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Without Obama We Thrive!


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The clueless and disrespectful Obamas use the rawness of the Arizona shooting tragedy–of death and maiming unexplained —to switch the focus to the campaign for 2012. What a crass way to interfere with the honoring of slain and wounded people, like the way he has treated every medal of honor winner and dead soldier since he seized the White House.  He has absolutely no respect for Americans, for America, or for everyday human decency. This event would have been more respectful and meaningful without the usurpation of the Obamas.

Did we mention that Obama’s  “Justice” Department is suing Arizona making war on the states, aka, treason, and inviting other jurisdictions to join in the lawsuit?  Oh yes, what about the announcement of Judge Roll just 72 hours before his assassination that he intended to rule against the Obama administration’s efforts to seize –using FDR’s gold seizure in the 1930’s as precedent- – $330,000–calling it unlawful ‘absent evidence of criminal intent or activity’?  Click on the image to see an important film on why it is important to make the narcissist Obama’s symbol a laughing stock of the Nation.

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Obama is Responsible for the Cult of Violence Embraced by His Supporters

©2011 drkate

When the putative Commander in Chief tells his supporters to bring a gun to a knife fight, to “get in peoples faces”, calls vast swaths of the American public his enemies, pays his bloggers to threaten, intimidate, and attack; has his homeland security chief assault Americans, has his justice department free terrorists and allow voter intimidation to go unchecked, has his military court martial, jail, and discredit the service of decorated army officers and enlisted personnel, and calls anyone racist who disagrees with his policies, then the source of “cult” of violence plaguing America is clear.

Obama is the source and inspiration for violence against Americans

Obama falsely claims Gabriella Giffords a friend (Gabby, dude, not Gaby), cannot look into the cameras, and shows no affect.  Gee, I wonder how much of a friend she was to Obama, seeing as she opposes the regime’s lawsuit against Arizona, is for closing the border and enforcing immigration laws, is a moderate democrat, and gets along with Republicans?  Obama always was the trojan candidate, and in that trojan horse, he brought America’s enemies with him.  He hates America.

Obama’s very own propaganda machine–the lame stream media and controlled opposition FAUX–is in high gear today spinning the attack on Giffords as motivated by the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, republicans, and the Birthers aka ConstitutionalistsHillbuzz has been keeping tabs on the so-called media coverage of this tragic event, documenting the spin machine that turns murder into something the Tea Party caused.  Check out the story about Representative Linda Lopez (D) who was behind the effort to immediately blame the Tea Party for the assassination attempt on Giffords and murder of a federal judge.

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Declaring War on the States

©2010  drkate

“The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a state of the United States to ‘review’ by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional.” ~AZ Governor Jan Brewer to Secretary of State Clinton

“Internationalism run amok”, or treason?

In a sign of the federal government’s increasing, uncalled-for, and unauthorized war on the states of America, Arizona has slammed the State Department for turning over it, and other states, to the United Nations for review.

And rightly so, in my opinion.  How dare Obama bring Arizona and 22 other states before the United Nations? How dare Hillary Clinton allow herself to be the vehicle for the dismantling of the sovereignty of the united States? !!!!!

(asking, ‘have you no respect  or principles, madame Secretary?’)

And knocking a few heads now, do you need any more proof that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen?  He is the poster child for everything the Founders tried to avoid for us, and gave their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to design mechanisms that would prevent the invasion of the White House by a foreign power.

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Constitutional Governance by Example

©2010 drkate


All hat, no cattle

The left’s outrage and the protests against Arizona’s S.B. 1070 would be toast immediately if they read the bill, but as we know, the left won’t-or can’t- read and just pulls out the race card immediately.   Further, each section of the bill states that it conforms with federal law so of course Obama is all hat and no cattle.  Holder can’t even put his boots on.  They will have to create something out of whole cloth to make Arizona’s efforts “illegal”.

Arizona Governor Janet Brewer has exercised her state’s authority to live by the Constitution for the United States and Arizona’s constitution.  Exercising the states inherent authority, she took action to protect her state.  I call that leading and constitutional governance by example.

S. B. 1070 revolves around four major goals

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Obama Pulls the Race Card on Arizona

©2010 drkate

Arizona State Flag

It didn’t take long for Obama to use the race card and blame Americans for his own failures, this time Arizona for enforcing immigration law to protect its people and our nation’s borders.  Governor Brewer:

“We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act.  but decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation.”

This is a perfectly legitimate action by state government that Obama called “misguided” as he instructed the ‘justice’ department to “see if its legal”. 🙄  Obama said that the federal government should reform immigration at the national level–or “leave the door open to irresponsibility of others”.

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Arizona’s “Shots Heard ‘Round the World”

©2010 drkate

Thank you, Arizona.

Arizona fired two clear shots over the bow of the dinghy bowbama (h/t LC)  during its 2010 legislative session: expanding state enforcement of  its own and federal immigration laws, and requiring constitutional eligibility determinations as a condition of ballot access in 2012.  Obama is surely sweating over both of these actions, but can only show his anger at the illegal immigration action. He is caught flat-footed on the eligibility requirement in his attempt to gain a second term.

Obama is fuming. How dare Arizona pass a bill giving its law enforcement officers authority to deal with the invasion of illegal immigrants?  While he vows to review its ‘consistency with federal law’ :roll:, Obama is caught once again letting the Nation’s defenses down, and this provides a perfect opportunity for the Several States and Patriots to act in self-defense.

The self-defense tool?  The powers retained to the states under the Tenth Amendment.

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