Living for Liberty

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Probably my favorite video in the world…when originally posted it had 149,000 views…and its now over 18 million!

We are being called to stand by our faith and Creator, the Constitution, our Country, our principles and values, and each other.  We all are alive at this time to participate in this great undertaking, this noble work; consider that you have prepared all your life for this moment.  All over the world, people are standing.

Get ready, this is the last stand of the tyrants.

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  1. 1 no-nonsence-nancy March 14, 2010 at 7:29 am

    You are so right, Dr. Kate. We are all in this together to save our country and other countries, possibly, from tyranny. I’m determined to help make it a better country for my grandchildren. From the time I was a little girl my favorite songs have been God Bless America and America The Beautiful. I never knew why until now. I owe it to Kate Smith for anyone old enough to know who she was. She was singing it on our brand new television set every day when I was coming home from school.

    BTW, Quantum Leap, I noticed your comment on a thread last week about wishing for me to write something about Obama’s mental illness. I was sidetracked with watching grandchildren for a few days but I am working on something. I feel this is such a vital issue. We certainly do have a usurper who is very sick.

    • 2 Quantum Leap March 14, 2010 at 9:47 am

      Thanks Nancy. I have always wondered what you see since you are trained.

      And Thanks for the Vid drkate. {{{{sniffle}}} I think I’ll go out and buy the sheet music for ‘stand by me’ to play on piano.
      There’s an urgent call for everyone to go to washington in their nice clothes and no signs to implore them to not vote for this stinkycare bill. I’ll post about it below but this news just came in my email from Dick Morris, not that I’m a fan but he’s interesting.

      In the past few days, 19 House Democrats who previously voted yes have moved closer to voting no according to the latest Republican whip count of likely votes on Obama’s radical health plan. On his website, Sean Hannity is publishing a whip count on the House votes on Obamacare.

      He is drawing on Republican sources in the House and press reports, so it’s not as accurate as Pelosi’s count, but it gives us an idea of what is going on.

      The Hannity count shows 14 House Democrats moving to positions more in favor of the bill while 19 are moving to become more opposed. (I do not include in this count any of Stupak’s pro-life Democrats because I don’t trust them to hold out against the bill and think they will cave in the end).

      The following are the House members who voted “no” last year on Obamacare but who are reportedly warming to the bill and might be in danger of switching their votes to yes: (an asterisk * denotes those who have moved even more decisively for the bill):

      Adler, NJ
      Altmire, Pa*
      Baird, Wash*
      Boucher, Va.
      Gordon, Tenn* (is retiring, so more immune to pressure)
      Kosmas, Fla
      Kratovil, Md
      Kucinich, Ohio
      Markey, Col
      McMahon, NY
      Murphy, NY
      Nye, Va
      Tanner, Tenn (is retiring, so more immune to pressure)

      In addition, Eric Massa of New York, who voted no, has resigned from the House losing an additional vote against the bill.

      But their possible defections are more than countered by the following members who voted “yes” last year who are reportedly moving closer to a vote against the bill. Again, an asterisk means a more decisive move against it:

      Arcuri* NY
      Dahlkemper* Pa
      Connolly* Va
      Ellsworth* Ind
      Berry*, Ark (retiring)
      Cuellar* Texas
      Gifford* Ariz
      McInerney* Cal
      Pomeroy* ND
      Carney, Pa
      Kanjorski, Pa
      Kirkpatrick, Ariz
      Mollohan, WV
      Rahill, WV
      Space, Ohio
      Titus, Nevada

      In addition, Congressman John Murtha, who voted yes, has died and Louisiana Republican Joseph Cao, who cast the lone GOP vote for the bill now indicates he will vote against it.

      Congressman Wexler of Florida has resigned and a replacement is not to be chosen until next month, costing the bill another vote.

      So, 19 members have moved closer to voting no

      And the latest is: STATEWISE (for senate runs) uhbama admin is having Dems run on the GOP ticket. Be careful. If they haven’t been a member of the GOP for a long time they are posers. It’s also illegal to run on the GOP ticket if you were a dem all your life until less than a year ago. I detest this crooked administration who cheats every step of the way.
      God is fuming and is not going to take it anymore. 😆 Hairy Reed got a wake up call about ramming through this Horrorcare bill when the truck plowed the back of his family’s tuna can honda green energy car. Unheeded though. What’s it going to take for them to listen?

  2. 3 tiger 7 March 14, 2010 at 8:24 am

    I have been around long enough and have been in enough foreign countries to have an appreciation for our country that exceeds the average American citizen. It is refreshing to me to see the apparent growing awareness by that average citizen of just how great our country is. My concern, however, is the circustances that have precipitated that awareness. We are in one hell of a mess with the possibility of it getting worse, but it may all be worthwhile if the people react as I think they will—but we had best get with it before time runs out on us. We have the opportunity to turn our country back toward a Constitutional Republic—to reset the ratchet that has been moving us away from a C R for a hundred or so years.

  3. 4 Quantum Leap March 14, 2010 at 9:56 am

    This came in my email too. I wish I could make it but DC is at the other end of the country for me. You can’t get further away than I am except to end up in the Pacific Ocean.

    A message to all members of Tea Party Patriots

    This is an email sent out by Tea Party Patriots. If you do not receive our emails, please go to

    and sign up.

    Dear Fellow Tea Party Patriots,

    Time is running out. You must act now to stop the government takeover of your health care and of your liberty.

    This Tuesday, March 16th – a day of direct action

    This government is no longer the government of Lincoln – “of the people, by the people, for the people” – it is a government against the people.
    Your country needs you now. Stand up to the government and stand up for your liberty – just like we did in the Townhalls last summer and in the first American Tea Party in 1773.
    This Tuesday, March 16th
    Join us in Washington DC for a special day of (non-violent) political action
    9am sharp, East Capitol Lawn across from Cannon House Office Building, Washington DC

    (the lawn between the Capitol and the Supreme Court Building, Independence Avenue SE and New Jersey SE)

    Dress well, be polite, and be ready to look your Congressman in the eye and tell them that our liberty is not theirs to take. We will treat them with the respect they have not (yet) shown us. And, by the end of the day, each of them will know – personally – what their vote will mean to the country, to us, and to themselves.

    This Tuesday, March 16th 9:00 am

    Capitol Area Map,-77.009114&sspn=0.121623,0.308647&ie=UTF8&hq=cannon+office+building&hnear=Washington,+DC&ll=38.889596,-77.005491&spn=0.015199,0.038581&z=15

    Confirm attendance here

    Tea Party Patriots and FreedomWorks will have volunteers stationed at the bus drop off at the west lawn. (Maryland Ave. and 3rd Street SW) Our “meetup” location will be at the East Lawn of the Capitol (East Capitol Circle, same side of the Capitol as the Supreme Court Building). We will give you the Representatives’ information, room numbers etc. and give you helpful hints on lobbying. Volunteers will also be handing out information at the Cannon Building location. We do have a bullhorn.

    Things to do before and during The Surge.
    1. Dress in normal clothes this is about country not organizations and it presents a more professional appearance.

    2. If you have a Democrat Representative go to their office and ask to speak to them. If unavailable ask when they will return. If longer than an hour ask to speak to their Chief of Staff. You do not want to talk to the receptionist. If they try to brush you off because you are not from their district then explain to them that the vote they will be casting will affect all citizens of this country and therefore you should be heard.

    3. Begin calling at 9:00am! If you are there and standing in line to get into the one of the buildings begin making phone calls to congressmen. Keep calling while you are walking from one office to the other. If you are not going to attend please begin calling at 9:00am and continue calling until 12:00 noon. Wait one hour and begin calling once again until 5:30pm.

    4. Write your thoughts down. Keep it personal as to why you do not want them to vote for the bill. When you speak to them it is okay to show passion and feelings but be respectful. Be assertive and state your case. Try to spend thirty minutes in each office if possible. Think of alternatives that you would like to see.

    5. If you are not going please call your local talk radio shows. Tell them what is happening. Get them talking about it. A few calls about this will turn the show to The Surge.

    6.You do not need to bring signs. This is not a rally or a protest. It is a surge of patriots from all groups, our goal is to make this personal.

    Here is a link that shows the location of the three buildings. Please print it out and give it to members of your group.

    Bus drop of is located at 3rd St SW and MD SW.

    List of targeted Congressmen/Congresswomen on link below:

    You are the heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement. Thank you for promoting the causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets with us!

    Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,

  4. 5 no-nonsence-nancy March 14, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I am going to DC on Tuesday. Thank goodness I am only a couple hours away. We have buses going from my area. I plan on dropping by the offices of the key dems from my state. Thanks, QL, for the above info on the key ones. I also saw that last evening and wrote them down. I have a letter ready for all of them that I have had ready for faxing. I hope we can defeat this thing. It will be much harder to repeal it later if it passes. (Also, we don’t want BO’s head to swell any more).

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