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About that Memo…

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SOMEBODY has a memo that will cause the humpty dumpty obama and his pieces of work to implode in a not-so-controlled demolition sometime soon.  And the pieces of this indecent descent will never be put together again as they take their place in various cell blocks across the United States.   It involves the following:

  • The joke is on you, bud.

    Gun running operation to Mexico in Operation Fast and Furious,  linked to

  • Murders that were expected to happen in the United States and Mexico using those weapons, which has infuriated the families of the murdered,the American people and the Attorney General of Mexico, linked to
  • Ready-made legislation to take away the Second Amendment rights of Americans prepared by a handful of Senators and Congressmen, linked to
  • Personal visits of Obama to gun control advocates promising that work is going on ‘under the radar’, linked to
  • The stated refusal to enforce immigration law, suing the State of Arizona,and encouraging other countries to sue a state in the United States, linked to
  • The State Department, among others, simultaneously running missiles and guns to Mexican drug cartels and involving…

…Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarett, Michelle Obama, Janet Napolitano and Hillary Clinton, among many more agents in seditious actions against the United States.

The memo is a direct link between the program and the gun control issue….it implicates the administration at an entirely new level of corruption here.

Pass the popcorn. And the tissues for our Country, people, and the trail of blood they have blazed.

SOMEBODY also seems to have a tape of a conversation to set up the GOP with the birth certificate, again ignoring Obama’s basic constitutional disqualification inherited from his claimed British-Kenyan father.  Obama has been set up by his handlers to lose this cover, but his insiders don’t seem to know that yet. They continue to aid and abet criminal activity anywhere there is an issue to expose is achilles heel.

As Obama loses his cover, he becomes an even more dangerous man.  Perdue was floating a trial balloon on postponing the 2012 elections and the idea is to scare or force people to give Obama cover for a martial law declaration.  He is deliberately creating chaos.

The only declaration I would accept is a firm declaration that this man is a criminal imposter, constitutionally ineligible for the presidency, unfit for service, and mentally insane. Time to revisit the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

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