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“The media is the most efficient weapon of tyranny and oppression ever created. No need to physically control populations anymore when you can do it mentally – program it in, internalize the rules.”–Mindwars

This essay continues the analysis of the actions of Obama in the context of known revolutionary ideologies, and is a two-part look at Obama’s actions within the context of the ‘globalists’ objectives:  the elimination of sovereign states in favor of one world government.


The Problem is on Display

“Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers [Presidents], do plainly prove a deliberate systematical plan of reducing us to slavery”…Thomas Jefferson, 1774, “A Summary View of the Rights of British America”

Who can forget this?

America Bows to the Saudis

America Bows to the Saudis

Or the “America sucks tour” (h/t Texasdarlin), in two parts already?

*crickets* or fluff from the media.

And you ask yourself, and others, WTF?  Is this incompetence?

But the answer you find is no, this is intentional behavior by the pResident of the United States.

National Sovereignty

“National Sovereignty” is defined as:

“the supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power by which an independent state is governed and from which all specific political powers are derived; the intentional independence of a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign interference. Sovereignty is the power of a state to do everything necessary to govern itself, such as making, executing, and applying laws; imposing and collecting taxes; making war and peace; and forming treaties or engaging in commerce with foreign nations. Abstractedly, sovereignty resides in the body of the nation and belongs to the people. But these powers are generally exercised by delegation.” –Blacks Law Dictionary

One of the common goals of the ‘globalists’, ‘new world order’ types, the communists, the Bilderbergers, the jihadis, American leftist radicals, and too many others, is the elimination of the sovereignty of individual countries, or ‘states’ as they are known in international parlance.

The mechanisms to achieve the defeat of national sovereignty include (a) replacing each country’s standing army with an international force, (b) dissolving national sovereignty through actions internal to a country, (c) creating one financial system and currency, and (d) arguably inducing a single religious system. Two classes of people are envisioned: the rulers, who are chosen (so what else is new? :???: ), and the rest of us.

The Bilderberg Viewpoint

In a 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Germany, David Rockefeller argued for a

“supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers, which is surely preferable to the national auto[self]-determination practiced in past centuries”

In the June 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton attended, Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas, in his speech on International non-polarity, called for

“the elimination of superpowers and sovereign nation states….the United States’ uni-polar moment is over. International relations in the twenty first century will be defined by non-polarity. Power will be diffuse rather than concentrated, and the influence of nation-states will decline as that of non-state actors increases…” [emphasis added]

How will Obama wash away our identity as Americans and our sovereignty as a Nation?

Tavistock Psychological Profiling

While Obama continues to dissolve our sovereignty as a nation on the world stage, his ’success’ in fully dissolving American national identity depends on his ability to engineer events internally at home that affect the American population.  The goal is to reduce our individual security, increase division, and force dependence on the central government while dissolving state, county, community, and family ties.

We have witnessed the absolute control over the media that Obama’s backers have, and are aware of the use of manufactured crises, Alinsky techniques, and strategies Obama is actively deploying to run ’stress tests’ on the public. These tools appear to be part of a broader operation that has as its central goal the manipulation of the public into accepting and integrating policy objectives, such as socialism, that are not in our own interests.

From the article Mindwars, which discusses the use of Tavistock profiling,

“The media is the most efficient weapon of tyranny and oppression ever created. No need to physically control populations anymore when you can do it mentally – program it in, internalize the rules.

Established in the aftermath of World War I the original Tavistock Clinic was developed as the psychological warfare center for the royal family and British intelligence. Its founders and a cadre group of Freudian and neo-Freudian psychiatrists applied wartime experience of psychological collapse, to create theories about how such conditions of breakdown could be induced, absent the terror of war. The result was a theory of mass brainwashing involving group experience that could be used to alter the values of individuals, and through that, induce, over time, changes in the axiomatic assumptions that govern society.”

The article, which is one of dozens of articles on the Tavistock Institute, describes the history and collaboration of the Tavistock Clinic with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research and the United States during World War II.    The central findings of the research were that:

“Repeated exposure to extreme trauma fractures the individual and the group mind and breaks down established precepts. With the nation in a vulnerable state of shock, immediate indoctrination through the mass media imposes a new world view and establishes dependence upon the autocratic State as a comforting parent figure. Mind control continually erodes a person’s individuality, and usurps it with a new identity consistent with a collectivist worldview. Any conflicting information creates cognitive dissonance and is automatically rejected.”

The exposure of populations to continued trauma was thought to produce ‘psychological shock troops’…the presence of which is the central factor in designing a mass media product.  The children of these ‘psychological shock troops’, now holding office in Congress, are then extremely vulnerable to press manipulation.  Think about the children living in war zones and their psychological state, and how that could be manipulated in later years.


The results of studies showing what happens to a population after repeated exposure to trauma was used to analyze the impacts to Americans after the 911 attack.  Repeated television footage of the collapse of the twin towers reinforced the trauma of the event, leading to swift passage of the Patriot Act, the authorization for the use of military force (AUMF), the domestic spying debacle, the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security with sweeping new powers, and other intrusive actions on the civil liberties of Americans.

After 911, a whole new global ‘war on terror’ justified the redirection of millions of dollars away from serious domestic priorities to fighting a tactic (terror) that could also have been handled as a law enforcement matter.  While Americans were suffering from shock, a fundamental change in the relationship between the government and the people occurred.  The Executive, under the name of  ‘terror’, seized more authority than ever before in American history.

The sheer incompetence of Bush administration officials such as Rumsfeld (Iraq) and Brownie (Katrina) was also traumatic to Americans. The Congress made this an issue of republicans versus democrats, and were aided and abetted by the press–a very handy diversion I must say–increasing the division between Americans and resulting in the ‘branding’ of the republicans.

Eight continuous years of trauma paved the way for a lightweight like Obama to lie through his teeth charm his way into the White House.

But it is not over.

As identified in the article The Rise of the American Patriot, and now discussed openly, the Obama administration aims to force major change upon Americans in all sectors of society.  He uses deception to disguise ideology, and uses tactics and strategy to destabilize the community he pretends to lead, to overwhelm the institutions of government and facilitate their failure.

One of the weapons in Obama’s arsenal is inflicting trauma so as to achieve the destabilization of America through fundamentally altering the relationship between government and the people enshrined in the Constitution.

When the whole forest is on fire, Obama will purposely fan the flames of individual hot spots—and light the match if he has to– with the intention of scattering our energy, dividing Americans, and draining our resources. And paving the way for the “changes in the axiomatic assumptions that govern society.”

A few examples of the application of Tavistock profiling traumatic actions Obama is taking daily to keep Americans off-balance and weaken our resolve include:

  • the timing of and the release of the torture memos and photographs, revisiting the trauma of this once again
  • mandatory service bill
  • the budget and bailout mess for which taxpayers are on the hook
  • the intervention of government in banking, the auto industry, and health care
  • the resettling of Palestinians in America at taxpayers expense
  • the release of GITMO prisoners into American cities;
  • the failure to respond to the pirate hostage ordeal;
  • DHS accusations that Americans who believe in the Constitution are threats and potential terrorists
  • The irresponsible buzzing of New York with Air Force One
  • The threat to prosecute past administration officials, never done in American history but very similar to that actions that occur after a coup in other countries

You get the point. This appears to be purposely inflicted rapid psychological trauma on the American people in multiple arenas, equivalent to an assault on the senses.  It produces fear, distrust, isolation, and stress….in a word, trauma.

There is no doubt in my mind that, barely 100 days into his residency in the White House, Obama intends to continue to  diminish the Constitution and the sovereignty and civil liberties of Americans:  as individuals, as states, and as a nation.

Whether it is the Bilderbergers or communists or whoever controls Obama, there is a method to the Obama administration’s efforts to diminish America on the world stage, and in the hearts and minds of Americans at home.  If we are overwhelmed by and succumb to these techniques, Obama will win.

Part II of this essay will discuss the tools we can use to overcome and defeat this assault on American sovereignty.

The battle for America has just begun

The battle for America has just begun

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