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Pig Race at the Mosque

©2011 drkate

This is how sharia creeps…deliberately buy property next to a farmer who owns pigs, ask him to remove his pigs or move somewhere else, and then, eventually, file a suit claiming their ‘religious freedom’ has been violated…then the corrupt judiciary agrees…another American life and principle destroyed.

Misusing our constitution against us–just like Obama, the politicians, and the judiciary.

Fight back!

Ok, here are my questions:

  • Are you, the muslim who bought the property, an American citizen?
  • If so, what part about your oath of allegiance to the United States that said you are to renounce all allegiance to other countries, including those that practice political islam, do you not understand?
  • Do you take Americans for fools?

Prove your loyalty to the United States or get out.

The Stand

©2011 drkate

In a vivid dream more than twenty years ago, a woman alone in a cabin opened the door to flame-throwers, who had surrounded the place with a hill in the background.  Suddenly the view changed as the woman watched from a hidden location, as the cabin burned to ashen ruin, the boots of the flame-throwers crushing the remains. Like all the dreams of this woman during that lucid and rarefied time period, this one too, came true…

Well, this little blogger has just been crushed by the regime, a life time of work with specific, professional expertise, in an area I absolutely love, water, and, in a hugely important area for the American west, Indian water rights and water management.  Honest work.

While I am personally and professionally devastated, it is even ‘lower than a snakes belly’ to engage in this kind of economic devastation or blackmail of anyone. And, in my experience and observation, you can never mess with water and get away with it; and water is sacred to us all.

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©2010 drkate

Rapping on the door of the city where it started, Boston, on the way to the U.S. Capitol…

The Patriots arrive once again…the nucleus of the Tea Party is the Constitution, just look at the signage.  It is not just taxes; it is our liberty, the usurpation of government, and the people have had it.

Here is the Tea Party Schedule for Washington D.C. , with  Lord Monckton addressing the crowd!!  Sarah Palin addressed the Boston Tea Party in this uncut version, and an aerial view of the Boston Commons shows the crowd.

Here’s a shorter version of the Palin speech:

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Liberal Fascism, Intellectuals, and Scientists

©2010 drkate

[see update at end]

A 1934 cartoon relevant again today and re-posted as a reminder:

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The Accountability Clause

©2009 drkate

The Third Continental Congress’ findings regarding the last ten words, or the Accountability Clause of the First Amendment,  from the Articles of Freedom:

Wherefore, We the People now find the three branches of government to be in violation of the Accountability Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution; the public officials to be guilty of dereliction of duty in violation of their Oath of Office; and their actions, as listed in the aforementioned Petitions for Redress, to be outside the boundaries drawn around their power and, therefore, unconstitutional.

It is a known fact that the ratification of the Constitution by several states hinged upon the secure passage of a “Bill of Rights”  to protect the states from the newly created federal government.  The states feared the power of a central government–after all, they had just emerged from a war with one. Thus the first ten amendments to the Constitution for the United States can be considered the States’ mechanism for enforcement of the Constitution.

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The First Amendment, 912, and the Continental Congress 2009

©2009 drkate

At least a million people walked down Pennsylvania Avenue on September 12, stopping at the face of the Newseum, upon which the  text of the First Amendment is inscribed, in moments of profound unity and understanding.

First Amendment, Newseum Bldg, 9/12/09

First Amendment, Newseum Bldg, 9/12/09

And here’s what the First Amendment looks like in practice (h/t Logistics Monster) :

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