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Supremes to Conference on Obama Eligibility

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The case of Hollister v. Soetoro will be distributed for conference on Friday, March 4, at the Supreme Court.  As you recall, the judge in this case deemed Hollister’s case frivolous as Obama’s eligibility  had been ‘twittered’ and thus resolved.  He dismissed the case and then threatened sanctions. What he forgot to do was dismiss the case based on standing, as all the other judges have.

John Hemenway, attorney for Hollister, directly challenged the Supreme Court to uphold its duty to their oath in protecting the Constitution.

A veteran attorney who has pursued a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility since he was elected is telling the U.S. Supreme Court that if its members continue to “avoid” the dispute they effectively will “destroy the constitutional rule of law basis of our legal system.”

Hemenway had submitted a separate motion for the recusal of Justices Sotomayor and Kagan on the basis of their financial interest in Obama’s continuance.  Apparently the Supreme Court broke its own rules, called it a ‘request’, and Sotomayor and Kagan were involved in the decision to deny Hollister’s petition for writ  without comment in December 2010.

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The Obamas and Cocaine

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Usurper caught in a lie

Barack and Michelle Obama are having so much fun in the White House, thinking they have hoodwinked Americans, that they no longer cover up their cocaine use.  In this video, at about the 18 minute mark (although clearly visible throughout her talk) Michelle’s cocaine use becomes evident as she doesn’t even notice the drippy nose until it reaches her lips (h/t evergreen).  Please note, and with care, there may be a virus inside this video at that mark as reported by some viewers here. Watch her behavior before she speaks as she ‘takes a deep breath’ through her nostrils. 🙄

It appears to me that the only time Michelle Obama looks like she doesn’t have death, persecution, or evil game playing  on her mind is when she is on cocaine.  The rest of the time she just scowls ugly.  What do you want to bet that no one in that White House had to go through the mandatory drug testing that is required of all federal employees?

Here is a snippet of her unselfish remarks at this event:

…which is how I came to this issue thinking about the challenges I face and then looking at a military spouse who is shouldering the exact same burden…

…So the thing I had to think about is if I’m feeling sorry for myself in my role with all that I’m juggling, just imagine if I were in their position, with the pressures and the challenges and the uncertainty.  But they do it proudly.  And that’s the thing that we’ve learned.

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