Military Court Hears Doubts of Obama’s Eligibility

©2010 drkate

During the penalty phase of the Court Martial, doubt of Obama’s eligibility was the elephant on the witness stand.

I presume its legal to have this elephant occupy the couch?

Having now pleaded guilty to the second lesser charges, and found guilty on the first, more serious charge, Judge Lind wasted no time in moving to the sentencing phase for the Court Martial of Lt. Col Terrence Lakin.  The surprise was that the prosecution immediately played the Terry Lakin tape, the one where he told the world he was refusing orders until Obama has proven that his orders are legal…so Lakin is denied his defense but the prosecution is allowed to introduce this evidence?

This move by the prosecution may have backfired, however, when the ‘gallery’ erupted into loud clapping and cheers, causing the ‘precise’ Judge Lind to lose control over the courtroom and the panel to look flabbergasted despite the starch, stiff shoulders, spiffy shined shoes, and perfectly coiffed hair.  Lakin’s supporters were ultimately used by the prosecution–and the defense— to attempt to diminish his principled stand…suggesting it was we who ‘talked him into it’ and underwrote his entire defense.  A crude prosecution move not executed well by the government’s ‘team b’,  or was it team c?

While the prosecution played the tape to embarrass Lakin, how can anyone not see the intelligence, honesty, and conviction which  conveyed the seriousness and deliberation with which Lakin ‘invited his own Court Martial’ to bring attention to Obama?

And as we were to find out later,  before Lakin had made that tape he had taken his concerns all the way up his chain of command, including the Army Chief of Staff, General Casey.  The tape was his last step after having exhausted all his remedies. The Officer had sounded the alarm and the Army chose to shoot the messenger.

The Army’s Fundamental Flaw

Usurper v USA

The Army’s debasement in this debacle of a Court Martial is that they ignored their own Constitutional duty to ensure the CIC’s qualifications through blind allegiance.  In this regard, our Army is less responsible to its constitution and the American people than the Honduran Army, which did the right thing in removing a dictator who had defied the will of its Congress and the Supreme Court.

The fundamental flaw in the charging papers, in fact, the entire prosecution’s case, was that Obama’s orders were ‘presumed legal’.  This is the core question, and this question was definitively never answered by the chain of command.

Presumed legal‘ is to take for granted that something is legal in the absence of information to the contrary.

What information to the contrary do we have that Obama is not an Article II Natural Born Citizen? Let me count the ways:

In fact, Judge Lind forbade LTC Lakin to ask this question because it would be “’embarassing’ for the pResident”–not because the Army had verified it, or looked at it, or that there was definitive proof that Obama is legal, or that Congress, the media, ‘twitter’, the DNC, or Obama had verified it.  Not even because the services are engaged in war in Afghanistan…i.e., don’t ask this question now.  The Army ignored the question.

They refused to talk with him, instead assumed he was suffering from PTSD.  Never a thought that their most valuable officers might have something to say.

They didn’t even introduce the forged COLB, LOL, guess it would have been perjury. 😛  With all the intelligence assets the Army has at its command, all they have to go on to charge Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is that Obama’s orders are ‘presumed’ legal.  Shameful.  And truly, who needs enemies when you have ‘friends’ like this?

One result  is that the doubt of Obama’s eligibility stands in the transcript of this military Court Martial unchallenged.  The Army presented no proof of his eligibility, and history will mark this event as it has when others have exposed a fundamental truth.  Lakin’s statement stands that Obama’s orders may be unlawful.

Instead of doing their duty, the Army focused on the smallest possible thing–missing an order.  Lakin is charged with running a stop sign and parking illegally while rescuing thousands from a burning building. The people will not be fooled, and Lakin remains a hero.

The Sentence Executed in Court

Hangman's noose as 'justice'

The Army’s fundamental failure to live up to its oath and to treat its Officers with fairness and respect was manifested in the prosecution of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.  The worst part of the sentence was executed right there in court, with the prosecution setting the table and the ‘defense’ team carving up the meal and finishing it off.

The prosecution recalled several of its witnesses, attempting to damn Lakin for failure to do his duty to stop at the stop sign and park properly obey orders. The prosecution was admonished at several points for introducing facts not in evidence in an attempt to show Lakin in the worst light possible.  Generally, the prosecution focused on the disruption of the family life of Lakin’s replacement.  One or two meek objections from defense counsel were overruled by Judge Lind.

At one point the prosecution, gesturing to Lakin’s supporters the American people in the audience,  roared to Lakin that ‘its not your job to safeguard our constitution’…and  while it obviously meant the website of the same name, imagine saying that to an Army officer sworn to protect the constitution!  On the record.  😯

Two solid character witnesses were called in defense of Terry Lakin.  Both were military members who had become friends with LTC Lakin and observed Lakin’s exemplary work in the field, saving lives, providing comfort, his overall value….all spoke highly of him.  They were asked about whether an officer had the right to question procedures or orders and answered in the affirmative, citing the obvious value of  such input.  The prosecutor derided their answers; the defense elicited the responses supportive of Lakin’s decision, including that the American people need to know whether Obama is eligible or not.

The last element of the defense in the penalty phase was the un-sworn testimony of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin…the jury could take it under advisement since he could not be cross-examined, giving it ‘appropriate weight’.  What transpired was the equivalent of a firing squad, followed by humiliation at the point of bayonet,  at the hands of defense counsel:

Acting more like Lakin’s commander than his attorney, Puckett led him through his decision process which relied on advice and encouragement from supporters who seemed more interested in challenging the President’s authority than helping Lakin make better decisions as an Army officer.

Puckett raised his voice and proceeded to point out through questions and answers from Lakin how he had let down his family, the Army, his Soldiers, and those who need his medical services on the battlefield. This defense tactic totally surprised the client, but enabled the jury to see the depth and agony of the moral issues that led Lakin to make those choices.

Lakin’s principled stand was derided and his supporters referred to as ‘cancer’, the Constitution as a ‘mirage’.  Puckett referred to ‘native born’, not ‘natural born citizen’ in his ‘defense’.

U.S. Army Loses Credibility

What kind of army blindly follows orders when those orders unnecessarily cause more deaths and injuries because soldiers cannot fight back?  Do they ‘presume’ this is a good strategy, counter to everything they’ve learned in military practice?  What kind of Army decides not to answer an officer’s questions, and presumes him mentally unbalanced for asking an essential question that duty requires him to?   What kind of Army would betray its citizens and its Constitution?  Certainly not one the Founders nor the Constitution ever envisioned.

The only person who behaved as a soldier and with honor  is Lt. Col. Terry Lakin; the rest of them behaved as politicians: weak and enslaved to their own power and careers.  Purely tools of their political masters, I see now there is no integrity left.  The Army’s leadership is incompetent and unconstitutional.

Who is going to recommend that any of our young people join this Army?  An army where the Chief of Staff and their subordinates say that ‘religion’ had nothing to do with Muslim Hassan’s murder of U.S. Army personnel in Ft. Hood?  Who needs a defense counsel who’s partner agrees that religion has nothing to do with muslim assaults on our military personnel?  Who would join this Army when its retired ‘advocates’ sit in the court room guffawing at the duty to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and while out of the courtroom defend muslim terrorists?  Who would want a judge who eliminates evidence because its embarrassing?  The lack of intellectual honesty, and a sense of duty, is astounding.

Shame on the United States Army leadership!  I hardly think George Washington would be proud of you at all.

George Washington

48 Responses to “Military Court Hears Doubts of Obama’s Eligibility”

  1. 1 True Patriot December 19, 2010 at 10:16 am

    I have to say the legal burden of proof is on Obama, not on LTC Lakin. This Kangaroo Court Martial was a bunch of self appointed thugs doing the bidding of our illegal communist muslim usurping fraud and Jihadist.

    LTC Lakin showed great bravery and courage to bring this to this fraud to the forefront of the American people, with the help of our totally corrupt TV media including “Faux News”.

    LTC Lakin should receive the Medal of Honor for doing what his oath of office requires under our Constitution.

    Judge Lind should be arrested, tried for high crimes and treason against the U.S., and imprisoned, along with all the other frauds trying to destroy America, whether they be in or out of the military branches.

  2. 2 RacerJim December 19, 2010 at 10:30 am

    As the son of a U.S. Army WWII and Korean Conflict Veteran, the older brother of a West Point graduate and a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran myself, it pains me deeply to say, as a result of Lt Colonel Lakin’s Courts Martial, SHAME ON THE U.S. ARMY!

  3. 3 usapatriots-shout December 19, 2010 at 10:47 am

    True Patriot, that is so true.

    Two events happened this week that have caused me so much stress and disappointment that it took me a while to stop crying. The first is LTC Lakin’s alleged trial in the wake of the Ghaliano (sp.?) the jihad terrorist who was acquitted of dozens of charges and found guilty of only one.

    The second was the passing of the “Omnibus Bill” that was supposedly withdrawn by Reid but later passed. How the f*ck did that happen? Of course Michele Evita and Barry went to vacation in Hawaii. I no longer have hope that justice will happen in America and a criminal in the WH will be removed. His net of protection seems to be too well organized.

    It was most painful to realize that this regime is NOT THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. It was a stealth coup de etat by ruthless one world government people who will never give up their treacherous clamp upon their finally acquired rule of America. In a population of nearly 350,000,000 2/3 of Americans do not even realize what happened, do not care and even support the idea that it is perfectly okay to live under a fascist/communist dictatorship. The 1/3 of we Americans who recognize what has happened are being persecuted in thousands of new laws recently passed and just passed in the Omnibus bill. Literally our property and lives are in serious a danger.

  4. 4 bill December 19, 2010 at 11:22 am

    I still say that not holding accountable the Lame Stream Medias for not reporting the facts,the complete facts and nothing but the facts
    there isn’t a snowballs chance in hades,that anything will be accomplished.cheers

    • 5 RacerJim December 19, 2010 at 11:32 am

      Agreed. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets oiled, and unless/until at least one prominent member of the msm starts squeaking…

      • 6 bill December 19, 2010 at 12:18 pm

        Yes RacerJim,but it is up to some stand up Patriots that will throw
        some sand in the bearings,will the wheels start squeaking.cheers

  5. 7 RacerJim December 19, 2010 at 11:48 am

    They had the truth…that Barack Hussein Obama was born to non-U.S. citizen father and therefore is not a “natural born Citizen and therefore is not eligible to serve as POTUS…shoved in their faces by none other than Barack Hussein Obama himself on his very own campaign website. They ignored it then, and have ignored it ever since. Live with your head buried up your arse if you want. We don’t, and won’t.

  6. 8 True Patriot December 19, 2010 at 11:56 am

    A defeatist attitude is what all of the frauds in the lamestream corrupt media are hoping for. Just throw up your hands and give up. \

    Nothing can be done with that type of attitude.

    Thousands are turning off their TV’s, and turning on their Patriot hearts to save this country. It is hard enough to fight all of these Communists infiltrators in our country, do not make it harder with the “give in” attitude.

    Never, never give up. If our forefathers had not fought so hard, we would never have had America.

    We would still be living in England in the dark ages, bowing to the useless Queen with a 50% tax base!!!!!!

    Listen to yourself and change the attitude. We The People have no more time for this discussion. Time to act.

    Call you Congressman and Senators, fly to DC and visit their offices and make your opinions known.

    I was told 4 days ago that no matter what we did they were going to push through the Amnesty Dream Act, so we all blasted the Senate and Congress with calls for a no vote and stayed on them.

    It did not pass. It does matter that you act bravely and move forward. Or you will die under oppression and evil of this present tyrannical bunch of thugs.

    Screw the TV media, they are all corrupt and we Patriots are proving we no longer need them. We have gone off and left them behind. Turn off your TV’s when the trash propaganda comes on.

    Make a difference. And you can make a difference. Just do not buy into this defeatist crap. That is what they want, for you to give up.




    • 9 bill December 19, 2010 at 1:00 pm

      You are absolutely right True Patriot,and I do believe a lot of people
      simply ignore the Lame Stream Media but……..every month they send their tribute to the cable and satellite carriers who intern
      ring their cash registers with this cash but also enjoy great profits
      from advertisers for the unsolicited wall to wall Spam.Ole Billy Bob
      never hears a word about the Lt.Col Lakin outrage or LCMDR Walter
      Fitzpatrick who sits in a corrupt Monroe county Tenn.jail.What do you suppose would happen if subscribers told these folks that unless we start receiving the “Facts” We will cut your water off.I already have.cheers

      • 10 True Patriot December 21, 2010 at 8:12 am

        @bill True Bill, we keep paying these cable companies.

        I called and demanded they take all news networks off my channels or I would cancel my service. The supervisor did not
        know what to say. They said they will get back to me, that they had never had that type of request before.

        So everyone call your cable companys and bombard them with calls to demand all news outlets be taken off your channels.

        This will get some attention, and especially advertisers. If we all drop news channels, then the advertisers will drop them.

        Its all about money. I told the supervisor if he did not get back to me, I would just have the entire Direct TV cancelled.

        Really got them upset. It’s our turn Patriots, to start acting on all of the injustices in this country, and a good place to start like Bill said, is your cable company.

  7. 11 eddie h. December 19, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    dr. kate— what are we going to do about issa? i knew he would turn and run. we must force him to face the music or get out.

    • 12 bill December 19, 2010 at 12:34 pm

      eddie h. ,Mr.Issa has roots in the Auto Car Alarm business and is
      worth something like a cool 500 million or so (according to what is posted on the net) His influence in Washington is just for his own
      self aggrandisement and protecting his wealth.I suggest Issa doesn’t give two hoots about anything,except more cash.Why would he want to rock the boat ?

      • 13 eddie h. December 19, 2010 at 2:26 pm

        bill— i am aware of issas wealth but he must be forced to rock the boat or as far as im concerned be forced out of office plus arrested for misprison of felony of treason and fraud. we are at a stage where we cannot afford to play games with anybody. they either stand up with us for the constitution or go down with all the other obots.

  8. 14 jtx December 19, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Racer Jim:

    It really doesn’t pain me to say that Chief Justice John Marshall in his 1821 opinion in Cohens v. Virginia described what both the United States Supreme Court AND the Uniform Code of Military Justice (a creature created by the United States Congress under the United States Constitution) have done in the Kerchneer et al case and the trial of Terry Lakin.

    The eminent Chief Justice (who was called by his peers “the Great Justice” with good reason) referred to the refusal of both these now quasi-legal bodies to take up any Constitutional issue such as that of Obama’s eligibility for office as “Treason to the Constitution”. He is clearly correct in his observation and – in the case of the civilian “Court” the two Obama-appointed justices should have recused themselves (or have been recused by the Chief Justice); in the case of the military court the decision rendered has to mewan that their decision included the consideration that Obama is legally holding the office and issuing orders (in addition to the Treason to the Constitution) since no other circumstance makes Lakin’s orders lawful which the UCMJ decision actually portends.

    The military court is subservient to both Congress AND the United States Constitution and it is nowhere within their power to make such a decision on Obama’s eligibility as they have done. That’s not only the Treason Marshall mentioned it is a travesty to our system of law as the Constitution is the document that insiste the holdeer of the highest office in the land be – among other requirements – a “natural born Citizen”.

    Obama has never shown himself to be so and in fact every member of Congress was sent a copy of his Kenyan birth certificate plus facts surrounding it. Whether that is a valid document or not it is certainly as valid as the various fraudulent documents that Obama’s worshipers have put up on the Internet – and there are massive amounts of evidentiary material that also say he is a phony and fraud.

    For both courts to pretend otherwise and to evade the issue by the various legal fictions they have used would make John Marshall turn over in his grave.

    Keep in mind that Marshall said in this famous case that the Court was bound to hear all cases that involved constitutional questions, and that this jurisdiction was not dependent on the identity of the parties in the cases. The “Treason to the Constitution” quote is very famous and is:

    “The judiciary cannot, as the legislature may, avoid a measure because it approaches the confines of the constitution. We cannot pass it by because it is doubtful. With whatever doubts, with whatever difficulties, a case may be attended, we must decide it, if it be brought before us. We have no more right to decline the exercise of jurisdiction which is given, than to usurp that which is not given. The one or the other would be treason to the constitution. Questions may occur which we would gladly avoid; but we cannot avoid them.”

    Where’s John Marshall when our country needs him most???

  9. 15 KM December 19, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    I find it fascinating to read that the prosecution played the taped recording of LTC Lakin speaking of the eligibility question. Privately I wonder if the prosecutions’ true intent was to embarrass LTC Lakin or perhaps, was the intent to help introduce important evidence in an appeal to the Supreme Court? Would there be a chance that the prosecution is intrigued by the eligibility question himself and slightly sympathetic to LTC Lakin? (Kind of like not being able to look away from an accident).

    Perhaps I am just “whistling in the dark”.

  10. 16 drkate December 19, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    A question to ponder and discuss: does the record in this case– the poor evidence, illegal decisions, and atty puckett’s failure to rigorously protect his client (by not pursuing certain key items helpful to Lakin) create reversible error at appeals? Could the whole case be thrown out on appeal?

  11. 19 Jan December 19, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    Dr. Kate, how can we thank you for staying strong. It must have been so hard to sit there and watch what happened in that court room.

    True Patriot, we are climbing a mountain. Every once in a while we have to stop and take a rest then get up and forge on.

    The patriots will make it to the top of the mountain.

    The “one world order”, Agenda 21, “rules for radicals” are all pushing as hard and fast as they can to try and overload our brains so we throw up our hands and withdraw. They never expected this much push back from all different angles.

    We cannot stop fighting. We cannot give up.
    With God on our side, we cannot loose.

  12. 20 Bridgette December 19, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    Somebody is finally “getting it!” A positive article by The Washington Examiner. Read and leave a comment commending her..

    Diana West: Army surgeon’s challenge to Obama remains despite guilty plea
    12/18/10 8:05 PM SNIPS

    But Lakin put his life, in the sense of his distinguished 17-year career as an Army surgeon, his income, his pension, and his personal freedom, on the line because of his sworn duty to the U.S. Constitution.

    All members of the US military take the following oath: “I,
    (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support
    and defend the Constitution of the United States against
    all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith
    and allegiance to the same. …”

    To Lakin, the words “true faith and allegiance” were a call
    to action. And so, because the current president of the United States has never released the paperwork necessary to establish his legitimacy as a “natural-born citizen,” Lakin took action.

    On the contrary, it leaves the question in boldface: What
    could possibly prevent the president from showing the American people his original, 1961 birth certificate?

    What remains to be seen is whether there exists any authority, any leader in this whole country with the courage of a Terry Lakin to ask.

  13. 21 CDR Kerchner December 19, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    If an appeal is filed it should not be by Atty Neal Puckett, imo. It should be filed by a team of new lawyers with proven expertise in military law (UCMJ) and also constitutional rights cases in the civil courts. And they should be well financed and backed. Who that team will be and who will finance them I do not know. But Neal Puckett is not the person to handle the appeal. Imo, he does not believe in the fundamental facts in this issue, i.e., that Obama has NOT conclusively proven that he was born in Hawaii and that even if he was Obama is NOT an natural born Citizen of the USA to constitutional standards and that it is an officer’s duty to stand up and ask questions and support and defend that constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Neal Puckett was trying Lt Col Dr Lakin under the oath for an enlisted man, not an officer. The sole and prime directive of a commissioned officer is to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Obama is a domestic enemy of our constitution. Obama is exactly the type person that they did not want as a future president and commander of the military. The oath given to military officers was intended to be the last ditch defense against a foreign usurper some how duping to public to elect him and getting into office. The worst nightmares of the founders and framers have come true with the swearing in of Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. The 2008 election was the Perfect Storm for a Constitutional Crisis. We are now in one up to our necks. All our institutions including the Supreme Court and military have been compromised and brain washed by progressive ideas and political correctness and they have lost sight of the founding documents and their true meaning and intent. Our only hope at this point is that the new House of Reps and new Congress will at some point address this matter either directly head on or tangentially with the “Al Capone strategy” type criminal charges type attack on Mr. Zero to remove Obama. I prefer head on. But I think the RNC establishment are still a bunch of cowards and also were very much part of the conspiracy to subvert and ignore the Constitution in 2008 so they too are still in the CYA mode to this day.

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

    • 22 True Patriot December 19, 2010 at 5:27 pm

      And the attorneys should be like Gerry Spence who won the Ruby Ridge case for Randy Weaver. Not trying to compare the 2 cases other than we have thugs within the government overreaching, and illegally having a Court Martial, which is not legal, nor was it ever legal.

      Although Gerry Spence is retired at 82 yrs of age, LTC Lakin needs a lawyer like that who is well versed on both the military and the constitution.

      LTC Lakin had lawyer problems with the first lawyer he excused, and the second lawyer he hired. They were a complete disaster, and allowed this Kangaroo Court to hang their client out to dry.

      This should have never happened, and yes I think an appel should be filed immediately, but with a law team up to the task.

      LTC Lakin should get the Medal of Honor, and Judge Lind should be in jail.

      I am hoping that a “real” judge that is not corrupt will find Judge Lind’s actions a total reckless overreaching of the courts, and an illegal involvement of the military courts in so far as Court Martial. This should have never happened.

      As for ignoring the Constitution, any one in the military who ignores the law of our Constitution should then be Court Martialed and imprisoned.

  14. 23 Tracy December 19, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    CDR Kerchner,

    I understand that Dwight Sullivan and Phil Cave both possess “proven expertise in military law (UCMJ) and also constitutional rights cases in the civil courts.”

    • 24 drkate December 19, 2010 at 5:30 pm

      Too bad both of them guffawed at the proceedings and are incompetent on the subject of natural born citizenship

  15. 25 CDR Kerchner December 19, 2010 at 4:38 pm


    I said a team of lawyers to file and appeal and defend Terry and his actions and honor, not hang him out to dry a second time. 😉

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  16. 26 CDR Kerchner December 19, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    And besides … LTC Sullivan has demonstrated to my face and the witnesses that he cannot handle stress, even stress that he himself creates. 🙂

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  17. 27 denialator December 19, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    drkate, I would just offer an honest response to sentiments cited above, with which I totally agree, btw:

    “Who would join this Army when its retired ‘advocates’ sit in the court room guffawing at the duty to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and while out of the courtroom defend muslim terrorists?”

    “Military men are just dumb stupid animals, to be used as pawns on foreign policy,” Henry Kissinger, council on Foreign Relations.

    This is exactly what the hierarchy of despotic tyrants, usurpers and miscreants are attempting to achieve, i.e. an army of dumbed down, subverted, knuckle dragging zombies like that to which former sec. Kissinger alluded. They are whittling it down, one by one, by demonizing, defaming and intimidating such principled men and true patriots like Lt. Colonel Lakin. Pretty soon, after total emasculation of our fighting forces, by such as ROE’s and repeal of the DADT laws, there won’t be much of anything left worth shooting.

  18. 28 D. Oltieri December 19, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    CDR Kerchner said:

    “And besides … LTC Sullivan has demonstrated to my face and the witnesses that he cannot handle stress, even stress that he himself creates”.

    Are you suggesting LtCol Lakin is indeed suffering from PTSD, as his Brigade Commander, Gordon Roberts, implied?

    Thank you for covering the hearings, Dr Kate, distessing though it was.

    I’m very glad you and Dr Orly Taitz were able to ‘touch base’.

    • 29 drkate December 19, 2010 at 8:20 pm

      CDR Kerchner is referring to Col Sullivan, a few comments up thread, who acted out as discussed in the latest post, “The Commander v Col Obot”

      Great to see Orly as always! 🙂

  19. 31 ObamaRelease YourRecords December 20, 2010 at 5:03 am

    Commander Charles Kerchner and William Baer on the Rule of Law radio show. – 12/19/10 –

  20. 32 Kenyanbornobamacorn December 20, 2010 at 8:45 am

    It was an honor to meet all you heroes at the Lakin trial and more of an honor to shake LTC lakin’s had (thank you Theresa Cao for making me walk up to him)It was really a shame what they did to LTC Lakin in that court room and he deserves justice. I read that the appeal was automatic if punative damages are involved. Plus, I too saw that his commanders or higher ups, must approve the sentence. I there a chance that they WON’T approve it? Hopefully in this appeal, he will be awarded discovery of the evidence.

    Check out my video coverage of the trial:

  21. 33 Durus December 20, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    I am Spartacus!!! Ahem or am I LTC Lakin?

    • 34 Durus December 20, 2010 at 7:27 pm

      “I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)

  22. 35 Starla December 22, 2010 at 4:34 pm




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    Consider this a great blessing that God has guided you to this web site. Call upon the Holy Ghost to enlighten you as you go through these pages. Prayerfully read it and discover the great wisdom, knowledge, grace, and peace it will bring to you.

    Gary Wohlscheid
    President of TLDM”

    Read More Here:

    (1) “INTRODUCTION” –

    Continued 1 of 5

  23. 36 Starla December 22, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    Continued 2 of 5

    (3) “THE BAYSIDE PROPHECIES 1968 – 1994″ – Search All the Bayside Prophecies here in PRINT and in AUDIO by Veronica Of The Cross (Veronica Luken who received frequent personal visits & visions of Y’SHUA – LORD JESUS CHRIST & OUR LADY & frequent ecstasies (she had the Stigmata of Christ in her life – at times), & WHO RECEIVED FREQUENT WARNINGS OF THE FOREVER LIVING CREATOR, ALMIGHTY GOD – THE MOST HOLY TRINITY, & FROM LORD JESUS CHRIST, & THE VIRGIN MARY, MOTHER OF GOD “OUR LADY” IN BAYSIDE NY, USA!!



    Continued 2 of 5

  24. 37 Starla December 22, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Continued 3 of 5

    (4) “DIRECTIVES FROM HEAVEN!!!!!!!” –

    Many Directions Are Given Here From GOD To Humanity What To Do In These Last Days. Here is an example:

    “PRAYER AND FASTING” – LORD JESUS CHRIST said on December 31, 1973 to Veronica Lueken, who made GOD THE SAVIOR, LORD JESUS CHRIST’S WORDS known as follows:

    “Yes, My child, you see that I am the true Source of Life. For when you come to Me, you will nourish your soul. You will nourish your eternal being. You will learn, My child, in due time that the Bread of life will sustain you without earthly food. Man must return to fast and penance. Many demons can only be dispelled by much fast and penance, the greatest source being prayer.

    “You must keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your homes and the houses of your God. You must also recognize the faces of evil about you: those who parade themselves as angels of light but are truly ravenous wolves, agents of hell. They seek the destruction of souls.” – Jesus, December 31, 1973″

    # # # #

  25. 38 drkate December 22, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Starla, though I rarely discuss this, what do your last three comments have to do with the post that was written here? Do you realize what this post is?

    I request from now on that you put your item as a link, and please do not include massive volumes of text. Until you do so, I will hold your comments in moderation, as I will not take the time to edit these down.

    Thank you.

    • 39 Starla December 23, 2010 at 5:44 pm


      GOD has all of the Forever Living Power & Truth & Wisdom & Miracles that GOD can give to Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin and to people, that can literally change what happened to Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin, when we ask GOD in faith & in trust in GOD in prayers to change the highest level crimes against humanity and criminal injustice & torture that Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin is being attacked with on earth now by Satan, and by Satan’s evil agents on earth.

      Earth is truly a spiritual life we are living in, Kate, in our immortal eternal souls that are inside of our temporary physicial bodies on earth. People are not only bodies, Kate.
      We The People are created by GOD as immortal eternal souls who have physical bodies, and to live in eternity in HEAVEN FOREVER LIFE with the Forever Living Creator, ALMIGHTY GOD – THE MOST HOLY TRINITY. This is reality and truth.

      GOD THE CREATOR can help, change, stop, & heal injustice & evil in people’s lives in GOD’S ALMIGHTY FOREVER LIVING MIRACULOUS POWER, TRUTH, WISDOM, RIGHTEOUSNESS, & LOVE. GOD can change & stop all of the evil attacks of Satan & Satan’s henchmen that have attacked Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin, and for this reason I posted what I posted here, because it is relevant. We The People MUST ask GOD to lead us, & to help us in everything in this life!!

      GOD IS & HAS ALL POWERFUL & INFINITE POWER. Certainly GOD can correct and stop ALL of the Satanic 100% crimes against humanity that are currently outrageously attacking the American leader and hero, Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin in Satan’s 100% illegal & 100% unjust evil deeds that are 100% Anti-American, and that are 100% illegal crimes against humanity that are attacking the great American leader and hero, Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin with now. Yes, in 100% illegal high crimes & high treasons our corrupt & sinful USA government is attacking Dr. Lakin. We need to ask GOD to change & stop the evils that are attacking Dr. Lakin’s life by Satan’s evil henchmen. This will require a miracle.

      I have personally witnessed many miracles that GOD has performed on earth when I prayed to GOD and when others prayed to GOD, & when we asked GOD to work & to perform GODS’ Holy Will using GOD’S INFINITE & ALMIGHTY MIRACULOUS POWER to change things & evils in our lives, and we witnessed GOD working and performing “GODS’ MIRACLES!!” in many areas of our lives and in many, many people’s lives!! GOD definitely has cures & help for us when we ask GOD for GODS’ WILL & GODS’ POWER TO ACT! GOD can stop and reverse the terrible attacks of Satan and Satan’s henchmen that are attacking Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin.

      GOD is the Creator, Healer, and Savior of humanity. Currently we are in spiritual warfare on earth between the ALL-PERFECTLY GOOD GOD and evil Satan, the Great Deceiver on earth who is the father of lies, the father of disobedience/sins against GOD, the father of evil, death, & Hell.

      What happened to Dr. Lakin was pure evil, and it definitely was not from GOD, it came from Satan. In the spiritual warfare we are in on earth, GOD can change, correct, & stop ALL of the evil that happened to Lr. Col. Dr. Lakin, when We The People ask GOD to do this in faith & trust in GOD in the HOLY name of JESUS, & when we live obedient lives to GOD with daily prayers & daily virtuous deeds of love on earth serving GOD.

      I think GOD is not pleased seeing the sinful, unjust evil, lies, & crimes against humanity that were committed by sinful people acting as Satan’s agents on earth against Dr. Lakin.

      Barry Soetoro Sorbarkah alias Barack Obama is a 100% Illegal Alien in the USA, and a 100% Foreign Terrorist Usurper, and currently We The People have no legal USA president & commander-in-chief in the USA. We The People MUST ask GOD to change, stop, and overthrow the evils that were committed against Dr. Lakin in the completely Satanic & evil 100% illegal court martial of Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin who was obeying his oath of duty to the USA Constitution and to protect ALL American citizens lives, & GOD-given inalienable freedoms, civil rights, & liberties.

      The Holy Bible says, “With GOD ALL Things Are Possible.”

      Douay-Rheims Bible:

      “And Jesus beholding, said to them: With men this is impossible: but with God all things are possible.”

      I think GOD can give Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin a MIRACLE & a victory in this, and we need to ask GOD for this MIRACLE for Dr. Lakin & We The People need to pray that GOD will protect Dr. Lakin & stop these evil attacks & crimes against him from Satan.

      We The People must ask GOD in daily prayers in LORD JESUS CHRIST’S HOLY NAME to stop & change & overturn the evil wrongs & crimes that were committed by many people against Lt. Col. Dr. Lakin. We witnessed many people act as great sinners and as Satan’s servants of lies & evil who committed crimes of great evil against Dr. Lakin & against the USA American people in the 100% illegal court martial of Dr. Lakin. With God ALL things are possible to them who believe in GOD, trust in GOD, and WHO ASK GOD for His Holy Will to be done; and WHO ASK GOD to lead us in our lives!

      Kate, if you prefer that people only post comments about what the subject is that you write about in their comments, this is fine.

      • 40 drkate December 23, 2010 at 5:52 pm

        Starla, thank you. All of what you have posted I agree with. Do you think people here don’t understand that? Just because God is not mentioned in every post as the solution doesn’t mean that He isn’t the solution! In other words, you are preaching to the choir, and the verbatim repeating of what you can easily link people to if they want to go there is really not appropriate for the posts I write and for the discussion that we are trying to engender. The discussion we have here is NOT Godless. You do not need to treat writers here as devoid of the Creator-God, we get it.

  26. 41 True Patriot December 22, 2010 at 5:35 pm


    I am in no way trying to be disrespectful, but your 3 posts lost me in relation to this article????

    Yes we are living in very dangerous times, but I am not making the connection between what you have posted 3 x’s and this article?

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