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Bilderberg Political Pawns

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Perry is a globalist not much different than Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney or Herman Cain. There is so much more I could write about Perry’s governorship, but it would take a book. Texan Robert Morrow states, “Rick Perry is a Trojan Horse of statism cloaked in Tea Party rhetoric and Bible Buzzwords.” ~Newswithviews

The narrative is building; the negative stories ‘disappeared’ or spun favorably; debates are delayed for proper entry of the new one; the necessary bribes identified…

…and its Rick Perry for President!!!

All the republicans fall in line; select democrats ‘believe they can work with him’, Obama calls him a ‘long time friend’…

Find out who Rick Perry is. (h/t Drew)

Make no mistake, the Bilderbergers and their stooge individuals/organizations know Obama is going down, no matter how much voter fraud and republican party complicity they can create.  They have chosen a humiliating fall for Obama  only because it will distract Americans and Congress in sorting out or covering up the mess while they continue the behind-the-scenes placement of their puppets into government.

So they will be looking for someone to replace Obama on the republican ticket. Rick Perry fits the bilderberger bill.  Kelleigh Nelson writes: (h/t Jan)

Gov. Rick Perry may not be the spider, but he certainly has become one of the strands in the web of international conspiracy for those who see a stealth plan to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico.

There is no conspiracy about the Texas-Oklahoma transportation corridor and the globalist’s intent to capture the people of Canada, Mexico and the United States.  Perry has also allowed Agenda 21 to creep into Texas schools, state and county environmental, land use and resource management plans, and the state’s protection of private property rights.

As the 2012 election looms we are focused on removing Obama from office, the ballot, and the white house; and making sure Article II is not violated by the republicans nominating a non-NBC for the president or vice-president. Is it likely that we will be able to have viable Constitutional presidential candidate in 2012? In 2016?

The Bilderbergers know and fear the American awakening…but they are still in control, and have the power to squeeze the American public by preventing a true Constitutional candidate from becoming President.

What are the strategic implications of this reality?

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