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Maladministration in offices of high public trust, is a positive misprision

This essay started out as a discussion of ‘misprision of treason’ as a follow up to an earlier article describing the failure of all three branches of government to reveal and address the felony that is Barack Obama posing as a lawful President.  As with the knowledge of or participation in a felony, it is also a crime to conceal the crime of treason.

The topic of misprision, and the evidence we have against Obama, the Congress, the judiciary, and other officials is really, really bad news for our Constitutional Republic.  Hence, “Mal-Bama”, a little more elegant than ‘bad-bama’, as the title of this essay.


According to the 1828 English Language Dictionary, ‘misprision’ is defined as:

MISPRISION, n. misprizh’un. [supra.] Neglect; contempt.

1. In law, any high offense under the degree of capital, but nearly bordering thereon. Misprision is contained in every treason and felony. Misprisions are divided into negative and positive; negative, which consist in the concealment of something which ought to be revealed; and positive, which consist in the commission of something which ought not to be done. Misprision of treason, consists in a bare knowledge and concealment of treason, without assenting to it. Maladministration in offices of high public trust, is a positive misprision.

Some terms do not change over time, and indeed, ‘misprision’ is a term that has remained  as a means to describe the failure of the basic responsibilities of citizenship by participating in or failing to report a crime.  Black’s Law Dictionary defines ‘misprision’ as:

A word to describe an offense which does not possess a specific name.  But more particularly and properly the term denotes either:  (1) a contempt against the sovereign, the government, or the courts of justice, including not only contempts of court, properly so called, but also all forms of seditious or disloyal conduct and leze-majesty; (2) maladministration of public office; neglect or improper performance of official duty, including peculation of public funds; (3) the neglect of light account made of a crime, that is failure in the duty of a citizen to endeavor to prevent the commission of a crime, or having knowledge of the commission, to fail to reveal it to the proper authorities.

A ‘positive’ misprision is the commission of something that ought not to be done, combining the first and second meanings in the paragraph above, that is, knowledge that the thing to be done was not right, and doing the action anyway.  A negative misprision is the concealment of something that ought to be revealed, as in the third meaning above.


Obama’s obvious contempt for our sovereignty as individuals, as states, and as a Nation is, in a word, despicable.  He deserves exactly what he dishes out, and does not deserve our loyalty as citizens of this great country.

“Contempts of court” properly so called are visible as he first refuses to respond to lawsuits on his eligibility and then does so by not addressing the charges, making a mockery of plaintiffs and the court system.  The mere fact of using the Justice Department to represent him is just pure contempt.  Can you hear him laughing as we pay for his sorry defense?

His disloyal conduct is plain to see.  What is more frightening, however, is the failure of the judiciary, the military, the Joint Chiefs, the Governors of the States, and others to call for his immediate arrest resignation.

This behavior confirms that Obama is unfit for this office, more than confirms his constitutional ineligibility, and shames everyone who continues to speak up for this fraud.  By their failure, they too risk misprision of felony…with each and every statement made.

Maladministration of  Public Office

This characteristic Obama goes hand in hand with contempt, for why should he take care to administer the laws of the land when he himself has no respect for the law or the land?

The failure to enforce immigration laws extends beyond the Obama administration, however, his accusation that Arizona’s immigration law is racist is beyond the pale.  He goes all ‘gangsta’ on Governor Brewer Arizona American citizens and the rule of law, as if illegal immigration were a j0ke (h/t Mary):

Childish, despicable, juvenile, and ignorant behavior from the cheater-in- chief himself.

The misuse of public funds also constitutes a misprision…such as, for example, spending $20 million to bring Palestinians to America, using bailout funds to bail himself out, defend himself against the eligibility lawsuits, and bribing officials with public monies, department favors, and plum positions.

Neglect of  Light Account of a Crime

The media, Robert Gibbs, Nancy Pelosi, Judges dismissing eligibility cases, and any other person who dismisses the seriousness of Obama’s usurpation is also guilty of misprision.  And in this context, each can be accused of a positive misprision–that is, actively concealing the truth and actively failing to report it.

Misprision of Treason consists of ‘bare knowledge of treason, without having to have committed the act.’  This is applicable to everyone who knows about Obama, including Obama himself.  Remember that ‘treason’ consists of  (a) waging war against the states and (b) providing aid and comfort to the enemy, and conviction depends on two witnesses to the act of treason.  Thus, misprision of treason is a charge to anyone who has witnessed Obama’s “seditious or disloyal conduct and leze-majesty”.

Isn’t that all of us? And wouldn’t it be typical of “Naps Napolitano” (h/t LC) to put out a watch list for all of us who have witnessed their criminal behavior?

What if Americans Find Out?

Too late, Obama. We already have.

Americans know what is going on and we are not stopping until you and your enablers are arrested, tried, and jailed.  It is that serious, and there is no statute of limitations on misprision.

November is just the beginning.  And we WILL make sure this never happens again to these great united States of America.

39 Responses to ““Mal-Bama””

  1. 1 drkate May 9, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous, they all know and no one does anything.

    Is it ‘I see the whites in their eyes’ time yet?

  2. 3 tdr May 10, 2010 at 1:10 am

    something to keep in mind which may or may not offer comfort. the only reason we know what is happening within the govt today is because of the internet. these actions by govt are shocking to us today but go back in history, this type of corruption existed since the republic first formed and ran out of check throughout history. the next few years should prove interesting.

  3. 4 Papoose May 10, 2010 at 5:34 am

    Wonder if Sonia Sotomayor is pleased and proud:


    Racism in living color.

  4. 5 tiger 7 May 10, 2010 at 8:28 am

    Yes, tdr, the next few years(months) will be most interesting. A lot of people know the truth, or at least a portion of the truth, and a few people have died in the process. There are a number of reasons why no one has officially spoken out. The primary reason, I feel, now is that as a result of the totally illegal and unAmerican manner in which the Dems handled the health care fiasco, any challenge to bho’s presidency would be dismissed and the Constitution declared nul and void.
    The very future of the country as we know it(have known it) rests with the outcome of the Nov. elections. With control of Congress, the Reps could challenge bho and open the door for the numerous legal actions currently being stifled.
    The malfeasence is so widespread it will take a long time to straighten out but it surely will be interesting when the “ship hits the sand”!!!

    • 6 Dora May 10, 2010 at 12:53 pm

      I don’t have a link to give you, but over the weekend I heard on FOX that 30% of democrats don’t believe that obama is a natural born citizen.

      The fact is – they simply don’t care!

  5. 7 drkate May 10, 2010 at 8:49 am

    That’s a tea party! h/t Radio Patriot

    • 8 Katie May 10, 2010 at 4:23 pm

      This young man has quite the story of changing his life from one of drugs and theft to inspiring others to succeed as he has. He wanted to find out what the Tea Party was all about and walked into one in Waco, TX. He says he expected to be shunned or ignored or ridiculed, and yet found himself surrounded by kind, patriotic and welcoming people of all ages.

      That was a day that changed his life, and when he started a “rap” song at the Denver Tea Party, the crowds were a little uncomfortable to start.

      But he captured everyone’s attention with his words in this song, and by the end, had the biggest applause from the crowd! One of his goals is to use his music to inspire other young kids to learn what the American Dream offers to anyone willing to work for it.

  6. 9 susan h May 10, 2010 at 9:36 am

    Anderson Cooper is not alone in not understanding the “natural born citizen” issue with respect to Obama’s eligibility to be president. He had an “interview” this weekend with Lt. Col Lakin, the man who refuses to go back to Afghanistan until Obama proves proper citizenship and eligibility to be president. Cooper kept asking why did he dispute this when he works with other people and never disputed their citizenship. Cooper just showed his total ignorance of the real issue involved which is not citizenship per se but Obama’s ineligibility to be president based on Obama’s father being Kenyan/British and therefore Obama not being “natural born”. To those who did not see it, Cooper was badgering Col. Lakin, a very soft spoken and non-reactive person, to discuss this when he had his attorney present and wanted to speak through him.


    • 10 terminu May 10, 2010 at 4:26 pm

      Oh, he plenty understands it. It’s his job as NWO agent to obfuscate it and leave the audience plenty confused.

  7. 11 heather May 10, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    Greece will lead the way out of the NWO–NY Times on Friday posted an article that the IMF told the Greek govt to get out of the healthcare industry and the trucking industry and privatize it!

    All this because they know if the euro goes down in Greece the entire Euopean Union goes down!! Seems to me, as I said before, that this crisis with Greece would be the downfall of the NWO. I must have missed that article on Friday and just heard it from Rush. This is great news.

    One by one every EU country will follow Greece. Privatize these businesses to me only means 1 thing—no more evil NWO! Let’s hope and pray this is the case!

  8. 12 Quantum Leap May 10, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Pastor Manning is imploring people to show up. He says if he fails then this BC issue is dead and people will get laughed at. If you live on the right coast and can drive, you should consider it. Stay in cheap Motel over the bridge in NJ

  9. 13 Quantum Leap May 10, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Feeling extreme nausea over all of this. Seniors can no longer pray before they get their meals which are paid for at an agency by FED Gov’t. Google.

  10. 15 Fernley Girl May 10, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    We’re all gonna wake up one morning, go to our computers and read a little message:

    “President Barack Hussien Obama and his administration have temporarily shut down the internet in order to convert to a national utility.”

    Can’t have all that distracting information coming right into our homes unfettered by government minders. Zero’s speech this week at Hampton University made clear his intentions.

  11. 16 Katie May 10, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Obama planning a Dept of Truthiness?
    The register (London UK) ^ | 10th May 2010 | Andrew Orlowski

    Posted on Mon May 10 14:37:13 2010 by opentalk

    Is the Obama Administration preparing the ground for a Ministry of Truthiness? The President’s latest wide-ranging speech at Hampton University made a halt at a very strange outpost, before moving on to education. Obama, it seems, is vexed by the idea of conspiracy theories. Apparently people aren’t thinking the right thoughts.

    Obama’s internet Yoda, Professor Cass Sunstein*, is also besotted with the idea. Two years ago, Sunstein proposed what you might call an ‘active government solution’ to conspiracies.

    The best way to counter conspiracy theories, Sunstein and co-author Adrian Vermeule argued, is with the “cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”. This would entail government sponsoring fake “experts” to appear on the media to provide their own disinformation. It’s as surreal, in its way, as discovering that the CIA sponsored abstract expressionist artists during the Cold War.

    No one is more influential in devising Obama’s internet policy than the prolific Professor Sunstein, on leave from Harvard’s Law School, Obama’s alma mater. His fingerprints are all over Obama’s latest speech.

    At Hampton, Obama warned students they were “coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don’t always rank all that high on the truth meter”, fretting that “some of the craziest claims can quickly claim traction”.

    What did he mean? He specifically mentioned people who think that government is “inherently bad”. This, he said, puts democracy at risk.


    • 17 drkate May 10, 2010 at 10:44 pm

      Democracy is mob rule, but they like to disguise it as ‘government’…it is not.

      The truth is that democracy is anti-government.

      The left is appropriating language here and need to be called out on it.

  12. 18 Katie May 10, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Comcast censoring Glenn Beck??? You decide.

  13. 19 Quantum Leap May 10, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    • Official unemployment rate as of this writing: 9.7%
    • True unemployment rate, including underemployed and those no longer seeking employment: 16.8% — or 1 in 6 workers
    • Total number of people unemployed, underemployed, or involuntarily working part-time: 26.2 million

    Didn’t he promise his robots that he wouldn’t go above 8% if they passed the porkulous bill?

    I’m voting in my State elections. Slim pickings. Good bye Wyden. Good bye Earl Blumenaur. Did you know they started out as punk community organizers?
    So I found a couple tea partiers and the remainder are nonpartisan or brand new on the scene to vote for. Good bye stale candidates. You had your chance. Lick the envelopes and send. I vote in this household. What I say goes because It matters to me. Other wise not.
    Couldn’t find a single repub to vote for…sigh.

  14. 20 Quantum Leap May 10, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    I do not commit fraud. I just do the pickings for our voice/vote.

  15. 21 heather May 10, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Obama needs to be stopped – where are the republicans to stop him or the FBI–he knows that WE are all on to him and he has to shut us up and sit us down……….this is his only way–take the information highway away from us. I for one already pay for internet and now we will pay again? no chance — not going to do it.

    We need to stop him anyway we can.

  16. 23 heather May 10, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Dora–very interesting indeed. Fox? I wish you had a link to this. Fox basically is all that we watch since it’s still somewhat fair and balanced, minus some reporters.

    If you find it can you post it?


  17. 24 Papoose May 10, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    In the midst of a conversation anbout that tramp Arlen specter over at my good friends’, Uppity Woman and was compelled to say:

    Papoose, on May 10, 2010 at 9:18 PM Said:

    Seniors can not bless their bread or say Grace Before Meals but ,

    This Lady can say this; demanding collusion between church and state.


    Our seniors have been feeding the Federal Government for more than a half century as did their spouses, As are we, and their grandchildren.

    Nancy knows it ain’t French, too. (Vaffanculo!)

    Do. You. Believe. This?
    What is Nancy Pelosi saying, Patriots? Is she giving Orders?
    In whose behalf? She does not speak for me.


  18. 25 heather May 10, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Oh how I hate her–what happened to separation of church and state? I thought she swore she is a catholic–and yet she is at a loss for words when she dictates to the catholic church about them pressing immigration.

    And then to say that WE cannot send them back or put them in jail, yet obamacare says that WE will be jailed, pay huge fines, and taxes to support their asses? OMG–OMG—where did this evil thing come from?

    When will we get honest, ethical, and loyal politicians that work FOR THE PEOPLE?

  19. 26 heather May 10, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Yes, she is giving orders to the catholic church—–and I am not a catholic and have nothing against that religion, because it is a belief like my religion, but I believe she is trying to get them in bed with the govt—because she knows that the catholic church controls the masses, especially the hispanics and now she wants to control them.

    She also know that the catholic church is wealthy beyond belief and she wants that wealth too——-there is nothing sacred to these atheists — they hide behind a chosen religion for their benefit only.

  20. 27 Quantum Leap May 10, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    The seniors were warned not to vote for him becuase they would suffer under him but noooooo.
    They no longer get their cost of living increases. This is not the dole. This is money they paid into the system for a lifetime which the greedy crooks spent and BK’d that fund.

    Jews were warned
    Everyone was warned.

    We need a series of landslides this NOv. to insure a win and a few points ahead won’t do.

    Can we make it to NOV? I’m getting very nervous.

  21. 28 heather May 10, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    QL–me too–I too am getting more nervous as time goes by. There is just too many things going on all at once and his czars are in 5th gear racing towards the finish line.

    The internet, the new bail outs for EU, the oil spill, cap and trade, and new ones listed daily. This is not America and our way-nor is any of this constitutional, and I did not vote for him. These taxes are going to bk all of us that haven’t already been bkd.

    Not sure how much longer America can hold on. We must fight back somehow, someway and Nov is a ways off, I just hope the tea partiers hold on and stay active. I hear nothing much from any republican coming out against him, its almost as if they have just given up.

    One point and shake of his finger, with those evil eyes, and that mouth and everyone runs to the nearest corner and cowers–what the hell kind of a person cowers? Chicken little?

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