The Obamas and Cocaine

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Usurper caught in a lie

Barack and Michelle Obama are having so much fun in the White House, thinking they have hoodwinked Americans, that they no longer cover up their cocaine use.  In this video, at about the 18 minute mark (although clearly visible throughout her talk) Michelle’s cocaine use becomes evident as she doesn’t even notice the drippy nose until it reaches her lips (h/t evergreen).  Please note, and with care, there may be a virus inside this video at that mark as reported by some viewers here. Watch her behavior before she speaks as she ‘takes a deep breath’ through her nostrils. 🙄

It appears to me that the only time Michelle Obama looks like she doesn’t have death, persecution, or evil game playing  on her mind is when she is on cocaine.  The rest of the time she just scowls ugly.  What do you want to bet that no one in that White House had to go through the mandatory drug testing that is required of all federal employees?

Here is a snippet of her unselfish remarks at this event:

…which is how I came to this issue thinking about the challenges I face and then looking at a military spouse who is shouldering the exact same burden…

…So the thing I had to think about is if I’m feeling sorry for myself in my role with all that I’m juggling, just imagine if I were in their position, with the pressures and the challenges and the uncertainty.  But they do it proudly.  And that’s the thing that we’ve learned.

And who can forget this video…was it cocaine? Mute the video and watch him.

The Obamas are way too impressed with themselves, and in being so, they miss how truly transparent they are in their addiction to drugs, money, power and themselves.

The addiction to drugs reveals a much deeper set of  personality disorders in each of them, those that are easily manipulated.  For the role they have been chosen to fulfill–the denigration, shame, and destruction of the United States–the NWO chose perfectly.  In his short time as usurper, Obama has gone very easy on the drug, money, and gunrunning in this country and around the world.  His failure to enforce immigration laws and to protect this country from islamic terrorists are just the smokescreen.

Antisocial Behavior

On balance, when removing the political ideologies of the Obama’s and those who control them, it is their antisocial behavior which is most apparent in everything they touch with regard to the United States.  In addition to not being able to do their job without being stoned or drugged up in another way, who they are as people is beginning to rub the majority of Americans the wrong way.

Antisocial personality disorder is  a pervasive pattern of disregarding and violating the rights of others. And in the case of the Obama’s disregarding and violating the laws of the United States and the rights of American citizens.

Diagnostic criteria for this disorder state that this pattern must include at least three of the following specific signs and symptoms:

  • Lack of conforming to laws, as evidenced by repeatedly committing crimes
  • Repeated deceitfulness in relationships with others, such as lying, using false names, or conning others for profit or pleasure
  • Failure to think or plan ahead (impulsivity)
  • Tendency to irritability, anger, and aggression, as shown by repeatedly assaulting others or getting into frequent physical fights
  • Disregard for personal safety or the safety of others
  • Persistent lack of taking responsibility, such as failing to establish a pattern of good work habits or keeping financial obligations
  • A lack of feeling guilty about wrong-doing

The NWO, communists by proxy, the still blind obots…wreaking havoc on the entire world to satisfy their addictions.

15 Responses to “The Obamas and Cocaine”

  1. 1 evergreen March 3, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    Obama meets with Karzai covered in white powder which he blamed on an ashtray.

    mmm hmmm ya sure

  2. 5 True Patriot March 3, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Great article Dr. Kate and all true. The fraud and Jihadist drug head could care less about anything to do with America, other than completely destroying it.

    Hope and change meant destroy and dismantle.

    I still can’t believe anyone was stupid enough to vote for this fraud.

    It was always so obvious to anyone with half a brain what he is.

    But the left would vote for Charles Mansion as long as he runs on the Commocrat ticket.

  3. 6 jane March 3, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    They are both sociopaths.

    They are incurable.

  4. 7 Troy March 3, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Bo and Mo’s theme song:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    The face you’ve shown me scares me so
    Thought that I could call your bluff
    But now the lines are clear enough
    Life’s not pretty even though
    I try so hard to make it so
    Mornings are such cold distress
    How did I ever get into this mess

    Now I’m snowblind, can’t live without you
    Because you’re so fine, I just can’t get away
    Now I’m snowblind, snowblind, snowblind

    Harmless and innocent, you devil in white
    You stole my will without a fight
    You filled me with confidence, but you blinded in my eyes
    You tricked me with visions of paradise
    Now I realize i’m

    Snowblind, can’t live without you
    Because you’re so fine, I just can’t get away
    And now I’m snowblind, snowblind, snowblind

    Mirror, mirror I confess
    I can’t escape this emptiness
    No more reasons to pretend
    Here comes that same old feeling again

    Now I’m snowblind, can’t live without you
    Because you’re so fine, I just can’t get away
    Won’t you throw me a lifeline
    I’m going down for the third time
    Because I’m snowblind and I can’t get away

    Now I’m snowblind, snowblind, snowblind

  5. 8 Troy March 3, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Moochelle’s theme song:

    You were the apple of the public’s eye
    As you cut the ribbon at the local mall
    A mirage for both you and us
    How can it be real?

    We loved your body in that photograph
    Your home state sure must be proud
    The queen of the United States
    Have you lost your crown?

    Well aren’t you, Miss America,
    Don’t you, Miss America,
    Won’t you, Miss America our love?

    Are you really who we think you are
    Or does your smile seem to wear your down
    Is the girl who you once were
    Screaming to jump out?

    Is the dream that you must live
    A disease for which there is no cure
    This rollercoaster ride you’re on
    Won’t stop to let you off

    Well aren’t you, Miss America,
    Don’t you, Miss America,
    Won’t you, Miss America our love?

    Well it’s true just take a look
    The cover sometimes makes the book
    And the judges did they ever ask
    To read between your lines?

    In your cage at the human zoo
    They all stop to look at you
    Next year what will you do
    When you have been forgotten?

    Well aren’t you, Miss America,
    Don’t you, Miss America,
    Won’t you, Miss America our love?

  6. 9 heather March 3, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    DR Kate–thanks for the warning. Barry will just say its desert dust on his suit!!! lol—Oh it’s so clear that the WH is full of drugs and the people there using it. So so clear.

    And yep–coke users all have runny noses and no feeling of it. Seen enough of them myself throughout the years to know this–after all how many everywhere snort this poison……..and they all have the same nasal problems.

    Good essay Dr Kate.

    I guess now it’s perfectly acceptable to do drugs in the open – especially the illegal ones! Thing is they are only illegal because the drug companies can’t make them legally!

    • 10 heather March 3, 2011 at 4:43 pm

      And the punch drunk video–POT! Clearly visable for those who have seen what one looks like–the eyes, the giggling, the licking of the lips! all there! And there isn’t a soul arresting them for the use of illegal drugs!

      How pathetic this administration is.

  7. 11 Troy March 3, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Barry Soetoro’s theme song:

    Big man, pig man, ha ha, charade you are
    You well heeled big wheel, ha ha, charade you are
    And when your hand is on your heart
    You’re nearly a good laugh
    Almost a joker
    With your head down in the pig bin
    Saying “keep on digging”
    Pig stain on your fat chin
    What do you hope to find?
    There in the pig mine
    You’re nearly a laugh
    You’re nearly a laugh
    But you’re really a cry.

    Bus stop rat bag, ha ha, charade you are
    You fucked up old hag, ha ha, charade you are
    You radiate cold shafts of broken glass
    You’re nearly a good laugh
    Almost worth a quick grin
    You like the feel of steel
    You’re hot stuff with a flag pin
    And good fun with a hand gun
    You’re nearly a laugh
    You’re nearly a laugh
    But you’re really a cry.

    Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you are
    You house proud town mouse, ha ha, charade you are
    You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street
    You’re nearly a real treat
    All tight lips and cold feet
    And do you feel abused?

    You gotta stem the evil tide
    And keep it all on the inside
    Barry, you’re nearly a treat
    Barry, you’re nearly a treat
    But you’re really a crime!

  8. 12 AttilasDaughter March 3, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    The Obamas on drugs? No waaaay!

    Here is Barry showing how he cares for the black community.

    Can’t buy class.

  9. 13 drkate March 3, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    A timely article by Lame Cherry…the international implications of Obama’s cocaine habit

  10. 14 Jan March 4, 2011 at 12:41 am

    late checking mail, lots of work today.

  11. 15 rhcrest March 4, 2011 at 5:05 am

    THe WH will have to be fumigated after they leave!

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