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Sell-Out Obamas

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Just as Lame Cherry outlined marxist Obama’s plan to defeat American security from within by letting other nations ‘develop’ the resources of Indian reservations, Obama surrenders to China and Chinese President Hu announces the dollar as a ‘thing of the past’, photo h/t LC:

This is unspeakably shameful, treasonous, against everything that is American, and he mocks us as he destroys us. I cannot stand the degradation of my Country any longer!  😡

This would not be happening save for the fraud perpetuated on the United States by the Obamas/NWO handlers, Nancy Pelosi and the DNC, RNC and Congressional enablers.  Something they refuse to acknowledge or deal with, and thus deserve no quarter from any of us.

A special note to the spammers, thugs, obots, and anti-American visitors of this blog:

How do you anti-birthers, obama supporters, anti-American Lakin-haters, lefties, so called liberals or conservatives, and so called media–all now communists by proxy–feel about supporting this fool now?  Do you like actively participating in the demise of America just because as cowards you get your rocks off picking on and mocking other people?  Got misprision of treason?  Have the guts to prove us wrong or sit down and shut up.

Every outrage committed by Obama only strengthens the need to expose him as a usurper and force his immediate removal.  This includes pressuring Neil Abercommie to explain himself or get so frustrated that he just spontaneously spits out the truth…that Obama was never a natural born citizen because of his father’s citizenship.  He’s already let it be known that there is no long form birth certificate for Obama.


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