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Proud and brave Patriots are flooding the PEOPLE’S chamber this weekend to tell congress NO TO THIS HEALTHCARE BILL! Beautiful Patriot’s are traveling from all across America and The T-Room stands PROUDLY behind all of them. This is our tribute to all patriots who put COUNTRY before OBAMA, COUNTRY before the SOCIALIST’S TAKEOVER, COUNTRY before the corrupt D CORPORATION AND PRIVATE CLUB!

O, America by Celtic Woman

Weep, America, weep, with everyday you choose denial or the excuse of “I’m too busy”, our freedom, our country, our beacon of hope is dying. Is this what you want for your children, your grandchildren, your neighbor’s kids? I didn’t think so.

Maybe, just maybe Aaron Tippin — Where The Stars And Stripes And Eagles Fly will wake you up!

America get off your arses and learn!!! Turn off the talking propaganda. Turn off the pundits. OPEN YOUR MINDS. We need you to Wake up! Wake Up! WAKE UP! How do you rationalize what these crooked, corrupt, selfish thugs are doing to our homeland, our children’s homeland, the homeland our parents and grandparents fought for your’s and my freedom! If you want to live in a socialist country then move to ONE! Sure we need healthcare reform, NO ONE QUESTIONS THAT, it’s this piece of crap legislation WE DON’T NEED OR WANT!

Let’s see if Steve Vaus can get through your thick skulls with “We Must Take America Back”

And if Steve can’t maybe the one, the only and the most fabulous Lloyd Marcus, (black) Unhyphenated American, singer/songwriter, entertainer, author, artist, and Tea Party patriot can.

“For this cause, I say to Al Sharpton, Jeanine Garafolo, and all you other libs, “Let my people go!” (emphasis added)”

Sing it Marcus!

You damn well better believe we are going to FIRE ALL OF YOU IN 2010! That is IF our once free America hasn’t been totally taken over by tyrannical rule while you slept. That is, if we ever have elections again. WAKE UP!!!

A T-Room patron said it best — “ARREST THE BASTARDS!”

This last tribute goes out to AMERICAN’S who are standing strong to fight for our beloved country. Join me and all of our T-Room PATRIOTS in singing OUR BELOVED National Anthem

Patriot Kim, asked to post this beautiful song by the fabulous patriot Lee Greenwood, God Bless the USA

The T-Room wants to hear from you. We are more than happy to add more youtubes or mp3’s, just give us a link and we’ll embed it. Our brave patriots need to know you give a rip. They are taking extraordinary measures on yours and my behalf. So, let them know and I’ll promise to post. God bless the USA. And God bless our patriots who are rightfully fighting for our beloved America.

The T-Room’s Patriot Poet has the last word

I wrote this piece as I watched with pride the March on DC of 9/12.

I am sharing it again as a tribute to those headed for DC this weekend.

The Calvary

The Calvary has gathered,
To face the raging storm.
On the Eve of Revolution,
The enemy is warned.

Thunder echoes through the mountains,
The shore beats back the sea.
Above the cannon’s roar…
A call for Liberty.

The Calvary has mounted,
Red, White, and Blue they wave.
The wind rips at her seams,
As they cross the burning plains.

Her stars and stripes are bold,
In contrast to the sky.
Against a cloud of smoke…
Defiantly, she flies.

The Calvary advances,
Upon the Perfect Storm.
Embattled but not broken…
Patriots reborn.

A colorful horizon,
Beckons from the East.
The light of dawn is breaking…
Tyranny retreats.

March 2010

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