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The absolute, imminent  danger that faces the  United States with a constitutionally ineligible person acting as President and Commander-in-Chief  can never be underestimated.   Every other constitutional violation that exists now, while true, has no meaning and cannot be addressed, as with an ineligible President, the constitution is not in force.

The national security of the United States is cited as a major reason why the Supreme Court should grant the Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed in the Kerchner v. Obama & Congress case.  That ‘national security’ is now in the hands of a the ineligible Obama, a controlled puppet doing the business of others, under the usurped authority of the United States.

With Obama in office and incapable of acting independently because he is owned by his benefactors,  drugged, and psychologically impaired, his primary national security adviser Brzezinski is now unleashed to implement his the NWO vision using a formula and tools that also target the United States, discussed here and here.  Beyond ‘false flag‘ events, these are deadly attacks in which the United States is implicated through the actions of the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

“Mumbai-Style Attacks” and the CIA

Underwear Bomber, Yemen, the USS Cole

Why did Eric Holder drop the charges against the USS Cole bombers?

Pakistan Destabilization and the new ‘Axis of Evil’

The target?  China

Dismantling the ‘Foreign Entanglement’ Apparatus

This is a long-term and must-do enterprise, and it is essential to the preservation of liberty.  Extra-constitutional ‘agencies’ have been allowed to undertake attacks external and internal to the United States.

Obama has done his job in awakening all of us to this broader reality, and to our required course ahead.  A key step is to pull yank the string of eligibility and see what who spills out of Humpty Dumpty when he falls off the wall.

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  1. 1 drkate October 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    So much more so we can understand what they are doing…attack on Iran back on the table…remember this works with Brzezinski


  2. 2 drkate October 10, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Lyndon LaRouche announced that he has called for the immediate ouster of President Barack Obama, on the basis of the 25th Amendment.


    • 3 Paula October 11, 2010 at 9:18 am

      Excellent write-ups. If the man couldn’t handle the pressure, then he shouldn’t have applied for the puppet job. Masters can be cruel and hateful, which are the exact type he has controlling him. Such slavery is a pitiful state to be in.

      Questions: Do we know for a fact that Mr. Obama is on prescription drugs and having fits of rage? What are the facts pointing to his mental instability? Is Mr. LaRouche a credible source of info.? Just asking for my own “knower”

      I, personally, do not want to see an impeachment, as it is not a legitimate action for Mr. Obama. He must be tried as a criminal and punished according to law. I just wish this impeachment talk would be laid to rest, as it doesn’t fit in this case.

  3. 4 Quantum Leap October 10, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    ot: OMG. Look at this! Proof! Another hit on Humpty Dumpty
    never give up…never. Turn up the heat.
    SOBama is casting actors for his town hall audience.

    This casting call for a “town hall meeting” with Obama was found by Arlen Williams at Gulag Bound, who found it at the Back Stage website. Back Stage describes themselves as “the most trusted place for actors to find performing arts and casting information.”

    What are you doing, October 14th? Would you like to be a “town hall meeting” shill for Barack Obama? According to this official casting notice in Nielsen’s Back Stage site, you still have time to apply and/or audition.
    NO PAY

    Anyone want to see if they get hired so we have more proof?

    Pesident obama town hall DC are casting an audience for a town hall meeting with obama. shooting Oct 14 at 4 pm in DC.
    Seeking Audience Members
    Males and females, 18 +.
    to apply, email townhallaudience@mtvnmix.com and put town hall in the subject line. Include name and phone number, hometown, school attending, your job and what issues if any you are interested in.


    • 5 Paula October 11, 2010 at 9:23 am

      This would be laughable if it wasn’t so pitiful (sad state of affairs in America that people were so bamboozled by this man). Mr. Obama doesn’t know how to do anything except campaign and community organize. How did Americans ever find leadership material in this man? I, personally, do not think he won the election fairly, but through voter fruad.

  4. 6 Arnie Rosner October 10, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    The individual members of Congress are culpable for this situation. We need to demand the immediate arrest of all members of the 111th Congress. This would just be the beginning.

    All members of any organization who have taken the oath to protect the constitution have the solemn obligation and the necessary authority to implement this action.

    It is critical to note the oath is directly to protect the constitution. On that basis no countermanding directives from any person or department can be used to interfere with an oath taker’s primary responsibility to protect the Constitution.

    So the time has come for all of the Americans who have taken the oath to stand up and do your job. There are no excuses!

    Here is the FBI directive and the logic that demands this action!

    FBI Oath of office

    Early in the morning, on their first full day at the FBI Academy, 50 new-agent trainees, dressed in conservative suits and more than a little anxious about their new careers, stand as instructed by the assistant director of the FBI and raise their right hands. In unison, the trainees repeat the following words as they are sworn in as employees of the federal government:

    I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    At the end of their academy training, and as part of the official graduation ceremony, these same new-agent trainees once again will stand, raise their right hands, and repeat the same oath. This time, however, the oath will be administered by the director of the FBI, and the trainees will be sworn in as special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Similar types of ceremonies are conducted in every state, by every law enforcement agency, for every officer across the country. And, each officer promises to do one fundamentally important thing—support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    Note* This link was too damming to the FBI and was deactivated
    The Constitution of the United States (http://www.fbi.gov/publications/leb/2009/september2009/oath.htm)

    It is significant that we take an oath to support and defend the Constitution and not an individual leader, ruler, office, or entity.

    This is true for the simple reason that the Constitution is based on lasting principles of sound government that provide balance, stability, and consistency through time. A government based on individuals—who are inconsistent, fallible, and often prone to error—too easily leads to tyranny on the one extreme or anarchy on the other. The founding fathers sought to avoid these extremes and create a balanced government based on constitutional principles.

  5. 7 Troy October 10, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    Found this in “Comments” here:

    Several years ago I came across a website that gave the timeline implementation of the NWO. It goes back a bit further than the 1950′s but is well into the making as we speak. Dr. Jerome (Jerry) Corsi is a PhD in Economics from Harvard. Five of his books have been on the top 10 list of the New York Times … including “ObamaNation” and “America for Sale.”

    Jerry gave me some coaching with my book, “Save America Now,” as it was being written. He shared these thoughts with me the other day.

    The USA is not in a recession or a depression. The USA is suffering from a massive redistribution of wealth on a global scale that is being orchestrated by the New World Order and executed in the USA by Barack Hussein Obama and liberals … especially those in the media, government, and education. The financial pain in the USA will continue for quite some time until the standard of living of average Americans is equal to the average of the rest of the world … or unless the American people stop participating in this communization of the world.

    The ultimate goal of the world elite is to have a dramatic reduction of people in the world which will result in less consumption of world resources. To accomplish this, people need to be relocated … like with more immigration to the USA. These World Order Communists see two classes, an elite and a socialized mass. The losers in this will be the American people, families, and Christianity.

    Jerry predicts that Obama will make the following announcements sometime after the November, 2010 elections. He will wait until then so the announcements do not impact Democrats negatively in the elections. Obama will tell America that the USA is close to bankruptcy, therefore, a value added tax (VAT) is needed in addition to all other taxes. This VAT will tax “all” Americans. He will ask Congress to pass a law that will mandate that all personal pension accounts (401 K, IRA, etc) must invest in a stipulated minimum amount of government debt because foreigners are not investing as much as needed to cover the national debt. And he will ask the Federal Reserve to increase their purchases of Treasury Notes.

    The result of those announcements will be a tax revolt in America that will be the largest in the history of the country. Because of healthcare insurance and these additional taxes, the average cumulative taxes paid by the average working American will jump from 54% of income to 65%. The liberal 20% of America will continue to agree with what he is doing. The other 80% of America will revolt because:

    They will see him as a liar and a deceiver.
    They will question his ties to Islam, his ties to Communism, and his citizenship.
    They will understand his deliberate violations of the US Constitution.
    Jerry predicts that Obama will be a one term president…if that…and that Democrats will turn to Hillary Clinton for 2012. The ground work has already started for this.

    Therefore, these are my thoughts. We all need to educate everyone that we know that America is financially in trouble because of the deliberate actions of liberals since they took control of Congress at the end of 2006. We cannot let the Democrats wait to discuss their world order redistribution of wealth until after the elections. We must stop this path of USA financial destruction. This affects everyone in the USA from young to old to workers to retired to men to women to unions to executives to rich to poor.

    Everyone in the USA lives much better than the average person in the rest of the world. So this world redistribution of wealth is affecting all of us … not just the rich. And we must stop it now. We must stop Obama. And we must stop the power to destroy America from being handed to Clinton or any other liberal elitists.

    Michael Master is the author of “Save America Now!”

  6. 8 Quantum Leap October 10, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Yes and to add to that have you all heard of communitarian?
    Every policy the Tea Party has protested is based entirely in communitarian ideology.
    This the writer says needs to be the Tea Party talking point.

    Read this and weep

  7. 9 Papoose October 11, 2010 at 7:02 am

    I think it was a dress rehearsal to see what would occur if the Congress led by the Sneaker Of The House carrying a three foot gavel marched through throngs of Americans with an air of ‘up yours.

    They learned on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 that the American citizens would do nothing in light of fraud, bribery, strong-arming, back-door meetings in thrusting an antiAmerican, antiConstitutional way of life upon them.

    We The People said, okay, you can own me and we will obey your orders. Then we went home to await the encumberance.

  8. 10 Helen October 11, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    dk – we have a hydrology question for you over at the T-Room. Could you stop by for a few minutes to chat with us. thanks, h

  9. 12 Rich T October 18, 2010 at 10:19 am

    I thought this was the most apporiate title to post this under. It appears that TSA is on the liberties busting binge again.

    Read below about a pilot in Memhis who refused a AIT scan and the pat down that TSA said was required for an “OPT OUT”.

    In his report the police & TSA investigation did not care about him being worried about his civil liberties being taken away. They were ANNOYED he questioned their authority.

    sorry for th elong post.


    My name is Michael Roberts, and I am a pilot for ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., based in Houston (that is, I still am for the time being). This morning as I attempted to pass through the security line for my commute to work I was denied access to the secured area of the terminal building at Memphis International Airport. I have passed through the same line roughly once per week for the past four and a half years without incident. Today, however, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at this checkpoint were using one of the new Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) systems that are currently being deployed at airports across the nation. These are the controversial devices featured by the media in recent months, albeit sparingly, which enable screeners to see beneath people’s clothing to an extremely graphic and intrusive level of detail (virtual strip searching). Travelers refusing this indignity may instead be physically frisked by a government security agent until the agent is satisfied to release them on their way in what is being touted as an “alternative option” to AIT. The following is a somewhat hastily drafted account of my experience this morning.

    As I loaded my bags onto the X-ray scanner belt, an agent told me to remove my shoes and send them through as well, which I’ve not normally been required to do when passing through the standard metal detectors in uniform. When I questioned her, she said it was necessary to remove my shoes for the AIT scanner. I explained that I did not wish to participate in the AIT program, so she told me I could keep my shoes and directed me through the metal detector that had been roped off. She then called somewhat urgently to the agents on the other side: “We got an opt-out!” and also reported the “opt-out” into her handheld radio. On the other side I was stopped by another agent and informed that because I had “opted out” of AIT screening, I would have to go through secondary screening. I asked for clarification to be sure he was talking about frisking me, which he confirmed, and I declined. At this point he and another agent explained the TSA’s latest decree, saying I would not be permitted to pass without showing them my naked body, and how my refusal to do so had now given them cause to put their hands on me as I evidently posed a threat to air transportation security (this, of course, is my nutshell synopsis of the exchange). I asked whether they did in fact suspect I was concealing something after I had passed through the metal detector, or whether they believed that I had made any threats or given other indications of malicious designs to warrant treating me, a law-abiding fellow citizen, so rudely. None of that was relevant, I was told. They were just doing their job.

    Eventually the airport police were summoned. Several officers showed up and we essentially repeated the conversation above. When it became clear that we had reached an impasse, one of the more sensible officers and I agreed that any further conversation would be pointless at this time. I then asked whether I was free to go. I was not. Another officer wanted to see my driver’s license. When I asked why, he said they needed information for their report on this “incident” – my name, address, phone number, etc. I recited my information for him, until he asked for my supervisor’s name and number at the airline. Why did he need that, I asked. For the report, he answered. I had already given him the primary phone number at my company’s headquarters. When I asked him what the Chief Pilot in Houston had to do with any of this, he either refused or was simply unable to provide a meaningful explanation. I chose not to divulge my supervisor’s name as I preferred to be the first to inform him of the situation myself. In any event, after a brief huddle with several other officers, my interrogator told me I was free to go.

    As I approached the airport exit, however, I was stopped again by a man whom I believe to be the airport police chief, though I can’t say for sure. He said I still needed to speak with an investigator who was on his way over. I asked what sort of investigator. A TSA investigator, he said. As I was by this time looking eagerly forward to leaving the airport, I had little patience for the additional vexation. I’d been denied access to my workplace and had no other business keeping me there.

    “Am I under arrest?” I asked.

    “No, he just needs to ask you some more questions.”

    “But I was told I’m free to go. So… am I being detained now, or what?”

    “We just need to hold you here so he can…”

    “Hold me in what capacity?” I insisted.

    “Detain you while we…”

    Okay, so now they were detaining me as I was leaving the airport facility.

    A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    We stood there awkwardly, waiting for the investigator while he kept an eye on me. Being chatty by nature, I asked his opinion of what new procedures might be implemented if someday someone were to smuggle an explosive device in his or her rectum or a similar orifice. Ever since would-be terrorist Richard Reid set his shoes on fire, travelers have been required to remove their footwear in the security line. And the TSA has repeatedly attempted to justify these latest measures by citing Northwest flight 253, on which Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab scorched his genitalia. Where, then, would the evolution of these policies lead next?

    “Do you want them to board your plane?” he asked.

    “No, but I understand there are other, better ways to keep them off. Besides, at this point I’m more concerned with the greater threat to our rights and liberties as a free society.”

    “Yeah, I know,” he said. And then, to my amazement, he continued, “But somebody’s already taken those away.”

    “Maybe they have,” I conceded, watching the throng of passengers waiting their turn to get virtually naked for the federal security guards.

    As a side note, I cannot refrain here from expressing my dismay and heartbreak over a civil servant’s personal resignation to the loss of civil liberty among the people by whom he is employed to protect and serve. If he no longer affirms the rights and freedom of his fellow citizens, one can only wonder exactly what he has in view as the purpose of his profession.

    The TSA investigator arrived and asked for my account of the situation. I explained that the agents weren’t allowing me to pass through the checkpoint. He told me he had been advised that I was refusing security screening, to which I replied that I had willingly walked through the metal detector with no alarms, the same way I always do when commuting to work. He then briefed me on the recent screening policy changes and, apparently confused, asked whether they would be a problem for me. I stated that I did indeed have a problem with the infringement of my civil rights and liberty.

    His reply: “That’s irrelevant.”

    It wasn’t irrelevant to me. We continued briefly in the conversation until I recognized that we were essentially repeating the same discussion I’d already had with the other officers and agents standing by. With that realization, I told him I did not wish to keep going around and around with them and asked whether he had anything else to say to me. Yes, he said he did, marching indignantly over to a table nearby with an air as though he were about to do something drastic.

    “I need to get your information for my report,” he demanded.

    “The officer over there just took my information for his report. I’m sure you could just get it from him.”

    “No, I have to document everything separately and send it to TSOC. That’s the Transportation Security Operations Center where we report…”

    “I’m familiar with TSOC,” I assured him. “In fact, I’ve actually taught the TSA mandated security portion of our training program at the airline.”

    “Well, if you’re an instructor, then you should know better,” he barked.

    “Really? What do you mean I ‘should know better’? Are you scolding me? Have I done something wrong?”

    “I’m not saying you’ve done something wrong. But you have to go through security screening if you want to enter the facility.”

    “Understood. I’ve been going through security screening right here in this line for five years and never blown up an airplane, broken any laws, made any threats, or had a government agent call my boss in Houston. And you guys have never tried to touch me or see me naked that whole time. But, if that’s what it’s come to now, I don’t want to enter the facility that badly.”

    Finishing up, he asked me to confirm that I had been offered secondary screening as an alternative “option” to ATS, and that I had refused it. I confirmed. Then he asked whether I’d “had words” with any of the agents. I asked what he meant by that and he said he wanted to know whether there had been “any exchange of words.” I told him that yes, we spoke. He then turned to the crowd of officers and asked whether I had been abusive toward any of them when they wanted to create images of my naked body and touch me in an unwelcome manner. I didn’t hear what they said in reply, but he returned and finally told me I was free to leave the airport.

    As it turned out, they did reach the chief pilot’s office in Houston before I was able to. Shortly after I got home, my boss called and said they had been contacted by the TSA. I suppose my employment status at this point can best be described as on hold.

    Fresh food that lasts from eFoods Direct (Ad)

    It’s probably fairly obvious here that I am outraged. This took place today (now yesterday, when I wrote all this down), 15 October 2010. Anyone who reads this is welcome to contact me for confirmation of the details or any additional information I can provide. The dialog above is quoted according to my best recollection, without embellishment or significant alteration except for the sake of clarity. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for legal counsel – preferably a firm with a libertarian bent and experience resisting this kind of tyrannical madness. This is not a left or right, red or blue state issue. The very bedrock of our way of life in this country is under attack from within. Please don’t let it be taken from us without a fight.

    Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium

    Michael S. Roberts
    3794 Douglass Ave.
    Memphis, TN 38111

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