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DNC Takes Off Without Obama

©2012 drkate

As the DNC takes off without Obama, the empty chair

Article II activists are busy letting everyone know that the Democrats have a problem, and so will every secretary of state if they certify Obama as eligible to be placed on their state’s ballot. Misprision of Felony is in everyone’s future, notwithstanding the poor job the judiciary did in ‘protecting’ Obama by violating the law.

The Article II SuperPac sent its CPD letter out early this week, followed by another terrific full page ad in the Washington Times. Meanwhile, attorney Larry Klayman sent a letter to Bob Bauer–Obama’s forger in chief–warning him of certifying Obama as eligible when there is no proof that he is…suggesting that charges of election fraud are forthcoming. And the Patriot’s Union has a great initiative underway that everyone can participate in…

And while you’re at it letting everyone know about Obama’s Achilles Heel, take a moment to caption this photo!

Open thread!  🙂

Nancy Pelosi is Obama’s “Al Capone”

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Seems its always those ‘little details’ that bring the giants crashing down…

Seriously, as readers of this blog know, I have a special affinity for removing Nancy Pelosi from her speakership and/or elected office positions as I believe she is a danger to America, hopelessly conflicted, and compromised.

As her role in the 2008 installment of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House came into sharper view, I began to look at the larger, clearly anti-American ‘movement’–of which she was an integral part–weighing in my mind the depth and extent of her betrayal of America with what I read in the Constitution.  Obviously, I became alarmed.

Hence I began a series of articles focused on her abuse of authority, conflict of interest, and unconstitutional behavior.  I proposed piercing letters to her and her House colleagues.  And I also researched what I thought were available remedies–impeaching her, bringing her up on charges of treason, or election fraud.

As it turns out, Nancy Pelosi is Obama’s  ‘Al Capone’.

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