Obama Pulls the Race Card on Arizona

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Arizona State Flag

It didn’t take long for Obama to use the race card and blame Americans for his own failures, this time Arizona for enforcing immigration law to protect its people and our nation’s borders.  Governor Brewer:

“We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act.  but decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation.”

This is a perfectly legitimate action by state government that Obama called “misguided” as he instructed the ‘justice’ department to “see if its legal”. 🙄  Obama said that the federal government should reform immigration at the national level–or “leave the door open to irresponsibility of others”.

The Coward in Chief continues:

“that includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe”

Is permitting the invasion of the United States through illegal immigration truly a part of ‘basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans’?  So open borders and illegal immigration is ‘fairness’? And what does Obama know about anything that ‘Americans cherish’?

Obama is engaging in racial profiling himself, accusing anyone who acts to stop illegal immigration as being unfair and essentially racist.

The Racist-in-Chief will not be able to push this one down our throats.  We already have his number.

The Left Starts Spinning

There was a time when it was politically incorrect to refer to an illegal immigrant as just that.  Remember having to call illegal immigrants ‘undocumented workers’?

The left is giving little ground as Peter Spiro, a Temple University law professor, says that the new law “sends a clear message that Arizona is unfriendly to undocumented aliens”.  Hello?  What state is friendly to illegal immigrants?  Does this ‘law’ professor know the ‘law’?

ACORN, Useful Idiots, and the WeatherUnderground

Reading an account of the vigil held outside Arizona’s capitol, I ran across a statement by a 13-year old American citizen immigrant from Mexico:

“It’s going to change our lives….we can’t walk to school anymore.  We can’t be in the streets anymore without the pigs thinking we’re illegal immigrants”

I haven’t heard the term ‘pig’ for police officers in thirty years.  Someone is fanning the flames of racism so as to inflame the population, create an emotional wound, and eliminate any rational discussion of this issue. The useful idiots are in full force and I suspect the sleeper cells will begin to emerge here.

I am reminded of the concern about a false flag event…did Arizona just prevent the government from implementing one?  Or will Obama somehow use this to create a situational disaster for Americans?

Send Governor Brewer a thank you note.  Let her know that you believe in the rule of law as well.  She is facing a waterfall of criticism and accusations of being a racist, or ‘legislating morality’, when she is simply doing her job.

Woman below waterfall in Iceland effected by ash

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  1. 1 drkate April 25, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Obama’s remarks are infuriating. I will keep my powder dry

    OT, but very good read:


    • 2 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 9:31 am

      Liberty and the Death of God is an excellent read.

      I have read the many, many philosophies, including the histories by Josephus, Eusebius, Herodutus and a host of other B.C. essays.

      It was my greatest mortal sin that I didn’t get a formal education. Today, I am grateful that I missed out on that luxury.
      I can think for myself without the spin of a professor’s opinion.

      Descartes was the hardest read and I don’t feel so inferior in not being able to stick with it. I did try.

      We are living in Epic Times, Patriots.

      • 3 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 9:47 am

        This definitely OT as respects the Headline – Obama/ Race Card / Arizona, but as respects the American Thinker article, I viewed a video posted at the T-Room this week on the Bohemian Grove.

        It has to do with the worship of Molock, the ancient owl god depicted in the Old Testament and what transpires in our Redwood Forest… it’s ghastly.

        This is a summary, if you care to review on another day…


  2. 4 geekofpolitics April 25, 2010 at 1:31 am

    Since you’re taking the race view point, all we have to do is look back at President Obama’s comments following the Harvard Professor being arrested by a white officer. Of course people of the same ilk are going to try to inflame the issue any way possible, just as they did when they tried to get people to flash at the signing of the health care bill. Arizona stepped up to the plate big time! It’s about time since Senator McCain obviously isn’t concerned about really addressing the issue.

  3. 5 Mary April 25, 2010 at 2:31 am

    obama’s deck has only one card–unless you count lying, cheating, stealing, bribing, and blackmailing.

  4. 6 heather April 25, 2010 at 7:27 am

    I am reminded of the concern about a false flag event…did Arizona just prevent the government from implementing one? Or will Obama somehow use this to create a situational disaster for Americans?

    No truer words spoken DR Kate. You are right on target with this statement.

    With this new bill, he can’t just flood the US with illegals to vote for him in 2012—-and the bill following this for proof of NBC puts the nail in his coffin. It brings his communistic agenda to a halt, for now, until he conjers up something new to suit his lies and deceptions. And he will try–but alas the American people are on to him and we are on guard.

    If he cannot see what is happening in front of his very evil eyes, then he is totally blind, and just continue to do his evil works on Americas.

    Since when does an American President hate the American people and treat them as 2nd class citizens all the while catering to the muslim world, not even giving the blacks a bat of the eyes. As far as him calling himself African American, he himself is not one and is proving to the blacks that he is against all Americans.

  5. 7 heather April 25, 2010 at 7:30 am

    OT-For nations living the good life, the party’s over, IMF says

    By Howard Schneider
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Saturday, April 24, 2010
    In the lingo of the International Monetary Fund, Page 2 of 2 < Back

    This is an article that all should read. The IMF is telling us that they more or less own and dictate to the free people of America.

  6. 9 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Yep, that’s his idea of Progress…

    “pigs” ??? infuriating… illegal ingrates

    the irony of a POTUS giving remarks after a naturalization ceremony on virtue of fairness. He is a twisted, vacant, evil usurper.

    ~~~~ Another State of Utter Confusion and Incredible Irony
    Wondering if anyone heard about the 15,000 union thugs gathered (bussed)in Springfield Illinois last week demanding our taxes be raised? Talk about useful idiots…


    How about a few $30,000 a plate dinners to fund the budget, Mr. Scarecrow?

  7. 10 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Wonder what card he is pulling with this?


    Remember this when the world was in total shock, suffering immeasurable grief and in mourning?

    Uh huhn…okay.

  8. 11 heather April 25, 2010 at 8:07 am

    Papoose–Remember when Obama took 6 billion of the Tarp money and paid of the Hamas so they could come to the US and live free?

    Once again catering to his race–and religion.

    • 12 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 8:28 am

      heather, I remember…and I do believe our Secretary of State delivered $92,000,000 to Gaza about the same time…

      is Abbas going to be delivered in a panel truck and shoved out the side door with the trash? Is he going to throw a spoiled brat hissy fit and take to his dinner with a demand, if you come to see it my way, then let my staff know?

      Why isn’t Social Security to big to fail? That $92,000,000 would have helped an awful lot. ohhhh, that would benefit the law abiding, taxpaying, credit card debt remitting Americans.

      Something needs to be done with this arrogant traitor.

  9. 13 heather April 25, 2010 at 8:11 am


    Sometimes I wonder whose side the law is on and I have always had a great respect for Judge Napolitano,in this case I believe he is wrong and is stirring the pot for obama.

    • 14 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 8:43 am

      wow, heather.

      Where is Homeland Security? The FEMA camps could serve a purpose.

      Profiling. What is it when these people burst into other American’s robbing and beating them and driving away with their stolen vehicle? It used to be called crime. Now its okie dokie.

      These kind of crimes are Terrorism and the perpetrators have no rights to be in our domestic jails and courts. They need to be detained, indefinitely.

    • 15 KJ Kaufman April 25, 2010 at 9:25 pm


      I wholeheartedly agree with your take on Judge Napolitano on this one. I highly respect him, but I don’t think he has read this bill. I can’t find anything un-Constitutional in it especially with respect to Amendments IV and V of the U.S. Constitution.

      My take on the bill is here: http://constitutionalgov.net/?p=2038

  10. 16 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 8:36 am

    The Arizona protesters demanding us to fork over our wallets and birthright have sign saying “We are Human” – what no humans in your own country…why not model your Country on our Republic and live in peace where you belong?

    Are illegal invader aliens (they are not immigrants) going to have the right to vote? Huhn? What?

    Did ACORN fill out their Census forms?

    And why didn’t the Census questionnaire explicitly ask the most important question? What City, State, Country were you born?
    Used to be a fundamental question.

    Not only should that data be measured, People use that Census information everyday in searching for their geneology /ancestors.

    What a farce? Try invading another nation with signs, We are Human.

  11. 17 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Yeah, and why hasn’t Tony Rezko been formally sentenced…uncanny that this pops up…could have sworn I just asked this question here last week….

    what gives? where the hell is he and why hasn’t he been sentenced yet? It was scheduled for December 2008 right around the time Patrick Fitzgerald made his grandstand arrest of Blago…


    Also, isn’t hilarious that all the while we were awaiting the election results on 11/4/08 and while Madelyn Payne Dunham was going into rigor mortis, barky was involved in replacing his cold senate seat with Valerie Jarrett?

    Brush up on your Operation Board Games: the Combine as it is a great playlist for the actors involved the Rezko Trial in the Spring of 2008 during the primaries. It was posted on RW which is now RBO. Wondering why the witnesses are referred to positions in life as opposed to their real (fake, in some cases) names.

    Sorry for going off topic, it’s me, Papoose.

  12. 18 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 10:06 am

    Barky is foaming at the mouth becuase he himself is an illegal alien and he is out of trump cards so all he has left is the race card. Look, if someone comes here legally, more power to them. I’m not against Mexicans. They are not lazy like barky is but they are crooked and greedy for double dipping into the system. You can’t have 30% illegal alien criminals in a state and expect the state to to survive. The citizens need protecting. If you come here illegally everything you do will be illegal and you won’t care about any laws. That puts the citizens at risk. Governments role is to protect the citizens not get on national TV and call them racists. He is deluded for sure. He is the most ignorant person ever to be in government. 😡

    • 19 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 10:49 am

      Herodotus, the father of history said (9.16)

      The most bitter grief of all human griefs is this, to have knowledge of the truth but no power over the event.

      • 20 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 11:08 am

        and it is written in 9.122, Herodotus:

        From lands which are not rugged, men who are not rugged are apt to come forth.

        .. I guess its easier to take fruit from others than plant your own… easier to live like a slave than be an owner…

        21st century victims of their own making and by choice. 30 years from now Americans will be blamed for their having to wear chains and burqas because,

        Well, just because.

  13. 21 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Here’s the email I talk about that was received by a PUMA during the primary.

    Hi Guys:
    wanted to share what one of the SDs wrote a democrat asking them to switch their votes:
    “I received this email from Clinton Dems. It is a copy of an email from a super delegate. If you have a chance drop him a note today:
    I recently sent a copy of the open letter that was sent to Howard Dean regarding being disenfranchised by the DNC decision regarding Florida (and Michigan) to about 150 DNC delegates.”
    This is the response from Steven J. Ybarra JD of California: (pasted below)
    good for you, when the fascists come in the middle of the night to take you to a
    concentration camp. remember how you voted.
    take me off your whiner list.

    Siempre Adelante
    Steven J. Ybarra JD
    Chair Voting Rights Committee
    DNC Hispanic Caucus
    PO Box 367
    Sacramento, Ca 95812
    There are three places of relative importance to the Train, watching it go by,
    in front of it or driving it. (end of response)
    And I thought that only the far right cornered the market on insanity….opened my eyes!

  14. 25 no-nonsense-nancy April 25, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Very good post, Dr. Kate. In this case I do not agree with Judge Napolitano. At what point do you just say enough is enough? I hope the other boarder states do the same thing. If they are coming here illegally then they are criminals according to our laws. The ones who are legal citizens should be against them being allowed to come here illegally and having our privileges, the benefits of our health care system,etc. I wasn’t aware that so many Latinos were republicans. I thought it was the opposite.

    OT but when are We The People or representatives of We the People going to go to Washington and go to the white House and congress and say “you are out, you are out because you have defied the wishes of the American people and no longer need to be in our government. Pack up your things immediately and leave.” This is the day I’m waiting for!

  15. 26 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 11:20 am


  16. 27 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 11:28 am

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
    You cannot help the wage-earner by pulling down the wage-payer.
    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.
    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
    You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.
    You cannot build character and courage by doing for them what they could and
    should do for themselves.

    Abraham Lincoln
    the charters of freedom
    Want to really “do something” to save our country?

  17. 28 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 11:36 am

    When Obama wrote a book and said he was mentored as a youth by Frank, (Frank Marshall Davis) an avowed Communist, People said it didn’t matter.
    When it was discovered that his grandparents, were strong socialists, sent Obama’s mother to a socialist school, introduced Frank Marshall Davis to young Obama, People said it didn’t matter.
    When people found out that he was enrolled as a Muslim child in school and his father and step father were both Muslims, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he wrote in another book he authored “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    People said it didn’t matter.
    When he admittedly said, in his book, he chose Marxist friends and professors in college, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he traveled to Pakistan, after college on an unknown national passport, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he sought the endorsement of the Marxist party in 1996 as he ran for the Illinois Senate, People said it doesn’t matter.
    When he sat in a Chicago Church for twenty years and listened to a preacher spew hatred for America and preach black liberation theology, People said it didn’t matter.
    When an independent Washington organization, that tracks senate voting records, gave him the distinctive title as the “most liberal senator”, People said it didn’t matter.
    When the Palestinians in Gaza, set up a fund raising telethon to raise money for his election campaign, People said it didn’t matter.
    When his voting record supported gun control, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan and Mummar Kadaffi and Hugo Chavez, People said it didn’t matter.
    When it was pointed out that he was a total, newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals, People said it didn’t matter.
    When his voting record in the Illinois senate and in the U.S. Senate came into question, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he refused to wear a flag lapel pin and did so only after a public outcry, People said it didn’t matter.
    When people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, (As recently as 11/11/09) People said it didn’t matter.
    When he surrounded himself in the White house with advisors who were pro gun control, pro abortion, pro homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he aired his views on abortion, homosexuality and a host of other issues, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he said he favors sex education in Kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination, People said it didn’t matter.
    When his background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, People said it didn’t matter.
    When the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco, a man of questionable character, who is now in prison and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home, People said it didn’t matter.
    When it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he started appointing czars that were radicals, revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist/Communist, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he stood before the nation and told us that his intentions were to “fundamentally transform this nation” into something else, People said it didn’t matter.
    When it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he appointed cabinet members and several advisors, who were tax cheats and socialist, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he appointed a science czar, John Holdren, who believes in forced abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he appointed Cass Sunstein as regulatory czar and he believes in “Explicit Consent”, harvesting human organs without family consent, and to allow animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual, and organizer of a group called gay, lesbian, straight, Education network, as safe school czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to teenagers, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he appointed Mark Lloyd as diversity czar and he believed in curtailing free speech, taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth and admires Hugo Chavez, People said it didn’t matter.
    When Valerie Jarrett was selected as Obama’s senior White House advisor and she is an avowed Socialist, People said it didn’t matter.
    When Anita Dunn, White House Communications director said Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher and the person she turned to most for inspiration, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he appointed Carol Browner as global warming czar and she is a well known socialist working on Cap and trade as the nation’s largest tax, People said it doesn’t matter.
    When he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as green energy czar, who since had to resign when this was made known, People said it didn’t matter.
    When Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for health and human services secretary could not be confirmed, because he was a tax cheat, People said it didn’t matter.
    When as president of the United States, he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, and even lower, to the Emperor of Japan, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he traveled around the world criticizing America and never once talking of her greatness, People said it didn’t matter.
    When his actions concerning the middle-east seemed to support the Palestinians over Israel, our long time friend, People said it doesn’t matter.
    When he took American tax dollars to resettle thousands of Palestinians from Gaza to the United States, People said it doesn’t matter.
    When he upset the Europeans by removing plans for a missile defense system against the Russians, People said it doesn’t matter.
    When he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops the Field Commanders said we had to have to win, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used it to pay off organizations, unions and individuals that got him elected, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he took over insurance companies, car companies, banks, etc. People said it didn’t matter.
    When he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it under government control, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he set into motion a plan to take over the control of all energy in the United States through Cap and Trade, People said it didn’t matter.
    When he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State, People finally woke up…….. but it was too late.
    Any one of these things, in and of themselves does not really matter. But…. when you add them up one by one you get a phenomenal score that points to the fact that our Obama is determined to make America over into a Marxist/Socialist society.
    All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place.
    All can be documented very easily. Before you disavow this, do an internet search. The last paragraph alone is not yet cast in stone. You and I will write that paragraph. Will it read as above or will it be a happier ending for most of America? Personally, I like happy endings.
    If you are an Obama Supporter, please do not be angry with me because I think your president is a socialist/marxist.
    There are too many facts supporting this. If you seek the truth you will certainly be richer for it. Don’t merely belittle the opposition. Actively search for the truth. I did. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Constitutionalist, Libertarians and what have you; we all need to pull together. We all must pull together or watch the demise of a society that we all love and cherish. If you are a religious person, pray for our nation.
    Never before in the history of America have we been confronted with problems so huge that the very existence of our country is in jeopardy. Don’t rely on most television news and what you read in the newspapers for the truth. Search the internet. Yes, there is a lot of bad information, lies and distortions there too but you are smart enough to spot the fallacies. Newspapers are a dying breed. They are currently seeking a bailout from the government. Do you really think they are about to print the truth? Obama praises all the television news networks except Fox who he has waged war against.
    There must be a reason. He does not call them down on any specifics, just a general battle against them. If they lie, he should call them out on it but he doesn’t.
    Please, find the truth, it will set you free.
    Our biggest enemy is not China, Russia, Iran; no, our biggest enemy is a contingent of elitist power hungry politician/despots in Washington DC.

    “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”
    Harry S Truman, August 8, 1950
    “In the string of amazing decisions made during the first year of the Obama administration, nothing seems more like sheer insanity than the decision to try foreign terrorists, who have committed acts of war against the United States, in federal court, as if they were American citizens accused of crimes.” –economist Thomas Sowell
    What you get free costs too much.”
    Jean Anouilh

    blast from the past from freemenow.

  18. 29 no-nonsense-nancy April 25, 2010 at 11:45 am

    In church this morning my pastor’s sermon was about “Revelations 7: 9-17. It was titled Getting Past Tilt. He first talked about the now old fashioned pin ball machines and how when you lost it tilted. He then talked about all of the catastrophies that have happened like Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc. and how Americans and the world reacted to them. And when the more recent ones happened like Fort Hood we are so numb to them that it seems like we don’t feel anything. It’s not that we don’t feel but we are sort of complacent. We are victims of tilt. I, of course, related this to the politics of our country and the world. I think most Americans have been on the tilt for a very long time by being too complacent about what our government has done to us and not done for us. We patriots have been trying very hard to get past the tilt.

    Arizona has just got past the tilt!

  19. 30 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 11:47 am

    slowbama is attempting to increase the tax burden of all citizens, particularly higher income citizens, and has championed any number of schemes that would serve to redistribute the wealth of the nation from the richest to the poorest sectors of the economy. So any scarifice I make to work hard gets penalized. Time to go on the dole.

    • 31 Diane April 25, 2010 at 12:14 pm

      Can anyone for one minute think President John F. Kennedy or
      President Eisenhower would have made the comments President Obama made regarding SB 1070?

      Any decent American President worth his salt would never had
      attacked the Gov. of Arizona for wanting to protect her constituents. To me this makes me believe that this fraud
      sitting in the Oval Office was Kenya born.

      Also had anyone noticed that President Obama didn’t say one
      word about the horrid murder of Arizona Rancher Rob Krentz?
      Nor did he close the southern border when the American people were threatened with the deadly Mexican swine flu pigs in Mexican farms were affected with? The hell with the American people right? I think so.

      Obama could care less about the American people. He proves it
      with every word that comes from his mouth.

  20. 32 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Yep sounds good. Kick back and let the gov pay my bills. I can paint, play piano, sell my paintings for under the table money and not pay taxes…dreaming. All I need is 60% of what I make now and have it be tax free. Should be a piece of cake. Not going to be paying 40% anymore. nada no. Slaving for 60% is not my idea of fun. Painting is.

  21. 33 no-nonsense-nancy April 25, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Go Quantum! Good idea. (I wish I could play the piano and paint.) I don’t have enough money to make ends meet right now and can’t pay my taxes, so I guess I”ll go to jail. Let the good ole gov take care of me, too!

    • 34 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 10:09 pm

      I must say I am only kidding. I’m not ever going to do anything under the table. Not evr going on the dole. Just hope this doesn’t get worse.

  22. 35 heather April 25, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    This is the reason why obama is destroying the American people, so he can give our country to his muslims and the mexican voters. He will make slaves out of the mexicans to pay massive taxes because it is against the islam religion for muslims to not only pay taxes but the interest acrued from loans!

    America Wake UP–we must overtake this coup once and for all and never allow ourselves to “tricked” again by any politician. We should make every politician who decides to run for office to sign a waiver THAT WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE AND MAKE THEM KEEP THEIR CAMPAIGN PROMISE!

    I say no super delegates should be allowed to give any money to anyone to buy votes. Buying votes is illegal and thats exactly how obama got in, along with other low life ways–I call buying votes the same as pay to play and that is supposed to be illegal but nothing is illegal for the criminals. They make their rules and laws up as they go along regardless of what the Constitution says or the people.

    It’s over for you obama and your cowardly crowd of thugs…..and it’s over for the dems who allowed this to happen.

    • 36 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 3:15 pm

      If they refuse to pay interest on loans then they do not get the loan. If they do not want to pay taxes then why should anyone else pay them?

    • 37 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 4:50 pm

      Superdelegates need to go.

      It is not fair that any one person has the right to vote twice.

      what makes them so super anyway? Who says?

  23. 38 heather April 25, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Sorry, I can’t find the person or the post where someone said that Obama way back when was adopted by an American Indian tribe out west.

    I can’t remember who posted it–but this is another one of his trys to be a natural born citizen gimic!

    OMG he is so stupid!

    Just 2 wks ago he broke a treaty with an Indian tribe about them paying taxes on cigarettes they sell. That was a treaty for decades and he decides he isn’t going to honor it.

    Does he sit around all day and night searching for things he can destroy Americans with—forget it–I know the answer is YES!

    • 39 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 3:21 pm

      That’s right. He was given a name by the Crow Tribe. (as if he needs another name) They named him WALKING EAGLE and he was all pumped up with pride and arrogance over it and as he drove away a person in the crowd asked why they named him that and they said because he is so full of shet he can’t fly. 😆 True story.

      • 40 Papoose April 25, 2010 at 6:50 pm

        Obama was adopted by the the Black Eagle Family of the Crow Nation in May of 2008…The Crow Agency is actually Hardin Montana. The new mother, Mary, I think her name is was taken by surprise at the news as it was a rushed affair. Carl Venne was the Chairman of the Crow Nation since 2002. Chairman is an executive position in the Crow Nation, which has 4 braches of government. He was found dead at his sister’s home in mid February 2009. Though he did participate in the parade at Obama’s inauguration, he thereafter became missing for a few weeks and then found dead. He had a DUI and never showed up for his hearing. He was 62 years old and died in his sleep of natural causes. His successor was Cedric Black Eagle, Obama’s new brother, through the convenient adoption.

        Crow Agency, located in Hardin Montana is also home to the mysterious American Police Force (APF) that showed up one day with a fleet of Mercedes with their logo on the vehicles. They set up shop in a jail (vacant prison facility)…many of the APF spoke with thick accents. The Chief went by the name of Michael somebody, which was an alias. He has since disappeared.

        Other notes about Hardin include the natural resources beneath the soil, which is another story unto itself.

        There are only about 3500 people who live in Hardin, itself.

        Wiki Crow Nation, Carl Venne. The Black Eagle Family gave an interview immediately after the adoption ceremony wherein Mary, the new Mom, gushed her excitement and surprise. They apparently had been going somewhere and they had to turn back to hold the adoption ceremony.

        Michelle Malkin has the stories on the APF and the mystery surrounding their sudden appearance in Hardin in the Spring of 2009.

        There is something going on in Ashville NC, as well.

      • 42 drkate April 25, 2010 at 9:41 pm

        pssst ‘walking eagle’ is a turkey vulture…

  24. 44 heather April 25, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Obama Eulogizes West Virginia Coal Miners

    Headline news from fox! I guess he is now a pastor/priest/minister/iman/?

    • 45 drkate April 25, 2010 at 9:44 pm

      this is disgusting. he is only doing this because they died in a coal mine, now he will use their deaths and company safety records to shut down coal mining. this is his first step, i bet his eyes were as soul-less as always.

  25. 46 heather April 25, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    He had the nerve to so call “visit” with Dr. Billy Graham on his way to ashville NC to play tennis with mO. He spent half an hr with Dr. Graham – who prayed with obama.

    someone said, they hoped Dr Graham doesn’t go the way of obamas grandmother–Good Lord i hope not. I love Billy Graham, he is a wonderful, wonderful, man and father, and husband and spiritual leader. He has ministered to our presidents as far back as Ike!

    Just why did Obama have to visit with him I wonder. Perhaps a photo op for Christians for his re-election? Not gonna happen obama, you are done!

  26. 50 Miri April 25, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Does anybody know on what basis they are alleging that the AZ law is unconstitutional? I can’t see how. Yes, it’s the federal government’s job to protect the border and make immigration law, but how can it possibly be unconstitutional for a state to create a state law, making it a crime to be in the STATE illegally? And to work illegally within the state? How can the U.S. government possibly argue that a state must allow persons illegally in this country to reside and work in that state? It’s illogical.

  27. 51 heather April 25, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    QL-thanks for the story–I just couldn’t remember who posted it–ahh it was you!! Good job!

    We are all going to be taxed out of our homes–I can’t believe the new amount they have taken out of my husbands check–pretty soon we won’t have a check it will be all taxes.

    This is bull-when Bushs tax credits run out, the old Clinton, marriage penalty tax kicks back in so be prepared to pay more and be penalized next april. OMG-I hope he is gone before that happens.

    I can’t pay anymore.

  28. 52 Rosemary Woodhouse April 25, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Miri wrote, “Does anybody know on what basis they are alleging that the AZ law is unconstitutional?”

    The Supreme Court decides the constitutionality of issues. That’s why it’s imperative that the coup be aborted before the resident is allowed to stack the Court. If that happens, it’s over. We’re Cuba.

  29. 53 no-nonsense-nancy April 25, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    According to Red Beckman We The People are the highest court in the land, I beleive he says the common law court, not the Supreme Court. So can’t the people of Arizona have the last say? It would seem to me. Besides, they are using their 10th amendment rights.
    He may be right when he says the end of this government is near and we all had better be ready with the right representatives to pick up the pieces if and when that happens.

  30. 54 Paula April 25, 2010 at 5:13 pm


    I had sent my thank you letter to Gov. Brewer yesterday when I heard of her brave stance on the right of her republic to protect their borders and enforce immigration laws. I was also pleased to hear about AZ’s lead in creating a bill to enforce the eligibility clause in order for a candidate to be placed on AZ’s ballot. I just felt led to send her a note of encouragement/gratitude, so I went to her website and sent her a note of thanks from GA:o)

    I am so pleased to see our country waking up to the corruption that has placed us under unlawful governance. I have been praying for a long time about the state of our country. Thank you for your very informative blog, and I have sent your link to others hoping they’ll educate themselves outside of the box that they’ve been in for soooo long:o)

    God’s grace and peace to you as we await our blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, to deliver us from God’s wrath to come on this old sinful, unbelieving world. The hope of God’s grace is now; for today is the day of salvation for all who will believe that Christ died for thier sins, was dead, buried and rose again the third day for our justification! All glory to the Lord on high!

  31. 55 heather April 25, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    Al Sharpton just announced that he will be bringing FREEDOM WALKERS to AZ to protest the new immigration bill.

    Someone tell him to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! All he does is stir the pot and cause racial conflict in America. Does he not have a real job where he contributes to society?

  32. 56 Rick April 25, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    It infuriates me that the crowds demonstrating against the new Arizona law, especially when they call Arizona ‘racist.’

    I read, write, and speak Spanish. I am 78, and have followed South American news for years. What nerve the Hispanics, goaded by unions and La Raza, call Arizona racist! I’ve been to Mexico several times, and know by personal contact with the people that the white Europeans who rule mexico and discriminate against their mestizo population, blame the U.S. for their problems, and have the temerity to call us racist. I watch some of the Mexican Novelas, which portray the white wealthy class in their struggles to reach the brass ring. Where are the stories of the Mestizos and their rights which have been stomped into the Mexican soil?

    Why are we surprised that Obama would play the race card? He is supported by every egotistical, narcissistic, self-loving self-serving, self-seeking special interest groups in the country. We now live in a society of special interests, by special interests, and for the special interests. We need to throw out the whole kit and kaboodle in November.

  33. 57 Quantum Leap April 25, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Why are the Soetoro’s in Ashville NC walking around in the woods?

    • 58 Glorgal April 26, 2010 at 4:59 pm

      Just a tad out of character, wouldn’t you say? I’m thinking that whatever they were doing is the hidden agenda for why they were there. That – and admonishing Franklin Graham for speaking out against islam. WOW – killing two birds with one stone. How conveeeeeeenient.

  34. 59 susan h April 26, 2010 at 10:35 am

    In other countries, like Europe who he espouses us to be more like (European socialism) they ask people: Where is your passport? And if one is not provided, they are immediately sent away. Obama talked about the spirit of FAIRNESS. What is he talking about. Fairness to whom? It someone breaks into your home and tries to set up shop there, you don’t worry about fairness. You get rid of them ASAP. Americans living in these border towns have a right to be safe and free from illegals hurting them and trying to take over the cities. Again, Obama worrying about foreigners over honest hard-working American citizens makes me very angry. By the way, last time we checked, crossing the border and attempting to live here without proper papers is still illegal. Unless Obama pushed through some sort of reconciliation about that in the middle of the night and has conveniently forgotten to tell anyone?!!?

  35. 60 ahsya April 30, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    For an attorney to have a problem with enforcinfg the law of the land and irresponsibly using race as a factor is unbelievable.Things that can and need to be done prior to the election (Mr.President, democrats, republicans let me help you):
    1. Send military personnel to the borders of all border states at the same time since it is proven you cannot secure one part without the other(we have been at war for a decade or so and anyone including terrorist can enter illegally whenever they want. Are we really at war?).
    2. Immediately deport all illegal immigrants that are currently housed in our jails and prisons (if legal immigrants commit certain crimes they can and do get deported.
    3. Reimburse all states for the social services and all other resources (healthcare, education, courts, translators, jails, prisons, courts, public defenders, etc) that have been used and spent on illegal immigrants. No more monies and aid should be given and dispersed to the international community until this is done (the law states we are to be reimbursed). Time to start making sure things is taken care of at home first. If they cannot afford to do this then our federal government definitely cannot afford to give money and aid to the international community that we continuously and consistently assist.
    4. Implement the hiring practices of the city, state, and federal to ensure the employment of illegal immigrants comes to an abrupt end.
    America have given Mexico alone millions if not billions of dollars but our border states cannot get reimbursed for services rendered. We can always transfer incarcerated illegal immigrants to club fed (federal pen) right now, at least there’s a chance they will be deported instead released back into our society after they serve their time. These are ligitimate examples of several things we can do right now, not after the election (that will be to late because you will no longer have a job). Yes We Can do these things before the summer Yes We Can, Yes We Can . This is what we need to be protesting about this weekend. Arizona I understand and literally feel your pain as a very concerned and frustrated neighbor. We need to focus on the federal government by working together and make this administration do their jobs. If you lie to get a job you usually get fired not a free ride at the expense of your employer. No action taken no more votes from me. It does not matter what party you belong to do your job and start enforcing our laws now.

  36. 61 ahsya April 30, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    o Mexico isn’t the only poverty stricken country in the world. We have accepted more than enough of the poverty stricken citizens of South America we cannot absorb the whole country or every other poverty stricken country in the world. We cannot continue to allow them to disrespect and break our laws. Is the situation in Mexico and the rest of South America worse than the current situation in Haiti? Enough charity, patience, and understanding already time to enforce the laws. Elected officials in other states across America and other countrys’ that do not have a problem with illegal immigration give them a free pass to your state or country.

  37. 62 Papoose April 30, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    There’s a vacant mansion in Illinois they can all go live in.

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