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Regime Change

©2010 drkate

WikiLeaks’ disclosures are not a threat to America. But they are an immense threat to the current regime, because they represent a colossal indictment of its incompetence and doltishness. ~V. Kohlmayer

The timing  of prankster Obama’s release of the wikileaks information was too obvious to miss this time around: divert attention away from

  • The betrayal of the Constitution by the Supreme Court in the Kerchner petition
  • The defeat and message of the 2010 elections
  • The lame duck Congress wreaking havoc on family gardens, doctors, jobless people, and millions of working Americans
  • LTC Terry Lakin’s Court Martial
  • Unconstitutional and useless airport ‘pat downs’ and irradiation of the public with the xray scanners
  • Russia and China’s dumping of the U.S. dollar
  • The missile fired off the coast of California

…just to name a few of the constant assault on America that obama represents…

And just in case you forgot, the threat to his media buddies, to prosecute  wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and the threatened arrest of others is a not-so subtle message that he could use this to shut down the net when he wants to.

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Supreme Court COWARDS

©2010 drkate

The time has arrived, Patriots.  Our entire system has been corrupted, and the cowardice of the Supreme Court has been fully exposed.  There is no legal reason why the Kerchner Petition was denied, obviously the Supremes were unable to come up with a single reason why they denied cert.

They couldn’t come up with a reason–except ‘politics’–and that wouldn’t look very Supreme Court like, now would it?

We know that Kerchner and Apuzzo are right on the law…not one argument put up by Obama’s team went to the merits of the case.  And they argued that we don’t have standing, as the American people…they urged the court to ignore the law, the constitution, history, and the people it is supposed to serve.

This lack of response to the merits means that Kerchner proved Obama is ineligible.

There is no more conspiracy…it is true, the United States government was overthrown in 2008. And the Supreme Court has now effectively stated that anyone can be president in our country, to heck with Article II or any aspect of the constitution.

We must acknowledge that God does have a plan; that this defeat is part of it.  He has placed in our way even more challenges…would the removal of Obama have placated our souls so that we would do no more work for our Country?  Would we go ‘back to our lives’?

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.  Remember, the danger for LTC Terry Lakin is now immensely greater.  And our national security is at great risk.

I’ve got lots more to say, and plans are already hatching.  To those obots and obamathugs watching this blog, you won’t know of these plans until they hit you.

Courage and the Constitution:  this is our clarion call.  All your life has prepared you for this moment.

Courage and the Constitution

©2010 drkate

An Open Letter to Commander Charles Kerchner and Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin

CDR Charles Kerchner

As we stand on the eve of one of the most important moments in our Nation’s history,  I want to thank you for your courage, commitment, and honor in standing up for  the Constitution for the United States of America.

You both have put the safety and security of our Nation above any interest of self, fortune,  or career… something I have felt and feel personally.  I humbly acknowledge the gift you are giving our Nation…a courage so profound that the only other place it is seen is on the battlefield.

LTC Terrence Lakin

History will write of this time that there were those who stood– unabashedly and with great intellect, fundamental knowledge of our foundation and roots as Americans, and courage–against the tyranny of the usurpation of the White House by a foreign agent aided by enemies within. Your names will be among those who are the true Constitutional heroes.

Standing on Constitutional grounds, you have laid bare the deception, and carved a way to correct it and move forward.  Just the way our Founders intended.

And we, the undersigned, pledge that we have your backs no matter what happens…at this grave hour, tirelessly we too will defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,  so help me God.

Thank you,  Sirs

Roots of the Usurpation-1913

©2010 drkate

Jekyll Island Club Postcard, GA

Almost 100 years later, the destructive events of 1913 have come to fruition as the excruciating moment we are living in the united States, and in the form of the direct usurpation of the White House by foreigner Obama.

That a usurpation has happened in our Country, given the protections outlined in the Constitution, means that fundamental components of the republic have been severely damaged and are broken–the monetary system, the proper role of a federal government, state sovereignty, national security, and individual responsibility.  A perfect storm.

A great deal of that destruction began during the year 1913, when the progressive era ushered in by Teddy Roosevelt became ‘reality’ with the arrival of Woodrow Wilson in March 1913.  Legislation and two Constitutional Amendments were rushed through in 1913 that would set the stage for the erosion of fundamental cornerstones and institutions of our Republic.

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Giving Thanks

©2010 drkate

Happy Thanksgiving!

George Washington

George Washington’s 1789 proclamation of Thanksgiving was for a day of public thanksgiving and prayer…

to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to eftablifh a form of government for their safety and happiness:”

Then, with a government anew and the whole future ahead of the young nation, everyone knew the words, phrases, the history, the blood and lives lost, ‘all the soldiers, who cannot get older’…remembering and giving thanks to Providence:

that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our fincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the fignal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpofitions of His providence in the courfe and conclufion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have fince enjoyed;– for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enable to eftablish Conftitutions of government for our fafety and happinefs, and particularly the national one now lately instituted;– for the civil and religious liberty with which we are bleffed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffufing useful knowledge;

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Full Court Press–on the Press

©2010 drkate

The controlled opposition media, after two plus years of dancing around and avoiding the ineligibility of Barack Obama for the White House, finally let it slip yesterday that “we have an impostor serving in the White House“.

That same day, of course, the Kerchner v Obama & Congress Petition was heard in conference at the Supreme Court. Not a coincidence…we have suggested here that if Obama blows the NWO handler’s agenda that the eligibility issue would be ‘allowed’ to proceed…either at the Supreme Court level or in Congress. So a popular radio host who has been dissing birther- constitutionalists makes this bold leap and…

Crickets from the press lame stream media. Crickets from Obama supporters and blogs.I mean not even criticism.  But did Rush bother to mention Lt. Col Terry Lakin?

And crickets from Obama…the “Justice” Department waived its right to respond to Kerchner’s Petition for Writ…after arguing for no standing in all the other cases it would have hurt their position to respond, a risk they are taking.

But in that refusal to respond, Obama is  asking the Supreme Court to ignore the Constitution, ignore the law, ignore history, and to ignore the standing guaranteed to American citizens in the Constitution.  And he would have argued the same thing if he had responded to the Kerchner petition. A good trap, yes?  Let’s call it the “Apuzzo trap” from now on… 🙂

Ha! Using the constitution against Obama…more guts and common sense than 535 so-called lawmakers.

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Kerchner v. Obama & Congress Scheduled for Supreme Court Conference November 23, 2010

©2010 Cmdr. Charles Kerchner


Kerchner v Obama & Congress et al Petition for Writ of Certiorari scheduled for Conference on Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010, with U.S. Supreme Court.

We are living through history in the making. Please read or re-read this historic Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court asking them to support and defend the Constitution … in particular Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, the presidential constitutional eligibility clause.

Read or re-read the Petition then read this ad. Copies attached for your convenience. Then meditate on the words in both and then pray that the Justices do the right thing on Tuesday and support and defend our Constitution and Republic and grant Certiorari and take up our case and seek the truth about Mr. Obama the usurper, impostor, and fraud now occupying the Oval Office.

Mr. Obama and his puppet masters and his enablers in political power and in the main stream media have perpetrated and allowed to continue the greatest fraud on this nation in the history of our Republic and he needs to be exposed and removed.  See the  Washington Times National Weekly Edition, 22 November 2010, p. 5 for an overview of the Petition and the issues.

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Unacceptable Risk

©2010 drkate

The national security  of the United States is the primary reason the Founders specified the ‘natural born Citizen’ criterion for the position of President–to prevent the foreign invasion of the White House and our Armed Forces.

With Obama, we have no Commander in Chief, no President.  He is a foreigner  who is not watching out for our safety. Here is Commander Kerchner’s take on the risk that Congress is taking on all of our behalf by failing to address eligibility: Politics and Eligibility

Our military is spread across the globe with rules of engagement that tie their hands behind their backs and terrorist attacks against our citizens and military are increasing–inside our country. And just last week, a most likely foreign missile was launched from a sub or platform off our own coast which is a serious matter and an omen that our homeland defenses are in a shambles.

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Dark is the Night

©2010 drkate

The losers lined up whining in front of the television cameras, their disdain for Americans dripping from the tone of their voices.  Mortally wounded, they brazenly dismiss their own blood thirsty agenda as the cause of their party’s distress.  And like nothing happened, they march on through their agenda.  Oh they know what they are doing: Americans don’t have their taxes raised  only if they give in on cap and trade, the START treaty, and the DREAM act.  And the RINOs, still too willing to play, willingly cripple the incoming Congress along with the bitter democrats, exposed by their own greediness and their ‘leaders’.

Promising many dark nights to come.

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Kerchner and Apuzzo Interview on Revolution Radio

©2010 drkate

In case you missed it, the Revolution Radio interview with Commander Charles Kerchner and Attorney Mario Apuzzo is available here for your listening pleasure.The interview focused on the Petition for Writ of Certioriari filed in the Kerchner v. Obama & Congress case.  As the last interview before the November 23 Supreme Court conference on the case, it was a rare opportunity to talk with these two defenders of our Constitution.

Why we need to have a definition of ‘natural born Citizen‘:

Standing and the Constitution

©2010 drkate

Indeed, Obama has no right to the Office of President and Commander in Chief. He can only occupy that office at the pleasure, discretion, and option of the People which includes the Kerchner petitioners. And the Kerchner petitioners, showing that both Congress and the Executive have failed to protect them and their individual rights guaranteed to them under the U.S. Constitution and in their effort to therefore protect themselves, have every right to take their claims to a court of law for the purpose of enforcing their personal and individual right to that protection. ~Mario Apuzzo

The central argument used by Obama’s legal defense to  prevent questions of his eligibility from reaching the discovery phase revolves around whether the plaintiffs have standing to bring a question before the court, and if the court has the jurisdiction to hear the case. Whether the court has jurisdiction to take a question depends in part upon whether the plaintiffs have presented specific evidence that the injury claimed is ‘concrete and particularized’.

This is the first question presented to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Petition for Writ of Certiorari submitted by Mario Apuzzo on behalf of Commander Kerchner, which has been distributed to the Justices for conference on November 23:

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Obama’s Choice

©2010 drkate



If Obama can’t or won’t make this choice, how can he  lead the United States?

Shooting the Messenger

©2010 drkate

Imagine yourself in the boots of LTC Terrence Lakin, respecting, following, living this Chain of Command your whole working career.  Sharing the pride in being a member of the U.S. military as a defender of the Republic. Conducting your job as a medical officer in theaters around the world.  Participating in the amazing story of America as the will of a people–demonstrated in part by the civilian leadership of our Armed Forces.  Shown on a wall in the Pentagon, it is reinforced every day.

One day, a high-flying, inexperienced perpetual candidate pops up out of nowhere and posts the equivalent of  nothing on a website. He claims to be a ‘native’ of America and born in Hawaii to some ‘African’ man and an underage white girl of U.S. citizenship.  The entire media and the Congress bury the fraudulent document and a fraudulent presentation of credentials and anyone who questions them.

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Facing our True Enemies

©2010 drkate

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) recently reviewed the 2010 election results, conceding that the republican win was a ‘setback’ for the “party of labor and the people”.  In plain site, the progressives, democrats, labor unions, and the CPUSA demonstrate their collusion–

The shocking aspect of this podcast is the extent to which they believe their own bullsh**–that most of America wants the communist/ progressive agenda.  The lies are fast and furious.
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Boiling Point

©2010 drkate

The discovery of the Congressional Research Service memorandum that Congress used to thwart inquiries by millions of citizens on Obama’s eligibility is a straw great enough to break this camel’s back.  It demonstrates the Congress, with full use of resources we have provided them through our tax dollars, abusing that  power to crush the American people.  From Attorney Apuzzo:

This internal memorandum to Members of Congress is the smoking gun that absolutely proves that every Member of Congress knew that Obama was never vetted by anyone or any institution as to his constitutional eligibility to be President and Commander in Chief of the military … and yet Congress did NOTHING about it. This lack of vetting by anyone was detailed starting on page 19 of the Kerchner et al v Obama et al Complaint filed in Jan 2009.

How dare the republicans–laughing at birthers with the democrats and their hands dirty with this memo leaked–now claim they have a mandate to continue this charade as they gobble up the spoils of America before we even get home the next day after work? Never mentioning eligibility, just because no one is required to vet a candidate?

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Calling Obama’s Bluff

©2010 drkate

America’s Tienanmen Square is coming–heck, it is already here.  If you don’t believe that our lives are at stake with a usurper occupying the White House, ask Lt. Col. Lakin.

LTC. Terry Lakin, Calling Obama's Bluff

Remember, LTC Lakin is facing being mowed over by a tank hard labor in Leavenworth because he called Obama’s bluff dared to ask Obama to prove himself eligible to order men into war.  Obama would rather put a decorated army officer in jail than produce a $20 piece of paper.

LTC Lakin is defending our Constitution and our rights–do not let this brave man get run down in broad daylight.  Remember there are others standing right there too–Commander Charles Kerchner, in fact standing despite all who say there is none.

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Progressives Think They Won

©2010 drkate

It is noticeable that in the face of the greatest electoral defeat of a party in history, the democrats are still crowing that they won the 2010 mid-term elections…primarily because they lost only a few of their 80-member progressive caucus in the House:

… the hard left, nearly 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus, remained largely intact in the aftermath of last Tuesday’s elections…while so called “centrist” or moderate democrats lost hugely, the Progressives lost only three members Alan Grayson, John Hall and Phil “don’t worry about the Constitution” Hare.  To Institute of Policy Studies Dolan this means that Obama and the remaining Democrats now have nothing to lose by pushing hard to the left….and that Obama should “do the right thing through as many Executive Orders as we can present to him.”

The last sentence gives the progressives away as dictators–proposing that Obama use dictatorial powers to ram his agenda of destruction down America’s throat, or as the Executive Order implies, run right over us.

No one here denies this continued threat to our liberty and to America that the progressives regressives pose.  But I’d like to point out that the progressives have blown 100+ years of effort by being greedy and stupidly transparent in the last two years with their agenda of American hatred and destruction.  While they still may have their 80 members, they are a minority in the House and now much more vulnerable because they are exposed.  And they are exposed to an increasingly aware, never to turn back in that awareness, American public.

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Dare to Caption This!

©2010 drkate

😯  and speechless.

Anybody missing curtains  or tablecloths ?

Removing Obama

©2010 drkate

[Update: Obama and Congress waive right to respond to petition for writ in Kerchner Case.]

Now that the Obama-socialist-democrat-dominated House and Senate has had a log thrown in its tracks, and is in disarray, it is an opportune moment to review and regroup in ferreting out the strategies to remove Obama based on his lack of eligibility. Having lost his first layer of protection, and potentially his NWO backing, Obama’s eligibility shield has cracks that can only get larger, if we widen them effectively.

Make no mistake, we are facing a corrupt judiciary, one which has scorned this constitutional question and laughed at avoiding it.  We understand that the entire Congress willfully ignored their oath of office while others actively committed fraud against the American people and the 50 states.  The fraud is deep and widespread, which means that we the people are going to have to enforce the constitution, and make them enforce it.

A variety of methods have been discussed to remove Obama, all of them Constitutional.  The major criteria for for evaluating any of these options should include:

  • which option provides for the invalidation of all of his actions, appointments and laws signed?
  • which option provides for immediate relief?
  • which option will provide for a definition of ‘natural born citizen’, or provide a pathway to a definition?
  • is there any option that would prevent prosecution of Obama for the numerous crimes committed during his candidacy and occupation of the White House?

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Americans Love America

©2010 drkate

…and know she is a work in progress, borne of a timeless ideal of liberty…

I am preparing a long post on the Kerchner case–and pause this evening to share with you a song which came to mind as I thank Americans and thank our Creator-God for the love shown on Tuesday November 2, 2010.  Expecting no favor, such grace provides shelter, a time to regroup after the first ambush unfolded quickly before our eyes.

Tuck and Patti are long ago acquaintances–you remember those days of following bands around? 😳  Their music travels beyond the love they have for each other, a small way to celebrate the victories across our nation Tuesday:

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Pay Your Own Way

©2010 drkate

Unbelievable. Reports are coming in about Obama’s plan to take more than 1,000 people on his vacation to India and Indonesia at a cost to taxpayers of $200 million per day.  His bomb scare false flag spoof (trick or treason) cover-up has been blown.  He’s even incompetent about that.

No, you won’t.

After the kick in the ass rebuke he received from the American people, either he cuts the trip down to the essential people and one or two planes, don’t go, or everyone who goes must pay their own way.  You know, reimburse the treasury of the United States.

His purpose? He is visiting mosques, giving addresses to the Indonesian people, and attending other summits partying in the region.  Or like Lame Cherry suggests, perhaps he is visiting his deity, you know, the one he carries in his pocket.

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Never Fooled Again

©2010 drkate

Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it does.  My life depends on your voting too.

Open thread for election reporting!

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