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Where’s the Indonesian Adoption Record–um, Birth Certificate?

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(originally published April 30, 2011; updated May 19, 2012)

I really do not give a rat’s bottom where obat was born, he could have been born in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House and he would not be eligible to be President of the USA. He needs to be behind bars as of the day he was half-way sworn in. No matter where he was born, the only true birth cert any of us would be able to see if the “original” was released would be the one from when he was adopted which would make him Indonesian. (Jan, reader)

There it is…the source of the botched release of the computer generated birth certificate on April 27, 2011.  The only BC Hawaii has shows Barack Obama as Barry Soetoro or Soebarkah because by law, all adoptions seal the original BC and the new BC reads like the adoptive parents are the real parents.

So imagine the CIA HDOH having to unglue the original BC of BHO from the now recorded one citing him as Indonesian, using the signatures from different documents or royally screwing up the research and writing the wrong things down. 😆 

And then producing a computer generated fraud which Obama shoved in America’s face. Dared us to call him out on it.  You know, that diaper really does stink, Carnival Barky.

Anyone wonder why Robert Baur, Obama’s attorney, resigned shortly thereafter?  Attorney-client privilege, you know.

What will the HDOH do in response to the Arizona Secretary of State’s request?  Just say he was born there and not say anything about a Birth Certificate? And will Ken Bennett ask them to confirm a birth certificate with the name Barack Obama on it?

So then the next question…where’s the evidence of U.S. repatriation and the name change?


No, its not a new campaign slogan or billboard…it’s a question that remains unanswered by anything “Obama” has released.

Where’s the vital record of Obama’s adoption by Indonesian national Lolo Soetoro?  And when did Barry Soetoro change his name back to Obama?

For all I care, “Barack Hussein Obama, II” could be called Jean Ludwig Soetoro, or Long-Legged-Mack-Daddy Soetoro, or Chester Arthur Soetoro…his legal name is still Soetoro.  And certainly he can never be natural born American citizen no matter what his birthplace actually is…even in the United States.

If Obama, aka Barry Soetoro is an American citizen, why use a stolen social security number and  submit a forged Selective Service Registration linking to that stolen social security number?

If ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ aka Soetoro truly is an American citizen why did he allow Terry Lakin go to Leavenworth?

I contacted the producers of the cartoon above asking that they add the evidence of name change from Soetoro to Obama, and this was their response:

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