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Defeating Obama

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The Defendant states that the issue raised by the Plaintiff was “soundly rejected by 69,456,897 Americans in the 2008 elections.” See Def.’s Mtn. at 5. This statement reflects a complete lack of understanding regarding Constitutional protections.

How could the issue of Obama’s lack of Constitutional eligibility for the office he usurped have been ‘rejected’ when the media, congress, the secretaries of the states, and the judiciary conspired to never let the public know and to block every single effort to uncover the truth?  This sounds a lot like the strategy of blaming the victim—says Obama, “its not my fault, the voters elected me”.

Time to Act!

Just as the challenge to the placement of Obama’s name on the Georgia ballot began, Obama’s attorney responded against it  with this ludicrous argument.  Hoping to keep his unconstitutionality out of the news, at the same time his justice department accused Sheriff Joe of racism…effectively creating another diversion in his scam against the people of the United States of America.

This is how this man-child has operated in complete defiance of the Constitution, and his remark cited above shows exactly what the game plan was, and is.  Reduce a Constitutional Republic down to mob rule, aka ‘democracy’, create massive diversions, create chaos, and create war to hide his foreign agenda and intent to bankrupt, divide, and destroy America.

Out of this wrecking-ball rubble the Constitutionalists have prevailed, and now challenge him at every step.  Whether Obama succeeds in fraudulently placing his name on the ballot in each state, tens of millions of people know that there are serious questions of his origin, citizenship, and legality that remain.  And the people have three years of experience with him spending America into oblivion, terrorizing Americans, sicking his justice department and the thugs at Homeland Security, and giving everyone but America consideration.  The result is that Obama will have to flip more than 30 million votes to steal this election.

The republicans (aka democrats), desperate to save their power and continue the charade now want to force their candidates down America’s throat, aka Romney, Gingrich, Cain (before the fall)…and are willing to commit voter fraud to do so.  In this context, and with the real prospect of losing all our liberties, the following initiatives are worth our time, attention and support. With many of us unable to financially contribute to these efforts, support can take many forms…

  • The Obama State Ballot Challenge–there are so many opportunities here to challenge Obama’s name on the ballot, your secretary of state, the democrat party in your state, and state representatives;
  • The Article II Super Pac–dedicated to informing all Americans of the Constitutional requirements for the office of the President and supporting challenges to Obama’s fraudulent occupancy thereof
  • The Birther Summit
  • Presidential Candidates John Dummet, the Liberty Legal Foundation, and Cody Robert Judy
  • Watching the vote–eyes on election fraud planned by state officials, the republicans and democrats, and Obama.  This includes the caucuses, the primaries, and the final vote in November 2012, including challenges to the electoral college votes in your state…sign up to be an election monitor, worker; set up watches–where to the ballots go?
  • Watching the false patriots who would con you into thinking they are truly on your side.  Remember the patriots veterans day march on DC?  With little more than 500 people?  Why was General Vallely–the so-called ‘leader’– in San Diego with Obama while the so-called ‘patriots union’ was marching in DC to an empty city?

In the event that Obama steals the election again, the time is NOW to start working on your senators and representatives to ensure that Obama is challenged in the joint session of Congress held in early January 2013 to ‘confirm’ the results.  All we need is one Senator, and one Congressman to issue the challenge, in writing in that forum.  There is plenty of material to submit with the challenge.

Obama and his banksters will threaten Americans throughout 2012–they have already attacked us but watch for the warnings of attacks within the U.S. if we dare to step out of line and vote for the Constitution, not the NWO as brought to you by Romney, Gingrich, or Obama.

Oh, and please don’t forget all the people who have stood up against this regime, those who have died, lost their homes and savings, and soldiers sent into harms way without tools or support.  Let not their sacrifices be in vain.

New World Order Locked Out

Note to Candidates: Grow a Pair!

©2011 drkate

Who is best for AMERICA?

I must confess…I don’t believe that anyone in the Republican field really wants to win the 2012 election.  I also have a feeling that none of them want to defeat Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama.

This is a critical moment in our lifetimes, one in which the passionate constitutionalists are the awake voters who care deeply for our country, and the GOP is like warm vanilla ice cream.  They are the faux opposition to the NWO, pretending to be republicans, conservatives, and constitutionalists when they are up to their eyeballs in the corruption.

Thanks to the hard work of every Patriot, we have educated many…and millions of people have had a paradigm shift regarding the political elite’s mockingbird tune, the presence and tools of the New World Order (NWO), and the reality of the increasing theft of our liberties.

Its time for the GOP and all those candidates to grow a pair.  😡

Note to the republican candidates: Do you really want to win this thing or not? If not, get off the stage.

The candidates need to stop the gimmicks, snide remarks, threats, and posturing, and start talking about the things that really shape our future and the way Obama and Congress have misled Americans.  Oh, and the media outlets should all lose their licenses to operate–they are state-sponsored media paid to do a job on Americans.

End of rant.


Name the candidates you would trust protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and include all who are running.  Who in that position would most enable you to get a good night’s rest?  Why or why not?  Who should they include in their government?

There are rough waters ahead.


Christmas 2011

©2011 drkate

Angels we have heard on high…
Singing sweetly through the night…

And the mountains in reply
Echoing their great delight

Please enjoy these Christmas Stories!  With thanks to Kirk MacKenzie of Defend Rural America

Merry Christmas!  🙂

Birds of a Feather Threaten Together

©2011 drkate


In addition to the more than 250 comments on the last post, a collection of articles, videos, media fumbles, endorsements, and presidential candidates’ statements have reaffirmed that the establishment bosses of the GOP are terrified of Ron Paul.  By authentically focusing ideas rooted in the constitution and conservatism, Paul shines a light on the depth to which his opponents are not constitutional conservatives.

The political elite’s charade,
the New World Order’s game,
all the puppetry is on parade,

The GOP bosses are so afraid that they have actively begun to threaten the American people:

  • The governor of Iowa insists that the value of the Iowa caucus would be diminished by a Ron Paul win, which would not show the true preferences for the candidates; (huh? in a caucus?)
  • The media and the GOP will ‘ignore’ Ron Paul, focus on who wins second, and will do everything to undermine him
  • And Michelle Bachman basically threatened the American people with a nuclear blast on an American city if Ron Paul win–in the first 20 seconds of this video:

This inappropriate  Bachman statement caught my eye because it seemed ‘programmed’ from daddy Bush, who  recently publicly endorsed Romney, and is the sure sign of the globalist, NWO, GOP elite plan to  maintain the status quo.  The political elite with their media lap dogs are in full gear staging ‘actions’ and sounding tough on ‘the system‘.  And my only hope is that if Ron Paul wins, the rinos revolt and resign from congress in protest… 😛

The endorsement of Romney by GHW Bush (aka George Shertoff) was expected, and is most worrisome at the same time.  We all knew that the stooge Karl Rove  shilled for Obama, beat up Palin, and is now strongly telling us all that Romney is the nominee.  So GHW Bush confirms that Romney is the NWO choice, and Bachman Bush essentially tells Americans that a nuclear bomb will be set off in an American city if you don’t vote for Romney.  Or, if you even try to defeat Obama.

 Birds of a Feather exposed the absolute commonality of Bush I, Clinton(s), Bush II, and Obama  in adhering to, promoting, pouring money into, and facilitating the New World Order a treasonous racket.  Assassination is a hallmark of the Bush-Clinton-Obama NWO cabal, and mass destruction of the American economy, its defenses, manufacturing, and energy industries has been used to accomplish these goals.  Usurpation of the presidency of the U.S. was a crown achievement for it represented the complete purchase of the government.  Creating chaos on the streets of America just like in the Middle East is another favorite tool of the de-stabilizers.

Bush I’s endorsement of Romney is the first sign of how serious they are in stopping Ron Paul. And remember that it is really not Ron Paul–it is what he is talking about and symbolizes–America, the Constitution, the rule of law, and the return to sound money.

Returning to our national defense,
returning to our constitutional sense.

Why do Establishment Republicans Fear Ron Paul?

©2011 drkate

Because they want to rule instead of govern.

In one of the recent debates Ron Paul was asked whether he had any ‘electability’…and with absolute ease responded by posing the question–

Why should the republican party not be for the Constitution, small government , fiscal stability,  and be for individual liberty?

And in that sentence, Ron Paul laid bare the willing participation of the establishment republicans in activities that are anti-American, contradict their sworn oath of office, and aid in undermining the Constitution.  The extent to which the establishment republicans are out of touch with we the people and the Constitution is shown by the shame of both houses of Congress enthusiastically endorsing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and its indefinite detention of American Citizens during ‘declared wars’ like the war on drugs or war on terror…

While the media quibbles over Romney versus Gingrich, the Occupy movement, and other diversions, pResident Obama continues to undermine law and order, dismantling the US Constitution piece by piece.  When public officials seek to limit freedom, it can be concluded that these officials want to rule instead of govern. (eMphasis added)

And therein lies the whole scam of  ‘the party system‘ for both establishment democrats and republicans.  Under the influence of artificial, un-granted power, money, fortune & fame, they’ll let everything go….just like they did in the 60’s and 70’s, and they transformed themselves into politicians so that they now think they are the law…and indeed they do hold every position of power of the U.S. Government.  But they’re busted once and for all.

Who can forget this statement of Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild:

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”

What Dr. Paul has revealed is that they have full control over the money, and it doesn’t matter who is elected…they are in the game for something else and that’s not our Constitution or us.  Isn’t this precisely the right thing the general public needs to hear right now?  The only candidate who talks about the constitution, even mentions it in his stump speech…is Ron Paul.  Every other republican candidate is an establishment candidate.

The regular republicans, independents, even some democrats, AKA AMERICANS, are for the Constitution. Many of us are more informed than others, and it is obvious that Ron Paul is on the right track.  For others, not so much.  The false media hype up or mislead on subjects of critical importance to Americans, for example

  • Minimizing what should be a serious discussion of radical Islam/sharia by labeling Paul’s constitutionally-based non-intervention policy’  instead  ‘isolationist foreign policy’;
  • Deliberately deceiving the pubic on Paul’s ‘s position on helping our friends and a strong defense by calling it ‘refusal to support Israel’ and  ‘gutting the military’;
  • Misleading people on Dr. Paul’s position on the Tenth Amendment and legalization of drugs by scaring people  on ‘legalize marijuana’ , ‘legalize heroin’,  forgetting to tell people that the government itself is sponsoring these programs…e.g., drugs, guns, money and murder in the American southwest.
  • Painting Ron Paul as a one-dimensional candidate who is timid, isolationist, and weak on foreign affairs, as too focused on money.

By trying to label and isolate everything about Ron Paul, they show more about themselves and what they are doing…they accuse another of what they themselves could be accused of.  How often do they pull out the ‘protect the troops’ mantra and use it as a ruse to pass even more outrageous spending irrelevant to force protection or national defense?

Ron Paul is right to point out the ‘blowback’ of our own foreign policy run amok and its meddling in other countries.  Think about Newt’s recent “bombastic” statement that “Palestinians are not real people”–how helpful is that Mr. smarty-pants?  And they call Ron Paul ‘anti-Israel’?  In the video below you will see John McCain accuse a ‘isolationist’ policy of the United States as causing World War II.  Does John McCain even know American history?

(video h/t Troy)

The purpose of this thread is to identify and defeat all of the concerns and mis-truths  about Ron Paul, real or imagined, and to place in this thread the arguments countering these ideas.  Where there are still areas unclear, let’s focus the question so that an answer can be found.

For example, if Ron Paul is ‘weak’ on foreign policy, identify his strong and weak points AND ask the question, who would complement Ron Paul in those areas…i.e., who is his cabinet, who is his Vice President, who is his defense secretary?   Let’s give Dr. Paul a helping hand.

If you still think someone is better, then make the case for him/her here, contrasting their positions to Ron Paul’s.

Creating Terror Since 1995

©2011 drkate

But an additional case of explosives was unaccounted for.

This stunning article  (h/t Tenacity) posted in the Freedom Daily links Eric Holder, aka Eric Holdup, to the Oklahoma City bombers in an operation that sounds a lot like Fast and Furious.  While the article has disappeared, the story is reported again here:

…the Oklahoma City bombing had aspects of being an FBI sting operation that went out of control. Holder had authorized the FBI to provide explosives to Nichols and McVeigh, then lost track of both the explosives and their targets. McVeigh went on to detonate some of the explosives outside the federal building, an act that was designed to help anti-terrorism legislation pass Congress. But an additional case of explosives was unaccounted for. (emphasis added)

The article goes on to point out how Holder directed the FBI to confiscate this missing box before any other agency found it.

The case of explosives was, however, recovered by another law enforcement agency and was later determined to have the incriminating  fingerprints of two FBI agents, as well as fingerprints of McVeigh and Nichols.

As current Attorney General the fast and furious act is designed to ‘help anti-gun pass Anti-American gun control legislation pass Congress.  So, the pattern is to create and arm the Mexican drug cabals [the terrorist], create chaos and murder, then pass the NDAA legislation [anti-terror] to detain Americans so long as there is a ‘war’ on drugs or ‘war’ on terror.

Larger than this incompetent is the plan disclosed in this video, found in context here.  The war on liberty and financial freedom has been underway for a long time, before our founding as a Nation; with the same tactics being used over and over again.  And now they kill us in huge amounts, like OKC and 9-11; the chemtrails, vaccines, economic system, and the means of food production. Planned ‘incompetence’ as represented by people like Eric Holdup,  purchased by the global elite and placed inside governments all over the world, now has a firm grip on America. We are not fighting the Constitution; this global cabal is, and everyone is disposable.

Almost two years beyond my mid-50’s, this has happened before my eyes my entire life yet only recently do I know what actually has occurred.  It feels like a huge loss of America, and now I know it was intended to be a life-changing loss. The attacks of  the WTC (93), OKC, TWA Flight 800, and 9-11 have all the markings of the plan, Agenda 21 facilitating governmental control every day.

It is time to return home: to our Creator-God, to the Constitution for the united States and every protection associated with that legal doctrine, and no other craftily- usurped jurisprudence.  Time to look in the mirror and recognize the Patriot who has been called on a mission.  Time to find out what that mission is.

Billions in gold stored beneath WTC-7. No wonder they had to "pull it"

When the Government Goes Rogue

©2011 drkate

Post Updated…

In the last several years of our awakening, today it seems so clear in retrospect: our government has gone rogue.  While the mockingbird song is that its ‘communism, socialism, fascism, genocide…’–it is  all this and more–the nwo together in America as a rogue government.  The American people are not in rebellion, it is our government that is in open revolution against the people and the constitution.

In a very important and relevant update to this post, some history of where we are in this rebellion of government against the people. The ‘Committee of 300″, discussed by Dr. John Coleman. (h/t Tenacity)

In the context of this history, our awakening grows.

The following extremely serious, but hopeful video must alert us even more as to our plans, signals, contingency protocols,  and communications. (h/t Jan)  We have the Constitution as our form of government, so no need to worry about creating anything new, we are working to get that back and seize it from the rouge government.  The methods are important.

Note the credit where credit is due…and study the big picture.

How should we organize?  In the days of the Usurpathon, it seemed an interesting idea to set up “blog platoons“…and why not again?  We are from all over the country, we are patriots (aka ‘radicals’) during the American revolution, we are Americans.  By our love they will know we are Americans. 

Your thoughts?

Moose-hell’s Christmas

©2011 drkate

I hope everyone wishes this piece of old jerky a merry CHRISTmas and a lousy new year!  👿

h/t Troy and this site:

Open thread.

Righting the Congress

©2011 drkate

Both houses of the United States Congress have become a cesspool of corruption, crony capitalism, and a life-long political class that has nothing to do with the Constitution or with protecting America. Members of Congress enjoy jacking off in their private saunas and steam baths which only they would call ‘hallowed space‘; voting themselves pay raises; keeping their salary and benefits for life,and otherwise destroying America to benefit only themselves.  Where else can you go from negative net worth to multi-million dollars of net worth in a year? You can count the principled members of Congress on the fingers of one hand.

And where else could the tacit approval for the Obama usurpation of the presidency be enabled, and still planned?  Throw in the corrupt Supreme Court and judiciary, unaccountable agency heads, and billions of dollars and bribes from the banks and corrupt foreign nationals like George Soros, and the stench of the cesspool becomes overwhelming.

We don’t need an amendment to the Constitution to balance the budget, we need to hold Congress to its 18 enumerated powers and their oath of office.  Cross the line and they should be forever barred from running for any office again.  Tell me where in this world does a person receive their full salary and benefits for life, after serving only one term in what should be the hallowed occupation of a citizen legislator? By our own hands and lack of attention, we have created the most corrupt group of people in the world.  I point a finger at Congress and three fingers point back at me.

We don’t need an Article V Constitutional Convention because its not the framework of the Constitution that is broken, it is the people who inhabit its positions. And they will always have to be reminded that it is not the people who are in rebellion, it is the government that is in rebellion against the people and the Constitution.

It is also true that we cannot rely on Congress to reform itself.  Why should they?  Most of them have never had a real job in their lives so they know nothing about ‘reform’ except ‘reforming’ their responsibilities so they benefit.

Here are a few ideas to literally remake those who serve the people:

  1. Pass a law at the state and federal level–if need be an amendment–that any time the deficit exceeds 3% of gross domestic product, all members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.
  2. Forbid Congress to raise its own salary and mandate pay raises be the lower of the CPI or 3% per term of office (2 or 6 years).
  3. Reduce the Congressional work period to nine months, with appropriate salary reductions, and limit any deal making or legislating to the hours of 7 am to 5 pm, the normal working period of Americans.  No voting on anything between the hours of 5 pm and 7 am.
  4. Require Congress to spend the three remaining months of each year in their districts performing community service, meeting with state legislatures, and learning from constituents–without pay or paid at minimum wage.
  5. Half the Congressional staff.
  6. Enact term limits at every level, including staff
  7. Reduce Congressional office budgets and forbid free postage, travel, and first class upgrades for all members of Congress and their staff.
  8. Require members of Congress to justify each and every vote  and their compliance with the eighteen enumerated powers.
  9. Forbid life-long appointments in the entire judiciary, substituting instead a term of ten years with required evaluations for any reinstatement.
  10. Reinstate the original 13th amendment and forbid lawyers or those with other titles of nobility to serve as members of Congress.

There are plenty of other ideas…please use this thread to propose them.

Article II Superpac Formed

©2011 drkate

Patriots everywhere have gathered to form an Article II Super Political Action Committee whose main goal is to ensure:

“…that citizens and elected officials clearly understand Article II and the definitive meaning intended by the United States of America’s Founding Fathers of “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN,” thereby working to create a legally-binding vetting apparatus which will ensure all presidential and vice-presidential candidates are constitutionally eligible in 2012 and future elections….”

As Mario Apuzzo has written:

Our Constitution requires unity of U.S. citizenship and allegiance from birth only for the Office of President and Commander in Chief of the Military, given the unique nature of the position, a position that empowers one person to decide whether our national survival requires the destruction of or a nuclear attack on or some less military measure against another nation or group. It is required of the President because such a status gives the American people the best Constitutional chance that a would-be President will not have any foreign influences which because of conflict of conscience can most certainly taint his/her critical decisions made when leading the nation. Hence, the special status is a Constitutional eligibility requirement to be President and thereby to be vested with the sole power to decide the fate and survival of the American people. Of course, the status, being a minimum Constitutional requirement, does not guarantee that a would-be President will have love and fealty only for the United States. Therefore, the final informed and intelligent decision on who the President will be is left to the voters, the Electors, and Congress at the Joint Session, to whom hopefully responsible media and political institutions will have provided all the necessary vetting information concerning the candidate’s character and qualifications to be President.

Founding members of the Article II Super Pac include Helen Tansey of the T-Room, Gary Wilmot, Commander Charles Kerchner, Mario Apuzzo, Captain Pamela Barnett, and many others.

Head on over to the new site and find out what you can do to help!  In the meantime, learn more about the fraudulent Congressional Research Service’s obfuscation of the constitutional eligibility requirement:

Huckabee Presidential Forum

©2011 drkate

Mike Huckabee sponsored an excellent two-hour Presidential forum  on December 3, 2011, where the republican candidates had a great opportunity to speak their minds on questions posed by several of the states’ Attorneys General.  The same questions were asked of all the candidates.  There are 7 parts to this video which can be found here.

Ron Paul’s interview is here:

To be frank, I was a little disappointed that Dr. Paul missed an opportunity to really show how much he knows about the Constitution and its amendments.  In particular, he was given an opportunity to talk about the “worst amendment”…and he mentions Prohibition…not the Sixteenth or Seventeenth Amendments, for example, which I know he has mentioned as unconstitutional at other times.

I realize no ‘debate’ offers the whole view of the man, but I have a few questions as to missed opportunities.

Was this strategy?  An oversight?  An agreement not to mention it?

How could Ron Paul improve on his ability to speak the Constitution to Americans, not just his supporters?

What do you think were his best moments, and, can you find a video that answers the questions above?

Conservatives and the Constitution

©2011 drkate

How can you be a conservative and never mention the Constitution?

The Tea Party is all for limited spending, small government, and supposedly states rights, and only mentions the Constitution in the context of a ‘balanced budget amendment’, which ignores the true danger of calling a Constitutional Convention, and ignores the fact that if Congress was acting according to its limited enumerated powers, we would not need to alter the Constitution to control members of Congress.  And the Tea Party endorses everyone but the one who makes the Constitution a center-piece of his campaign, and refuses to address the usurpation of the Presidency by Obama and the democrats.

And we continue to allow Congress to determine what the Constitution means, and their unelected and irresponsible staffers, always protecting covering their collective asses on allowing the criminal usurpation of our government. Commander Kerchner writes:

To attorney Jack Maskell, of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the master of the false premise in his efforts to protect Obama in his writings for Congress:

Adjectives mean something.  A “Citizen at Birth” is not logically identically equal to a “natural born Citizen at Birth”. Barack Obama may be a ‘Citizen of the United States’  but he is not a ‘natural born Citizen of the United States’ and does not meet the constitutional standards as to who can be the President and Commander in Chief of our military:  The natural born Citizen clause in our Constitution is a national security clause inserted into our Constitution by John Jay and George WashingtonThe natural born Citizen clause is still important and worth protecting. 

How is it possible to claim yourself  to be a “Patriot”, and not be demanding a return to constitutional governance?  Yes, of course we know there has been a concerted effort to destroy American principles and mis-educate, but even those of us who are awake seem paralyzed…between time, if you will, between the past and the future.  Our present circumstances demand we take action at all levels, we look for leaders and it always ends up with the person you see in the mirror.

We need a plan and must be willing to take that long march back to the Constitution…as much as the progressives have shown their willingness to be patient in their quest to destroy America, we must show equal tenacity in our return to sanity and the sanctity of the Constitution.  We all must lead.


(From Red Beckman, “Walls in our Mind”, Segment 5)

If you are an adult American; If you have been educated in a government school; If you are a member of an organized, IRS approved, corporate church; If you watch CBS, NBC, ABC television news and read a daily paper, you probably didn’t know there are two kinds of patriotism.  The two distinct forms of patriotism are totally opposed to each other and can never peacefully coexist.

True patriotism is people giving their allegiance to their country.  False patriotism is people giving their allegiance to a government.  In the last segment, we addressed the fact that the junk heaps of history are the final resting place of many governments.  Nations continue to exist even after many changes of government.  The Romanian dictator, who was executed on Christmas Day 1989, was a very powerful man until the army switched allegiance.  Politicians cannot control a government unless they have the allegiance of a nation’s people. This is why politicians try to convince people that nation and government are one and the same.

In an earlier segment you read that our present government is not our lawful government. Registered voters sitting on Grand Juries and Trial (Petit) Juries have given their allegiance to politician controlled government. Politician created laws, statutes, codes, regulations, opinions, acts and decisions not in the best interest of our country, are being enforced by voters on juries.  Our lawful government was subverted and changed because jurors gave their allegiance to government, rather than their country.

A true patriot is one who is guided by truth and facts (knowledge). A false patriot is controlled by the lies which he has believed. In segment one, we defined the difference between believing and knowing. We have been taught, all our lives, that our government was to be controlled by majority vote. The true patriot knows that politicians can control majorities with false information.  Politicians tell lies the majority want to believe. This is what party politics is all about. The party that promises the most goodies, from the public treasury, will usually find the most believers (voters). Remember, it was a majority vote that put Adolph Hitler into office as chancellor of Germany. Hitler was a powerful politician because there were far  more false patriots than true patriots.

False patriotism is a source of power, for politicians, in the United States of America. Deficit spending, confiscatory taxation, inflation, deflation and no-win wars, is the price we pay for misdirected patriotism. Viet Nam and Korea were politicians’ wars, which would not have happened if our lawful government had been functioning.  Over one hundred thousand of our best young men were denied their freedom to live, love, propagate, work, retire and die a natural death.  Both Korea and Viet Nam wars were the result of false patriotism.  Those two wars made false patriots rich but our country was damaged severely. Those politician caused wars were not in the best interests of the United States of America. We have Americans who believe they are free because politicians told them they are free. The dead and maimed, from Viet Nam and Korea, are the evidence that proves we are not free.

True patriots know the federal individual income tax is an unconstitutional tax which was created to control people. Fear is the weapon used by tax collectors, when you have a politician controlled government. Thousands of Americans have committed suicide because of IRS-psycho-terrorism.  The KGB were famous for their activities and they murdered great numbers.  The IRS is more scientific and subtle. If they can mentally damage an individual and cause an individual to take their own life, it becomes the perfect crime. It is for sure there will be no prosecution of the responsible IRS agents. A government judge, government prosecutor and twelve false patriots on a jury are not going to find an IRS agent guilty of anything. The psychological damage caused by fear can be more deadly than a bullet between the eyes.  Fear on the backs of a nation’s creative and productive people is not in the best interests of the people and nation.

A true patriot will not be terrorized by the IRS. Many true patriots have been sent to prison by false patriots, sitting on juries in tax prosecutions. Most victims of such prosecutions, use jail time to become better educated and better Americans. It was false patriots in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia who arrested, and many times, executed true patriots. The Gestapo, KGB and the IRS were created, by politicians, to control people’s minds.  People, who give their allegiance to government, will not protect themselves or their neighbor from the IRS because they believe the IRS is a necessary evil.

In a later segment, there will be more said about the unconstitutional income tax.  Hopefully you have noticed how everything you have read to this point is focused on what we have stored in our minds.  Minds that have become disabled by belief, of false information, may need shock treatments.  Stay tuned, there is more to come.

For many, the journey to awareness began will Russo’s film, “From Freedom to Fascism”, also captured on this site’s video links.

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