Romney, again.

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In 2012 I wrote a blog post nailing down the reason the republicans wanted Romney to run against Obama: so Obama would win.  And he did.  Its the same reason why the republicans ran 16 people besides Trump–all of them would have lost to Hillary Clinton. Trump was the only one who could beat Clinton as he was unknown and unpredictable.  The democrats could not win against him even with their massive, and known, vote fraud.

The GOP elite never wanted to beat the democrats and haven’t wanted to for a long time.  As long as they can beat their chests and whine about the democrats, and not actually do anything they can participate in the graft…so they are just fine letting democrats win.

Dogs-Against-Romney1The election in 2012 against Obama should have been won.  It was Romney’s to lose and he lost it. But hey, when dogs nationwide are against you…

romneytrainAnd I thought that was the end of the story with Romney.  His “reward” for running and willingly losing the election, though, was Paul Ryan as speaker, through which his Bain Capital was bailed out along with the Puerto Rico bailout pushed by Ryan.

But here he is again, and in a most interesting situation, is probably having a daily diet eating crow since he met with Trump. I don’t think the body language in the video of him leaving the meeting looked positive about any position.  I hear he is preparing an apology to Trump and his supporters because he’s interested in the job,  but I don’t think that will convince anyone he is sincere. Romney’s attacks on Trump went to his person, his integrity, and his honor.

Romney and the #nevertrumpers almost blew it for the American people, the “republicans” and Trump; actively supported all of Trump’s opponents; and probably would have been in the Clinton administration. Remember this cabal of people in the photo.  Romney and Ryan still want the presidency.  Placing Romney anywhere near SoS position will enable the GOPe to have an alternative route around Trump. However, President Elect Trump would not have made it this far without knowing that this drama and intrigue is underway.

So there is a much larger strategy underway that we don’t know in floating Romney out there as secretary of state.  We can observe that it has caused an informative reaction across the spectrum which is very interesting to watch….and there seems to be something strategic going on,  discussed in the video below.

I don’t think the nation can afford two presidents… as losers seem to try to create their own kingdoms.


What are your thoughts?




31 Responses to “Romney, again.”

  1. 1 drkate November 24, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    I would say twitter is 95% against Romney, and so is Gingrich and Huckabee…the other 5% is talking “strategy”, ‘bait and switch’, “getting leverage’, and ‘uniting the party’…

    we’ll see!

  2. 2 JJ November 25, 2016 at 12:41 am

    Did you see the picture of Romney leaving a bldg. and Trump standing on a porch with his mouth cuffed and a caption…”I hear they’re hiring at Chipotle.”

  3. 4 tiger 7 November 25, 2016 at 7:31 am

    Normally, I’m a believer in compromise, but there is no room for Romney in the Trump scheme for America.

  4. 5 Heather November 25, 2016 at 7:39 am

    Romney make “look” the role of a statesman but doesn’t mean he is presidential material. I don’t like or trust him at all. He didn’t stand up to obama and showed the world he was a real patsy.

    Trump is no dummy, he probably only interviewed him to keep the GOP off his back. I still say, Trump uses the ace card of keep your friends close and your enemies closer and Romney is his and our enemy and proved he could be bought and paid for.

    Even though Trump interviewed him doesn’t mean Trump will hire him and I doubt that he will.

  5. 8 True Patriot November 25, 2016 at 8:18 am

    The news of Romney visiting with Trump made me sick!!! No Romney in any form. It could be Trump is playing him like he plays the media to keep the media’s rug pulled out from under them. Trump is a great chess player & we retrieved all the nasty, hateful insults Romney posted on Twitter & other places against Trump. But it is troubling none the less.I can’t stand Romney and couldnt stand him in 2012, but we were all in an anyone but Obama mode. :-(((

    With that said now on to Nikki Haley another Rino POS. Many have said he snatched the Muslim America Hating Haley out of SC Gov position so that a real Conservative can be voted in. She has been nothing but problems for SC and no nice support for Trump has she ever been. Shoving her into the 3rd world &^%$hole position of Ambassador to the U.N. there may just be more to this than we are able to comprehend at this time. A close friend of mine up in SC said Haley is a nightmare for SC which we all know, & we need strong Conservative Governors surrounding Trump. She also thinks she was more of threat to Trump staying in as Gov, & Trump is thinking about yanking us out of the UN. So if he takes us out of the UN Haley is left twisting in the wind. Just saying. None of us know for sure but this looks like a chess move hopefully. There is a lot of uncertainty at this point.
    Also think about this the Lt. Gov is huge supporter of Trump & Jeff Sessions and will replace the Moooslem Haley. So that is a chess move. Then he can run against the Rino POS Lindsey Gramnesty in the Senate.
    I truly believe this is a long term strategic move.

    So on to the Communist Marxist run Twitter. My acct has been locked again for posting breaking info on Pedophile/Child Sex Trafficking Clintons, Podestas & Comet Pizza Pedophile shop in DC. It appears it is also tied to pics of Jack Dorsey CEO pig of Twitter. Pics surfaced of him with the other pedos at Comet Pizza and other places where they all hang out and boom
    my acct was locked. I did not curse , or incite violence. just posting incoming news & twitter is now Nazis on steroids, along with FacistsBook which I do not use. I have over 50 K followers but twitter has never posted my followers. It still showed 10.9K at the time they locked my acct. These thin skinned reptilian demons who control all social media and google I hope Trump will deal with. The Conservatives all areas are being silenced, and under constant attack of our 1st Amendment rights. I decided since Twitter is run by a possible Pedophile/child sex trafficker that I want off anyway. AND ALSO BIN TATAL THE SAUDI ENEMY OF THE U.S. HAS BOUGHT TWITTER I THINK RECENTLY AND AS WE ALL KNOW SHARIA ALLOWS PEDOPHILIA, CHILD RAPE, MOLESTATION ALL ALLOWED IN THEIR BARBARIC SAVAGE QURAN. SO IM OFF TWITTER FOR GOOD.

    I just joined and it has a similar format to Facebook but claims they dont censor as long as there is no cursing etc. Cant find out who runs it yet but Im giving it a try. Some good Patriots on there along with not so nice but you can block so love that block feature. Join me at True Patriot. I dont have an avatar yet Im not a techie so have to get my Grandaughter to do it for me when she comes to visit. But its another way for us to unite.

    In my opinion Steve Bannon is the best pick and strongest along with Jeff Sessions. Sen Sessions is an awesome pick and a good solid pick. He is a friend of my husband and has always remained true to Conservative Christians. Probably the best man in DC by far. He speaks quietly but carries a big stick. 🙂

    I am waiting until after Trump gets inaugurated to see what unfolds. I think possibly Romney is being used as a smokescreen until after Trump takes office. I so hope Romney is not even Doorman at Trump Towers :-((

  6. 12 typistjan November 25, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    I am having so much fun watching what Trump is doing. Two more appointments today.
    I pray Romney is toast, doesn’t even deserve to empty the trash.

  7. 16 foxyladi14 November 25, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Sore losers!! 😀

  8. 21 typistjan November 25, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    A little OT but wow

    Click here: Meanwhile in Mexico

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