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The individual must be dehumanized and his nature de-legitimized.  Through persuasion, deception and coercion, the individual must be subordinated to the state.  He must abandon his own ambitions for the ambition of the state.  -Mark Levin, Liberty and Tyranny

In Part I of this article series,  I suggested that  one pinnacle of the Obama strategy–whoever is behind him– is to destroy the national sovereignty of the United States.  There are two parts to this effort:

  • In part his strategy involves the dissing, shaming, and blaming of America while he is abroad;  and
  • In part he must also destroy our national pride and individual, community, and state sovereignty at home.

…On the International Stage

Already now having completed three “America Sucks’ tours, it is fairly evident that Obama disdains this country, and that his actions betray a chilling willingness to drop and not defend our borders, to weaken our military, to align with dictators, and to betray our allies including Britain, France, Germany, and Israel. What an insult to all who have fought and died for this country: to morally equate the bombing of Dresden with the holocaust, to diss-invite the Queen of England from Normandy (who actually experienced WWII), or to glibly describe America as ‘one of the largest Muslim nations in the world’.

This behavior is intended to enrage us here at home, but its clear intention abroad brings comments from Pravda like,

“America’s decent into Marxism is happening with breath-taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people….”.

But it fits perfectly with the overall effort to eliminate national borders, standing national armies, and national identity.  “One World Orderers”  if you will, be they Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, communists, socialists, or the misguided useful idiots known as the fascist liberal democratic party.

On the international stage, Obama’s effort to give America away risks our lives.   He kissed and bowed to our enemies, and has now drawn even more scorn, ridicule, and attacks from Islamist extremists.

Do not be surprised anymore. But DO break the age-old tradition of not speaking up when the President is abroad and complain loudly to the international press that he does not represent America when he bows and scrapes to dictators and terrorists and apologizes for the essence and sacrifices of Americans. Turn your angst into action.  Twitter his every move and every word, let the world know that you don’t approve.  I have written to my Senators countless times expressing my dismay and requesting a ’sense of the senate’ resolution declaring the inappropriateness of Obama apologizing for America’s existence.  And look at this letter!

He is taking advantage of America and our traditions to harm us. Including our ’slow burn’ as a people, and our ‘tradition’ of not criticizing the pResident when he is overseas.

…On the Home Front

Feeling traumatized yet?

On the home front, Obama is applying whatever tactics he can to destabilize individuals, communities, businesses, and states.  In Part I of this series, it was noted that practitioners of radical change know from Tavistock Profiling that continued trauma of people can be taken advantage of by the media, which indoctrinates the stressed-out public with the desired message.  To wit,

“The media is the most efficient weapon of tyranny and oppression ever created. No need to physically control populations anymore when you can do it mentally – program it in, internalize the rules.”–Mindwars

As Americans, we have been particularly traumatized by the attacks of 911, the arrogance and shocking behavior of the Bush regime, financial crises after crises, the ‘flu pandemic’, international terrorist events, and extremist-related shootings now in this country.

It is an extremely stressful time in America right now, seemingly on all levels.

Aside from what we can clearly see now, each one of you know that stress is a killer.  Stress dehydrates us fundamentally, which in turn causes emotional, neurological, and physical problems.  Each of us knows how stress can cripple our lives, work, relationships, and friendships.

It is time now to see as  stressors  what we are experiencing as Americans with this out-of-control behavior and the antics of O’trauma. Why wouldn’t this affect our ability to organize, analyze what is happening clearly and respond, rather than react, or to create an effective movement for returning to a Constitutional Republic?

So as we are taking action to retrieve our Country, it is important to retrieve ourselves.  We must as individuals build our immunity and strength–build your endurance, help your gut with beneficial organisms,  drink water, get strong.  A clear and educated mind is essential, and I am not talking about formal education or degrees here.

Mark Levin, in Liberty and Tyranny, makes this  connection obliquely, showing how the objective of tyranny is to destroy our individual sovereignty and well-being to achieve its objectives:

“….for the Statist, liberty is not a blessing but the enemy.  It is not possible to achieve Utoptia if individuals are free to go their own way.  The individual must be dehumanized and his nature de-legitimized.  Through persuasion, deception and coercion, the individual must be subordinated to the state.  He must abandon his own ambitions for the ambition of the state.  His first duty must be to the state–not family, community, and faith, all of which have the potential of threatening the state.  Once dispirited, the individual can be molded by the state..”

I have maintained all along that the irresponsible buzzing of New York in April of this year, the  Scare Farce One incident, was precisely this kind of deliberate inflicted trauma.  Against their own moral compass, against their natural and obvious concerns for the citizens of New York, the FAA and local officials refused to notify anyone about the planned buzzing of New York.  Obama was testing our officials:  will you listen to me and not tell anyone, or are you going to warn the people of New York?

Obama rules by traumatizing the American public through blatant violations of the Constitution, his blunt apologies for and derision of America; the rapidity of  legislation, Executive Orders, and other actions; and mass distractions enabled by the blind MSM.  He is, by example, generating lawless behavior.

We cannot be subordinated unless we allow ourselves to become dispirited, isolated,vulnerable to colds or infections, emotionally unstable, and to lose our ability to critically think.  We cannot exercise our rights as a free people in a weakened condition.  This is the use of stress (think Tavistock) to break down our will and our bodies.

Why does this matter? Because sovereignty resides in the body of the nation and belongs to the people.

Do not be surprised any more.  DO build your immunity, endurance, strength, health, and well being.

Remember, ‘living well’ is your best revenge.  Being able physically, mentally, and emotionally to engage in taking our Country back will require all your strength and endurance.  Make it so!

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