The MSM Fake News Awards!

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Americans are joyfully anticipating the first ever ” MSM Fake News Awards” to be held on January 17, 2018 and presided over by our POTUS Donald John Trump.  For nearly 50 years, the Mockingbird press has had their propaganda shills on air 24/7 to remind us of what and how we are to think about everything.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski criticized President Donald Trump on Wednesday for undermining the media’s message by creating his own facts, adding that the “job” of the media is to “control exactly what people think”.

Remember there was just one magic bullet that killed JFK, that the Vietnam war started with an attack on the US in the Gulf of Tonkin, that the USS Liberty report was a conspiracy theory, that Obama was eligible for the presidency and a Christian, that Hollywood is the true measure and represents reality in America.

And for longer than that, Americans have been waiting for the truth.  In fact we are so sick of the propaganda that we flocked to the truth teller in 2016 because speaking the truth now has become an act of revolution.  And once you know the truth, it does really set you free, particularly the ability to think for yourself and look clearly at the facts.  And to know fully that none of the mainstream media–including FOX–is particularly enthused about telling the truth about anything.  Lying has become so routine, so much of the “new normal”, that its steady drone intentionally puts our minds to sleep….precisely when we need to be awake, watching, and ready to act.

We’ve become complacent in allowing politicians to make meaningless words and gestures seem like they’re “doing something”.  We’ve allowed the steady drone of lie to squander our brains with useless drivel about things that mean nothing.


The Fake News Awards will be spectacular this year because they will be based on year-long investigations that have been underway by the Trump administration that have blown the fake news out of the water.

Think about this…the “muh Russia” conspiracy which set forth the preposterous lie that Trump had coordinated with Russia to steal the election. Now we know who actually DID coordinate with foreign agents to try to destroy Trump, the Republicans, and Americans…and the collusion is very close to treason, a crime punishable by death.  Here are the real criminals so far…

Russian Collusion and the Fake Dossier

Add John McCain, Adam Shiff and others to the pack of lies that were engineered by our intelligence agencies, and fed through the MSM, to attempt to bring down a lawfully-elected President of the United States.

This is the brilliant plan by POTUS and AG Sessions to direct the Special Counsel to uncover the real liars and leakers behind the fake news of Trump-Russia collusion.

The entire FBI and DOJ were weaponized by the Obama administration and used against Americans.  The agencies must be purged with only true American patriots remaining.


And what are we NOT being told about the people’s revolution in Iran?  The media have blocked out any news from there and media giants like Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Instagram have complied with the Mullahs demands to shut down social media and the internet. In response, POTUS redirected U.S. Military satellites so as to provide the Iranian people with a means to communicate with the outside world and to put pressure on the regime.

The Leakers

Remember that both Trump and Attorney General Sessions warned the media and government establishment, including congress, that there was an active leak investigation underway to stop the leaking of classified information which endangers our country.

The leaks are real; the news is fake.

An elaborate sting operation has been underway where the Trump administration is finding, outing, and firing those leakers.

So this thread is dedicated to the outrageous FAKE NEWS–whatever its source–.  Please paste in your comments, great cartoons, or other articles and let’s develop a list of the propaganda and lies that we now see as colossal fake news!  Here’s a start:

Now do you know why POTUS tweets?


31 Responses to “The MSM Fake News Awards!”

    • 2 no-nonsense-nancy January 14, 2018 at 12:19 pm

      I wanted to cry when I read that article. We all hear about these third world countries and their hardships. Rappaport is right. These aren’t the ones who would be able to leave their countries and get out of their poverty. By the Grace of God we were given Donald John Trump to prevent the US from becoming like, as Alveta King stated today, a hell hole. If Obama, by way of Clinton, were in the Oval Office, we would be well on our way to just that.
      I seldom go on FB any more but for some reason I did this morning. It just managed to get my gander all riled up because of the political garbage by some of my libtard friends.
      I mentioned in an earlier thread about a day last month when I was sitting in a hospital waiting room and the tv was on CNN probably. I wasn’t sitting where I could see the screen but I could hear it. Some show came on where the subject was Trump and his collusion with Russia. They had guests who were spewing out nothing but lies. It was kind of shocking to me because I don’t have the tv and I’m not used to it. All of a sudden about 15 people were facing me with their eyes glued to the tv. I sat there wondering how many of them believed what they were hearing.

      • 3 drkate January 14, 2018 at 1:11 pm

        This may be where, against all of our instincts, one might just ask the question in the waiting room…”excuse me, but how many of you believe what is being said here”? or, changing the channel like…”anyone mind if we watch some sports or something?” don’t go FOX, get away from the MSM and propaganda. One guy suggested carrying one of those universal remotes and changing the channels everywhere you see “news” aka propaganda!! 😆

        The big lie is so much easier to swallow than the small one…and only by repetition of that big lie does it become “truth”. the msm repeats the lie over and over again, and yes, even FOX does this but from the deep state GOPe viewpoint. Someone is always trying to control the narrative as opposed to helping people think. Lots of people make the mistake of making it about them—their contacts, analysis, viewpoint, and what it means for our future.

        You must think for yourself using the God-given tools innate to you. Listen now, because we are supposed to really start helping people understand what is going on. Much deeper choice than “politics”!

      • 7 Heather January 14, 2018 at 3:36 pm

        NNN exactly right, how many of these clueless people believe this. I know my oldest son in Pa does. And being my son growing up with me, he should know better. But when you surround yourself with liberals you come to believe what they say.

        As far as Durbin broadcasting that Trump called 3rd world countries shitholes–we know better but today is Sunday and they are still talking about the same thing. Senator Cotton and Perdue both interviewed with Dickerson and told him Trump never said that, Durbin did and Durbin has a history of lying.

        Hawaii and the finger on the button, a human error? Really? Congressman Chaffetz said if it took 38 minutes to conclude it was human error then we have a real problem and who said this was done by error….

        We have the Tulsi Gabbard Hawaii, blaming Trump and now all of hollywood is on that bandwagon of blame.

        I cannot believe all the blame and hatred across the country coming out against Trump and these thugs think its perfectly ok the say whatever they want to include offering 20k for someone to kill him and yet they are all still walking around scott free.

        Someone needs to be to scapegoat.

    • 8 True Patriot January 15, 2018 at 7:45 am

      Speaking of media I’ve been working on some Deep State info that is unraveling I wanted to share about this same corrupt criminal media (all channels), that aided/abetted Illegal Fraud Obama and who behind the scenes made it possible. As an original Birther I demand we get answers.
      to get to this site you have to get off of google completely as they are blocking this site and go to or
      https://themillineumreport/2017/03/pedogate-women-operatives-in-very-high-places/ If all else fails go to the site and type in Pedogate Women Operatives in Very High Places. Kristine Marcy was instrumental in aiding abetting unvetted Fraud Obama into our WH for 2 terms. Marcy forged a new passport and other fake documents to usurp the United States of America. Also involved in worldwide Pedo rings in Deep State “Matrix 5” women either married to politicians or connections to powerful men they could control, blackmail & cause to vote the way they wanted them to. Names we all know Jane Fonda, Lynn Cheney, Fergie Duchess of York, Angelina Jolie, Ann Romney, Valerie Jarrett, Bernadine Dorhn, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Greta Van Susteren, Condoleeza Rice, Samantha Power, David Cameron’s wife, Theresa May PM of UK, Tony Blair’s wife. This is a very long article exposing these women but connects so many dots as to what our country has been put thru partially due to their actions.

        • 10 drkate January 15, 2018 at 10:47 am

          Here’s a perspective on how to understand “Q”, the inside intelligence source everyone is talking about: its a very good read

          Make yourself read this please, its a red pill and that is what is needed. Once you understand this, you must talk with others of like mind and use every opportunity to gently bring this forward in conversations to offer an explanation of what is going on. We the people must be involved in spreading the word, it is our duty. There is a revolution going on, as well as revelation!

        • 11 True Patriot January 15, 2018 at 12:03 pm

          Yep that’s what I said. After all of our hard work in the birthers and at this late date we find out about this Kristine Marcy who made it all possible for that Illegal Fraud Obama to usurp our WH and keep the media on tight rein, while Lt. Col. Terry Lakin gets sent to Leavenworth by corrupt Judge Linn. I want Trump to give Terry back his titles and $$ and arrest Judge Linn and this Kristine Marcy and these others. Google is blocking that site and anything from my IP address is now being targeted. They dont want this info out here but I am overwhelmed at the spiderweb of these women & the names we know. No surprise on Hillary, or Bernadine Dorhn, Valerie Jarrett, Michele Obama, Jane Fonda but Lynn Cheney, Ann Romney and remember how viciously Ann Romney attacked Trump along with these others. Now we know. boy how deep the Rabbit Hole goes.

        • 12 Heather January 15, 2018 at 8:35 pm

          shocking — the waters run deep — all part of the deep state in one form or another. But Greta? who would have thought ….maybe she was found out and was being blackmailed at fox which would explain her fast tract exit…

      • 13 Janet L Rogers January 15, 2018 at 10:53 am

        True Patriot, thank you so much for all of your hard work. What an article !!! The Bible states that in the last days all will be revealed. What an eye opener !!!

        • 14 True Patriot January 15, 2018 at 12:05 pm

          YW I’m getting threats now because I am posting it all over the web. So I just double up and send it viral. We all deserve to know the truth and the truth will set us free. This is why we could not get anything done about Fraud Obama The goons dont scare me, I dont scare Im Scotch/Irish

      • 15 no-nonsense-nancy January 15, 2018 at 11:18 am

        All I can say is WOW, True Patriot! That is some article. My main question is why are these women walking the streets? I was especially surprised at Greta Van Susteren. Thank you for all of your research on this matter. I do believe that all of these evil pedophile criminals are going down soon.

        • 16 True Patriot January 15, 2018 at 12:09 pm

          Me too. Never thought a thing about Greta. I also think Oprah is knee deep in trafficking thru her 2 schools in Africa. Remember a while back the rape of some of the girls. Remember most of those girls dont have BC or anyone to look for them. & now getting intel Jeff Bezos heavily involved in PedoRings, using AMAZON planes to traffick the children from these countries. No pun intended , they could fly under the radar screen without customs being suspicious. I have slept in several nights trying to help these children. The arrogance of Oprah makes me sick Weinstein’s Pimp and she did it for years as his enabler along with Naomi Campbell

          • 17 drkate January 15, 2018 at 12:54 pm

            I think Bezos is going down eventually with all of this…being CIA disinformation source, human trafficking, corruption…I predict that sometime before March the screws start to tighten on him…

            • 18 True Patriot January 16, 2018 at 6:39 am

              I agree Dr. Kate. Bezos is extremely evil. His dad was in Darpa, DOD ties to CIA Deep State so he just took over his Dad’s work. Spiritually I have sensed for quite some time Trump is going to take Bezos down. He mentioned it in the rallies about Amazon not paying any taxes & subsidized by our tax $$. CIA keeps giving him millions, Amazon is just a dirty money laundering govt op. I quit buying anything from them awhile back and now with the bed bugs & dirty clothes being sold as new scandal from a former employee who has had enough. Cant even remember the youtube so much coming in, but he said most of the workers cant even speak english, and are dirty, filthy No hygiene. So there are many issues. Amazon accounts for a huge portion of online sales & are driving little business out. Its all planned in Agenda 21 and 2030

              • 19 drkate January 16, 2018 at 10:51 am

                I remember a picture of General Mattis meeting with Bezos at Amazon…thinking it was not a ‘friendly’ visit…

  1. 20 Janet L Rogers January 14, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Is there enough room here to post all the garbage? LOL

    • 23 no-nonsense-nancy January 14, 2018 at 4:23 pm

      Fake polls again, fake news. In a debate Pres Trump wound skin her alive. She probably knows it, too.

  2. 25 foxyladi14 January 15, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    We the People is all POTUS Trump has.
    MAGA 😀

  3. 30 Janet L Rogers January 16, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    OT Not fake news. I love Mark Stein, he’s loaded with common sense.
    Bundy Morning Quarterbacking
    by Mark Steyn
    Topical Take
    January 13, 2018

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