spot and they are showing signs of panic. There is nothing quite as unpredictable as a paniced politician. Let us hope they employ the eligibility issue—that will get the House Madam also.

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