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Answer This, and I Might Vote for You

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In the rush to find a suitable constitutional candidate for the President of the United States, far too much emphasis is placed on the individual candidate(s) who are usually full of empty promises and old ideas cast as new ones.  They all have different records, strengths, weaknesses, speaking abilities, ‘charisma’ to excite  or bore the electorate, and punchlines to attack their opponents.

They also all have the lines to attack Obama, but the truth is that all of them have failed to mention Obama’s lack of eligibility, preferring instead to fight him on policy, or ‘his own merits’… Romney refuses to fight Obama’s ineligibility because he won’t fight him on what Romney considers ‘innuendo’. None have presented a complete picture of the failure to enforce the constitution and its impact on our nation.

There are plenty of excuses we offer them…’its not the right time’, or ‘its a question of strategy’, or ‘they’ll be attacked as being a racist’, or ‘other things are more important’. We hope they are constitutionalists, but are they?  Do we trust them to do what they say?

Who Surrounds You?

Everyone understands that the people one associates with, and puts around them, “all the President’s men’, are more important than the President himself….for these are the people who do the work and implement the policies.  Obama’s choices include criminals, pedophiles, racists, communists, liars, cronies,  foreign agents, suspected murderers, terrorists, bankers, fear mongers, incompetents, and stooges with no brains in their heads at all.

How has that worked out for us?

Is it time for a different starting point?  With a hat tip to Papoose, I say yes.  For me, it is about the constitution, restoring the balance of power between the states and the federal government. The starting point for this voter consists of the following basic questions, and demands:

  • Who is in your cabinet, and why?  Right now, I’d like to see many of the current presidential candidates  and a few others in the Cabinet..carefully chosen and matched to the vision of the Presidential candidate who wins the primary.  But I want this question asked and answered with specificity as to the ‘why’ so I can better assess who is really qualified to lead our nation.
  • How will you ensure, encourage, and implement the vetting of all candidates for federal office for compliance with the Constitution?
  • What is your plan for restoring and maintaining the role of the States in governing America and balancing the power of the federal government, including the Seventeenth Amendment?
  • What are your plans regarding the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the current Federal Reserve system?
  • What are your view on and plans for American foreign policy and aid?
  • What will you do to reform and reorganize the federal judiciary?
  • Will the balance of your administration focus on enforcing the Constitution as is or will it focus on changing the Constitution?  Why and how?

The point here is that we must determine the direction we want to go in, the kind of people we want to see in an administration, and the focus we want our government to have.  Such a perspective forces us to think beyond a single person and his/her rhetoric and promises to see what the shape of the future is.

So, candidates, tell me who is in your cabinet, why, and what your practical goals are. Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, or nice sound bites, tell the truth about how you will contribute to our Constitutional Republic.

You want my vote?  Tell me who your people are going to be.

What are your questions?  Who are your ideal people for the Cabinet and why?  Can we leverage these ideas into an effective vetting tool?

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