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I am finally home after three days of the trial, two missed planes, a snowstorm, and a seven hour drive.  There is so much to report on:  the venue, the script, the court room drama and theatrics; the Medal of Honor winner who told his subordinate to lie; the purposely intimidating security,  the prosecution’s ridicule of  Lakin’s supporters the American people, the obots in the room, the defense team’s humiliation of their own client,  and the fundamental denial of justice for the Lt. Col. Dr. Terrence Lakin.

Forever in my mind Lt. Col. Terry Lakin will be The Honorable Lt. Col. Dr. Terrence Lakin, a Founder of the Second American Republic.  Remember what was done to the first Founders, those early souls who directly challenged the authority of the tyrant British King? Think about what could have happened here, and praise the grace and mercy for this Soldier of Truth.

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  1. 1 cort wrotnowski December 17, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    You can be sure I am waiting to hear your details. will it be possible to communicate with LTC Lakin when he is in jail?

    Is any of what you have described in any way “actionable”?

    Is there a way to get complete transcripts of “Judge” Lind’s remarks. I want to analyze them.

  2. 2 Quantum Leap December 18, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    drkate, I was thinking of you all night and hoping you’d get home safely.
    What a few couple days huh? The site was going nuts. It looks like the virus twerps have left. They made it difficult for us to post.

    Here’s the reason this didn’t pan out…. George Soros/Shwartz, the closeted Jew. And Barry Soetoro aka Steve Dunham born of one American parent.

    Keep it up. Turn up the heat. Everyone KNOWS he is ineligible and violated the law.
    Even the paid rObots know. They get paid to say the shat that they say. They know he’s ineligible and think barry is a boob but they need the money.

    Someone explain this: the green road sign in Kenya that says “Welcome to Kenya, Home of Barack Hussein Obama”
    Street signs don’t lie. His own wife, “Mrs sasquatch”, told an entire audience that he was bron in Kenya. Boot the bum out. His allegiance is elsewhere.

    Why should a decorated soldier take orders from a phoney CIC? His troop’s lives were on the line. I would not have gone either. Especially with the current rules of engagement supported by the fraud in chief.

    Smack down on soros/shwartz. The funder of the DNC, Pelosi, Reid, slowbama. And the market manipulator to boot……..

    Slowbama is part retarded. But the “new socialist dem party” have siezed our language and of course they end up saying he’s brilliant. Brilliant my arse.

    Heck they even did petty crap like change the names of cigarettes to alter reality as in : ‘Lights’ can only be called ‘Gold’s’ now.
    These are some stoopid bestards.

    It looks like we’ll be in Afganistan protecting the poppies for the remainder of slowbama’s term. That is if we can’t get his stinkin’ arse out of the people’s house.

    rObots got punked. They were promised that if they vote for the usurper in chief he’d pull out of the war immediately, er……then 6 months….er…then 11 months…then 1 year and now not going to pull out at all …EVER…… WE TOLD YOU SO!
    rObots—>bite me! You are going down with the rest of us if we continue to have this mentally ill phoney posing as president Of POTUS.

  3. 3 Gene December 18, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Quantum Leap — That sign was probably photoshopped by OBOTS to embarrass us if we buy into it. And you’re right, they were probably paid big bucks to do it. Anyway, the sign fake is taken from another sign in another country as can be easily proven. See for yourself at this link:

    • 4 RacerJim December 19, 2010 at 10:10 am

      The OBOTS are good at Photoshopping…the three versions of Obama’s/Soetoro’s COLB they’ve posted are so visually desparate that two of them have to be fake, which doesn’t necessarily mean the third one is authentic.

  4. 5 Quantum Leap December 19, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Gene-Okay. Thanks for the clarification but are you sure?

    Anyway, I KNOW for a fact that these people are paid bloggers and can prove it. Their paycheck comes from the groups that the democratic party formed. 2 groups…something for america and the other slowbama group..anyone know the names? I can’t remember right now but you all know the names. They get paid 10 dollars per hour. On call and could be long shifts including weekends. Onsite at the Democratic Party call center. You read it here on this little blog. These bloggers are just doing a job with a script and can stray from the script. Most just do it for the pay and could care less about slowbama. Notice the one liners and their loss for words at times. They love to make everything into a joke. I know the kids who do this. When not doing this they steal clothes from the goodwill donation bin and sell them to resale stores. They’d sell their soul to the devil if they knew how to and if it came with a paycheck. I’m certain of it. I’m not speculating! DNC is their employer funded by soros/shwartz and missing stimulous money. dk can email me and I will send her proof.

  5. 6 citizenwells December 19, 2010 at 8:46 am

    God bless.

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