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President-Elect Donald J. Trump

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All Glory to God as this post begins this morning, in celebration of the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of these United States.

The race actually was never that close…but know this: we defeated a planned vote fraud election because we turned out by the millions.  The “fraud level” was probably near 5%–anything above that and it couldn’t be flipped without being too obvious.  So where you see the vote margin or percentages close, add 5% to Donald Trump’s tally and you’ll probably have the correct number of actual votes for Trump.

Despite the nevertrumpers and other naysayers, the Republicans held onto the Senate and House.  The last time the Republicans held the Senate, House and Presidency was 1928.  You cn expect the bankers to try to crash the economy, even though we’ve known its coming, but I’ve always said if that happens I’d rather have a businessman leading the nation out of it than a political stooge.

We have our leader.  Now let’s go strongly forward to rebuild this nation, and let us never let this happen to America again!



The gracious victory speech

In the process, let’s completely undo Barack Obama’s legacy of destruction!

Lock him out

                           Lock him out!

“Song Around the World”

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There are plenty of things we have in common with each other, and with those around the world.  The Playing for Change project highlights so much and links the world through music… and I’ve selected a few of my favorites from this project showing in part a picture of  what inspires me…

Stand By Me

I posted this in December 2009 when it had 46,000 views.  It now has 56 MILLION!  🙂

Gimme Shelter

Again, posted sometime in 2010 when it had a few thousand views, and now 3 million.

Higher Ground

Posted sometime in 2011…

Redemption Song

An all time favorite by Bob Marley, I’ve posted his original several times since 2009. This clip features his son…

As you stand by me, you give me shelter…I will seek higher ground, redemption, fulfilling my part of the Book…

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!  Please use this open thread to share some of your favorites along the theme of what inspires you to be who you are!

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