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The Litmus Test(s)

©2010 drkate

Forget the argument about ‘seniority’ and the perks brought to your state by a Senator or Congressional representative: we now know that’s a ruse to keep the gig going.  And that is NOT what representation is about.   “Club Fed”, led by the celebrity clown in chief, has had a game going on for thirty years where this ‘threat’ is used to quash any opposition.  Pledges of not using ‘litmus tests’ are part of the game.

Well then, game on.  Its time to call your bluff.

Litmus Test. A test in which a single factor (as an attitude, event, or fact) is decisive.

The silver lining in all of this assault on America is that we now know who these politicians are (h/t Papoose), the kinds of questions to ask that expose their anti-American viewpoint, and the focus of the questions to ask.

I submit that we have learned the focus of all of our questions now is the constitution…and it will be this way for the next twenty years to assure we have rid ourselves of the anti-Americans and their sentiment permanently, and that our children are being educated in the arts of  constitutional governance, which include a great deal of personal responsibility.

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Truth and Consequences

©2010 drkate

From now on, the sky that will greet Obama and the socialist anti-Americans in Washington D.C. will look like this:

The Storm

If anyone has seen a sky like this, you know a tornado or two and other severe weather is ahead.  Obama and Congress deserve this storm as they have inflicted wave after wave of harm on Americans, forever forfeiting the consent of the governed.

Now they will be governed by our storm. Our prayers have revealed the silver lining in the clouds…and the people have awakened as quickly as lightening, and are now amassing at the gates of the belligerent. Informed. Aware. Conscious. Focused. Intent.

Trying to tame this energy by buying or co-opting it is like, well, playing with lightening.  Good luck Rinos, the core will never be bought.

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