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The Mockingbird Sings: Desperate Obama and the Coming False Flags

© 2011 drkate

The Scream

Obama is getting more desperate…not only are his people and support abandoning him, but more evidence is emerging of his criminal, anti-American, treacherous activity as the illegal occupant of the white house. Isolated as he is, Obama is a most dangerous man right now and does not like to lose; he never has played fairly.

Beware the actions taken by a desperate man…he will stoop as low as he has to to “win the future”, including

  • Staging events, or having staged against him—blamed on fake Tea Party, muslims, other candidate’s supporters, or others– that directly threaten or injure him or his family, solely to win a sympathy vote or ‘guilt’ vote.  Remember his trip to see his ‘dying grandmother’ in the fall of 2008.  Obama is willing to kill those around him or even injure himself in order to gain an edge on abject rejection in 2012.
  • Staging the “OWS” movement
  • Allowing/inviting/staging/provoking an attack against the American homeland
  • Creating new tensions in the middle east or other parts of the world
  • Causing agencies of the US (TSA, BATF, FBI, military, CIA) to become aggressive in limiting Americans’ movement, possessions, access to power, water or food
  • Price manipulation
  • Communications disruption
  • Creating a fake third party of democrats

All of these events are intended to instill fear, to terrorize, and to ultimately immobilize the population…a softening up…

I will say it again, Obama does not know Americans and our founding; he knows not the Creator God.  We will never go down without a fight, and an American-ingenious fight it will be.  We must study all the wars of the past with this invisible empire that rules–their hiding places of old. Those avenues must be blocked…so they eventually run out of places to hide.

The Real Desperation of America is Mocked, While Obama Fiddles with False Flags

To mask the real pain of what has happened to America, the mockingbird press begins singing letting us know what the ‘real’ problems are that we should be looking at…

Mockingbird flash

Stepping out of the matrix of the Mockingbird press, looking in through the open back door, the ‘song/sound/feeling’ they are trying to imitate or to mock, is the scream of America as she lies cut and bleeding.  These are emoted in  the paintings of McNoughton,  and The Scream.

How can they mock such a thing, you ask?

  • Generating a fake ‘arab spring’ through propaganda on human rights ( they are mocking our pain by saying its the same as ‘the muslims are being killed’)
  • Manufacturing the economic crisis, complete with straw ‘culprits’ (creating the crisis and blaming it on the victims, the republicans and those who make money)
  • Generating and controlling a fake Occupy Wall Street and Occupy [whatever city] claiming that these communist infiltrated, paid occupiers and non productive members of society represent 99% of the ‘hurting Americans’
  • Ratcheting up racial, partisan, and gender divisions to rub raw the wounds of long ag0, blaming us for the social disruption they created.  Black on black violence fits in here.

Know that WE are too big to fail!

And we will prevail with our Lord’s grace and assistance.

Open Thread

Meet Karl Rove, Anti-American

©2011 drkate


Something got under your skin, Karl?  Like the Constitution?

Perjured Oaths

How perfect that Karl Rove should out himself as an anti-American so early into this campaign season, for it unmasks his true agenda. As a Bush advisor–who once took the perjured his oath to uphold the constitution– he teamed up with Donna Brazile to help elect Obama in 2008 by directing the media’s attention to straw men and straw-women to ‘fight’ and defeat. In 2011 Rove is pushing Romney, and of course Marco Rubio who is not constitutionally eligible–just like Obama and McCain.

Romney will lose to Obama.  That is the plan.

It’s delicious that his own words and actions have destroyed his credibility completely, as we pick apart his Mockingbird-scripted song about Obama’s eligibility, aka, a natural born citizen:

  • Being born in the USA is required but is not sufficient to be a natural born citizen
  • Obama is ‘eligible‘” means to Rove that Obama was “elected by popular vote“.  The truth is Obama is not eligible because he is not a ‘natural born citizen’…he was born to a foreign father.  Obama is not a full-blooded American, end.of.story. Who cares where he’s born, and he can’t even prove that! 😛

The way they diminish the natural born citizen is to say ‘born in the USA’.  The way they turn our Republic into a democracy–or mob rule–is by relegating constitutional eligibility to ‘the political question’, or to ‘standing’.

Knowingly misrepresenting the Constitution outs Rove as as part of that generation of ‘lost’ Americans who have no regard for the Constitution for the United States.   He might as well be at OWS, wear a ‘Che’ necktie, smoke a cuban cigar,  and have a little star on his  red cap or lapel. He mocks the meaning of natural born citizen through intellectually dishonest statements meant to deceive and with malice toward Americans.

Rove is a classic example of the type of person the commies and globalists have  intentionally educated, placed, and bribed paid to exert his ‘perceived power over’ the masses, singing whatever song the Mockingbird is operating with.  Rove calls the birthers ‘crazy’ still–he is so old-school, yawn, I think I’ll go take a nap.

But I guess having scrubbed the record of even U.S. Supreme Court Decisions regarding the seminal case law that supports the natural law definition of natural born citizen, Rove feels he has his back covered.

In truth, they all have their a$$es exposed!

Lose the obama koolaid, Karl, and STFU.

The Peace Prize War Monger

©2011 drkate

Illegal war orders

Obama has waged nothing but war since he usurped the office of the Presidency on January 20, 2009.  It has been a war on Americans, America, our allies, the Constitution, and the foundations of our Nation.  As his foreign agenda has become clear, he is waging war against all Arab regimes, murdering, assassinating, and bombing innocents with the sole purpose of destabilizing whole regions of the world.

It is world-wide community organizing agitation on steroids, and to boot, run by a narcissistic dictator who knows absolutely nothing except how to murder. In the process Obama has cheapened the meaning of the “Peace Prize” and destroyed any chance at peace.

Aside from hoping to get a poll boost, or to distract from ‘fast and furious’ and his profound ineligibility for the office he now occupies, Obama’s “end” to the Iraq war has as its primary goal further destabilization of the region.  Think about it…strategically all that is left now is for Iran to move on Iraq and to join forces with the sharia dominated Libya.  Obama and Clinton’s goal now must be the destabilization of Saudi Arabia.  They will keep poking and funding the muslim brotherhood in Yemen and Syria until Saudi Arabia is completely surrounded.

And then they can have their goal of murdering Israel…with blood on their hands and dripping from their fanged teeth.

What was in Clinton’s briefcase when she went to ‘support’ the murderous muslim brotherhood in Libya, or to “meet the rebels” in Syria?  Millions of dollars and promises of American NATO bombing runs with indiscriminate killing; a ‘wish list’ of who to assassinate, and a timeline to get this done in time to help Obama stave off an overwhelming election defeat.

And there’s John McCain jumping on the bandwagon of war, shaming America again. In retrospect can you see how McCain was just a straw man that Obama set up to defeat?

This blog is fast coming to the  view that Ron Paul is our only hope now to begin to restore the Constitution.   We must lose the empire to save the Republic, and we must lose the entire Congress as not a one can be counted on to stop this.

The baby-boomers have had their day…pissing on America in the 60’s and 70’s, having wet dreams of their destruction days as OWS “grows” its crowd of flea baggers…daring to compare it with the Tea Party.

The intellectually dishonest, disingenuous, murderous, anti-American communist demon-crats…how I wish these flea baggers were jailed:

Deliver us from Obama.

Higher Ground

©2011 drkate

We will keep reaching for higher ground, despite the dragging Obama bringing us down!

New post coming up…in the meantime, what’s on your mind today?

“They are Finishing the Nation…”

©2011 drkate

This is the way they are ‘finishing the  nation’


What is our answer?  (h/t Susan)

Open thread.

Scoundrels Revisited

©2011 drkate

Authors Note. I am republishing this article as the ‘Occupy Wall Street’  has diverted attention again from focusing on the FEDERAL RESERVE and the international bankers.  Planned as a diversion from the Obama cheaters, liars, and murderers, OWS has turned into a circus supported by cloward-piven types, “American Nazis“, the democrats, the media, and the democratic socialists who care for nothing but themselves.  Spoiled rotten by their parents, they are rightly called the ‘flea party‘.  But stopping the FED, the NWO, and Obamademocrats and rinos is deadly serious for our country..and it never hurts to look again at the origin of these scoundrels.

Mao Christmas Tree Ornament, Obama's White House 2009

. . . when Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution, Marx regarded it as far more than theory. He seized upon it as his “scientific” proof that there was no kingdom of Heaven, only the kingdom of Matter. Darwin had vindicated Marx in his rejection of Hegel’s [idealism]. Ignoring the fact that Darwin’s theory of evolution was just that a theory… Marx adapted Darwin’s ideas to the social classes of his day. . . Darwin’s theory of evolution being what it was, Marx reasoned that the social classes, like all matter, must always be in struggle with each other for survival and dominance.

More than a year ago I wrote a series of posts regarding the rise of liberal fascism in the United States.  Part of that work involved the examination of the role of science in the development of the ‘progressive‘  Marx-based ideology in the United States, and how social Darwinism undermined the Constitution beginning with President Woodrow Wilson.  But the misnomer here, perhaps the diversion, is that social Darwinism is Marxism.  Marx found Darwin’s work to be the ‘proof’ that the ideology he espoused–communism–was the true and necessary direction or evolution of society.

Darwin’s theory of evolution had no real scientific underpinning save a few observations. Evolution was seen as a materialistic process, a survival of the fittest over scarce resources. Thus conflict was the necessary ingredient of survival, and it was central to evolution.  When applied to communism, this ‘struggle’ or ‘conflict’ became a dialectic, or

any systematic reasoning, exposition, or argument that juxtaposes opposed or contradictory ideas and usually seeks to resolve their conflict through ‘reason’. 

But the only reasoned outcome of a debate between communism and capitalism is that capitalism fails and gives way eventually to communism…through materialism, survival of the fittest, through conflict.

Continue reading ‘Scoundrels Revisited’

Congressional Weiners

©2011 drkate

They are all weiners now. Lying and f**king over America by their cowardice.

Afraid of the media ridicule if they address Obama’s criminality or ineligibility, they are hog tied. Obama Release Your Records posted this video earlier:

Alinsky, bullied as a child, developed his Rule No. 5:

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule.  Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.

For most of the republican presidential candidates, there must be an unspoken deal to not raise his eligibility or social security number issue. Oh sure, they all  ‘go after’ Obama, but it is all scripted. I would say its not all bout ridicule, its more about being part of the problem, aka, complicit, aka  Misprision of Treason or Felony.

Those who potentially have not been bought out, say Bachmann or Paul, I’m guessing they’ve been threatened, perhaps personally or perhaps by the specter of false flags on American soil.

The republicans better get going if they want to win the 2012 election, or lose it all to a third party.  Even without addressing eligibility they have much to do to start showing some spine. From Pajamas Media blog, five things republicans must do to crush the propaganda of the left:

Every single Republican, when begged by liberal commentators to denounce or distance himself from the Tea Party “extremists,” ought to respond boldly:

Of course, I support the Tea Party. It would be downright un-American not to support this citizens’ movement for constitutionally accountable government. The Tea Party is as all-American as it gets. Tea Party patriots stand for government according to the Constitution and have risen in response to the current administration’s “Can we get away with it?  Yes, we can!” style of authoritarian rule that is killing our economy and guilefully stealing our freedom. Liberty lost is no small thing and I applaud these citizens for their valiant stand.

Waiting to exhale.

Blowing the 2012 Elections

©2011 drkate

As expected, the Republicans end up with an incredibly weak field of candidates, all of whom will lose to Barack Obama Carter.  It is a field stacked with globalists, rinos, so-called Tea Party champions, and  Bush-controlled zombies.  There is one constitutionalist in the pack, hardly noticed if even tolerated, who, if he doesn’t distinguish and explain himself, has no chance of winning the republican nomination. None of them will touch the constitutional issue of Hussein’s constitutional ineligibility.

My own feeling is that Ron Paul’s monetary knowledge and platform is what is behind everyone ignoring him…and I do believe TPTB will never let Paul get to the presidency.

For political expediency the republicans would rather keep running against Obama after his re-election to ensure their power base. For them, the Constitution, the economy, the people of America be damned.

Woo-hoo!  We get to ‘choose’ between two globalists–Obama the usurper, and the republican sell-outs.  The infiltration is deep and overwhelming.

So why is the Tea Party now blasting one globalist (Romney) and supporting another (Perry)?  Or Cain?  Or Gingrich?  In my view because the Tea Party was taken over by the rinos –e.g., ‘Freedom Works’–they are now going to do the bidding of destroying whatever the republican field is ensuring a defeat in 2012.

Another round of Obama and America is completely dead.

Is it now time to let the ‘globalists’ have their republican president,  but work to unite to ensure the defeat of Obama?  Will this work?  How about this?  Given the globalists control, what is our best tactic for the next year?

Its true.  “You can’t always get what you want…but if you try somehow, you get what you need”.

The ONLY Way to Defeat Obamacare Forever

©2011 drkate

…and the failure to use this tool shows the cowardice of everyone who says ‘they’re against it’ and politicians who promise its repeal.  It’s the silver bullet, his Achilles Heel:  Obama is not a natural born citizen and  does not have the constitutional authority to sign any bill into law.

Here’s Congressman Ron Paul with Judge Andrew Napolitano discussing the fundamental unconstitutionality of Obamacare, with which I agree.

To his credit, Dr. Paul introduced legislation  to prohibit the unconstitutional provisions of the bill from going into effect.  It was predictably rejected so more games could be played.  But nibbling halfheartedly around the edges, always with strings attached,  the republican political class prefers to play games and will not use their authority or power to stop  obamacare.

But its not just obamacare—the whole nation will suffer unspeakable harm as the illegal Obama is allowed to continue in office without so much as a peep from any of them on eligibility.  Lawrence Sellin describes the stupidity of the republicans’ 2012 election strategy in ignoring Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility:

Americans understand that the Democrats are hopelessly corrupt and many are accomplices in Obama’s crimes.They do not understand, however, why the Republicans remain silent as the Obama Administration continues to drive the country towards the precipice. There are two reasons: (1) some Republicans facilitated Obama’s illegal nomination for the Presidency and, subsequently, have been complicit in the cover-up and (2) ignoring Obama’s crimes is part of the Republican 2012 campaign strategy.

I would also add that they hide behind racism and political correctness to essentially cloak their objectives, which are to keep Obama in power.  None of them really want to win.

The only way to defeat Obamacare is for the candidates and Congress to call out Obama.  By what authority did he sign this legislation?  By the  “duties vested in the President”, which he took by force and deception?

Obama usurped the authority of the presidency–took power that he was not entitled to and does not belong to him.  He has no right to use that authority for any reason including signing “obamacare into law”.

Obamacare is wholly invalid because Obama is invalid.  It’s that simple, republican candidates.

America’s Survival Conference

©2011 drkate

If you are anywhere near Washington D.C. on October 27, you might want to attend this conference which is free and open to the public.   This conference and previous publications  of America’s Survival plan to discuss the dismantling of America through the billionaire George Soros‘ (Gorgy Schwartz) as he funds key organizations that undermine America by controlling the policy-making, government appointments, White House visitors, the agencies, and the economic and military policy of the Obama administration.

(video h/t Troy)

While Beck has not been helpful and is wrong on Obama’s constitutional eligibility, his work on Soros is excellent information.  I remember viewing this video and immediately stopping my professional work with organizations funded by one of Soros’ fronts.

Continue reading ‘America’s Survival Conference’

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