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….Washington, D.C,. November 4, 2009. Over 800,000 men, women, and children identifying themselves only as ‘Americans’, including veterans from all wars and services, sporting red, white, blue colors and American flags, descended on the U.S. Capitol today calling for the ‘restoration of the Constitutional republic’. Citing ‘constitutional egresses’ by Congress—including the passage of the massive February 2009 bailout plan without reading it—the Americans called for the resignation of all but 8 members of both houses of Congress..

The “Rally for the Republic” already is causing panic among hundreds of members of Congress facing re-election in 2010. In a deafening roar of approval, the ‘Americans’ called for the resignation of Barack Obama on the basis of his failure to prove his citizenship as required under Article II of the U.S Constitution.

Demonstrators surrounded the White House—as allowed in the permits quietly secured for this event several months ago—and periodically turned their backs on the White House, and presumably Barack Obama, in silence. The event included speakers, films, “constitutional teach-ins”, street theater, capioiera, music, and drumming. One theater event had the Founding Fathers schooling Congress on the Constitution while Obama sat in detention without his blackberry.

Federal and district law enforcement officials were surprised—and a little amused –by the periodic outbreak of laughter by tens of thousands of people in unison at video broadcasts of Obama’s statements and actions. While no arrests of the Americans were reported, police arrested several irate Acorn activists, Obama supporters, and ‘students for democratic socialism’ who protested against the rally by harassing and shouting racial slurs at police and innocent by-standers.

Simultaneous and similarly peaceful demonstrations were reported in every state capitol in the nation.

From now on, we’re writing the press releases. And taking all the names, titles, and language back that have been used against us. The second American Revolution has begun.

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