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(Author’s note: This article kept growing…and it marks, at last, the beginning of my emergence from the morass of obama that has consumed my efforts in the last several months.  In part this is designed to elicit a long-term dialogue about building our toolbox for reclaiming our Constitutional Republic…NOW!  Free America!)

Update 1. Although not covered in this post, the commentors have reminded me of various other contexts and explanations for what has been happening in the long term to America. In that regard, in my previous article Stand by Me I addressed the demoralization of America as one part of a strategy that in part looks like America today (demoralization, manufactured events, chaos, totalitarianism). This video is long. Then there are the predictions of various think tanks regarding the dollar and public policy (h/t Song). While these can inform our understanding, they should not become a distraction.

W E  D I D  IT !!

We unmasked them all (ok, most of them): Soetoro-Obama, the DNC, the democratic party and its rotting infrastructure, the ‘false feminists’, the racists, CDS, the so-called ‘fourth estate’, the false republicans, “blog-trash”, the bots, trolls and idiots, the unbelievable connections, and the most obvious money-men. Most importantly, we uncovered the lies, psychology, deceptions, strategies, and Alinsky tactics used on the American people to place Soetoro-Obama in the White House.

Soetoro-Obama said he was an empty vessel to fill with dreams…now we know that when he fills that vessel with your dreams, he will exploit and then bury them. Shovel- ready projects, anyone? What he says, look for the opposite.

Each individual that read, blogged, investigated, pondered, and anguished over this sad exposure of corruption came to a certain point: do I belong to my party or my Country? You can imagine the same question before our Founding Fathers and citizenry: am I a Tory, a Whig, a loyalist, or am I part of a new country, an American? The Patriots born then, and their words, actions, and sacrifices– that have been such inspiration to our research– have given rise to the new American Patriot.

And now, just because of a few American Patriots, that Trojan Candidate lies all disassembled on the floor, a mere humpty dumpty. We see the pieces and have no intention of putting him back together again. What is he to do??

We know his game. We know his enablers. We know his strategies. And we don’t need to know much more in order to get busy rolling logs under his agenda.

Great mistakes in the ruling part will be borne by the people without mutiny or murmur. But if a long train of abuses…all tending the same way, make the design visible to the people…it is not to be wondered that they should then rouse themselves, and endeavor to put the rule into such hands which may secure to them the end for which government was first erected…” –John Locke

We new American Patriots have laid the foundation for “the design [to be made] visible to the people.” In that stroke of genius, we have opened the door to regaining our constitutional republic.


As I start this piece, I am reminded of one of Judah Benjamin’s articles which had as part of its title, “…or how to beat a subject to death with a stick.” This was after a series of articles in which Judah very clearly articulated the origin and the meaning of the requirement that the President be a ‘natural born citizen’ and simply asked, what more research do we need to do on this subject? While the initial investigation of Soetoro-Obama’s birth certificate alerted us to his illegitimacy as POTUS, it is and never was about the birth certificate, it was and still is about allegiance at birth and the citizenship of his parents, particularly his father.

Stepping back for further perspective, the birth certificate became a distraction—a tactic that Soetoro’s team used against us while admitting finally in July, on his website, that he was a dual citizen at birth. And the birth certificate became the way to ‘dumb down’ the concept and meaning of natural born citizen—because if you understand the concept of natural born citizen, the actual birth certificate doesn’t matter. He has already admitted his ineligibility at birth. Anyone have a stick?

Please don’t misunderstand me here: the birth certificate issue is one of those strings that we pulled out of the belly of the Trojan Candidate….when its trap door was shut “as if in a hurry”… It was a mistake by Soetoro’s team not to cover that up completely or have an answer. We rightly pegged that his citizenship at birth, and subsequent Indonesian citizenship, were fundamentally disqualifying for POTUS. Last June.

But we also found Ayers/Dohrn, Rezko, Acorn, the Weather Underground, foreign donations, Odinga, Al-Monsour, Sutton, members of Congress, former presidents and presidential candidates, socialism, Soros, and unmasked the array of ‘hidden society’ appointments to key cabinet positions including defense, foreign policy, and economic affairs. And we tracked the failure of Congress and the government to uphold the constitution by allowing a usurper to hold the office of the Presidency.

And now it is winter 2009, and our knowledge is even greater in scope and depth. But where do we want to be this time next year…deeper with knowledge about Soetoro-Obama and holding more sticks than you can count, or with a toolbox to take our country back?

A Review of the Strategy Exposed

The point of quickly illuminating the strategies used during 2008, and developing enough detail about them to understand their foundation and intended use, is to plan a way forward. I liken this to traveling in white-out conditions….you can feel the presence of the obstacles and forces surrounding you, and occasionally get glimpses of the road. You have to wear sunglasses to screen the glare so you can see, as you focus and work your way between the reflector guideposts, the snow drifts, and patches of road. You only stop when you absolutely can’t see—waiting for the swirl to settle down as you continue your journey, as you find the path. You hope you can find a place to pull over. But if you stop, you can be run over easily by the one behind you, even killed.

“…if you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going….” Harriet Tubman, quoted by Hillary Rodham Clinton August 2008

“…don’t give up…nothing is inevitable…fight for America…stand with me, stand up for America…don’t give up…” -John McCain. August 2008

I choose to keep moving and to use the guideposts we have identified to illuminate the road we must carve. It is within this framework that I understand, analyze, and track the Soetoro-Obama-Obamacrat-democrats in name only (DINO), republicans in name only (RINO) movements, and carve an action path right through them. Here are guideposts that we have developed:

  • The pathology of Obama
  • Overwhelm & Hypnotize
  • Manufactured events—economic, foreign policy, defense
  • Socialism/Communism/Far-Left Ideology Disguised as ‘liberalism’
  • Erosion of the Constitution

Pathology of the Man

We now have a name for what is at the essential core of Obama—narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Obama’s language, posture, and demeanor demonstrate a man who projects a grandiose and false image of himself yet betrays an essential hollowness within. He is in the company of men like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, Joseph Koni, Shoko Asahara, Stalin, Saddam, Mao, Kim Jong II, and Adolph Hitler.

“All these men created a personality cult around themselves and with their blazing speeches, elevated their admirers, filled their hearts with enthusiasm and instilled in their minds a new zest for life. They gave them hope! They promised them the moon, but alas, invariably they brought them to their doom (Vankin, S., Malignant Self-love)”.

One determining factor in the development of NPD is childhood abuse. Whoever this child is, he was abandoned by his father before he was a year old, moved to Indonesia for his formative years (ages 2 or 5 to age 10), abandoned by his mother and stepfather in Hawai’i, and raised by his grandparents. His reaction to the abuse of abandonment was to develop a personality disorder, a mental health issue. Certainly this is not a character flaw, nor can it be dismissed as simply an ‘ego’ issue.

The importance of knowing this relates to not only Obama’s tactics (anything to get ahead), but to his vulnerability to manipulation—by any number of people. We have exposed many of them who have shaped his life, and firmly planted inside him the ideas which now guide him, frankly, quite out in the open. The pathology of Obama has become a distraction in itself.

However, it is never wise to underestimate the manipulative genius of pathological narcissists, especially when they are ‘captured’ or used by an ideology and people with other agendas. His backers simply build him up, taking advantage of his NPD, only to use him to meet their needs. If he destroys the country he leads well then so be it.

Pathological narcissists are dangerous because they look normal and even intelligent. It is this disguise that makes them treacherous. The question is not “what more do we need to know about NPD?” The question is really “what kind of actions can we expect from Obama and his handlers, and how do we expect someone with NPD to react when ridiculed, embarrassed, cornered, questioned, blamed, or attacked”?

And what tactics are effective in ‘rolling a log’ under the train of an NPD?

Overwhelm and Hypnotize

However you would describe what happened in 2008, I think we all would agree that we were hit with an avalanche of misinformation and hype: a virtual blizzard of emotion, deception, intimidation, derisiveness, and extremely confusing messages. This was designed to confuse, to stop us in place, to hurt, to hide the true agenda, and to exploit our need to know. A lot of fires were lit in 2008, with seemingly no pattern and yet so much smoke—you could feel something going on. It was Obama the inevitable 24/7 and he and his supporters were ‘in our faces’ for more than a year.

This seems to be well integrated with the actions expected of an NPD that employs certain tactics in his quest for power and self-gratification. As a community organizer on a mission, Obama employed Alinsky methods to exploit the conditions of working people and enflame emotions. Using race, class, and gender he could manipulate the energy inherent in discontent. As a lawyer, Obama used the cry of racism and discrimination in the early 1990’s to pressure banks to give home mortgages to individuals who could not afford them, helping to set up the current mortgage difficulties and financial meltdown.

In 2008 he used these same techniques to overwhelm the caucuses essentially through voter fraud and intimidation, thus illuminating the need to change the caucus system. Howard Dean unwittingly allowed the Chicago machine to replicate and expand upon internet access and blog control, marketing Obama and overwhelming everything else. The money and the media (ex-fourth estate) sealed the deal.

An analysis of Obama’s speeches and language gives rise to the very real notion that he uses hypnosis techniques as a fundamental tool to achieve his agenda . We ridicule the uhmmmm and ahhhh…but each pause, each phrase, is a practice of technique. Do not underestimate the extent to which this man will try to put everyone to sleep or in a trance so the real work behind the scenes remains hidden and unnoticed.

A safe strategy is to read what he says after the fact, not listen or watch him. This applies especially to children, who are being indoctrinated by this man by obot teachers as we speak, I mean, write.

How many lost long-term friends this year over Obama? Like, long term, 30+ year friends? I did. This was by design, hitting us very close to the heart and tearing down bonds of friendship, of allegiance, of what I thought were shared values.

Manufactured Events

Only one day after the DNC coronation in Denver, Sarah Palin emerged on the scene as a very serious threat to Soetoro-Obama. Obama’s hatred of women was exploited and became, and still is, his Achilles heel. Remember the momentum she brought to the campaign? THAT ONE couldn’t deal.

About September 18th, those advances by Palin were erased by the start unveiling of the “financial crisis”, an event that benefitted Soetoro-Obama alone because it exploited the fear of Americans about the economy and stoked the blame on republicans and George Bush.

Thus we had already had a manufactured event in the form of a financial attack on our country before Biden opened his mouth and said:

“Mark my words. Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama…you watch, we’re going to have a crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this young man…we’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.” Joe Biden, October 2008

So Biden stepped right in to provide another diversion to focus attention away from the September 18 attack. Surely Obama– in touch with Paulson and Bernake every day during the ‘crisis’– was already in the know, perhaps planning for further actions to destabilize the economy?

Cloward-Piven is a strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The strategy was first proposed in 1966 by Columbia University political scientists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven as a plan to bankrupt the welfare system and produce radical change. Sometimes known as the “crisis strategy” or the “flood-the-rolls, bankrupt-the-cities strategy,” the Cloward-Piven approach called for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants – more than the system could bear. It was hoped that the resulting economic collapse would lead to political turmoil and ultimately socialism. Cloward-Piven

Fast-forward to February—BOOM—another crash, the urgency for a bailout, another bailout, and the threats of martial law if not passed. Look at the details of the Generational Theft Act—expansion of welfare rolls and gutting welfare laws, benefits to illegal immigrants, porky pig pet projects… The stimulus package will overwhelm state and federal institutions with demands they cannot meet.

The Cloward-Piven strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. Application of this strategy contributed greatly to the turmoil of the late Sixties. Cloward-Piven failed to usher in socialism, but it succeeded in generating an economic crisis and in escalating the level of political violence in America – two cherished goals of hard-Left strategists.

Unless the States see what is happening, stay calm, and smartly use selected amounts of federal money, the stimulus package will be the gateway for the final economic and social destabilization of America, a phase that usually leads to total chaos.

The Battle of Ideas: Socialism, Communism, Far Left Ideology Disguised as “Liberalism”

We know from his friends who Obama is and what kind of political philosophy he comes from. It is still an evolving form of communism, socialism, black revolutionary and liberation theology, no doubt sprinkled with his NPD sense of himself as savior of the world.

These ideologies denigrate the very idea of America, patriotism, and our Founding Fathers. America is seen as a racist, militaristic, colonizing nation according to these views, and she should be punished for it all and taken down. Capitalism is the real culprit, but the attacks are on all things American. Guilt is one of the tools, liberal white guilt is the mechanism, Obama and the obamacrats are the result. The radical “left” morphs into “liberal”, the revolutionary in democrat’s clothing.

Norman Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884 – December 19, 1968) was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1911. As a candidate for President of the U. S. Norman Thomas said, in a 1944 epoch speech:

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

I feel sort of like, ‘nuff said about the Democrats. But I have been a democrat all my life until recently, and I never noticed that underlying these viewpoints is still the age-old battle over money and resources and the ‘model’ of their distribution.

But there is a deliberate strategy here—to confuse names and concepts. “Capitalism” equated with “democracy, the constitution, and freedom” and “communism” equated with “lack of freedom and democracy; a constitutional republic mistaken for a democracy. Or, how often have you heard the statement “the “democrats” more concerned about social issues than the republicans who are more concerned about corporate wealth”?

This confusion of terms is a tactic to confuse us completely while the work of the money men goes on behind the scenes.

Erosion of the United States Constitution

Left alone and unsupported, Obama would not have had the audacity to run for president knowing he was not a natural born citizen. He could only do this if the circumstances were right, if the media was controlled, if events were manufactured in his favor, and if his opposition was taken out. His NPD assuredly was manipulated to promise him the Presidency, and all the strings were pulled for him. It didn’t matter if he was not a natural born citizen, the number one and most important qualification for the POTUS (don’t forget the stick!).

With this blatant a violation of the Constitution, which we all spent a lot of time on, it becomes most obvious that Obama is just one in a long line of constitutional thieves. The other usurper in history—Chester Arthur—was nothing in comparison to Obama, who stands at a pivotal moment in American history, at a time of great duress for our Nation. After Bush succeeded in claiming so many executive powers, how many really believe Obama will reverse that?  This usurpation was planned and executed when the time was right.

Why now?

In my view, it is because of three factors: the power of the government is at it apex, the economy is crumbling and unstable, and we are providing for everyone else’s common defense and not our own. These are of course related, but have a common thread in the erosion of the Constitution, making us vulnerable at this very exact moment to usurpation from within.

The power of the government is at an apex now as a result of the steady erosion of the Constitution over the at least the last 70 years….essentially, a power grab of the federal government over the states and increasingly individuals. In the last eight years, the power and secrecy of the Executive have been so expanded, and the checks and balances so weakened, that it is a perfect set-up for disruption. Unfortunately, it is deeper than this, but those two factors are key in answering the ‘why now’ question.

Fundamentally, the Constitution was written as a limit on the power of the federal government, and gave government a very limited role. ‘We the people’ were so concerned about the document that its acceptance depended on the crafting of the first ten amendments, or the Bill of Rights (effective December 15, 1791). The powers granted to the government were actually quite minimal: coin the money (not print it), provide for the common defense, guarantee to the states a republican form of government, protect states from encroachment of the executive or legislative branches of government, and provide for the general welfare of the United States.

Importantly, Amendment X states that “the powers not delegated to the federal government by the constitution, nor those prohibited to it by the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or the people.”

Of course 9-11 changed many things; but remember that the Patriot Act, which was signed three weeks after that day in September, was already ready to go before 911. With various ‘bouts’ of one-party rule, the Executive, legislative, and judicial branches and their balance have been turned on their head.

The Economy is Crumbling and Unstable. Congress proposed an amendment to the Constitution granting itself the power to tax income (1913), followed shortly thereafter by the creation of the Federal Reserve (1914) which is actually a cartel of private banks. While questions still remain as to the validity of the ratification of the 16th amendment, the gold standard was eventually and completely replaced by the dollar, which is paper. The Federal Reserve did exactly the opposite of what it said it would do: it destabilized the monetary system, directly leading to the crashes of 1921 and 1929, the depression of 1929-1939, recessions in 1953, 1957, 1969 and 1975; the 1980 Savings and Loan crisis; the stock market ‘Black Monday’ in 1987, and 1000% inflation which has destroyed 90% of the dollar’s purchasing power, and to our situation today.

The purpose of the union of banks established in 1914 was basically to control all the banks in the country. The five objectives of the Federal Reserve system were to stop the growing competition from the nation’s newer banks; obtain a franchise to create money out of nothing for the purpose of lending; get control of the reserves of all banks so that the more reckless ones would not be exposed to currency drains and bank runs; get the taxpayer to pick up the cartel’s inevitable losses, and convince Congress that the purpose was to protect the public. When the banks would fail, with Congress’ help, the burden to recoup the losses would be passed on to the taxpayer. The name of this game is ‘bailout’. Or better yet: prosperity for the few based on inflation for and the insolvency of the many.

What is important to recognize here is that no central bank in the world has succeeded in stabilizing any economy. One of the brothers of the creators of the Federal Reserve in the United States was head of the central bank in Germany—which in 1918 and again in the 1930s, created hyperinflation and wiped out the middle class and the entire economy as well. People go to war when this kind of thing happens.

The massive stimulus package, and the bailouts in 2008, must therefore be seen as creating more debt out of nothing, so that consumers can ‘borrow’ money based on nothing but still pay interest to the banks. We are on course to destroy the middle class once again as well as the American economy.

Forcing states to take the stimulus funds will in the long run create worse problems for state and federal budgets; when the stimulus funds are gone, the states will be holding the bag against new welfare roll recipients who will riot without their stimulus money.

If you see the tenth amendment actions by many of the states in this light, you will understand why the states are very uncomfortable with the national government right now.

The kind of civil unrest that develops from this bankrupting of America is then the reason to declare ‘capitalism’, ‘democracy’, and the constitution dead and in need of massive change.

The Military Extended. When was the last legal war? Would it surprise you to know that it was World War II? Congress alone has the authority to declare war and it has not since 1941. Nearly our entire military capacity is spread out all over the world in a series of undeclared wars notably in Iraq and Afghanistan. The National Guard has been federalized (a violation of the constitution) and sent overseas, and for the first time, the U.S. military has been made available to assist with civil disobedience, a disheartening violation and of the 130-year old Posse Comitatus Act buried in the John Warner (R)-sponsored defense appropriations act effective as of October 1.

Notice also the assault intensifying on gun owners—I mean the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. I have never owned a gun and do not belong to the NRA. But in looking at the Constitutional violations over time, if we lose this right we will be at the mercy of the National Guard and the U.S. military under the command of Obama. This is the reason why across the country, several “Committees of Safety” have begun to form—these were historically the ‘well regulated militia necessary to the security of a free state’.   The state of New Hampshire’s recent bill based on Amendment X prohibits ‘any peace officer or military member’ from confiscating individuals’ guns in the event of a declaration of martial law.

These are just a few of the major violations of the Constitution which have weakened us considerably—it is a cumulative effect we are dealing with now. Our abilities to petition the government for redress of grievances as stated by Amendment I have been ignored. Indeed, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have attempted to limit this right by calling it ‘quaint’ and ‘outdated’.  And Congress has ignored all petitions for redress. Several lawsuits filed against Congress for ‘failing to perform its duties’ have been thrown out of the Supreme Court, which essentially grants to Congress the right to ignore lawsuits and petitions for redress.

The Soetoro-Obama Game Plan

The design is now visible to the people. Obama is just a tool for others, some of whom we know and others we don’t. Obama’s rapid rise was planned for many years, but it would be opportunity that would guide when he was told to make the move to run for the Presidency.  A perfect storm of opportunities provided the window for Obama—the long-term denigration and violation of the constitution, the financial attack on and manipulation of our economy by the world’s ‘central bankers’, the grabbing of executive powers by George Bush, and our collective exhaustion over a $1 trillion dollar war designed to meet yet someone else’s objectives of control over middle east oil.

His final goal? Well we can all speculate, but whatever it is, it is not good for America. Using his techniques, money, and the control he now has over Congress, the media, and government agencies, my view is that the goals involve the following:

  • Destruction of the middle class and economy of America through ‘bailouts’ and ‘stimulus’ packages sponsored as ‘revitalizing the American economy’
  • Expansion of federal powers over states and individuals, especially on our constitutional rights as specified by the first ten amendments to the constitution
  • Discrediting our founding fathers and the constitution as something old and out-dated and used to forward ‘American imperialism’.
  • Complete control over the media/message
  • Domination of fund-raising for political campaigns
  • Expansion of the powers of the Executive.
  • Evisceration of the military
  • Strategically planned ‘crises’ involving foreign policy, the economy, and military affairs.
  • Increasing our vulnerability to attack.
  • Promoting social unrest and violence

All of these actions will be ‘buried’ in Executive Orders, unrelated budget appropriations bills, ‘new bank regulations’, and legislation with a nice title but designed to do the opposite. The ‘crises’ that hit us will be handled by a small group of people and plans will be unknown to the public.

It should now be possible to ‘map’ his strategy so we can anticipate what will come next, as well as to see these ‘events’ that befall America in a broader perspective. Such a mapping strategy was used by Paul Shlichta to diagram how Obama was able to “win” the election in an excellent, must-read article written for American Thinker on February 26th. Using the language of a military campaign, Shlichta identified the resources provided by the terrain, the available forces and weapons, the strategies and tactics used, and the objectives to be taken. Obama’s assault on America took this form:

Obama's Strategy
Obama’s Strategy

In the diagram above, the ‘resources provided by the terrain’ are in red; the ‘available forces and weapons’ are in purple; the ‘strategies and tactics’ are in green, and the ‘objectives to be taken’ are in blue. The black boxes indicate the manufactured events designed to achieve the placement of Soetoro-Obama in the White House.

Just as an aside, I would add Hillary Rodham Clinton to the “hate campaigns” box, and notice that the ‘feminist votes’ block has no connection to anything else—an assumed voter block that was threatened by PUMAs.

Do you now see how this was planned for the right moment? With the power of the government at its peak, the economy in a shambles, the military over-extended, the death of the Constitution by a thousand cuts, and the public largely unaware of this long steady march, it becomes the perfect time for a usurper to enter office.

The American Patriot’s Game Plan

The purpose of this article, now admitting my selfish motives, was to pull myself out of the endless spiral of research on every single subject regarding Obama. This was making me angry, confused, worried, tense, and sleepless, with hopelessness and despair as a result. During this last month in the course of my day job, I found myself driving over a 10,000 foot pass where it seemed always to be blinding blowing snow, where I could only see a few things. And it dawned on me on one of those rides that was how I was feeling about my research on Obama. I couldn’t see a thing and yet I had to keep going. I had to make my way from guidepost to guidepost and only occasionally saw the road. The white out conditions are a kind of hypnosis and you must, to save your life, be alert. The six hour round trip drive was tense and exhausting always, even though I was familiar with the terrain.

My conclusion is that it is OUR country and that we must forge the path ahead, even with the ferocity of the storm that we are in. However, we must be strategic, not get distracted, and wait for the right and most effective moment. Here is this American Patriot’s first draft of a plan:

I propose individual efforts along the lines of weakening, exposing, and defeating Obama’s strategy and thoroughly discrediting him/and enablers in the process. Given a ‘map’ of his strategy and guideposts as to what he is likely to do, there are many things ‘we the people’ can do individually and collectively to stop, delay, or derail Obama’s agenda and operation. We need to stop being ‘shocked’ that this is happening, and start strategically as individuals making a few decisions and actions. This includes infiltrating his organizations and exposing their operations, finances, and tactics.

I also propose that as a community of American Patriots, that we keep track of and enhance State-based efforts to redress constitutional violations through 10th Amendment actions, state laws requiring verification of candidates, and forcing state congressional delegations to be accountable and removing them from office if they are not. This will require that many of us take a more aggressive role in upcoming 2010 elections, for example, to secure the triumph of our constitution and country, not our party. Consider also the actions the state-based legislatures could take to assert their rights and protect their citizens

The name of this game is to expose Obama , his enablers, and their strategy; and to use economic tools (like saving instead of spending, boycotts, etc), guerilla theater, political tools, and the element of surprise to destabilize their plan. Remember Einstein’s wisdom:

“We cannot solve the problems of today using the same thinking that produced them…”

We the People

When I ran across the extensive documentation of NPD, I realized that part of Obama’s disorder is that he must be the center of attention. So he will be mysterious and unknown so as to attract that focus, whether good or bad. His “Lady MacBeth” will continue to dominate his actions on the world stage. And then, using hypnosis techniques combined with his audacity, Obama will contradict himself straight to your face, but lull you into thinking ‘its for your own good’ or that ‘he will take care of it’. Remember that “tyranny for your own good” is the worst kind of tyranny.  So why give him any more attention?

Looking even more broadly, as this article addresses, Obama is just a front man for the other efforts that have been on-going, and his placement in office was opportunistic—conditions had to be right. Those conditions must necessarily become at least part of our focus.

Obama’s actions betray his backers and enablers in Congress, his behavior does the same thing. Claim one is here to ‘recover’, and to ‘stabilize’ and do just the opposite. Looks like the manufactured crises have come through the economic door to start with. Look for similar manufactured events in the defense and foreign policy arena from the White House, not necessarily from Defense or State. We must continue to educate ourselves and the public to viewing these events as generated with some purpose in mind, and to keep asking questions about it.

Remember the words ‘manufactured crisis’ came from Joe Biden himself, so we must keep asking, ‘is this one of the manufactured events you talked about last October?’

Keep probing, but don’t get lost in the details. The point is to expose the strategy.

With these guideposts in mind, this patriot proposes a framework for movement forward that essentially stops or slows Obama and his backers, employing the same framework Obama used on America while keeping in mind the larger context of economics, policy, and military affairs of our country. I gratefully acknowledge the work of Shlichta above in suggesting we view this as a battlefield, upon which we execute strategies and tactics. Using Shlichta’s diagram, let’s begin to dismantle the framework that got this man elected., and in the grand Tai Chi fashion, side-step this show using his energy against him.

Resources. We want to expose the resources available to Obama and how those very resources contradict everything he says. For example, notice how the black vote was taken for granted as a resource available to exploit. Obama made promises to black people that must be exposed—because we know he won’t do anything, it was just a part of the game. Notice how the ‘dissatisfaction of voters’ was also seen as a resource to exploit, and again here the promises of Obama should be exposed and exploited as well, to remind those dissatisfied voters that Obama has not eased their dissatisfaction. Notice how he is still demonizing Bush and others trying to remind people of the past dissatisfaction—a lowering of standards for his own administration and still in ‘campaign mode’, again exploiting our weariness. Talk about it. Expose it.

Regarding the special interest groups and ACORN, my suggestion is to infiltrate and expose them to IRS, report to Fitzgerald, continuing to raise questions about them. Clearly expose any work of ACORN on behalf of any candidate for any office. The Chicago Machine must continue to be exposed by Fitzgerald, and with the willing Blagoyevich and Rezko. I also think patriot organizations should compete for the funds allocated to “ACORN and similar community groups” and use them to educate people. I suggest that the media and the special interest groups, like, will fall by themselves when their members realize the falseness of Obama and become ashamed. Ignoring them is a good idea, tracking them and exposing them for hypocrisy could be fun.

Available Forces and Weapons. Obama’s available forces rely primarily on his physical image. This is how his NPD was manipulated to essentially blind the people to the “design” of his intentions. The strategy again is to expose Obama and the falseness of his image, especially by ridicule. This includes both in public demonstrations where he or MO are, exposing your local representative to the same ‘reflected ridicule’, and producing trailers like the following, where Wesley Snipes stars as Michelle Obama.  Minimize Obama as much as you can, in everyday conversation, in your thoughts, in your actions. My favorite bumper sticker so far is this one:


But, do not give anyone a chance to pull you over for anything, no matter how you feel.

Strategies and Tactics. Because his strategy and tactics are so overwhelming, a good focus is to start exposing his promises as empty, along with continuing to use the ‘manufactured crises’ against them. It is also to keep track of and expose the hate campaigns (McCain, Clinton, Palin), the emptiness and complete rhetoric of ‘change’, and continuing to place the Obama’s out of touch with America. I would also strategically and in drive-by fashion drop a few comments on his favorite blogs; infiltrate or cause to audit the 527 groups, and try to talk some sense into the youth by exposing them to films about German youth in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Do not allow them to go to “Obama Camps” even if they get a scholarship. Also remind them of the civilian army force, the potential for a draft, and the lack of health care.

If all of our actions begin to accumulate, by the time 2010 and 2012 roll around, his infrastructure will have been weakened and infiltrated, and his resources cannot be counted on to deliver Obama’s “objectives to be taken.”

The States

Even if the states only catch on to the ‘ticking time bomb’ in the ‘stimulus bill’—in terms of out-year payments that will require them to raise state taxes—and refuse a portion of the Federal money, a total economic and social unrest catastrophe may be avoided. In that sense, a log will have been rolled under Obama’s wagon, forcing a stall. They must have assumed that we were all so desperate for money that we’d do anything, including giving up yet more income to the federal government –bank cartel system. I don’t think the Obama team counted on an increasingly alert and alarmed public.

Already 28 states have considered and/or passed resolutions asserting state sovereignty from the federal government under the 10th Amendment, the ‘last wall’ against complete tyranny from the federal government. This does not mean the states are seceding.

Interestingly at least one state relies on precedent set in the case New York v. United States, where New York asserted that the federal government was trying to mandate waste management activities without funding. The majority opinion written by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor stated that New York’s action under the 10th amendment was triggered by Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, which states that

“the United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature or of the executive against domestic violence

These 10th Amendment state actions, plus the arming of American citizens because of the alarm generated by Obama and the democrats, indicates a population-wide, nation-wide alert to the actions of the federal government. This is both something to applaud, and something to fear, and demands our utmost attention, which is why we cannot afford to be asleep at the wheel, either chasing down blind alleys or ignoring it all. We cannot afford to be ‘shocked’ by this anymore—the design is clear.

Other than these actions, state legislatures can be instrumental in cleaning up voter registration, requiring candidate eligibility, and improving the integrity of voting  at the state level. Action is needed by citizens to ensure each state has the necessary protections in place.

Closing Remarks

There are a host of personal things to recommend as well as the larger context in which we must design strategic actions to win our country back. Remember what they tell you on an airplane—put your oxygen mask on first before you help others. We must learn and apply this quickly.

[Update 1] It is important that we NOT panic, but be prepared instead. Panic just feeds into the overall agenda of chaos.

While you can pick any of the areas above to work on politically, a personal plan is needed in the context of the broad economic, policy, and military areas which will be the “pressure points” used to enact the agenda represented by the puppet Obama. I offer the following, much of which is based on comments I have seen in the TD blog as I believe a collective awareness is present here.

Personal Finances. Look for the event of the first country defaulting on its international debt, an outbreak of war or trade dispute, or an internal crisis around health care or the economy. At that point, the general advice I have heard is to gradually pull your funds out of banks, CDs, and IRAs. Leave enough in so that it doesn’t crush you if it is taken by the government or bank. Make up your own mind about stocks, however, consider that the crash is a way to redistribute wealth and punish it at the same time. Notice that the wealth is being redistributed to the wealthy once again.

After the first country, many others will default rather quickly after that, to be followed by the policy option of creating the ‘North American union’, with a new currency (the ‘amero’?). Convert a portion of your money into gold and silver and look at the gold/silver ratio and projections of price. Silver may climb to $4,000 per ounce in the next year.

As an additional note here, consider that the value of silver, for example, depends on its use in industrial applications (currently $14 per ounce). The quantity of silver is limited in the world due to lack of new silver production. If industrial applications are curtailed in the United States, this will signal a desire to devalue the price of silver in the U.S., so being smart would be to look abroad, where silver will still be in high demand, if there is a need to ‘cash in’ on your metals.

Oh, and by the way, if you purchase silver or gold, do NOT tell anyone, do not store it in a bank, and keep it in a secure and fireproof area.

Exercise your Second Amendment Rights. Buried within the bowels of this monster and so-called ‘stimulus’ bill is the taking of citizens firearms, the marking of all ammunition, and bans on certain firearms.  Note that this is NOT a call to arms.  Exercising your 2nd Amendment rights before September 30, 2009 in the context of this article means to lobby your Congressional representatives to eliminate all threats to the peoples’ 2nd Amendment rights, speaking publically of the ‘design’, and discussing the British experiment with gun elimination that has resulted in increased crime, not decreased crime, and a population vulnerable to martial law.   Exercise your 2nd Amendment rights before September 30, 2009.

Food and Community. No one thought the  1929-1939 depression could happen in America either. Consider the value of community gardens and greenhouses; wheat grinding and bakeries; chickens; low-head hydropower, solar power, and small wind power, now available in designs that minimize injuries to birds. It is time to nest with your community of friends and extended family.

Barter Supplies. What is the new currency in a time of change like this? For me, and I am so lucky I knew this way back then, I can drill you a well if you can feed me. How many chickens equal a gallon of potable drinking water? Ladies, what are we going to do during that time of the month? How many rolls of TP will buy a steak? According to this site, it is possible that presently over-the-counter vitamins and herbal supplements will have to be prescribed by a physician. Herbal supplements, vitamins, herbal teas will be important not only to your own health but as barter supplies to many others who will need these supplements for their health.

Get out of the City. Head to a red state for your safety, to reduce living costs and take advantage of the independence of these states. The cities may erupt in flames and destruction and will be the first place any armed forces land. Come and find out why people live in the west…..yes I am shamelessly touting the non-populated portions of the Rockies…

We must place the powers of government into such hands as will secure for us the ends for which the government was first designed.

I assert that the time is now to move in a strategic way forward, and to take this on as the battle of our lifetimes.

Ah ha. Now I know one of the reasons I am here.

Top of Kilauea at sunset

Top of Kilauea at sunset

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