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Americans Love America

©2010 drkate

…and know she is a work in progress, borne of a timeless ideal of liberty…

I am preparing a long post on the Kerchner case–and pause this evening to share with you a song which came to mind as I thank Americans and thank our Creator-God for the love shown on Tuesday November 2, 2010.  Expecting no favor, such grace provides shelter, a time to regroup after the first ambush unfolded quickly before our eyes.

Tuck and Patti are long ago acquaintances–you remember those days of following bands around? 😳  Their music travels beyond the love they have for each other, a small way to celebrate the victories across our nation Tuesday:

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Never Fooled Again

©2010 drkate

Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it does.  My life depends on your voting too.

Open thread for election reporting!

Rolling the Dice

©2010 drkate essay in time…

Dakota Cyclone, October 2010

Less than a week away from one of the first most important elections of our lifetimes–the next one being 2012– I take one more deep breath because the revolution moves to a new level shortly thereafter.  We see the internal and external enemies of our Country–we have exposed them and they have exposed themselves acutely in the last twenty months.  I am conscious that I have been holding my breath for months.

Leading the way as usual, Lame Cherry warns the Obama democrats, neo-progs and obots: don’t steal the election for if you do, it will unleash a revolution and they will lose by way of 1776 justice.  We have all watched closely as Obama’s cloward piven strategy has been to produce that very result: civil unrest that would be an excuse for the totalitarian crackdown on all things American.

The anti-Americans have chosen to roll the dice, a high stakes game to take over America…but the missteps along the way have undermined their own efforts. The one key critical to the domestic takeover is the military and local law enforcement.  Well, killing the soldiers by ‘engagement policies’ and dissing every law enforcement effort in the United States, and choosing to associate with a professed cop-killer and unrepentant terrorist punk in open defiance of law enforcement doesn’t inspire a following.  Neither does the record of legislation, bailouts, apologies, suing the States, or personal behavior.

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©2010 drkate

Note: Please see update at end

Are there a series of rolling false flag events scheduled for October 2010, and are they already underway? Are the forces behind Obama and the demo-socialists desperate enough to manufacture events to retain their power? If so, what are they going to do?


Taking direction from the Radio Patriot article titled “Osama Bin Ladin Captured”, it is likely that such a “capture” is intended to distract, to bolster Soetoro/Obama/democrats ratings, and to achieve another ‘game changer’ event for November.  And, as our own Papoose noted, ‘they will probably pull Bin Ladin off ice and kill him again‘.  Note that the latest terror threat is linked to a threat directly from Bin Ladin:

We know that Osama bin Laden issued the directive,” said an official familiar with the intelligence surrounding the plot. “And if he issued the directive, we just don’t believe that the U.S. wouldn’t be on his short list of strategic targets. It has to be.

Who are these non-vetted  ‘officials‘ black operations specialists?

I think the supposed ‘directive’ criticizing the Pakistani government for its response to the recent flooding is clearly American-directed, trying to link his directive to climate change. 😆  “Terror plots” ‘discovered weeks ago’ are only now being reported…as breaking news.

And I totally agree with The Radio Patriot that we must preempt the use of false flag events by calling them out with eternal vigilance every single day. Question, ridicule, fact check, report, question…EXPOSE.


Democracy v. Republic: A Refresher

©2010 drkate

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”  ~unknown

Joined a militia yet?  🙂

The Founders were well aware of what a democracy was, and chose to develop a Constitutional Republic instead, as it offered a framework based on the rule of law. Our written constitution provides  specification and form for our government.

Our government was originally specified to serve the purpose of protecting liberty on an individual basis, applying just the right amount of “force” to ensure that individuals who violate others’ rights – are restrained. Our founding fathers codified this form of government into a specification which is comprised of not only the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (of which the Articles of Amendment – Bill of Rights are a part…), but many other writings as well, including both the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers.

John Adams:

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Another 2010 Warning

©2010 drkate

Our Marxist Progressive Officials are Traitors, who have unconstitutionally seized our government and are killing us by a Thousand Cuts, with more every day. ~Andrew C. Wallace

America in Distress

The 2010 elections are by no means the end of the threat to America…no, they offer us a chance to begin the process of undoing 130 years of the money-changers’ assault on America, perpetuated through the socialist, marxist operatives disguised as ‘democrats’ and ‘republicans’.

We will not change the threat by November elections–we will only increase our chances of slowing down its manifestation and beginning to eradicate it.  And, what if the votes are stolen again and we lose?  I note again the surreal lack of concern on the part of democrats.

We cannot afford to lose ground.  All the efforts of the Tea Party activists, the 912rs, the Constitutionalists, and others could be lost if we fail to act strategically in the upcoming November elections.  The dhimmocrats are hoping that the internal strife within the republican party, and the appearance of tea party and independent candidates, will guarantee their victory and retain their control of the house and senate–and indeed it could.

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Removing the Usurper

© 2010 drkate

America in Distress

A most organized, targeted, citizen-based effort to force the removal of the usurper S/Obama will be launched very soon, beginning with an on-line meeting of the Stop Them Cold group.

There are other extremely worthwhile efforts underway which continue to need our support. This ‘Stop Them Cold’ effort will be unique in that all aspects and points of fraud, deceit, and deception will be ‘day-lighted’ for all to see.  And in a most poignant and shocking way, one that will embarrass those who continue to make excuses for violating the law.

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Constitutionalists Divorce the Anti-Americans

©2010 John J. Wall

Time for a Divorce

Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists and Obama supporters, et al:

We have stuck together since the late 1950’s for the sake of the kids, but the whole of this latest election process has made me realize that I want a divorce…. I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future generations, but sadly, this relationship has clearly run its course.

Our two ideological sides of America cannot and will not ever agree on what is right for us all, so let’s just end it on friendly terms. We can smile and chalk it up to irreconcilable differences and go our own way.

Here is a model separation agreement:

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©2010 drkate

It’s the midnight hour in America, and from now on no one sleeps without one eye open.  You can feel it in the air, it will be time to act in a big way sometime soon.

This Patriot warrior will be taking a midnight ride to the Dakotas, where I will be working for a few months.  One foot in the mountains, the other in the great plains, I’m gonna ‘run to keep from hiding’.  I will be on the road for the next week or so, and will still be posting…hopefully not always at midnight. 😯

Help me stay up to date while on the road please!  🙂

Statesmen versus Politicians

©2010 drkate

Contemplating the dire situation our Country faces, with ‘elections’ coming up, some manner of separating the wheat from the chaff is essential.  General guidelines, perhaps, that help to discern specific issues.

Red Beckman’s Walls in our Minds is one of those sources.  Here is a list of ten differences between what we have now —politicians— and what we need, Statesmen and Stateswomen:

  1. A Statesman loves the Constitution.
  2. A Politician hates the Constitution.
  3. A Statesman enforces the Constitution.
  4. A Politician violates the Constitution.
  5. A Statesman uses truth to keep power in the hands of the people.
  6. A Politician uses lies to gain power over the people.
  7. A Statesman‘s primary concern is to secure freedom for future generations.
  8. A Politician’s primary concern is to get elected or re-elected.
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©2010 drkate

See update at end!

I am inspired by The Radio Patriot and Lame Cherry to write about “tar balls” Barack Obama, and to note the delicious irony that  Obama, the snake oil salesman who talked evaded lied his way into the White House, now finds his hands covered in the same oil he used to grease the skids into the oval office…the Rothschild and Rockefeller money. As if by genius, the opportunity arrives to show that Obama’s hands are not clean, literally.

Yes indeed, his reputation is tarred, and he thinks he has enough balls to stand up there and say he was going to ‘kick some ass’.  He ought to kick his own ass. 😡

Who is the Target?

The citizens of the coast states, the economy and livelihood of generations, and disruption of the 2010 elections are the ‘never waste a crisis’ targets.   If reports of increased military activity in the Gulf Coast are true, and if we remember Katrina,  an evacuation would wreak havoc on voter distribution and national elections.  Are the state governments and their leadership strong enough to protect their citizens from the federal beast?

Obama Administration Issued the Lease

Obama’s Minerals Management Service (MMS), located within the Interior Department, approved the lease.  According to the Washington Post,

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End of the Democrats

©2010 drkate

The democrats have gone back to their true roots–communism ~Pat Cadell

For the love of Country

In these pages we have described the origin of the progressive movement, its ties with communism, fascism and liberalism, and the assault perpetuated on the Constitution of the United States by those people still clinging to these ideologies instead of their guns and bibles.

The culmination of this 130 year assault was the 2008 election, with the blatant installation of a usurper in the White House and the positioning of certain ‘players’ in key power positions.  With these elements in place, a rapid-fire program of destruction was unleashed on the Nation, under the guise of ‘stimulus programs’, ‘bailouts’ and ‘building a “new international image”.

While this series of unfortunate events has brought a ‘change’ that has been swift and brutal for many, it has finally shaken the curtain off the rod and exposed the ‘democrats’ for who they are.  Finally, and fully in the light.

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Keeping One Eye on the Sky

©2010 drkate

Just a little break here on Saturday morning.  🙂  😯 😕

I’ll be home later today and promise an upcoming post on the Kerchner case.  In the meantime please catch Revolution Radio’s April 7 broadcast with Commander Kerchner and Attorney Apuzzo.

Part I

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Constitutional Women Lead

© 2010 drkate

I am on the road back to Wyoming and apologize for little time to write substantive posts.  I found this wonderful video of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman in Minnesota.  What do you think the future is for these two women?

Part I

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Sarah Palin at the Tea Party Convention

©2010 drkate

For your viewing pleasure and comment, here are Sarah Palin’s comments at the Tea Party Convention:

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Scott Brown Wins!

©2010 drkate

Senator Scott Brown

In reports of 50% voter turnout, Massachusetts voters sent Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, January 19.  “Teddy Kennedy’s” and “the democrats” seat is now in the hands of the people.

With 99% of the vote counted, the “Boston Tea Party” has won a big one for America:

52% SCOTT BROWN (R) 1,153,808
47% MARTHA COAKLEY (D): 1,052,391

A final look at election night polls for Massachusetts is found here.

Intention FOR Scott Brown

©2010 drkate

The candle still burns, and today is the day Massachusetts fires the second ‘shot heard ’round the world’!

Ready for some  quantum physics?  Applied to the election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate?  If you are, please continue….

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Allen West on Harry Reid

©2010 drkate

Harry Reid said Obama could get elected because he didn’t have ‘negro speak’, more examples of Harry Reid playing the race card.  Joe Biden says Obama is ‘clean cut’.  Kerry says vote for Obama because he is black.  Now who are the racist elitists here?

From Allen West, Congressional Candidate:


The revelation of Senator Harry Reid’s comments referencing “negro talk” is just indicative of the true sentiment elitist liberals, and indeed the Democratic party, have toward black Americans. The history of the Democrat party is one of slavery, secession, segregation, and now socialism. It is this new aged socialism born from the Johnson Great Society programs that have castigated blacks as victims needing government dependency. One need only to look upon the city of Detroit to ascertain what liberal social welfare policies have produced for the inner city… the new plantation for black Americans.

Massachusetts: Another “Shot Heard ‘Round the World”?

©2010 drkate

Massachusetts was  the birthplace of our Independence, where the ‘shot heard round the world’ signaled the end for one country, and the beginning for another.  Many Patriots came from the Great Bay State.  And now on January 19, there is a chance for Massachusetts to help  Americans and true Patriots rise in defense of our selves, our families, and our Nation.

When Texasdarlin came back, I knew that whatever it was, it would be something important to compel her to do so–and the Senate candidacy of Scott Brown did that.  And as expected, her posts and work on his behalf are superb.

Scott Brown is the 41st vote against the Democrats agenda, and his place in the Senate will give all Patriots some breathing room as we work hard to make some changes this year in what may likely be manufactured close key senate and House race results.  Our vigilance is needed, as Scott Brown’s vigilance is needed in the Senate.

And this video is remarkable:

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A Flawed Constitution?

©2010 drkate

(H/T Charles Kerchner)

So if they feel that way, why would they take an oath to uphold and defend it?  One word:  power. A pox on all of their houses!

Hitting the Ground Running

©2010 drkate

Give Me Liberty

Entering this year strikes me as a strategic opportunity to continue the national ‘push-back’  against  the obama/socialist politicians’  initiatives,  and also to advance on several other fronts essential to the defense of  self, family, community and state.

I believe we also have to practice and actively engage in developing a vision of what Constitutional Governance is, what it means at every level. All the ‘visions’ we have of the future are of collapse, and while unfortunately realistic, from a quantum perspective, there is an equal opportunity that a different vision can exist at the same time, one that would overcome what might seem inevitable now.

Let’s see what’s up:

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The Articles of Freedom

©2009 drkate

The Articles of Freedom, produced by the Continental Congress 2009, are now available for public review, printing, and signature.  Please go here for the pdf version which contains the entire 15 Articles of Freedom; and here for the main website, signature form, and ongoing posting of each of the articles for detailed review.

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A Model Constitutional Candidate

©2009 drkate

Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret) is an example of a Constitutional candidate that I am looking for in 2010.  A republican running for  U.S. House seat,  West doesn’t hesitate to call the struggle we are in what it is: the fight for the soul and survival of America.  And, this man says “Charge!” as he sees how 2010 is a pivotal year for our Nation.  Take a look.

Atlas has been covering Lt. Col West for quite some time, and has an excellent story up on West’s latest call to action.  I can’t wait until Allen West gets a copy of the Articles of Freedom!

A 2010 Warning

©2009 drkate

We have to start talking seriously about the 2010 elections so as to ensure we the people do everything we can to stop this socialist train wreck from forever ruining our Constitution and our Nation.  This may be our one biggest opportunity to peacefully stop this slide and begin the “walk back” to constitutional governance (h/t d2i).

We are fed up with republicans, democrats, federal ‘law making’ bureaucrats, the ‘left’, Obama, and the obots, including the ‘o-feminists’ who hate women.    Let’s see, did I miss anyone? 😕

We are fed up with their disrespect for the American people, their disregard for the law, and their disdain at any mention of the Constitution. And we are sick of ‘political correctness’, which has stifled all reasonable debate.

And we want them all out, to form a new party, and get this mess resolved–even though it has taken about 100 years to get to this point, and it is a dangerous one for our Country on many fronts. Many of us refuse to participate in any more ‘elections’.

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