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New Year 2015

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sydney australia

And, lets take a poll.  I think we Patriots have won the battle on a number of fronts, including exposing Obama’s ineligibility; the cabal that is working in our country and world-wide; that war is always based on deception; false flags and murders; and the destruction of our country, families, economy, and national security…all of which has been underway for a very long time but now so clearly exposed.  In a sense, there is not much more to write about, and things that must be written about and plans made should not be exposed to TPTB in order to, as best as possible, keep the secrets we must.

One of my favorite blogs announced it was about to go private, so no one can even see what is posted without being granted permission by the site administrator.  Should drkatesview go private?  Please take the poll and comment, if you wish, and otherwise, enjoy an open thread and caption contest below.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Back in the Saddle

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My apologies to readers…comments automatically close on posts older than two weeks…and its the first time I’ve been gone so long.  I hope that you all are well.

I have permanently relocated and will be posting again soon.  In the meantime,check out the morning sky over New Zealand… 





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Collectively, these actions, questions, investigations and research militate for and require the representatives and senators in each state where these actions have been undertaken to raise objections to the electoral college vote count on January 9, 2013.

This post will look far off into the future, and assumes for the moment that none of the legal and proper efforts Constitutionalists have undertaken since 2008 to have Barrack Obama Soetoro investigated and removed from office based on his lack of constitutional eligibility will have worked. We have created letter-writing campaigns, demonstrations, multiple lawsuits, ballot challenges, treason charges and trials, and citizen grand jury investigations.  History will record the efforts of American patriots to fight this injustice done to our country, and the world already knows of our efforts and knows that Obama is a usurper.  Obama has used tax dollars, drugs, weapons, or CIA threats to bribe…

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Run for the Roses

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We’re in a race for our Country, for victory over the dark forces of Satan, of the dementia of our captured politicians.  Soon millions will descend on our nation’s capital, and simply escort the scoundrels to jail.  It will be like the Gideon moment.

Run for the Roses…in the winner’s circle…

What’s on your mind today?

Knowing and Believing

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…a lesson shared…

There is a separation that occurs when all of the illusions, excuses, and lies are stripped away, laid bare, exposed; and the Truth opens up and blinding light shines in. And belief becomes knowing. At first startled and reactive, initial reactions can only be called temporary insanity. For the Truth has been there, the belief in tact and strong.  But the Truth is not seen until you know.

Knower: 1. To perceive directly; grasp in the mind with clarity or certainty.2. To regard as true beyond doubt 3. To have a practical understanding of, as through experience; be skilled in 4. To have fixed in the mind 5. To have experience of 6. To perceive as familiar; recognize; To be acquainted with 7. To be able to distinguish; recognize as distinct; 8. To discern the character or nature of

Believer: 1.To trust what one has heard or seen; To accept as true or real 2. To credit with veracity 3. To expect or suppose; think; To have firm faith, especially religious faith.4. To have faith, confidence, or trust 5. To have confidence in the truth or value of something 6. To have an opinion; think

This is important in our day–if we are to chart the next path we must know, see, and seek the Truth.

We believe we live in a Constitutional Republic; how much more do we need to have happen to know that that Republic has been overthrown? We believe we may have been responsible in large part for the fall of our Republic.  When will we know it and repent for this great loss? We know that Obama is ineligible for the presidency; Congress, the media, and the obots only believe he is eligible.

In matters of the spirit, of faith and the spiritual, there are many who say they are believers.  But do you really know?  The Disciples were believers, but had continuous doubt, until they saw Jesus risen from the dead in Galilee.  They all died as martyrs as his witnesses on earth.  And then there are examples , like  the Centurion, of belief and faith so great that it led to knowing  Jesus’ grace and mercy would be shown upon asking.

It has been said many times that America would not know how far adrift our Nation has become until there was some great economic collapse, something so dreadful that it would force coming face to face with that truth, with ourselves, and with the role we have played in bringing us to this point.  It is our rebellious nature that has caused us to layer ourselves with every possible excuse and to keep away the inevitable as life and events unfold as we were told… while we continue being busy making other plans.

In the journey that has been this blog thus far, all the historical research and learning  has done is  to now show me how much unlearning was necessary to develop my present awareness and understanding.  As I lamented but could not believe the losses suffered I searched for the truth and a thread of that truth led directly to me.  My responsibility, reflecting over actions and reactions, paths directed seemingly for this moment now.  Facing the very worst of those fears, when the final illusion acting as a reprieve is gone, I become a knower.

The personal, moral, political, spiritual worldly revolution of all time is underway.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

…end of lesson…

Open Thread!

Seasons Open Thread

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Lyrics are here.

What season and time is it now?

Open Thread.

Christmas 2011

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Angels we have heard on high…
Singing sweetly through the night…

And the mountains in reply
Echoing their great delight

Please enjoy these Christmas Stories!  With thanks to Kirk MacKenzie of Defend Rural America

Merry Christmas!  🙂

Ruling the World

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You shouldn’t have to sell your soul, like those who want to rule the world.

Open thread.

A Litany of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2011

A Litany of Thanksgiving

Today, I make my Sacrament of Thanksgiving

I begin with the simple things of my days:

Fresh air to breathe,

Cool water to drink,

The taste of food,

The protection of house and clothes,

The comforts of home.

For all these, I make an act of Thanksgiving this day!


I bring to mind all of the warmth of humankind that I have known:

My Mother’s arms,

The strength of my father,

The playmates of my childhood,

The wonderful stories brought to me from the lives of many who have talked of days gone by when fairies and giants and all kinds of magic held sway;

The tears I have shed, the tears I have seen;

The excitement of laughter and the twinkle in the eye with its reminder that life is   good.

For all of these I make an act of Thanksgiving this day.


I finger one by one the messages of hope that awaited me at the crossroads:

The smile of approval from those who held in their hands the reins of my security;

The tightening of the grip in the simple handshake when I feared the step before me in the darkness;

The whisper in my heart when the temptation was fiercest and the claims of appetite were not to be denied;

The crucial word said, the simple sentence from an open page when my decision hung in the balance.

For all these , I make an act of Thanksgiving this day.


I pass before me the main springs of my heritage:

The fruits of the labors of countless generations who have lived before me, without whom my own life would have no meaning;

The seers who saw visions and dreamed dreams;

The prophets who sensed a truth greater than mind could grasp and whose words could only find fulfillment in the years which they would never see;

The workers whose sweat has watered the trees, the leaves of which are for the healing of the nations;

The pilgrims who set their sails for lands beyond all horizons, whose courage made paths into new worlds and far off places;

The saviors whose blood was shed with a recklessness that only a dream could inspire and God command.

For all of these, I make an act of Thanksgiving this day.


I linger over the meaning of my own life and the commitment to which I give the loyalty of my heart and mind:

The little purposes in which I have shared with my loves, my desires, my gifts;

The restlessness which bottoms all I do with its stark insistence that I have never done my best, I have never dared to reach for the highest;

The big hope that never quite deserts me, that I and my kind will study war no more, that love and tenderness and all of the inner graces of Almight affection will cover the life of the children of God as waters cover the sea.


All these and more than mind can think and heart can feel,

I make as my sacrament of Thanksgiving to Thee,

Our Creator, in humbleness of mind and simplicity of heart.

~ A poem by Howard Thurman, Thanksgiving 1959~

“Poliwood” Ploys

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Communism has had a long steady march against America, rapidly infiltrating Hollywood.  It is happening right now as the narrative has been seized by the globalists and the operation exposed.  Take the challenge posed here:

Open Thread!

In the Grief of the Moment

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Thank you, readers, for your kindness, words, and responses to the events of my August post Shelter.  Words can never express my gratitude and appreciation.

This post is written in gratitude to all of you who read and comment here, and takes a slightly different course to speak in a personal way of how much this struggle for our liberty means to me…and how it has changed me to the core. The recent loss of my mother, 96, and the despair following has had many  unexpected challenges which just are what they are, and fortunately due to God’s grace brought deeper understandings of loss and necessary rebuilding and growth.

My Mother’s parents were both born in the 1880’s, and together with my Mom (b.1915) spanned 130 years of American life…the crucial decades we now analyze  and identify the events have led to our present situation in 2011.  And it occurred to me one night as I grieved the loss of her life and its meaning, that grief’s intensity also spanned that period of time…during which unscrupulous men and women sewed the seeds of the destruction of America.  As I got to that painful yet exquisite core out came the twin realization discerned of needing to grieve and mourn for both.  This took my breath away and I fell to my knees in prayer and gratitude.

There are not orderly ‘stages’ of grief, although Kübler-Ross broke necessary and important ground in helping people understand their feelings of loss.  It is more of a crazy journey through a wilderness chocked full of sorrow, craziness, anger, fear, deep sadness, and unsteadiness, and it is lonely, uncertain, paralyzing, depressing, physical, uncharted, scary, dark, and dangerous.  There are moments of peace, light, relief, guilt, and sometimes forgiveness.  The ground is shaken under your feet and the old familiar bearings lost.  New signposts must be found, created, and remembered.  Almost everything in your own life is revisited, including the events that brought you here to this moment in time.

While  grief is the inward process of reconciling and becoming after a loss, mourning is its outward expression, engaged by sharing, listening, action, and ritual.  It is necessary to mourn in order to complete the honor, to remember, to grow.  Thus the imperative of grief requires work, it is not passive.

Finding America

Into the abyss of grief we have all gone as we watch our America as it has been twisted and turned into something it was never intended to be. The America of before is no more; of the ancestors of my grandparent’s generation, of my mother’s; of yours.

Yet, that we still stand on these pages, in our communities, and before God still hanging on to American principles and foundations is testament to our resilience, love, and holy and human purpose.  But we have been hurt deeply, must name this treachery, grieve the loss, and rebuild.  Like going all the way back to the core, in the labyrinth of our history, to find our way out again.

While we seldom express it, there is grief about the loss of America and that is why the whole Obama mess and our growing awareness feels so crazy, and we are consumed with worry, anger, fear, sadness, guilt. There is also a paralysis that comes with this overwhelming grief.

Do I feel grief that I lived most of my life not seeing or recognizing this?  Absolutely.  America gone?  😯  It is as devastating as losing a loved one.  Will I let this grief control me?  No, but, it is clear that we must name it, understand it, and think outside the box for the solution.  What if the solution involved going to our own core and then collectively–without ego–find our way back out again?  Restudying history, smashing the vortex, the false labyrinth evil has created?:

We mourn our loss by sharing on these pages, by analyzing history, by marching to Washington, by anger and frustration.  We are asking for help and seeking His blessing and grace as we pray.  We are calling our ancestors and the Founders of this Nation for help and hope they are rallying to our side.  Sleepless nights, restless  and troubled dreams when we finally rest.

I have faith that we will find our way home and then rebuild with the vigor and principles that brought us here to this moment…for all of our lives have combined to bring us out NOW.  The hope of our children, our Nation, indeed the world rest on us finding this way out of the abyss.  And hope is knowing that this feeling, and our grief and paralysis, won’t last forever.

Psalm 140

For Protection against enemies

  1. Deliver me, O  Lord, from the evil man, preserve me from the violent man;
  2. Which imagine mischiefs in their heart; continually are they gathered together for war
  3. They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips. Selah
  4. Keep me, O Lord,from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent man; who have purposed to overthrow my goings.
  5. The proud have hid a snare for me, and cords; they have spread a net by the wayside; they have set gins for me. Selah
  6. I said unto the Lord, Thou  art my God; hear the voice of my supplications O Lord
  7. O God the Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou has covered my head in the day of battle
  8. Grant not, O Lord, the desires of the wicked; further not his wicked device; lest they exalt themselves. Selah
  9. As for the head of those that compass me about, let the mischief of their own lips cover them.
  10. Let burning coals fall upon them: let them be cast into the fire; into deep pits, that they rise not up again.
  11. Let not an evil speaker be estabished in the earth; evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him.
  12. I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and the right of the poor.
  13. Surely the righteous shall give thanks unto thy name: the upright shall dwell in thy presence.

Rosemary for Remembrance

I will honor my Mother and Father by devoting my being to the return of the America they built.

Higher Ground

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We will keep reaching for higher ground, despite the dragging Obama bringing us down!

New post coming up…in the meantime, what’s on your mind today?

Mocking is part of the Operation-update

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Update. The post has been updated to include a video series about the CIA operation which led to the creation of “Al Qaeda”.


The CIA is the President’s secret army, who have been and continue to be conveniently above the law with unlimited power and authority, to conduct a reign of terror around the globe. The “old boy network” of socializing, talking shop, and tapping each other for favors outside the halls of government made it inevitable that the CIA and Corporate America would become allies, thus the systematic infiltration and takeover of the media. ~Mary Louise, Operation Mockingbird ,Prison Planet Analysis

Several times I have posted articles or links to the stories surrounding the tragedy of the events of 9-11-01 and recently stated that I do not believe the real terrorists of that event have been fully named or identified.  There is legitimate disagreement with the position I have taken, as well as the numerous posts and comments that state the opposite or a different view.

The inability to agree on a version of  who caused the events of 9-11-01 is partly because of Operation Mockingbird–a CIA operation that has been functioning since the 1950’s to influence, manipulate and control the major media and therefore what information we are allowed to receive. It has Nazi, communist, and globalist cartels origins, with the Nazis imported to our nation by other secret operations, such as Operation Paperclip.

Our disagreements, which could be rooted in this deliberate misinformation, result in divisions among ourselves which undermine our ability to find the truth.  This is precisely one of the goals of  a misinformation campaign…to cause division among the people.  Think of the numerous pundits who are likely participants in this mockingbird operation…Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Anderson Cooper…all coordinating their misrepresentation of the truth of 911, Obama’s eligibility, the state of our Nation.

So it is not surprising that we vehemently disagree on 911 and it does divide us. And the media-instigated labels of  ‘911 truthers’, or ‘birthers’ for that matter,  further marginalize anyone who seeks the truth about our invaded government. What ranks equally if not more disturbing is that the Bush family as well as other prominent individuals, lawmakers, media moguls, defense officials, university professors,  and families are neck-deep in facilitating the Operation.

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Remember who we are, bringing our country back from the brink.  Find your shelter(s) in the storm, find your compatriot friends, find your Maker.

Open thread!

Sunday Open Thread

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No matter how difficult
Loving this American moment
Living and awake as God would have
Clearing the decks,
Building the Patriot’s ARK
Forgetting the government god
The ‘tape will run out’ on their grip
Of power now fully exposed
Falling away,
The sky opens to light brighter,
Then all man’s deadly inventions melt
Flying the trying imitation of God
“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”

Obama’s Social ‘Scientists’

©2011 drkate

(Author’s Note. Readers of this blog know that from time to time I seek to establish the historical roots and current patterns of the fascism that has taken over America. The roots of this dis-ease and deliberate destruction of our Country are deep and go a long way back, but the 20th Century is when it all got going as a racket with the advent of a few key political figures who had the backing of the banking families…now the NWO.  While we know that education has been used to ‘dumb down’ the populace, there are still practicing educators out there who are doing nothing more than promoting propaganda for the progressive machine.  In our universities and ‘best colleges’, we see the arrogance of progressivism being drummed into students producing robots, numbskulls, and numbnuts for the NWO.

All during 2010 I received comments sent to spam that were ‘sociological studies’ of this blog, which when examined revealed the time and visiting statistics as well as other ‘items’ that were ‘coded’ for the informed viewer.  It occurred to me that the resurgence of the Constitutional Republic, and the Constitution as has been shown here on this blog–which is reflective of an awakening occurring all over the country–must be such a surprise to the social ‘scientists’ around the country–aka liberal academics–so they have to ‘study us’ and find a way to ensure that we don’t fit into their categories.  Which we don’t.  They’ve been teaching communism for fifty years and can’t believe that the Republic still lives in peoples hearts and minds.  So save their asses careers, these individuals must work twice as hard to fully discredit the Constitutionalists using comparisons to the failed ideologies they have promoted. )


Woodrow Wilson was educated in the field of ‘political science’ and was the first Chief Executive of the United States speak with open contempt for the Constitution. He presided over and approved actions which have to this day enslaved Americans…the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the fraudulent certifications of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments. Wilson’s presidency could be seen as an experiment in government under the guise of  ‘for society’s good’, or social Darwinism, later called  ‘social engineering’.  Wilson’s administration reflected

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Storyboard This!

©2011 drkate

First, it was the embarrassing release of an embarrassing image of an alleged long form birth certificate.

Then, it was the “Bin Ladin kill“…and the release of this photo:

Obama, in the golf shirt, is clearly photo-shopped into the picture in a very unflattering pose and in a side chair, not the CIC chair.  Where’s Panetta?

Suddenly after questions of this photograph emerged, the White House released this video of Obama fully dressed, in the ‘after party’ for the “Bin Ladin kill” (h/t Army DAV).  He can be seen here wandering, thanking the ‘national security team’, but not really a part of the action.  Was he not in the situation room and that is why he had to be photo-shopped in to the first photo?

But what about this recently released behind the scenes photo?

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Adverse Inference-update

©2011 drkate

(Update.  In light of Obama’s release of yet another obviously fraudulent certificate of live birth, with no seal and obvious photoshop effects, a reminder that(a) his father’s citizenship makes him still ineligible for the Presidency, (b) Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, was adopted by an Indonesian national, yet the ‘certificate of live birth’ contains no amendments that reflect that real life event, which, until he releases all of his records, makes him a citizen-subject of Britain and a citizen of both Kenya and Indonesia.  He still cannot prove he is American.)

not eligible

With regard to Obama, then,  Americans are entitled to adopt a framework of  adverse inference about his American citizenship.

Adverse Inference:

  • Unfavorable deduction that may be drawn by the fact-finder from the failure of a party to produce a normally expected witness or other evidence. It may be presumed that the failure to produce was because the testimony or other evidence would have been harmful to that party.
  • An adverse inference generally is a legal inference, adverse to the concerned party, made from a party’s silence or the absence of requested evidence. For example, as a sanction for spoliation of evidence, a court may instruct the jury it could draw an inference that the evidence contained in the destroyed documents would have been unfavorable.

Obama and his new world order handlers, complicit democrats and republicans, the flat-earth eligibility deniers, and the media have lost their epic multi-million dollar battle to keep Obama’s illegality hidden from the American public. They have lost it because both they and Obama cannot produce any evidence that Obama is a natural born citizen, let alone American citizen.

With each day, the depth of Obama’s deception is exposed, even with the most basic element of natural born citizenship–being an American citizen.

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Got Foreign Policy?

©2011 drkate

…in preparation for an upcoming post on Egypt…

Bachmann in New Hampshire

©2011 drkate

Your thoughts?

And just in, a video of Congressman Steve King in a brilliant tactical move, comparing the ability to defund the ‘mandatory spending requirements’ of obamacare to the way the Vietnam war was ended (h/t Heather):

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Kerchner & Apuzzo Return to Revolution Radio!

@2011 drkate

On March 9, Revolution Radio welcomes the return of Commander Charles Kerchner (Ret) and Attorney Mario Apuzzo, our  long time favorites.  The show begins at 9 pm EST, with the link and phone number here.

The interview can be found by clicking this link!

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If you are interested…

©2011 drkate

Just a brief interruption…if you are interested in reading the new Patriot’s Ark page posted above, please drop me a line in the comment section!  🙂

A Reminder

“None but Ourselves”

©2011 drkate

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Have no fear for atomic energy,
‘Cause none of them can stop the time.
How long shall they kill our prophets,
While we stand aside and look? Ooh!
Some say it’s just a part of it:
We’ve got to fullfil the book.

Open thread…what’s going on out there?

What’s the Deal?

©2011 drkate

On the same day as the Lakin trial, December 15, this meeting took place between Obama, Jarrett and twelve Tribal Chairman from resource-rich Indian reservations across the western United States.  There were twelve at the table, and dozens sitting around the center of discussion. On my way home from the trial, I met one of this meeting’s participants in an airport.  He looked at me like he’d seen a ghost. 😯

So begins my gradual disclosure of the events and circumstances leading to the full emergence of this warrior for the Constitution.

Check the article linked in the photograph, and then look here and here.

What do you think is going on?  Open thread!

Inside the Gate

©2011 drkate


Theresa Cao

Just when the media and Congress think they’re ‘handling’ the Birther aka Constitutionalists’ factual assertion that Obama does not meet Article II qualifications, up pops a Patriot, a woman not afraid to tell the truth, and takes them all by surprise.  😆  Shouting clearly, Theresa poured out all our cries after the reading of the natural born citizen portion of Article II, saying

Except Obama!  Except Obama!  Help us Jesus!  My Name is Theresa!

I hear her saying this and know the song; we all do–this is what we are singing.  Millions of people heard this today, it was a great day for America!!!  😀

And how perfect:  Obama is the exception to natural born citizen, we all know it including Congress, it is deeply, spiritually serious, and adding her name proudly to those who have taken a stand in front of the world.  That is real, that is the truth.

What? That elephant is the birth certificate??

As they stand there and read our founding document–for many it was clearly the first time–the exception they have willfully ignored landed right in their laps on the floor of the House, with “TC from DC” properly exercising her First Amendment Rights, unfiltered, on National TV.  And Theresa Cao forced everyone to name the obvious elephant in the living room. Nicely done! 😎

(And, ahem. Got Misprision of Felony?  Speaker Boehner Bonehead, there is no proof, and the Speaker of the House shouldn’t be guided by hearsay.)

Tweeting from the House floor, like the regime’s ‘judges’ tweet from the bench, the irresponsible and intellectually dishonest democrat Jim Himes Hiney-like behavior texts to twitter: ‘birther’ interrupts the reading of the constitution…as he and other democrat anti-Americans deride the reading of the Constitution as a fetish.

(Note to Congress:  If you think the Constitution is a ‘fetish’ then you have perjured yourself in your oath of office and should resign immediately.)

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The Stand

©2011 drkate

In a vivid dream more than twenty years ago, a woman alone in a cabin opened the door to flame-throwers, who had surrounded the place with a hill in the background.  Suddenly the view changed as the woman watched from a hidden location, as the cabin burned to ashen ruin, the boots of the flame-throwers crushing the remains. Like all the dreams of this woman during that lucid and rarefied time period, this one too, came true…

Well, this little blogger has just been crushed by the regime, a life time of work with specific, professional expertise, in an area I absolutely love, water, and, in a hugely important area for the American west, Indian water rights and water management.  Honest work.

While I am personally and professionally devastated, it is even ‘lower than a snakes belly’ to engage in this kind of economic devastation or blackmail of anyone. And, in my experience and observation, you can never mess with water and get away with it; and water is sacred to us all.

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A Blessed Christmas

©2010 drkate

Joyous Greetings to you all on this most holy of days, when our Savior blessed this earth with his presence, and presents.  May the Creator-God bless all of you who read and post here, and all of your families; for it is in giving that we know who we are, and all that we may become. May our Creator-God allow the redemption of our Nation!


Stay Tuned…

©2010 drkate

I am finally home after three days of the trial, two missed planes, a snowstorm, and a seven hour drive.  There is so much to report on:  the venue, the script, the court room drama and theatrics; the Medal of Honor winner who told his subordinate to lie; the purposely intimidating security,  the prosecution’s ridicule of  Lakin’s supporters the American people, the obots in the room, the defense team’s humiliation of their own client,  and the fundamental denial of justice for the Lt. Col. Dr. Terrence Lakin.

Forever in my mind Lt. Col. Terry Lakin will be The Honorable Lt. Col. Dr. Terrence Lakin, a Founder of the Second American Republic.  Remember what was done to the first Founders, those early souls who directly challenged the authority of the tyrant British King? Think about what could have happened here, and praise the grace and mercy for this Soldier of Truth.

Live and Let Live–A Blog Update

©2010 drkate

Just a short reminder to readers and those who comment on this blog…first, I thank you immensely for your contributions, thoughts, discussion, and challenges.  I am truly humbled that the words written here would attract such intelligence, wit, and so many Patriots.  If the seeds of rebellion are found anywhere, in part they will be found here.

As you may have noticed, I do not ‘manage’ the blog in terms of editing or removing comments, except obot comments.  My goal has always been to present constitutional information and analysis, and to create a safe space for discussion.  A blog post a couple of days ago engendered some of the roughest personal comments I have seen here on these pages. The thread happened so quickly, and concurrent with a difficult thread in my own life, and I did not ‘catch’ or ‘stop’ anything.  It has been my policy not to remove or edit comments, and seldom to ‘put’ people in moderation.  I wish to apologize to all if my ‘hands off’ style has left comments on this blog that have been offensive.

That said, please note that this blog is not a place for personal attacks on people who comment here.  Be responsible…remember who the enemy is and where to focus any spare venom.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.  🙂

Regime Change

©2010 drkate

WikiLeaks’ disclosures are not a threat to America. But they are an immense threat to the current regime, because they represent a colossal indictment of its incompetence and doltishness. ~V. Kohlmayer

The timing  of prankster Obama’s release of the wikileaks information was too obvious to miss this time around: divert attention away from

  • The betrayal of the Constitution by the Supreme Court in the Kerchner petition
  • The defeat and message of the 2010 elections
  • The lame duck Congress wreaking havoc on family gardens, doctors, jobless people, and millions of working Americans
  • LTC Terry Lakin’s Court Martial
  • Unconstitutional and useless airport ‘pat downs’ and irradiation of the public with the xray scanners
  • Russia and China’s dumping of the U.S. dollar
  • The missile fired off the coast of California

…just to name a few of the constant assault on America that obama represents…

And just in case you forgot, the threat to his media buddies, to prosecute  wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and the threatened arrest of others is a not-so subtle message that he could use this to shut down the net when he wants to.

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Giving Thanks

©2010 drkate

Happy Thanksgiving!

George Washington

George Washington’s 1789 proclamation of Thanksgiving was for a day of public thanksgiving and prayer…

to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to eftablifh a form of government for their safety and happiness:”

Then, with a government anew and the whole future ahead of the young nation, everyone knew the words, phrases, the history, the blood and lives lost, ‘all the soldiers, who cannot get older’…remembering and giving thanks to Providence:

that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our fincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the fignal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpofitions of His providence in the courfe and conclufion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have fince enjoyed;– for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enable to eftablish Conftitutions of government for our fafety and happinefs, and particularly the national one now lately instituted;– for the civil and religious liberty with which we are bleffed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffufing useful knowledge;

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Dark is the Night

©2010 drkate

The losers lined up whining in front of the television cameras, their disdain for Americans dripping from the tone of their voices.  Mortally wounded, they brazenly dismiss their own blood thirsty agenda as the cause of their party’s distress.  And like nothing happened, they march on through their agenda.  Oh they know what they are doing: Americans don’t have their taxes raised  only if they give in on cap and trade, the START treaty, and the DREAM act.  And the RINOs, still too willing to play, willingly cripple the incoming Congress along with the bitter democrats, exposed by their own greediness and their ‘leaders’.

Promising many dark nights to come.

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Progressives Think They Won

©2010 drkate

It is noticeable that in the face of the greatest electoral defeat of a party in history, the democrats are still crowing that they won the 2010 mid-term elections…primarily because they lost only a few of their 80-member progressive caucus in the House:

… the hard left, nearly 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus, remained largely intact in the aftermath of last Tuesday’s elections…while so called “centrist” or moderate democrats lost hugely, the Progressives lost only three members Alan Grayson, John Hall and Phil “don’t worry about the Constitution” Hare.  To Institute of Policy Studies Dolan this means that Obama and the remaining Democrats now have nothing to lose by pushing hard to the left….and that Obama should “do the right thing through as many Executive Orders as we can present to him.”

The last sentence gives the progressives away as dictators–proposing that Obama use dictatorial powers to ram his agenda of destruction down America’s throat, or as the Executive Order implies, run right over us.

No one here denies this continued threat to our liberty and to America that the progressives regressives pose.  But I’d like to point out that the progressives have blown 100+ years of effort by being greedy and stupidly transparent in the last two years with their agenda of American hatred and destruction.  While they still may have their 80 members, they are a minority in the House and now much more vulnerable because they are exposed.  And they are exposed to an increasingly aware, never to turn back in that awareness, American public.

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Removing Obama

©2010 drkate

[Update: Obama and Congress waive right to respond to petition for writ in Kerchner Case.]

Now that the Obama-socialist-democrat-dominated House and Senate has had a log thrown in its tracks, and is in disarray, it is an opportune moment to review and regroup in ferreting out the strategies to remove Obama based on his lack of eligibility. Having lost his first layer of protection, and potentially his NWO backing, Obama’s eligibility shield has cracks that can only get larger, if we widen them effectively.

Make no mistake, we are facing a corrupt judiciary, one which has scorned this constitutional question and laughed at avoiding it.  We understand that the entire Congress willfully ignored their oath of office while others actively committed fraud against the American people and the 50 states.  The fraud is deep and widespread, which means that we the people are going to have to enforce the constitution, and make them enforce it.

A variety of methods have been discussed to remove Obama, all of them Constitutional.  The major criteria for for evaluating any of these options should include:

  • which option provides for the invalidation of all of his actions, appointments and laws signed?
  • which option provides for immediate relief?
  • which option will provide for a definition of ‘natural born citizen’, or provide a pathway to a definition?
  • is there any option that would prevent prosecution of Obama for the numerous crimes committed during his candidacy and occupation of the White House?

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