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Beware False Patriots

©2010 drkate

It is in the air.  We are now in the 2nd American Revolution, as the giant known as the American public has now awakened from its long slumber.  The constitutional crisis precipitated by placement of a usurper into the White House mushroomed into an awareness that our Country has been and is under attack from within,  and that this moment is pivotal for America.  And, it is not exactly ‘just like any other time’, and has its own set of very large risks if it is not addressed now, meaning our lifetimes.

Obama’s stupidity and arrogance in and audacity of forcing a radical left agenda down America’s throat within the first few months of taking office has backfired.  And he will not recover.  Americans do not approve of Obama by large margins, the latest Rasmussen approval index  is -13.  Sixty percent of Americans would like a new President now.

The Awakening-Seward Johnson-St. Louis, MO

And just in time, the people have arisen… and are mobilizing…and we know that the energy generated from this awareness is HUGE.

At the same time, dear Patriots, what politician can resist trying to co-op this energy?  What Alinsky-minded, left wing social moron can resist trying to infiltrate and disrupt, turning us against each other? What profit-motivated individual could resist leveraging liberty for financial gain?

These are the people who stand on the lawn in the picture above, just out of sight, waiting to shackle the American people before we even stand.

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Invitation to a Free People: Continental Congress 2009

©2009 drkate

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance–Jefferson


Exasperated by King George’s refusal to listen to the Colonies’ petition for redress of grievances regarding  excessive taxation, brutality, and occupation, our Founders called for the people of each of the colonies to select representatives  to join a Continental Congress. The delegates  met in Philadelphia to weigh the heavy issue of independence or accommodation with the British.

For over 15 years, the King had refused to hear any of the grievances to which the colonists were legally entitled under English laws.  We know the rest of the story: the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and then through Constitutional Convention, the Constitution of the United States of America.

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©2009 drkate

I am posting this video for your viewing pleasure and continued inspiration, h/t Kay and Logistics Monster.  Note in the early part of the video, the Dame Truth’s logo flies across the screen!

I have also ‘captured’ this video in my VPOD down below on the right hand side…

I have a profound feeling of gratitude over all time after viewing this, and I hope this inspires you as it inspires me to continue on!

The First Amendment, 912, and the Continental Congress 2009

©2009 drkate

At least a million people walked down Pennsylvania Avenue on September 12, stopping at the face of the Newseum, upon which the  text of the First Amendment is inscribed, in moments of profound unity and understanding.

First Amendment, Newseum Bldg, 9/12/09

First Amendment, Newseum Bldg, 9/12/09

And here’s what the First Amendment looks like in practice (h/t Logistics Monster) :

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Wow!  Congratulations, America!!

Courtesy of 10th Amendment, this analysis by Zach Moilanen confirms that the 912 March on D.C. was the largest event in the Capitol’s history.

Washington National Mall

Washington National Mall

Enjoy!  The entire analysis is posted below the fold.

Update: CSPAN covered the entire rally with speakers in a two-plus hour video here.  It is a must-view!

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The Fall of Obama [Update]

©2009 drkate

(Author’s note:  I want to apologize to readers for not being able to post since September 12….I am in an airport today waiting to get back home.  Honestly, I am overwhelmed.  I have had ‘goose bumps’, or ‘chicken skin’ (depending on where you are from) since September 9th when I arrived in DC.  I took hundreds of photos and had a video camera spotting the size of the crowd.  All my ‘tools’ for getting this stuff on a computer are, of course, at home.  But I can promise you when I have recovered from this event those photos, and possibly a youtube, will be posted here for your pleasure.)


“Isn’t it ironic that the worst thing that could have happened to America has brought out the best of America”–Fernley Girl

September 21 officially marks the beginning of the fall season, often that great harvest moon shining overhead.  The air, the smells, the sound, and the sky change when the fall rolls around.  It is my favorite season as it always signals something new, something starting; the questions set before the winter-time reflection sets in.

And gratefully, September brings the fall of Obama: his ACORN buddies caught and their funding lost, voted down; his czars under attack for who they are as well as Obama’s unconstitutional appointment of them.  Two million, plus many more in spirit, took D.C. away from them all on September 12th: Obama, Congress, and the Chicago mob that has invaded the Capitol like a disease.

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Report: 60,000 or 2 million?

©2009 drkate

What a day!  While ABC was reporting 60,000 attendees at the Washington, D.C. rally for our republic, this time lapse photography suggests that the number of people in Washington today was nearer to 2 million people.

At 10 a.m., D. C. police estimated the crowd at 1.5 million.  By 4 pm, highways into the metro D.C. area were closed to one lane, with buses being turned back.  And still there were lines of Patriots marching to the Capitol.  The ROAR of the crowd was deafening; thrilling; and ‘across time’.

What do you think?

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Patriots Rising

©2009 drkate

We are here

We are here

The time has finally come.  Patriots arriving from all over the country…as individuals, groups of  strangers, mom, dad & the kids,  suddenly sitting, talking and walking together, all with American flags, US Army, Marine, Air Force and Navy insignia t-shirts, hats and uniforms…we recognize each other perhaps by spirit, that which drew us here and millions more in support of our Country.

For the 90-year old woman with the sign ‘don’t pull my plug’, a local Washingtonian, reinforcements have arrived.  Her smile lit up the whole avenue.

For the  bearded veteran, who came from San Diego, who sat quietly in the hotel restaurant, waiting for Patriots to see his sign “I did not vote for obamanation”, and thumbs up all around the dining room.

Greetings like, “hello Patriot”, “thank you for coming”, ‘thank God you are here”, and “USA USA USA”…  And that very interesting and palpable sense that ‘I have seen you before’…as if we have been connecting over time and over the ethers for all of time.

For our wounded soldiers at Walter Reid, hundreds of people stood at the entry way, cheering, thanking our troops, flags waving, horns honking…..

To the ROAR that went up from the crowd when it was announced that the Census Bureau has broken all ties with ACORN…

To Representative Joe Wilson, who raised $700k in 24 hours after his bold statement to Obama, ‘you lie’…

For the informed and educated Americans, who are not going to take it anymore!

For the spontaneous songs, “God Bless America”, “America the Beautiful”, that greeted the Tea Party Express Bus as it rolled into a parking lot filled with hundreds of people.

For the 4,500 buses that have permits to unload passengers in DC for the march, and ‘all the charter buses in Ohio that could be rented are on their way to DC’, to the dozens of bikers spotted on a freeway headed to DC…

It is palpable.  It is real.  The Rise of the American Patriot.  The Rally for the Republic.  The Million Patriot March on DC.

Liberty's Voices

Liberty's Voices

You Cannot Usurp 911

©2009 drkate

(Note: I am re-posting this article today, September 11, because a bunch of us will be there protesting Obama’s latest attempt to change the meaning of America.  And of course, I want him to repent for what his is trying to do today and to be aware that we will not let him rest.  I don’t know if anyone is covering this event but we will have camera and video coverage ready next week, and perhaps a short post later tonight or early tomorrow.  Please use this thread to continue the very interesting discussion generated when this was first posted.)


September 11 will live forever in America as a day of mourning and respect for those killed, their families, the survivors, the rescue workers and the rescue animals on that day in 2001. We salute our soldiers that went to get the perpetrators, and remember our unity and resolve as Americans in the face of such a terrible tragedy.

Americans remember

Americans remember

Such an event on our homeland  cannot be trivialized, forgotten, replaced, nor celebrated, though some of course will. Isn’t it shocking to even wonder if the pResident of the U.S. is one of those celebrating?

And it cannot be usurped, as Obama would like to, with his announcement of his mandatory civilian army corps on September 11, 2009, in LaFayette Park across the street from the White House.  Or carelessly dismissed by his disrespectful tossing of a rose into the memorial at New York’s Ground Zero last year.

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Constitutional Radio Hits the Road!

©2009 drkate

The Dame Truth and I are pleased to announce that Constitutional Radio will be reporting live from ‘ undisclosed locations’ across America throughout the week, beginning September 7th.  We are attending the 912 events in Washington D.C., along with hundreds of thousands of other patriots, and hope to see you there, in person, on the way, on TV, youtube, or on radio!

In collaboration with Kicking Back with Dame Central , the Dame Truth, and special guest Logistics Monster, we will provide live reporting as well as interviews, analysis, and discussion….I will also be reporting here on my journey from 10,000 feet to nearly sea level to join patriots in the Capital!


©2009 drkate

Happy September 1st!

Time flies even when you’re not having fun! 😯

Reflections…….to be done quietly and in beauty…….

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September 12, 2009: Million Patriot March on D.C.

©2009 drkate


Some months ago, Texasdarlin published my piece Rally for the Republic, which was actually a dream I had as the voices rose and the tea parties began to advance.  As it turns out, many patriots had that dream, and it’s coming true on September 12, 2009, in Washington, D.C…..and all over the country!

Spurred in part by Glenn Beck’s vision of America the day after September 11, 2001, the march in Washington on September 12  is a day we remember that we are all Americans, not democrats, republicans, independents; not ‘of color’, not young, old, or middle aged, but Americans.  And that is what happened to me, as to many, this year: we dropped our labels and became Americans.

There are many resources posted on the right hand side blogroll here, including the main 912 site, which shows all the cooperating organizations; the Tea Party Express, which now will have MSM attending rallies across the country; and links to follow.  A schedule of events is available and you can be sure there will be many youtube videos documenting the entire event.  Please also check out The Dame Truth and Logistics Monster for excellent related stories.

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